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The sacred bride episode 28

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The sacred bride episode 28 by : 7:26 am On July 7, 2020
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The Sacred Bride
written by Bunmi B. Gabriel
Segment 28
(Note than this chapter consist of s£×ual content)
I hummed as I tried to braid Eric’s growing hair gingerly, he was on the phone with Kristal, one hand making seductive circles on my bare thigh while I straddle him. I was wearing his shirt, one he forced he to wear because according to him, I’ll look good in it. We had spent the whole day together, just talking, playing and doing a lot of naughty stuffs.
‘Kristal, I believe what you are all doing is wrong, he deserves to know what is happening to his mother right now and of course, be prepared. I understand that you are all trying to protect him but….ouch! Leila, that’s too tight.’
‘Oops,’ I chuckled. ‘Sorry love,’ I apologized and loosened the braid.
‘Is that Leila? You settled it?’
‘Sorry, forgot to tell you.’
‘Mmm, impressive Eric, I was actually hoping you would fail so I can ruin your life. Now, am I suppose to believe that you are back together for real?’
‘Leila, talk to her,’ she said with a sly smirk, switching the call to loudspeaker.
‘…can’t let you fool me….’
‘Hi Kristal,’ I said smilingly.
‘Leila darling! How ya doing?’
‘Fabulous, you?’
‘I’m single, I’m not okay.’
‘I thought you had a thing for James,’ Eric said with an eye roll.
‘Tried to get laid but he’s 4inches,’ Kristal said with a dramatic disappointment.
‘And Beck?’
‘f√¢k! That guy is an impatient and never satisfied f√¢ker, I almost died! Even after I passed out due to his roughness, he still kept pounding me until I was close to heaven’s…. Hell’s gate. Do you know that when I woke up from the hospital, he forced me to give him a blowjob, almost suffocated me with his oversized prick. The moment I was discharges, I took up my slippers and ran for my dear life and now, I am a dedicated sister.’
I was laughing profusely, I couldn’t imagine myself in that situation. ‘Serves you right for wanting d!¢ks over brains,’
She snorted jestingly. ‘What use is brain when the man is impotent, will I die of s£×ual unsatisfaction. I dated seven men with brains and class, four were too busy to even think of my needs and three were five to ten minutes men. I tried bad guys, almost got killed, nerds, got irritated. I tried the beauty freaks, too obsess with themselves and selfish so now, I’m just going for guys who can f√¢k well.’
‘Isn’t that pointless?’ Eric asked icily.
‘Considering the fact that I almost died thrice from random s£×, I agree that it is absolutely pointless. The one I tried a month ago, was a anal freak, rape is never a good thing.’
‘And the third?’ I asked curiously, I heard her shiver.
‘Trust me, you don’t wanna know.’
‘I’m curious,’ I smiled, Eric rolled his eyes.
‘This talk is boring, hang up.’ He mouthed, I ignored him.
‘Have you ever seen three brothers who like f√¢king the same girl? Sharing a woman?’
‘They had turns with you?’
‘They f√¢king took me at the same time! For weeks I couldn’t walk and I was hospitalized. They are lucky I didn’t tell my warriors, Sebastiano might be an idiot but he will rather hurt me than let anyone else do. I bled so badly, who does that!’
I scrunched my nose and shivered at the thought. ‘All three of them?’ I whispered incredulously. ‘And you took in all three large….’
‘If I took it in so easily, I wouldn’t have been hospitalized. They are psychos and I already have them behind bars, not a blogger for nothing.’
‘Attagirl!’ I hailed, she giggled. ‘If you want a good man who cannot only f√¢k well but also care for you like the world worth destroying for your sake, I have two guys waiting.’
‘Really? Who? Where? Are they cute? Tell me! Tell me!’ She demanded impatiently like a kid demanding for candy.
‘One is my cousin and the other a friend from highschool until n…’ I giggled as Eric nipped my tit through the shirt I wore. ‘Eric cut it out.’ I said gigglingly.
‘What’s that one doing?’
‘Nothing important…..’ I trailed off as he held the shirt, urging me to take it off. ‘Hold on,’ I did what he wanted, took the shirt off and watch him drop it at his side. ‘So, what were we talking about? Oh yes, dates. The first one name is Kristian, your name double and he is my cousin. He owns a….’
‘Not interested to date someone with similar name, next?’
‘Paul, my friend. He have had a lot of bad luck with love, seven times. His first love never loved him, second was a l£sblan, third just wanted fun and fifth left him a week to their wedding. The sixth got pregnant for another…. Oh f√¢k!’ I exclaimed, Eric smirked and wiggled his brows at me. ‘Stop it,’ I whispered to him. ‘As I was saying, the seventh one died during child birth, they were married. Now he feels like…’ I trailed off and threw my head back as his thumb massaged into me, I was n@k£d on his lap. ‘Damn!…. I mean, do you think you can help him? Give him a reason to…shit!’
‘Why go meet someone with bad luck,’ she scoffed. ‘So I can die too, right?’
I laughed absently and let out a low m0@n. ‘Eric stop,’ I m0@ned, holding his shoulder for support.
‘It would be nice though, send me his picture so I can decide, your m0@ning is starting to make me think of possible ways of killing my cousin.’
‘Alright, bye,’ she hung up. ‘Eric, what was that for?’ I asked between my m0@ns.
‘Paying her back,’ he whispered, his lips tickling my sensitive spot. I huffed and yanked his stupid head.
‘What did we discuss abut torturing me?’
‘What did we discuss about not telling me what t….’ My phone ringing cut our conversation. I eyed the intruder and stretched my hand to it, the phone flew to me. ‘We agreed on no powers.’ He stated frowningly.
‘Sorry,’ I answered the call. ‘Dad, what is it?’
‘Rude child,’
‘What is it dad?’ I asked as I looked down at Eric whose lips went across my chest with speed and diligence, m0@ning out would be rude to dad.
‘I need you in the house now!’ He thundered, I m0@ned out as Eric added another f!ng£r to my frustration.
‘Somebody’s angry,’ I said between my breath.
‘Ten minutes,’ he commanded and hung up. I couldn’t be more glad to throw the phone away and focus on what matters, my sweetheart. I pulled his face up from my chest and klzzed his lips. He grabbed my butt, carried me up and pushed himself inside me, we both m0@ned into each other’s mouth. I moved my head away and threw it back, the moment he plunged into me, I lost my senses. I twisted and squirmed until he was fully inside me, to the very end. He teased me with his f!ng£rs, along with his thick hardness.
‘Oh f√¢k!’ He m0@ned, his eyes were intense with horniness and pleasure. I started pumping on him, to increase that fire. The fire made my thrusts more sloppier and harder, more intense. Our m0@ns filled the room, when the pleasure built up too high, I slowly got up on my heels and started jumping on him. It felt like I was going to explode on him. Every time I sat on him, he filled me till the edge, successfully touching my g-spot. He was too deep and the position was an excellent way to feel him better.
I rocked him harder, felt my hips thrusting upwards too. His hands went up to my br£@sts and pinched them, bringing closer to my edge more. I kept rocking him harder until I felt him rising up, he pressed my body against his and thrusted harder. ‘Yes, oh!’ I breathe, my eyes rolling back into my head as tears poured out of my eyes with ecstasy; my hands on his shoulders for support. I m0@ned more crazy words, I was losing my head and very very close to exploding.
We exploded at the same time, my body fell motionless on his, my panting out of the usual. We stayed that way, his hand making circles at the small of my back. ‘As usual, I made you cry in pleasure.’ I rolled my eyes and smiled.
‘Good for you,’ I said weakly. Again with the silence, serious one.
‘Leila, I love you.’
‘I love you too,’ I giggled. ‘I need to go now, dad said ten minutes and we just spent nine f√¢king.’
‘I’m sure daddy can wait,’ he said huskily. ‘Can I ask you something?’
‘Yeah?’ I puffed, pushing myself off him.
‘I didn’t use protection,’ he stated nervously.
‘I can handle myself,’ I assured him with a smile.
‘And if you get pregnant? Will you abort the baby?’ I pulled myself out of him and crawled out of the bed. ‘Leila, I’m talking to you.’
‘I won’t get pregnant, that’s one. Two, I am not ready for a baby, not when I still have Bloom to protect. Also, I can’t handle a kid now.’
‘What about later?’ He asked expectedly. ‘You are going to need one, right?’
I smiled and leaned on the bed, he pouted. ‘Don’t freak out Eric, I’m not a baby hater, just not ready. I promise you that after I settle everything, if you want a baby, then you will get one.’
He smiled boyishly. ‘Really? You won’t object if I later tell you to bear my child? Even without marriage?’
‘Can you impregnate me without being legally married to me?’ I asked with a knowing smirk, his mom would kill him.
‘When that time comes, I’ll buy you the prettiest ring.’ He said boyishly, like a six year old promising to buy is mother a car. I laughed and pecked his lips, he pulled me back into the bed and pinned me there.
‘Eric, I will be late.’
‘Don’t worry, daddy won’t mind,’ he said twinklingly. I’m sure dad and whatever it is can wait.
I acknowledged the maids and guards as I walked into my father’s mansion. Alis refused to step out of his car, he demanded my father come to him and apologize for commanding him, I was the errand girl. ‘Bloom!’ My shoulders sagged as a tired sigh left my mouth. That didn’t stop Bernice from hugging and squealing at me. ‘I’ve missed you.’
‘Me too, sorry if I’m too tired to show it.’ She pushed herself away from me and giggled. Mom walked in with a stern face, what now?
‘Bloom,’ she called sternly.
‘Hi mom,’ I sighed, plodding to the couch.
‘We need to talk,’
‘Where is Alisdair?’ Dad asked joining us.
‘You tried to command Alisdair Kendrick, who does that!’
‘It was necessary,’ he deadpanned.
‘Well, he is in the car waiting for an apology or else, you know what he can do.’
‘Humph,’ he grunted and walked out.
‘Come here,’ mom ordered, I remained slouch on the chair. ‘Bloom, stand.’ She commanded, what’s with them and commanding today? She took my hand and tried to pull me up, for my sake, I stood up lazily. She dragged me to the lift, then to a guest room where a short and stout woman with scanty red hair and medicated glasses on her small brown eyes, was waiting for us.
‘Good evening ma,’ I greeted with a respectful bow.
‘This is Mary Wells, Mary, this is my second daughter Bloom, the one you will be checking.’
‘Checking?’ I asked puzzledly.
‘She is here to check if you still remain a virgin,’
‘Seriously?’ I asked mom and looked at Bernice. ‘Are you hearing mom?’
‘I tried to stop them but they won’t listen,: she said with an eye roll. ‘Odyn left home in anger because of this.’
‘Do I look like a kid?’ I asked with a hurt expression. ‘Do I look so stupid that you will carry out such insultive thing on me?’
‘Bloom, you will not disobey me…’
‘What is that suppose to mean!’ I yelled, snatching my hand away from hers.
‘Velásquez ordered that you and Alis be separated with immediate effect!’ She yelled back, I hissed at her, remembering what my blue eyed reflection said. I fiddled with the hem of the cold shoulder top I wore to steady my shaking hands. My toes curled up in my shoes, my head creasing.
I closed my eyes and chuckled. ‘Thank you Mary, your service is no longer needed.’
‘No, y….’
‘Now that’s enough!’ Leila barked, I opened my eyed with relief, I wouldn’t have been able to handle everything on my own. Leila walked out of her shadow, her dark energy trailing behind her. I looked over at Mary, she had stiffened, Leila’s doing. ‘You never came here, you never met either Bloom, mom or any of us from yesterday to today, is that clear?’
‘Yes,’ Mary replied like a robot.
‘Get out,’ Leila spat. She packed up her stuffs and scurried out.
‘Leila,’ mom called softly, she knew her limit when Leila was in dark mode.
‘Mom,’ I called, taking her hand into mine. She averted her eyes to me, I gave her my best puppy eyes. She melted, a sigh left her lips.
‘You are in love with him, right?’
‘I love him so much more, I really really love him. I don’t want to die mom, I don’t want to leave him, I want him to love me back and have children of our own.’ I sobbed out suddenly.
‘And I wish that for you too, I really do. But, I don’t know what to do, I met the tradition that way, I was married into this family like others. I have tried to find a solution, tried to seek answers but when I dug too deep, I got punished with a terrible miscarriage that almost claimed my life. You both know Odyn is my second son, you are both aware how the first Odin died, it was my fault…’ She wailed and fell on the floor. I went down with her, instinctively bringing her into my arms as I remembered my older brother.
I was just four then, my memory is hazy but I remember seeing a cute brother playing with me, holding my hands every night I went to sleep. Suddenly, I was at a funeral and then I never saw him again.
‘I wanted to see if I could free you, break the covenant, I went too deep into the fire and got burnt. He removed my baby from my womb, then killed Odyn, the first one as a warning. After then, I stopped trying, I stopped. If I didn’t try, maybe he….’
‘Mom,’ Leila sobbed, hugging her from the side. Bernice sat in front of us and found a way to join the hug.
‘I don’t want you to die but I don’t know what to do about it.’ She wailed.
‘Meghan Blues,’ I said, wiping her face.
‘The only person who knows how to stop Velásquez is a blue eyed woman called Meghan Blues. The only problem now is that she has Dark’s body and is nowhere to be found.’
‘I know that name, I’ve heard it,’ she whispered. My heart jolted, don’t know if it was from fear or anticipation. She closed her eyes and sat up, we gave her space to think. ‘When I was a teen, a friend of mine introduce the girls of our class to a seer who can tell our future, who our soulmate are.’
‘Yes….?’ I urged on.
‘She was really tall, 6,3 with even gray hair and bright blue eyes. She moved with elegance, grace and power; she was calm and quite younger for her age. She gave us advice, lessons to become great women instead of seeking men, gave us books. Most wanted the men, only four of us chose to listen. She attended to them and gave us what we needed and then we left.
That night, I couldn’t sleep, she was calling me. I….I…..I….’ She whimpered and held her head in pain. Leila took her hand and mine while I connected it to Bernice and Bernice back to mom.
‘Close your eyes mom, close them and remember…..’ Her voice echoed in our head repeatedly.
>>>>>>>>>>>> Narrative <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Doretta looked around the bright blue tent with shaky hands, something brought her back to the house, she was compelled to see the woman again. ‘You are faster than I expected, you must truly be the one.’ Doretta flinched at the sound of the deep voice, the first thing that made her breathless again was her beautiful blue orbs and glowing gray hair.
‘Y…y….y…..y….y…’ I stuttered.
‘Sit down child, don’t be scared,’ young Doretta trembled to a blue chair and sat down. ‘Here, have a cup of tea,’ she offered. Doretta almost fainted when a teacup appeared above her head, followed by a teapot. ‘Relax child, I’m a friend.’
Doretta relaxed, just looking at her eyes was enough to make her fell better. ‘Your name is Madam Lou, right?’
‘As a cover, yes. My real name is Meghan Blues, you are now the only one who knows my name.’ Meghan smiled as she took her seat with a graceful cross of her legs. Her dress covered her legs carefully.
‘So?’ Doretta asked, sipping from her cup of tea. ‘Why am I here?’
‘I opened this place in search of one whose spirit will be strong enough to bear the light of Ardiger’s bride and tolerate Dark in her until the protector is born.’
‘Excuse me?’
‘You will marry a very influential man, one that will be imprisoned by your love. You will bear him five children, one will die, one will be the protector and one Argider’s bride.’ She stood up and walked to Doretta.
‘I don’t understand,’
‘Your first child will be a girl, you shall call her Leila Nyx Wellington, the goddess of the night. She will not take powers from Velásquez, she will carry the crest of Dark, the moon shadow. She shall act as a protector for your third child, the one you shall call Bloom. She is like the bloom of new beginnings, one that signifies the end of Velázquez.’
‘My first and third child will be girls?’ Doretta asked in excitement, not paying attention to what Meghan was talking about. Meghan knelt down and touched Doretta’s stomach, it churned immediately. ‘What’s happening?’ She asked with discomfort.
‘Argider’s bride must remain untouch, remain pure for him. When I say pure, I mean never let Velásquez put his seal on her after birth, no matter what happens or else the seal will push Argider’s eyes away from her…..’ Doretta’s painful scream cut her off, the fire in her stomach was unbearable. She fell on the chair and cried as she screamed, thrash and screech, trying to peel Meghan’s hands off her stomach. ‘Never forget the names of your daughters, never forget my instructions but never remember my name or this day until the time is right.’ Doretta let out one final scream before she passed out. Meghan stood up, just as a beautiful blue Jaguar appeared beside her. The blue of her skin was shining, glowing just like her eyes, her name was Sapphire.
‘Do you think it will work?’
‘It has to, I have to hope it works.’ Meghan said with a glint of hope in her eyes.
‘I’m going to miss him,’ Sapphire whimpered sadly, looking at the orb which held a sleeping black panther in it. His darkness surrounded him, unaware of the things around him.
‘Dark will be fine, he will definitely do his job.’ She was certain.
(End of flashback)
Our hands separated instantly, we were all sweating profusely. I looked at Leila with a parch throat and mouth open, heart beating violently. Two words reverberated in my head: Argider’s bride.
To be continued.

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