The sacred bride episode 31

The Sacred Bride
Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel
Segment 31
~ Alisdair ~
‘…I didn’t cause any clash between three construction companies, it is all a clear misunderstanding.’ I said with a frown. I was done with speeches and plan layout and now it was time to reply to all questions to clear the useless allegations on me.
‘So, are you trying to say that you are unaware of the fight between three construction companies over who would finish the building of your shopping mall in Marley?’
‘I am aware of that….’
‘Then why lie that you….’
‘If you will let me finish….’ I snapped at the ugly reporter. ‘I gave the contract to Silver Steel first, to build the mall. Every week, they sent me images of their progress because being a busy man, I couldn’t just go there all the time and I trusted their work. But, I took a week out of my time and visited the site, it was nothing like I was made to believe. The images were fake, their progress was nothing but a smoothened ground….’ I glanced at the screens behind me showing the images. ‘As you can see on the screens, the first screen shows the images they sent me and the other was the actual work they had done.’
‘And why would they do that knowing who you are?’
‘Simple, Marley is not my native land, what’s the worse I can do to them.”
‘And the second company?’
‘Main lane, I gave them the contract after giving the first the limit at which my money must be returned. Their work however, is no different. They did build it, but used poor building material that was bound to collapse on millions of people. I checked the building this time and stopped it, even demolished the building to the ground to start allover again. You can see how much money I have lost, I would have quit but my wife advice me to try again and that took me to the third. I have no complains against the third, not at all. They did their work with diligence, used proper material.
The construction was already halfway done when the other two companies suddenly came back with argument and that resulted to the clash between them. I have images, audio testimonies and even people to testify to all of these. I have nothing to do with this, not one bit. All I wanted to do was extend my work to Marley but got duped, yet I didn’t sue them. Isn’t that unfair?’ It felt good calling Bloom’s name even though I hadn’t met her then.
‘Sir, how much do both companies owe you and how many percent of the debt have been paid?’
‘The first paid out 46% and the second paid out 20. I already came to an agreement with the Marley government, action will be taken to return my money.’
‘Do you wish to press charges on both?’
‘No, I just want my money back.’
‘Will you still invest in Marley?’
‘No, my business with them is close.’
‘And what are the Marley government doing about your decision?’
‘That is for them to answer,’ I sighed, bored of their questions. My mind was on Bloom, is she okay now?
‘What about your lands and the half built building?’
‘Will be sold to the government,’ I said with a sharp breath, Argider was bugging me to let him speak. ‘What is it?’
‘Something is wrong with Bloom, leave this damn place and go check on her.’ He commanded me. I shut him back in, I know, she’s sick.
‘Sir, rumour has it that you are demolishing your building in Kenya and selling off the one in Zambia. Why is that? Is it because you are a racist?’
‘For the umpteenth time, I am not a racist!’ I yelled angrily. ‘Why won’t you people quit this useless accusation of me being one! I am not selling or demolishing any of my buildings in any African countries, only backing out of Marley!’ I took in a deep breath to calm my nerve. ‘I am moving my intended ideas to any other African country, no name yet because I haven’t decided.’
‘Are you covering up for the fact that you are a racist too?’ I put my palm on my cheek and stared at the reporter that asked the question, I know him very well. That same guy that won’t rest until he finds a filth in me, I need to deal with him before he does. ‘Your answer is needed sir,’
‘It’s funny,’ ue chuckled, dropping my hand. ‘I find it difficult to accommodate useless questions by stupid people.’
‘Alisdair! If you don’t go to her now, he will take her!’
‘Who is taking Bloom?’
‘Just go!’
‘I’m only answering two more questions, reasonable questions that is. Ask.’ I said impatiently.
‘Sir, what are you doing about the gunfire that broke out in one of your property at London?’
‘I can swear I mentioned reasonable questions just now,’ I said with a frown. ‘What else can I do other than what I already have. I didn’t ask any gunmen to chase each other into my property and cause trouble, I didn’t ask them to shoot so many innocent people. I am right over here and they are there, should I be a cop and chase them so I will get killed too. I have tried my best by supporting the families of the affected; handling the funeral expenses, I offered the families scholarships, hospital funds, financial assistance and even gave two houses. All this I did with the help of the government, we have tried and the issue have been shut down from my side because it is not my fault, neither is it the government’s.’
‘What comment do you have about your foster mother donating so much money to three different orphanage homes?’ I rolled my eyes and pushed myself off the pulpit, useless question. Hmm, I haven’t visited mom and Paige, she keeps insisting on phone that I focus on Bloom. I will pay them a surprise visit. I wanted to walk out but the press blocked my way throwing annoying questions my way.
‘Is it true that your marriage with Bloom Wellington is on business ground?’
‘Yes, is it true sir?’
‘Get this people out of my way!’
I walked out of the room with Theo and Fred, they didn’t remember a thing but were confuse. My face was swollen from how much I’d cried, my head ached badly too. I bumped into someone, a woman. She snarled. ‘Watch where you are going bitch, you can ruin my expensive dress!’
‘I’m sorry,’ I apologized simply and tried to walk pass her but she blocked my way. ‘Can I help you?’ She looked at Theo and Fred with a little nervousness in her eyes. ‘Guys, step back.’
‘And if she tries something stupid?’ Fred asked disapprovingly.
‘I can handle myself,’ they nodded and stepped back. ‘Again lady, may I help you?’
‘You have a lot of nerve coming here,’
‘Alisdair and I used to be something….’
‘Oh god,’ I breathe with an eye roll. ‘Not the jealous ex,’
‘Don’t you dare insult me,’ she snapped. ‘He worshiped my body, love everything I did to him. What can you fucking do! I’m sure he doesn’t appreciate a low thing like you who won’t be able to satisfy him like I do! No other woman can….’
‘Oh please,’ I said with my hand raised. ‘I am not in the mood to listen to a jealous ex and her lies. What ever happened between you two is in the past, whatever that made him worship you, not my business. You are his past and I am his present and future, know the difference.’
She gritted her teeth together. ‘You won’t last, I promise you that.’
‘Hmm, he loves me, he loved your body, isn’t that enough reason to tell you that I am his one and only?’ I asked with a smirk. ‘Maybe this will refresh your memory,’ I showed her my wedding ring. ‘Suck it up, I’m the legal wife and you’re the thrown away bitch.’ I pushed her out of the way and continued walking.
‘Don’t let her get to you,’ Theo said calmly. ‘She’s one of the shareholders trying to gain Mr. Kendrick attention, he has nothing to do with her.’
‘Have Alis ever dated anyone? If there is anyone who will know, you guys will.’
‘Since we started working for him, no. Sure he sleep with random girls once in a while, but he haven’t dated to our knowledge. We started working for him two years after he became the CEO so we can’t account for his teen to college years, that will have to be a question for him.’ Fred replied this time.
‘True, are you guys like ten years older?’
‘Five,’ Fred chuckled.
‘Three,’ Theo replied for himself. I rubbed my hand on my forehead, stupid fear was starting to climb up. He must have dated and I am the least of his gorgeous exes, the worse since I can’t even satisfy him. I might die soon, he might not even love me at all….what am I thinking? I suddenly felt worthless, useless.
‘Thank goodness, you’re okay,’ I heard him say. I looked up and saw him walking fast to me. I froze on my steps, watching my extremely handsome husband making his way to me. How could such a guy be punished with me? Why am I bad luck? Come to think of it, if he does love me, that’s bad. If I die, his mother and sister will later die too, that will destroy him, break him beyond repair. ‘Love,’ he whispered cupping my cheeks. ‘Why are you crying?’
‘We don’t know, she have been like that since she woke up,’ Theo replied. I hugged Alis, resting my head on his chest and wrapping my hands around his waist.
‘I want to go home, alone with you.’
‘Will you tell me what is going on with you?’ I nodded. ‘Okay, get me a single car, I will go out through the back….’
I sniffed and fiddled with my fingers as Alis’ gaze burnt into my face, I looked at him and shifted uncomfortably. He put me in the car and went back to settle the remaining things in the conference for over 30 minutes before he returned to me. We were presently in a lonely road, parked carefully at the corner of the road with him waiting patiently for me to speak.
‘Bloom, we have been here for over two hours, what is wrong?’ He asked softly, so soft I barely heard him. I raised my shameful down casted head to look at him with tears in my eyes.
‘Am I a disappointment to you?’ I asked with a croak voice.
‘Excuse me?’
‘In your past, you must have…you had great sexual partners, one that gave you exactly what you wanted. I must be a disappointment to you, I can’t satisfy you in anyway because of my situation….’
‘No, don’t tell me you are not complaining, don’t tell me you are okay when I’m not. I feel like a disappointment, I feel like I’ve failed in my duty as a wife. I feel worthless, ugly, classless….’
‘Jesus Bloom! Where is this sudden low self-esteem coming from! I don’t understand!’ He yelled with disbelief. ‘What have gotten into you!’
‘But, it’s true!’ I yelled back. ‘Isn’t it?’ I asked in a whisper. He ran his fingers through his hair with annoyance and cursed under his breath. I stayed there crying, Leila’s yell and that woman’s word was entering my head.
‘Come here,’ he said in a whisper, taking my hand. ‘Come Bloom,’ I let him hurl me over to straddle him on the driver’s seat. He placed my hands on his shoulders and encircled his hands on my waist. ‘Look at me Bloom, look at into my eyes,’ I avoided his eyes. ‘Hey, look at me, please.’ I looked into his eyes and pouted with lips folded.
‘You are beautiful, you know that yourself, right?’ I nodded. ‘Whatever and whoever is making you feel so low about yourself, fuck em all. Whether it is true or not, you are my wife, the only woman I can ever love and that is what should matter. I don’t care about your situation, when I want to change it, I will. The thing you should know is I love you with everything I have got, I mean it.’
‘You love me?’
‘More than my own breath,’ I started crying again. ‘What is it?’
‘What will happen if I leave you too? How would you cope? Wouldn’t that break you?’
‘Don’t you love me too?’
‘I love you, more than words can explain and that is why I am afraid, I don’t want you to get hurt.’
‘Nothing can hurt me, nothing. Why do you think so?’
‘Because I’m schedule to die this year, not because I’m sick but it is part of my family covenant with the old gods,’ I finally confessed.
‘I don’t understand,’ he said confusedly, removing his hands from my waist. I felt bad and reluctant to tell him but I had to, so he would be prepared. I told him the whole truth, excluded the Meghan Blues and the what we saw in mom’s memory. When I was done, his eyes was close like he was communicating with someone. We remained in silence, me hoping and praying that he would say something positive so I won’t feel more bad than I already do.
After almost fifteen minutes of silence, he smirked and opened his eyes, I almost fainted when I saw his Argider eyes. ‘Alis?’
‘No one will take you away from us, I assure you that. All I need you to do is believe that nothing will happen to you, can you do that for us?’
‘Yes, us. Can you see life in the positive side?’ I nodded. ‘Good, believe in what I can do, okay?’ I nodded again. I brought my head down and pressed my lips on his, having no choice than to believe in what he said, what  other option did I have?
To be continued.
Bloom did right by telling Alis, no?

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