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The sacred bride episode 37

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The sacred bride episode 37 by : 6:09 am On July 30, 2020
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The Sacred Bride
Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel
Segment 37
I sighed as I stirred my cup of tea with a teaspoon tiredly. I was feeling extraordinarily weak and light headed; by light headed, I meant I was having a terrible headache and my throat was sore. In simple explanation, feverish is what I will call what I was feeling. I couldn’t feel Bloom either, neither could I connect telepathically with her yet my body refused to try harder because for some unknown reason, my intuit knew she was safe.
‘You seriously need to change your pass code,’ Eric said chucklingly. I raised my head and smiled at him. He walked to me and enfolded me in a side hug, making me drop my teacup abruptly. ‘Good morning love, how are you?’
‘What are you doing here Eric? I can swear you had a sign off in Las Vegas for the next two days?’ I asked with arch brow, trying to look at his face.
‘I thought you might need me with the recent happening, plus, my body kept pulling me back here and Kate kept blabbing about missing Sebastiano.’
‘Seb? Are you kidding me?’ He shrugged. ‘They are together now or she is just crushing hard?’
‘Together, as in together together together, was shocked as well but they are adults.’ He said uninterestedly. I sighed and rest my head on his chest, playing with the hem of his sleeve.
‘Did you just arrive?’
‘Mm hm,’ he hummed and rest his chin on the top of my head. ‘You feeling okay?’
‘No,’ I whined babyishly.
‘Wanna talk about it?’
‘I’ve always been the one to comfort Bloom; make her smile, laugh, relax, happy, serious and even want to live. I’ve always been the one to comfort her when she hurts, the one she puts her hope, love and trust on and it made me feel special. Now everything is changing and it feels like I’m been torn apart, like my life have a glitch. When she’s in pain now, feeling sad, need a hug or anything else, she relies on Alisdair. I know I should be happy but I can’t help but feel jealous and frustrated, I can’t help feel like he’s taking her away from me. She no longer needs me, her love and trust has extended to him and it s√¢ks. She’s in pain now but she has him, he protects her so well even without having to go dark goddess on anyone but I do…’ I choke on my tears and buried my face in his chest. I’m happy for her, just that the change is different and not easy to accept. ‘I want her back Eric, I don’t want to share her trust with anyone…’
‘Leila, I know how you are feeling. It’s like being the last child, having the best of everything and all the attention but all of a sudden, another baby is born. All the attention, all the love gets move and it takes a great love to actually not hate that new baby.’
‘I know it’s new and frightening, like a mother watching her child grow up rapidly, but I’m sure you will get over it with time. You are also changing, you are both learning to go your separate ways and it is strange but I know you will get over it.’ He said assuredly, he klzzed my forehead and hugged me tighter. I used his shirt to wipe my face, he chuckled but said nothing.
‘Now, who is the little Angel spying at the kitchen door?’
‘Oh,’ his hold on me loosen a bit as nervousness took over his calm expression. ‘Er…Ella wanted to tag along to see Carly’s one year old baby, I carried her but told her to wait in the car while I come say hi. I didn’t mean to bring her to your house…I know you don’t want to see her since you are still getting use to the news…I didn’t mean to…’
‘Eric, you are clavering,’ I chuckled.
‘I’m sorry,’ he said lowly.
‘Come in Ella, don’t mind your father, I love to see you if you want to see me.’ I said smirkingly, straining my neck to see her face.
‘Are you sure?’ Eric whispered. She skipped in holding the hem of her pretty chiffon gown. ‘Ella, I told you to stay in the car, what is wrong with you?’
‘Hey! Hi! I’m Ella! I’m almost ten years old I live with my mother and grandmother as you might know and I was born out of wedlock and I love pink and barbie dolls and shoes and coloring and hopscotch…’ She took in a deep breath. ‘Do you love barbie dolls too? I love them so much they are everything in my room…’ She climbed on the kitchen stool and took my sandwich. ‘Mommy don’t like barbie dolls and sandwiches do you know I haven’t eaten sandwiches in two years? Well you know now and geez! Mom can’t cook at all she only knows how to bring men into the house and sleep with all of them while I spy from the kitchen or hallway and men! They are very good at it…can I call you mom? Will you be a better mom to me than her? She don’t let us have girls night and when some of her boyfriends started touching my br£@sts and f!ng£ring me she said not to bother that it will make me grow faster and strong and make my br£@sts bigger and bigger and bigger…’
‘Wait, what!’ Eric exclaimed, cutting off her prattling. Ella looks exactly like Eric, not one thing edited. ‘You mean Faye have been bringing men into the house I bought for you?!’
‘Yes, they touch me sometimes and it’s very sweet and nice,’ she giggled shyly. My eyes twitched, remembering Eric’s mom story.
‘Why didn’t you tell me!’
‘Mom said you would yell and beat me up if I do because you don’t like me,’ she said poutingly. ‘Grandma also said it’s a gurl thing, not a thing that concerns men like daddy. There’s also this p√zzyboy in the next door house who gives gran a lot of money for p√zzy eating – on me that is – and it hurts sometimes…’
‘I can’t believe this!’ Eric yelled incredulously, bringing out his phone to call someone. ‘You are telling me that your mother and grandmother are using you for prostitution?’
‘What’s prostitution?’ She asked curiously. He huffed and stumped out. ‘Did I say something wrong?’
‘Ella, what your mother is doing is wrong, that’s really bad.’ I started nervously, how do I talk to a kid? I’m not a mom and I don’t know how to start such conversation. I picked up my phone and dialed mom’s number frantically.
‘Leila, what’s up mi bebe!’
‘Mom, I’m in trouble, you know the kid I told you Eric has?’ I whispered, turning away from Ella who was now drinking my tea.
‘She’s in my house and it’s bad,’
‘She’s a brat?’
‘A naive darling. Her mother and grandmother have been stylishly using her for prostitution, have men pay to f!ng£r and give her mouth congress…’
‘f√¢k! Seriously?! What’s she like?’
‘Starting to get use to it and now I have to play the good mother, you know I s√¢k at that. Mom, you know how this thing works since you were able to keep both Bloom, Odyn and Bernice very decent…’
‘You are the only one who refused to be decent Leila,’
‘Mother’s daughter, remember?’
‘Okay okay, what do you want from me?’
‘Please, can I bring her over? Mom I’m begging you…’
‘Is she pretty?’
‘Eric’s look-a-like and your fellow gabbler,’
‘Yay! I’m going to be a mother again! Bring her over, ASAP!’
‘Thanks mom,’ I hung up with a sigh of relief. ‘Ella, I’m taking you to see my mother,’
‘Why? Do you want to be my mom now? I know what my own mother is teaching me is bad but I am force to grow the way she wants so if you will let me stay with you and not them I will be grateful and please don’t be Cinderella’s stepmother because…’
‘I will be back,’ I sighed, standing to my feet. God! She talks too much! I hurried out to the porch where Eric was yelling into his phone in anger.
‘…I’m f√¢king blaming you for this because you told me leaving her with her mother and not mom is good but see what Faye and her useless mother have done to my daughter!…I don’t care! I’m going to teach both of them a big lesson! Do you know how broken mom will feel if she finds out her granddaughter is going through her similar past! They are all dead!’ Okay, angry Eric is not a pleasant sight to see. I hugged him from behind, placing my head on his back. He stiffened for a while before letting out a deep breath. ‘I’m sorry Lou, I didn’t mean to yell at you so much…I know…she’s here with me…’ He glanced at me over his shoulder. ‘I can’t take her to mom like this Leila, can Ella stay here with you for a while? I know it’s a lot to ask from you knowing how you are still trying…’
‘Hey!’ I laughed. ‘It’s okay,’ I smiled. ‘I already called my mom, she said to bring Ella over.’
‘Your mother? Will she b…’
‘I trust her Eric, she will take care of Ella more than I ever can,’ he nodded and went back to his phonecall. I left him and ran to my room to change. I opened my wardrobe and folded my lips.
‘Happy mother’s day!’ I screamed with a jerk and turned around, it was Dark! He looked different; he was taller with dark gray striped tails and a weird crest on his back. He laughed and swept his tail around his hinds. ‘You just became an instant mom.’
‘Dark,’ I walked to him and hugged him tight. ‘I’ve missed you.’
‘As have I,’ he said softly. ‘How are you coping with everything? Heard your confession to Eric about Bloom’s marriage changing her.’
‘I’ll be fine, I know I will.’ I said confidently. We both sighed.
‘She’s going to go through pains Leila, ones you will barely feel.’
‘Why? I ought to be the one to feel it,’ I said opening my eyes and shifting away though my hands remained wrapped around his neck.
‘This pains is something she must feel on her own, alone. To start the covenant, sacrifices were made, many felt the pain of death so she will feel much more to end it. Bloom is the source of the bond, the rope tying you all to Velásquez. She must bear the pain to break the chains.’
‘Will she be alright?’
‘Hopefully, she is a very strong woman, she will be fine.’ He said with a cute blink of his eyes.
‘Is there anything I can do to help her?’
He shook his head negatively. ‘You are not left out of it Leila, you are part of the covenant so your own pain is waiting for you at front, one that might take your life.’
I gulped. ‘Might?’ I whimpered.
‘If things goes the way we plan, might.’ I stepped away from him and rubbed my arm nervously.
‘No one else will get involve, right?’
‘I’m afraid I am not one to predict Velásquez, we just have to hope everything ends well. Now stop worrying and go attend to your daughter Mommy Ella,’ he said teasingly. I laughed and shook my head as I watched haze surround him. ‘Girl! You have magic, change your dress easily.’
‘That’s true,’ I smirked. ‘Bye Dark, be safe.’
‘I always am,’ he smiled and closed his eyes. His body got completely swallowed by the haze before it all disappeared.
‘Mom!!! The refrigerator is trying to eat my head!!!’ Oh boy!
🌺🍀 Bloom 🍀🌺
I m0@ned softly as I turned my head a little, I sighed and tried to move fully but couldn’t. What am I doing in bed? Why can’t I feel my body? Why does my throat hurt so bad? Why is my head so heavy? Come on Bloom, get up!
I opened my eyes and winced, the light!
I heard a light chuckle before a hand came over my eyes, shielding them from the sunlight. ‘Close your eyes or you will get dizzy,’ I opened my mouth to talk but the sting in my throat silenced me. ‘Don’t stress yourself, eyes shut,’ I closed my eyes and whimpered. ‘I know you have no memories on why you are in so much pain, I will explain once you are feeling much better, okay?’ He carried me into his arm like a child and pressed something warm on my lips. I opened my mouth and drank the liquid; it tasted like milk but not milk at the same time. He lowered me back on the bed when I finished the milk thingy and adjusted the bedsheet.
‘My head,’ I mouthed.
‘It will ease, go to sleep.’
‘I can’t, my head.’ I mouthed again. I felt him slip under the sheet too before his arms came around me. He stroke my back gently with his hand massaging my scalp. I sighed before I doze off.
Silence; the only thing I was met with as I looked around our room, not even something as light as a cricket sound could grace my ears. It felt like everyone on earth left and forgot me behind, like the world had ended, but that how it usually feel after waking up to a quiet hot afternoon.
‘Alis?’ I called, feeling a little bit frightened. I moved the sheet aside and slipped my feet into his sneakers. I had develop a funny habit of wearing his shoes at home. I stood up and looked down at what I was wearing; a kimono jacket over a denim jean bum shorts and strapless crop top. I wrapped the jacket around me properly and plodded to the bathroom to wash my face and hands. I took that opportunity to use the toilet and brush my teeth before walking out to find someone.
I used the stairs, taking my time to count my steps due to my dizziness. As I got closer, I could hear voices, two familiar pathetic pleading voices. I hurried down and spied into the living room. Alis sat on his royal arm chair with legs crossed and elbow on the arm of the chair. I couldn’t see his face because he was backing me but I did see the other two’s faces. Dad and his only sister, Aunty Sunny.
‘…Alisdair, please, we beg you with whatever you hold dear, let us see Bloom.’ Dad pleaded.
‘Sir, you won’t take our apology to give us back the contract, we accept that. Fine, just let us see Bloom, this matter is one of life and death between three family members. We need her to help us beg Leila before something beyond takes place.’ What did Leila do?
‘Why not go to Velásquez,’ Alis taunted. ‘I’m sure he can help you, or can’t he now?’ Their mouth dropped. ‘Oh, I know what is going on, right from the moment I saw those beads on her waist, right from the very moment I touched her.’ Argider said this time, leaning forward on his uncrossed knees. Dad closed his mouth and smirked, his eyes turning claret.
‘Well played Argider, you are smarter than I thought but you must remember that she have been sworn to me by her ancestors, her fathers of my time. Bigger consequences will fall on them if you should go on. You also cut the first bond…’
‘And I will cut the second and third, you know why? Because she’s my bride and not yours. I have stayed away from you Velásquez, I expect you to know your limit.’
‘Yes, you expect me. I know I can’t stop you from doing what you have in mind, but I will let you know that I was born way before you, my knowledge surpasses yours so I know what to do in case you change things. You will never be able to cut off the second easily…’ His eyes averted to me, I was dragging myself inside. ‘He can’t protect you Bloom, it’s not over until I say it is over.’
‘Is that so?’ Argider chuckled. ‘Bloom, come,’ he commanded. I fidgeted with the strap of my jacket and walked over to him. I looked at his face, the daring smirk on it. He took my hand and licked his lips. ‘This is my way of saying “f√¢k you!” Take off your jacket Bloom.’
‘Huh?’ I asked confusedly, glancing at the man I call father in fright and then shaking Aunty Sunny.
‘Take off your jacket Bloom, trust me,’ “trust” the magic word. I nervously slipped the jacket off my shoulders and shifted closer to Alis as dad’s eyes watched us puzzledly. ‘You say I can’t cut it off so easily, right?’ Alis asked smirkingly, trailing his index f!ng£rs on my beads. ‘Think again.’ He grabbed the beads and with one pull, snapped them off my waist.
I screamed as I fell on him, it felt like my waist was cut off. He wrapped his arms around me, laughing with satisfaction as dad screeched and yelped out in pain. His body crinkled up and I knew then that wasn’t my father at all. I continued screaming and crying, clinging to his shirt as pain overtook my system; the pain worse than the first as it felt like I was being stabbed allover repeatedly.
‘This isn’t over, I promise you that!’ Another deep voice roared from the wrinkled beast before it withered to dust. Aunty Sunny let out a frightened scream and ran for her dear life.
‘Alisdair,’ I cried, thrashing about in his arms. My stomach, back, legs, shoulders, hands, neck, everywhere was receiving the multiple stabs.
‘I’m so sorry,’ Alis whimpered. ‘He wasn’t suppose to yank it off, he hurt you more than this, I’m sorry…’ He sobbed. I felt a stab in my heart, I screamed at the top of my voice, blood spluttering out of my mouth. ‘Bloom!’ My body jerked violently and I could feel his panic. I shut my eyes, it felt like my life was being used in a tug of war. I fell on the floor, rolling and screaming as I jerked. I couldn’t feel my ears anymore.
~ Alisdair ~
Anger, I hate it!
I watched her jerk and scream with so much pain, helpless on how to help her. She had blood oozing out of her ears and mouth, her body had marks already. I was suppose to remove it gently, not snap it off! I held my head as it ached, her pain was transferring to me.
‘Do something!’ I yelled at the me that caused the problem.
‘I’m sorry, I can’t help her. She has to pass through this alone.’
‘No! Just…’
‘I’m sorry,’ he whispered and went silent. I wasn’t just going to sit there and watch her hurt so bad, I had only one choice. ‘Don’t even think about it Alisdair, if you really love your normal life and want to end this with you, don’t you dare summon your power guide or there is no going back.’
‘But, she’s in so much pain,’ I cried. ‘I can’t bear to watch this…’
‘Then don’t!’
‘I’m not going to let her feel so much,’ I concluded. I carried her up with great effort since she was jerking. I took her to the lift, pressed the button to our room floor. I walked into, letting my tears fall down on her, I couldn’t imagine what she was going through. The doors slid open, I walked out and carried her back to our room. I dropped her gently on the bed and inhaled.
‘Alis, are you sure you want to feel what she is feeling? You won’t like it.’
‘Do you want her to keep hurting?’ I snapped.
‘No, it pains me.’
‘Then let me do it,’ I pinned her hands above her head and her legs with mine. She hissed and wiggled but I held her tight. I used one hand to keep hers in place and put my palm on her forehead before klzzing and extracting all the pains to my own body. ‘Shit!’ I cried, something like a stab on my back. More stabs followed and it felt like someone was slowly and wickedly cutting off my waist.
‘Too much pain,’ Argider groaned. I laid on the bed and wrapped my arms around her.
It was better I felt the pain than she.
To be continued.
Someone who is new to the world of stories messaged me personally and asked how possible all this is. Well darling, it’s called fiction, fantasy. That’s why it’s a story, to make the impossible seem possible.
It’s all about reading for fun, bringing ones thought to life. You watch movies, you see the weirdest scenarios. Same thing goes to novels.
Hope you are all enjoying the story? This is one of my favorite so far and I was so certain that I would end up posting rubbish but as time goes on, more chapters flies into my head and I post.

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