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The sacred bride episode 29

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The sacred bride episode 29 by : 10:41 am On July 8, 2020
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The Sacred Bride
written by Bunmi B. Gabriel
Segment 29
(This chapter contains s£×ual content)
The shocking revelation still left is breathless, all of us especially me deep in thought. We were at the dinning table, mom was trying her best to act normal, Bernice was succeeding in it and Leila, she was playing with her food. Me, I was staring at mine with palm on my chin, Alis was beside me staring at dad with an emotionless face as he blabbed. Life is just so f√¢king hard.
‘Bloom, eat,’ mom whispered. I sighed and picked up my glass of lemon juice to drink. Suddenly, I felt a warm skin touch my thigh, making me jerk in response, almost spitting out my drink. All eyes turned to me; dad of anger, mom of concern, Bernice with furrowed brows and Leila with a weird look. I looked at Alis, he had a very innocent look on, what the f√¢k is his problem!
‘Bloom, are you alright?’ Mom asked with concern.
‘Yes, mom, just choke.’
‘Be careful,’ Bernice said calmly. I nodded and gulped. Alis’ hand slid up and down my thigh, his face still looking at dad. His palm gripped my left thigh firmly, I gripped my fork harder and shut my legs. His grip tightened possessively when I refused to open my legs, what is he doing?! He successfully dived his hand between my thighs, I sealed it shut with all my strength, capturing his hand between. He removed his hand, relief washed over me as I realised that he had given up.
I was wrong!
I gasped when his hand moved up and unbuttoned my jeans effortlessly, like he studied the course of unbuttoning. I shifted, trying to stylishly shake him off of what he was planning to do but he wouldn’t get the memo or he really didn’t care. His expertise hand played around my jeans until it met the hem of my underwear. I kicked his leg and shifted again, he stylishly shifted away to my relief. I dug my fork into my plate of cheese spaghetti and extra hot meatballs, I put it in my mouth shaking off the stupid feeling rising inside of me. Just when I thought he had f√¢king given up, his hand returned and slipped right into my underwear. I bit my lip hard and gripped the edge of the table, this was the evil plan he had installed for me, disgrace me right in front of my parents, in the middle of dad’s “you must let her stay here for two weeks” speech.
Haven’t anyone noticed that his hand diagonally shifted away? Their eyes were fixed on him!
‘….Bloom must stay with us, it is important…’ His other hand cleverly forced my leg open, just inches enough to torment me. How are they not seeing this! His hand in my jeans…..let me rephrase that, in my pantie, rubbed down to my area. I shoved more spaghetti into my mouth and chewed on it aggressively. He took my pulsating clit between his f!ng£rs and pressed it until my hands were shaking.
‘Ohhhh f√¢k….’ I breathe out, gaining everyone’s attention again. Dad glared at me for interrupting and swearing while mom just rolled her eyes. Alis smirked secretly, in a way only I had the eyes to see it. My stomach was tight and throat dried from fear.
‘Are you okay?’ The devil asked with concern, his f!ng£rs were still there, doing what they were told to do while he pretended. I scowled at him and gritted my teeth together. He palmed my poon hard and continued eating calmly, pretending that my scowl hurt him.
‘Can I use the bathroom? I really need air,’ I asked politely.
‘Sit down there and listen,’ dad commanded. I whimpered and stared at Alis from the corner of my eye. A sick, a very sick ass smile played on his lips as he slowly caressed his f!ng£rs down my wetness. His f!ng£ring was just too smooth, no one was noticing it. I dropped my hand and placed it on his to stop him but let out a squeaked when his f!ng£rs went deeper. ‘Bloom, can you stop distracting me!!!’ Dad thundered.
‘I’m sorry dad,’ I apologized. ‘Your speech is putting me on edge,’ I lied, I was sweating. I don’t know if they are senseless, why would I sweat under a cold atmosphere just because I was eating?!
‘Well, don’t interrupt again,’ dad snapped. I nodded and covered my face with my hair, using my other hand to grip the table harder. I swallowed the m0@ns into my throat, forcing it back deeper. My breathing was fastening at each thrust and I was also fighting the huge for my eyes to roll back. I was fighting the pleasure, it was just too much. ‘And that’s it,’ dad said.
‘So, are you done now?’ Alis asked calmly, his f!ng£r dug too deep. I winced at the little pain and huffed. ‘You know I can’t let Bloom out of my sight.’
‘Alisdair, this is a serious family matter….’ Dad tried to yell, I didn’t even notice he was standing with weight resting on his hands which were on the table.
‘What sort of stupid family matter will demand that I divorce the woman I married two weeks ago?’ Alis cut in calmly. I looked at Leila who was smirking at me, she knew what was going on under the table.
‘The marriage was under a contract,’
‘And so what? Did we sign any written or electronic agreement?’ Alis asked, his voice lost his calmness. I sighed with relief as his f!ng£rs left me, again, I was disappointment. ‘Bloom stays with me, if she stays with you, I’ll show you why my last name is Kendrick.’
‘I am not poor Alisdair, neither am I frightened by a kid. In case you have forgotten, my last name is Wellington.’ Dad growled, Alis laughed and shook his head.
‘You didn’t remember that part when you gave her to me,’ he said chucklingly as he licked his f!ng£rs. I blushed and looked at Leila who wiggled her brows teasingly. ‘Mm, tasty.’ He smirked.
‘Alisdair!!! I am talking to you!!!’ Dad roared. Alis playful gaze shifted, to the coldest glare I have ever seen on him. His eyes flashed red and lips pulled up into a sneer.
‘Sit down father in-law,’ he commanded with a awfully deep voice. Dad sat down immediately, mom’s mouth dropped. ‘Now listen here and listen very very good, Bloom is now legally married to me, she bears my last name. No one is going to take her away from me because she’s mine, all MINE! Nobody, not one person in your family should dare interfere in our marriage, never in their frustrated, doormats lives because as long as I breathe, she remains mine. Is that understood?’ Dad nodded. ‘Deliver this message to your family, Bloom, let’s go.’ He stood up, knocking the chair he was sitting on down. He walked out in anger, I sighed and stood up too.
‘Bye mom, bye girls,’ I said and ran out after him. ‘Alisdair!’ I shouted, he walks fast. He looked over his shoulder at me but never stopped walking. I had to run to catch up to his angry walking speed. ‘Hey!’ I shouted, hitting his shoulder.
‘Silent,’ he growled. I kept shut for that first minutes, at least not until he had driven out of the compound and burst into laughter. I was flustered by his sudden laughing. ‘Did you see his face? He was scared out of his wit!’ He said between his laugh.
‘Why did you do that?’ I asked puzzledly.
‘I was showing your dad what true commands feels like, duh duh duh.’ He said making a dumb face and then laughed again. My neck and face was hot, probably red or orange.
‘I was talking about the f!ng£ring,’ I said under my breath. His lips spread into a boyish grin.
‘Oh, that,’ his lips lowered to a lopsided smirk. ‘You are so good at swallowing your m0@n, I wanted you to scream my name.’
‘My father was right there! What if he saw it!’
‘Then I would borrow his bedroom to finish what I started,’ he licked his lips and dragged out a whistle. ‘Damn! You taste so nice, very very nice. I wonder if you will taste better when I eat you,’ he winked at me at the end. I shifted away from him, ignoring the bubbling feeling in my stomach.
‘Stay away from me,’ I threatened.
‘Threaten me again and I will continue what I stopped back there,’ I kept my mouth sealed and looked out of the window. He laughed delightfully and turned the music to a crazy s£× rap song. If only I could jump out of the car.
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Narrative <<<<<<<<<<<<<
Her dress flowed behind her as she walked around her room in a reckless pace; she was worried and agitated, in fear and anxiety. Things weren’t going her way at all, well, yes but he was taking too much time. Twelve days, just twelve days left and he will gain his full powers back, she was terrified.
‘I still don’t see why we can’t just tell them the truth, so they will get to it.’ Dark said as he scratched his back against a wall.
‘She has to do this on her own, lose her virginity at her own will.’ Sapphire, the blue jaguar replied Dark’s rhetorical question.
‘Well, we just sitting here and waiting for Alis to magically touch her won’t happen, he will never touch her without her full permission. Yes, he will tease her, taunt her but never go too far.’
‘And that is why Bloom must say so herself,’
‘Bloom is much more stubborn at spirit than you think,’ Dark said calmly as he strolled to a chair. ‘She will fall, yes, she is his bride. The only disturbing problem is if she will fall before twelve days.’
‘She has to fall!’ Meghan yelled out with distraughtness. ‘I have been through so much to achieve this, I have sacrificed so many things and my mother died for this day to come, she has to fall.’ She said with tears in her old eyes.
‘Why not just go to Argider, talk to him….’
‘You think he don’t know?’ Dark cut Sapphire off. ‘Argider is aware that his bride will die if he don’t do anything but Alis’ will power is very powerful, he has Argider sealed deep inside so he will avoid being a demon just like Velásquez became. Now the only thing I can say is that he knows what he is doing, he will bend her at his own time.’
‘How sure are you?’ Meghan asked worriedly.
‘I am not, I just feel it like an intuition. We should be thinking of how to save Leila’s life, we both know that she will die if Bloom loses her innocence.’
‘I already have that settled, I know what to do about her.’ Meghan said with a dismissive wave of her hand. Dark sighed, if things get too tough, he will interfere.
Next Day
How did my life end up this way? How did I foolishly walk myself into a trap? How! I always thought I was clever enough to handle anything that comes my way, but I was wrong. Alis proved me very wrong. Why was I complaining? Alis had me cuffed to the bed, completely n@k£d and him eating me. The torture was beyond the one at dinner last night, it was my fault because I dared him.
I woke up earlier than expected of me, I was busy staring at my husband deep in thought. Everything I saw in mom’s memory was terrifying me, I remembered vividly how blued eyed me called Alis Argider. Blue eyed me was Meghan, I knew that now, my thought was base on why she called him that, who is he? Why is he the only one who can touch me? Did he know about me all along? Did he know the truth? The questions in my head was just too much and it was starting to give me a headache.
Alis laid on his side, one hand acting as a pillow for my head and the other hand holding my waist firmly. He had our legs entwined, almost knotted and I still don’t know how that happened. His hair had grown longer; covered his eyebrows and his eye lids slightly, when last did he get a haircut? Does he always have to pout when sleeping? It’s making my hormone confuse me.
‘Argider,’ I whispered, trailing my f!ng£rs daintily on his face. ‘Argider,’ I whispered again. I didn’t know what I was doing but it was working because he whimpered. ‘Argider,’ I called louder. His eyes snapped open instantly, a quick movement that made me cringe in his arm. A gasp left my mouth; his eyes was a mixture of blood red, red and black colour. My body reacted on impulse, I wiggled out of his grip which had tightened possessively.
‘Why did you call me?’ He asked with an awfully deep voice, like the one he used on dad, only deeper and more frightening. ‘My treasure, why did you have to summon me out?’ He asked, drawing my body closer to his.
‘I….I….I….I….I..’ I stuttered.
‘It’s so good to finally be able to hold you, to sniff you…’ He pressed his nose against my head and took a loud and heavy wheeze. His hand reached down and squeezed my butt cheek roughly, he m0@ned into my head. ‘You are perfect for me.’
‘Alisdair, you are hurting me,’ I whimpered, his grip was painful.
‘Mine, all MINE!’ He growled animalistically and possessively. He turned us over so he will hover over me. ‘All mine….’ I was so scared, my body was quivering at his new attitude. He leaned down and bit my collarbone, like he literally bit me.
‘Alisdair, you are hurting me,’ I sobbed. ‘Please stop….Alisdair!!!’ I shouted, he jumped away from me with a hiss and groan. He sat slightly on his side, his hair fell down his face as he breathe in and out heavily. He grabbed the sheet and squeezed it as he grunted in pain. ‘Alis….’
‘No, stay away from me! I don’t want to hurt you!’ He shouted painfully. ‘Stay back, please.” His veins turned red as they trailed all the way to his temples, his muscles increased as well. He grinded his teeth together, I could feel his pain. ‘Don’t ever call me like that again.’ He growled before his body slumped on the bed.
‘Alis,’ I cried and tried to touch him but he sprang up completely flustered.
‘What happened?’
‘You are crying, why?’
‘You were having a nightmare, screaming and battling for breath,’ I lied.
‘Did I say anything odd?’ He asked nervously.
‘Other than Argider, no.’ I watched as his body stiffened, a sharp breath escaped his lips as his shoulders tensed.
‘Oh,’ he laughed. ‘I was….move….it was a…..’
‘Alis, you should know that I am the last person you can fool when it comes to issues like this. I told you my secret, why can’t you tell me yours?’
‘There is none to tell….’
‘You f√¢king hit me Alis!’ I lied. ‘You almost strangled me….’
‘I’m so sorry, I am usually in control of him.’ He cut in apologetically, he reached forward and touched the spot he bit.
‘Who is he?’
‘I don’t know. When I turned ten, I started having dreams, crazy dreams where I see another me, a stronger and more powerful evil eyed version of me. The dream came thrice a year, it was only a dream until I turned thirteen. Once a year, I just go off, yell and spend a whole day in anger and doing things I will never do in my right mind. It was like that until I learnt to hide, to control that ridiculous anger issue seven years ago.’
‘Anger issue?’ He nodded.
‘My psychiatrists and psychologists said it is as a result of my upbringing, I’m controlling it though.’
‘Then, why is it called Argider?’ I asked, folding my hands under my br£@sts. He shrugged.
‘I don’t know,’ he said with eyes running around the room. ‘And I don’t bloody care.’
‘What if it’s dangerous?’
‘Still don’t care. As long as I remain in control and you don’t call me that sickening name.’
‘Argider,’ I smiled, he growled. I found myself grinning like a psycho. ‘I love the name, it makes you sound powerful, like a god.’
‘Call me that again and….’
‘And you will do what Argider? I dare you.’ He smirked and looked at me, his eyes flashed with those dark colour.
‘You need to be punished kitty, ‘
‘Really puppy?’ I asked innocently with a twinkle of my eyes.
‘Serious one,’ he smirked. He bent over to his drawer and picked out two handcuffs. I chuckled nervously and shifted back.
‘Alis, what are you doing?’
‘I’m going to punish you.’
‘With cuffs?’
‘And my mouth….’ I sprinted out of the bed, I didn’t need to try though, I was back on the bed before I even started. ‘Hold still love, I won’t bite you…’
‘s£×ual harassment is against the law!’
‘Not when you are legally sealed to me,’ he cuffed my hands to the bed bar. ‘Now hold still.’
‘Alis, I’m sorry, please don’t rape me.’
‘One,’ he forced my legs open. ‘I will never go that far, ever. Two,’ he got between my legs. ‘It is your punishment.’
‘So, you won’t rape me?’
‘Never in my life will I do that,’
‘Then what are you doing?’ He didn’t said anything, just smirked devilishly. I knew I was dead, dead, dead, dead, and dead. Did I forget to say I’m dead? Oh, I did? Okay, I’m dead.
(End of flashback)
And that, my distinguish ladies and honorable gentlemen, is how I found myself n@k£d and in my present predicament. My frustration was based on the fact that I didn’t have the liberty of hand movement; I wanted to hold his hair and pushed it so he would go deeper, I wanted my f!ng£rs nails in his hair, not above my head! At least let me squeeze the sheet, no, I was his prisoner. To ease my frustration a little, I raised my hips and squirmed. I had it at the back of my mind that he might mistakenly dig too deep but at that point, I didn’t give a bloody f√¢k.
Beside! I had to remain a virgin and virgin is someone who have never had s£×ual intercourse and s£×ual intercourse means with a man, right? Right. In simple words, f!ng£r f√¢king isn’t s£×, it’s foreplay; signed and concluded.
‘Faster Alis, please,’ I begged. He increased the pace of his f!ng£rs, making me cry out in ecstasy. His tongue flickered across my core, finding my clit as he s√¢ked on it like a mad man. His face stayed buried there, finding anything and everything, licking me clean as my body shook every single second. It should be disgusting but hell! I loved every single moment of it.
His stubble made me more excited and I couldn’t help but thrust my hips further. His f!ng£rs teased my opening along with his tongue, drinking away everything that came it way. His experienced mouth gave me pleasure, once that I never dreamt of having in my life. I found myself screaming his names as I reached my first ever orgasm, can you believe that! My body shook uncontrollably.
I remained still on the bed, tears running down my face. Is this what Leila experience? I never even pictured myself in such a position before, I was expecting to die just like that. ‘Hey, don’t cry.’ He whispered, klzzing my cheek.
‘Am I dreaming?’ I sobbed.
‘No, this is real. Did you like that? Enjoy it?’ I nodded with a whimper. ‘Do you want me to do it again?’ I nodded shamelessly. ‘Harder this time?’ I nodded again. ‘Say it.’
‘Yes, and deeper.’
‘If I do, you will certainly not escape me. You don’t need to lose your virginity, remember?’
‘It wouldn’t be losing if you don’t directly do it, right?’
‘As long as it was s£×ually intended, it is. Plus, I promised you s£×ual frustration, I haven’t forgotten that.’
‘Isn’t this enough?’
‘Not yet bebe, not yet.’ He took hold of my clit again.
‘Alis,’ I whimpered.
‘You should get ready, you will be attending a conference with me, today. You should get ready.’ He got off me, leaving me just like that.
‘Cuffs,’ he took a key from the drawer and unlocked the cuffs. ‘I’ll prepare breakfast, get dress.’
So unfair!
To be continued.

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