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The sacred bride episode 35

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The sacred bride episode 35 by : 6:04 am On July 30, 2020
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The Sacred Bride
Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel
Segment 35
Bouncing into the mall like a kid whose father brought for toy shopping, I squealed and clapped my hands merrily. Immediately I literally floated into the mall, everyone’s eyes turned to me as all halted on their track. In case you have forgotten, Leila and I are crowd pullers. Normally, mine was more hidden because I’m me, but ever since Alis started touching me in different places, my alluring beauty began to glow and I love it. Imagine me walking in like now and people are like “wow, that’s Alisdair Kendrick’s wife. She’s so f√¢king gorgeous!” Or something like that. To add to the reason why everyone stopped, the only male crowd puller I know – which happens to be my husband – was walking behind me, on a serious phonecall.
I looked over my shoulder at Alis and smiled, this was one of the days he sported something other than his office wears, muscle shirts and loose hoodie djellaba. He is also a shirt sleeve kind of person. Anyways, he decided to seduce all female and gay eyes with his outfit; denim blue ripped jeans, white lace up boots, muscular arms and torso bulging out of his white short-sleeve shirt with silver zippers at each arm and shoulder belts. He had his now longer hair up in a neat man bun, strings of dark red beads on his left wrist –ones he never ever took off – and silver Bremont wristwatch on his right. What else did he had on? Shades, shades that made him look like a f√¢king hot celebrity with his hand hanging his denim jean jacket over his left shoulder and diamond earrings.
We’ll discuss about the earrings later.
As for me, you know how simple I dress. I went with colourful beads on both hands, white bell bottom pants, orange and white halter neck top with zigzagging high low bottom and a pair of orange peep toe d’orsay heels with white roses at each side. Noami wore me makeup and combed my hair into a swirled bouffant.
I looked around at the ladies with watering mouth, I didn’t like that look at all. I turned around to meet him and tugged at his shirt. ‘…yes Caleb, just b…’
‘Alis…’ I whimpered, tugging lightly at his shirt.
‘Not now Bloom, I’m busy,’ his usual words.
‘You’ve been busy since yesterday,’ I whined.
‘I’m sorry babe, I’m just…’
‘You are not busy when you want to touch me,’ I pouted.
‘Trust me, I hate working and leaving you alone but I have to work…’ I didn’t let him finish, I walked out on him and ran to the escalator. I ran up the stairs to the hall he mentioned a lady would be waiting for us at a boutique. I saw a woman waiting with anticipation as she rubbed her hands together.
‘Hey,’ I waved.
‘Mr. Kendrick,’ she choked, why? Don’t know. She coughed lightly while I patted her back. ‘Thank you, is Mr. Kendrick with y…oh,’ a big drooling smile spread on her lips. I suddenly felt like strangling her. She pushed pass me and went to Alis who was staring at me apologetically. ‘Mr. Kendrick, I’m very glad you could make it here in…’ I almost laughed when Alis brushed pass her and came to me, his face filled with worry.
‘Are you still mad at me?’ He asked softly. Am I suppose to magically get over it in five minutes? I hissed and walked into the boutique. I smiled as the cool minty air hit me. ‘Bloom,’ he whispered from behind me, snaking his arms around my waist. ‘Mí corazón,’ he muffled into the crook of my neck. His breath tickled me, making me giggle as I squirmed.
‘Alis, that’s ticklishly,’ I giggled. He blew raspberry all over my neck, turning my incessant giggling into a fully grown laugh. The boutique was cleared, like he paid for only me to be there. ‘Okay okay, I give, I forgive you.’
‘You are going to get mad again,’
‘Don’t worry, I won’t,’ I said assuredly. He spun me around to face him, his hands still around my waist. Jealous workers should watch well, Alis is mine. ‘Boop,’ I giggled, clicking his nose.
‘You know I love you, right?’
‘Just as much as I love you,’
‘Please forgive me but I have to leave you here for a while…’
‘What!’ I exclaimed, removing my hands from his neck.
‘I have to run off to get something urgent, I’ll b…’
‘You promised to choose my dresses for me, you know I s√¢k at fashion.’ I whined.
‘I know and I’m very sorry, they will choose for…where’s Catherine Sawyer?!’ He shouted.
‘Over here sir!’ A woman shouted, rushing in with a girl. ‘Sorry I’m late,’
‘Sir, you don’t need to bother about Catherine, the management gave me the orders to assist your w…’ That woman who tried to greet Alis was speaking but the look Alis gave her made her shut it. Cathy sighed with relief and offered me a sincere smile.
‘You know what to do with her,’
‘Would she need a haircut too?’
‘No!’ I shouted immediately, I can’t cut my hair or I’ll fall ill. ‘I mean, no, thank you.’
‘But your hair need a trim, don’t you think?’ The only people that can put a scissors to my hair is Odyn and mom; and that’s once every ten months.
‘I’m good, don’t worry about my hair.’
‘Theo, stay with her, I’ll be back.’ Alis instructed briskly, gave me a quick klzz on the lips before sprinting out so I won’t beg him to stay. I cocked my hips and glared at Theo.
‘What did I do?’
‘What is he up to? I’m suspicious.’ I said with the best intimidating peer I could give. God! I wish I was Leila.
‘I dunno,’ he said with a playful shrug. I pouted. ‘Please don’t give me that look, I don’t know what you are talking about. Sir is only busy with work, nothing more.’
‘If I find out you know anything about this, I will have Naomi cook you prunes for a month.’ I threatened. He shuddered in revulsion.
‘Still don’t have a clue,’ he said with a grin, his eyes fixed on the girl standing behind Cathy. I rolled my eyes, flirt.
‘Ma’am, shall we begin?’ Cathy asked politely.
‘Call me Bloom,’ I smiled.
‘Karen, let’s go.’ I had my hopes up on going shopping with Alis, it was my first time someone other than Leila and Bernice drag me to a shopping mall. I wanted my first “guy took me shopping” to be amazing but I was greatly disappointed. They showed me dresses, jeans, clothes of different fabrics and styles but I cared less. Cathy seemed to be a very observant woman, she knew exactly what to pick for me that I would be comfortable in; the right dresses for the right occasions, not too exposed but enough to make eyes turn.
To the shoes section, I tried on boots; from ankle boots, to leather, silk, woolly, faux, jelly, knee high boots, L'ta boots, biker, thigh high, Wellington etc. We went to the heels section, my eyes and legs almost failed me. Corset heels, stilettos, cane heels, peep toes, pumps…I was awfully worried Alis would go completely broke by the time I was done; we hadn’t even picked out bags, hats, jeweleries. I still had a lot of shoes, mostly boots so I dropped most boots and heels and selected few shoes for managing sake– not that Alis wasn’t capable – I hate spending. Also dropped some jeans and skirts since I hate skirts.
I bought few hats, bags, underwear and belts and some loose wears for indoor purposes. By the time I was done, my whole body was yearning for my bed and Alis’ warmth.
‘Are we done now?’ I cried. ‘Forget jewelries, I want to sleep.’
‘Mr. Kendrick didn’t instruct us to buy any of those, said he has other places to get your type of jeweleries,’ Cathy said smilingly, she never stops smiling.
‘Good, now I…’
‘But he did order me to pick out two special dresses for you,’
‘Oh come on! I’m not a kid, I can select from my new dresses…’
‘He insisted. One above your knees and a special evening dress.’
‘What now?’
When will I ever stop entangling my hair with things, what is wrong with me! I was wearing a knee length cocktail dress, golden by colour with zigzagged neckline, in a very complex way. Somehow, I got my head stuck to the curtain pole when I was about getting out. I had been calling for help but Catherine and Karen were either deaf, or dead.
‘Catherine!’ I shouted frantically. This will never stop.
‘Heh heh,’ my heart melted at that chuckle. ‘Stuck again I see.’
‘Get me free,’ I whined. He was soon untangling my hair with his hands high above my head. I bit my lip sheepishly, staring at his hard chest and rehearsing my angry wife lines. Apparently, he had other plans to mollify me. Immediately my hair came loose, he captured my waist and crashed his lips down on mine. Everything I rehearsed vanished out of my head as I deepened the klzz myself, savoring the flavor of his mouth.
His strong hand gripped my waist, pushing me further into his body as if I would disappear if he didn’t hold me tight. His hands came up and framed my face, making the klzz more intense as I tasted his tongue and felt his tease mine. He tasted like milky coffee with a touch of chocolate and vanilla. I melted, loosing my balance as I m0@ned into his mouth, his hand was back at my waist to support me. I tugged at the nape of his neck, urging him to do more than just crushing passionate klzzing to me. Sure we were in a really public place, but I didn’t give two-shits for whoever would walk in here and see because he was my husband. The synchronizing movement of our lips gave me butterflies…no, dragon birds. I let out soft m0@ns, still urging him to do more when I felt my oxygen knock out.
I pulled back and panted, still not satisfy by what I got. My face reddened, I just wanted more and I was desperate for it. ‘Bloom, you forgive me?’
‘More,’ I whimpered and shook my head. ‘That wasn’t enough, more,’ I tugged at his shirt, not sure what had possessed me. He smiled lightly and sneaked another klzz in, only this time, he teased me. I growled impatiently, opening my mouth for him to deepen the klzz but he only teased my bottom lip. ‘Urgh!’ I growled and pushed him away. ‘Jerk!’
He laughed and ran his f!ng£rs through his hair s£×ily. ‘I love it when I frustrate you,’
‘I still haven’t forgiven you,’
‘I bought you danishes…’
I m0@ned into my pillow, clinging to it like my life depended on it. Alis chuckled, loving what he was doing to me. He had one hand typing on his laptop as his other hand’s f!ng£rs invaded my privacy. The pleasure was killing me, especially with the slow taunting pace he was using to torture me. He trust his index f!ng£r deeper, making my core clench and pool more, it ached from unsatisfaction.
‘Alis please, stop torturing me,’ I m0@ned.
‘Beg me to end your torment Bloom, beg me to quench that fire of desire in you.’ His husky voice sang into my ears. I turned on my back and sighed.
‘Aren’t you affected by this? Aren’t you dying to touch me too? Am I the only one feeling it?’
‘Oh, I’m feeling it alright, but I can manage for a little bit longer.’ He said calmly, keeping his laptop aside.
‘Alis, I want you to make l…’ I bit my lower lip to shut me up.
‘What corazón?’ He asked with a coy smirk.
‘Nothing,’ I said sadly and rolled on the bed and reached out for my phone. I answered the call without looking, Alis’ f!ng£r pressure increased. I took in a sharp breath. ‘Good day?’
‘Bloom! What is this rumour floating around!’ I sat up at my uncle’s furious voice.
‘Sir, what rumour?’
‘The video of you making out with Alisdair in a boutique!!! Are you that cheap!!!’ I cupped my mouth in shock. ‘You useless child! You are meant to be given to Velásquez, your body and soul belongs to him!!! How could you let another man touch you!!! You have been f√¢king that man!!! You are no longer a v…’ Alis snatched the phone from me, the energy radiating from him said “Argider!”
‘How dare you speak to my bride with such disrespect!’ Argider snapped. ‘She belongs to me, no one else, MINE AND MINE ALONE! What right do you think you have calling her phone to speak to her in such manner?! Huh!’ I covered my mouth as I sobbed quietly, I could hear my uncle shaking with fear. ‘For this disrespect, for calling what’s mine his, I will show you all why no one messes with Argider’s beloved!’ He crushed my phone with his hand and flung it away.
I hugged my knees, memories of what I was told would happen if I lose myself to a man floated into my head, my body shook with fear. ‘Hey, don’t cry,’ Argider whispered, pulling me into his arms. ‘No one will hurt you when we are here for you,’ he whispered and klzzed the top of my head. I snuggled into his embraced and sniffed.
‘I love you,’
‘We both love you more,’ I giggled, we sounds so odd and amusing. ‘Starting from tomorrow, I’m breaking your first wall.’ I looked up at him from underneath my long lashes and a pout.
‘First wall?’
‘You have three walls; the first one that keeps men away from you no matter how much they want you, the second that shields you from any s£×ual intercourse just in case and then your hymen that hold the covenant. All three are like steel hymens, thick walls of magical metal that will hurt a lot. Alis have been holding back because he don’t want to hurt you, but Argider must do what he must to protect our bride.’
‘Will I die?’
‘No, but it will hurt a lot.’ I gulped and lowered my head on his chest.
‘How much pain?’
‘More than each break,’ I whimpered, imagining the pain I would feel. I shuddered and sighed; I can do this.
To be continued.
Thanks to those who are doing well and ghost readers association, if you don’t move, I will send the grim reapers after you all. 😁
🍂🔥 Authoress Bunmi B. Gabriel 🔥🍂

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