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The sacred bride episode 27

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The sacred bride episode 27 by : 6:12 am On July 5, 2020
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The Sacred Bride
written by Bunmi B Gabriel
Segment 27
I was tired, really tired and sleepy. Alis had to piggyback me from the jet to the car then from the car to the house. I was enjoying the warmth from his body; having my legs wrap around his waist and hands over his strong shoulders. Should I forget not to mention his sweet cologne and the feeling of safety. Unfortunately, we haven’t uttered any single words to each other since we yelled at ourselves; that was literally almost two days ago.
‘Awwwn,’ I said sadly as he dropped me on the bed. He stood up and removed his wristwatch, dropped it on the dresser and then started unbuttoning his flannie. ‘Alis,’ I called, trying my luck.
‘Uhm?’ He asked, I giggled with excitement, I thought he would ignore me.
‘I’m so tired,’
‘I can see that love,’ he said calmly with his eyes fixed on his unbuttoning shirt. ‘You still need to bathe,’
‘I’m tired,’ I whined, falling back on the bed to relax. ‘I need to wash my hair and brush my teeth but I don’t have any energy to move an inch.’
‘Your father called me few minutes ago, he commanded that we come see him.’
‘Why don’t you ask your dumb father that thinks commanding me will force me there,’ he growled.
‘I’m sorry about that.’
‘Does he think me marrying you gives him the right to command me?! What insolence,’ he was apparently offended by that. ‘I will still go though, for your sake.’
‘Can we go tomorrow?’ I asked with concern, he could snap at my dad with that anger. I could barely keep my eyes open. ‘I want to sleep…hey!’ He dropped his shirt on my face. Mmm, smells so good. I pressed the flannie to my face and inhaled the sweet cologne m0@ning softly; only his shirt was strangely turning me on.
‘Seriously,’ he laughed, yanking the shirt. He pulled me up along with it because I was holding the shirt really tight.
‘Give it back,’ I demanded pettishly.
‘No,’ he tossed the shirt on the bed, I didn’t mind anyways, had something better to gape at. Hello Alis chest! His tallness and muscularity was one thing, the next was his thick abs and flat stomach and a tone and glowing white body. He had a figure worthy of modeling, one that would keep ladies glued to their magazines and phones for hours and forget their senses. Why are s£×y guys always muscular? I was drooling and he knew it, his smirk said it all.
‘Alis,’ I called as he went down to take my shoes off.
‘Yes my heartbeat?’
‘Are you married?’ I blunted out the most stupidest question I have ever asked. He raised his head and stared at me with a sly smirk. I blushed and looked at his shirt. My f!ng£rs were tingling with desperation to trail my f!ng£rs along those abs; my beautiful husband. He took off my shoes gingerly and dropped them at the dresser. ‘Can you massage my ankles?’ He didn’t answer, just stood up and walked to his walk-in wardrobe. ‘Bloom, you’re an idiot.’; I sighed and fell on the bed again, sleep took over me again. I was already sleeping off when I felt his hands around me, he carried me up.
I whimpered and snuggled into the crook of his neck, the peace didn’t last long as he dropped me down but still kept his hand around my waist and made sure my body rest on his. His body was slightly wet, like he just took a bath. I whimpered and turned around to hug him but he turned me around again. ‘Hold still,’ I slouched down and let him carry all my weight because my feet were too tired to stand. ‘Open your mouth.’
‘Why?’ I sighed, my eyes still close.
‘Open Bloom,’ i didn’t ask again, I didn’t have the strength to. He put my toothbrush into my mouth, I smiled and let him brush my teeth for me because I was too exhausted to brush it myself. ‘Spit it out,’ he instructed as he bent my head down to the sink. I spat out the foam, he guided my body so I won’t fall because I wasn’t in control of my legs. He resumed brushing every corner of my mouth with diligence and care, like a baby’s. After brushing, he guided me to rinse my mouth then wash my face for me so I could see well. ‘Hold on.’ He leaned my body on the bathroom sink before his warmth left me.
‘Alis,’ I called with a whimper.
‘Just hang on,’ he said. I opened my eyes and stared at myself in the mirror; my eyes were blue?
‘Hello Bloom,’ she smirked. I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. ‘I’m as real as you are,’ she smiled. I glanced at Alis. ‘Don’t worry, he can’t see us talking, just you looking at the mirror.’
‘What do you want?’
‘To talk, you need yourself to talk some senses into you.’
‘Okay….? So what are we talking about?’
‘You deciding firmly on a divorce, quit that idea.’
‘Why should I do that? My life and that of my sisters will be put at risk if I don’t,’
‘Take a look at him Bloom, just look at him,’ I turned my head and look at him; an automatic smile crawled into my lips as I watched him sniffing my towel with eyes closed, he forgot I was there. His hair was wet, from his bath and it gave him a s£×y teenage boy look. ‘Only his face gives you joy, his smile brightens your heart, his laugh reflects on your soul. Alisdair love you so much, even though he won’t admit it out loud yet. He cares about you a lot, as much as he cares for his mother and sister….’
‘The covenant….’
‘Should be forgotten. He can protect you and you know that because deep down you know he is not an ordinary man, he is strong and even Dark confirmed it.’
‘You don’t get it, me, if I should lose my virginity, Leila will suffer for it and maybe even Bernice. I don’t want that to happen, I can’t live with the knowledge that I caused anything that happens to them.’ I said tearily.
‘Leila can watch over herself, she and Dark are fighting for you so why can’t you fight for yourself? Why can’t you let go of your fear and scream “rubber duck!.” It’s like having surgery on someone to save it life but that someone lacks the will to live, to go on. When a human’s mind is convince that this is how things are, how it ought to be, the subconscious works towards convincing the other part to believe that is it; it works towards making that theory a success. You have spent all your life believing that you will die, your subconscious will indeed make you die one way or the other if you don’t stop believing that.’
‘What if….’
‘Bernice has nothing to do with this, the covenant is between you, Leila, your father and Odyn. Odyn is involve because he is the next heir to bear the one but he don’t matter for now. The point is that you need to cut the fear out, tear it off you even if it is the hardest thing to achieve. Throw away the consequences Bloom, leave the fear and take the leap, mind over matter.’ She smiled softly.
‘So, I should get laid?’ I asked frowningly.
‘Warm up to him, accept his touch and any teasing he brings until he is ready to sleep with you. You can’t even resist him when he is ready because Argider always gets what he wants, no matter what stands in his way. Lose that innocence before twelve days, for your own sake.’
‘Why?’ I whimpered, holding the sink back.
‘Enjoy it Bloom, give your body what it yearns for, be selfish. In exactly twelve days, it would be too late for you.’ She looked at Alis who was foaming up the water in the large bathtub; I would have called it a jacuzzi but there was one at another side of the royal ensuite.
‘Are you sure about this?’
‘I am your reflection Bloom, the truth, I can never lie to you. Think about it.’ With that said, her smiling face returned to my perplex one and violet eyes shining with confliction.
‘Are you done?’ Alis asked as he rinsed his hands.
‘Done with what?’
‘Talking to your reflection,’
‘I wasn’t talking to my reflection,’ I lied sharply.
‘I might not have heard what you discussed but I did see the blue eyed you, it’s nice. Come over here please,’ I thought she said….oh well. I pushed myself off the bathroom sink and sauntered to him, he captured my waist when I got to him.
‘We are going to see my parents in how many hour?’
‘One, but we will be there in four.’
‘Four?’ I chuckled, watching his f!ng£rs taking down my zipper. ‘Wanna make him pay for bossing you around?’
‘Exactly,’ he smirked and took off my jacket.
‘Why are you stripping me? Don’t tell me you are going to bathe me….’
‘That’s exactly what I’m going to do….’
‘Hell no!’ I shrieked and tried to get away from but he held me in place. I whimpered. ‘Alis, privacy, I can bathe myself now.’
‘It’s nothing I haven’t seen before,’ he said with an eye roll. ‘Now hold still or I’ll ram you instead. My hands dropped in defeat, i let him strip me with my cheeks burning in embarrassment. He didn’t even look at me, just removed all my clothes and dropped them on the floor. ‘Get into the tub and rest your head, I will wash your hair for you.’ I quickly climbed into the tub….
‘Ouch!’ I shouted. ‘Why did you do that!’ I yelled, holding my butt which he smacked.
‘Because I can do it,’ he said cockily. I rolled my eyes and sat down, I made sure the foam covered my body from his sight. ‘Now which amongst the shampoos should I use? Cherry rose or lemon jasmine?’ He asked showing me my two shampoos.
‘I love yours,’ I blunted out. He sniggered and wiggled his brows at me. ‘I meant lemon Jasmine.’
‘Mine it is,’ he smiled, dropping my shampoos. He picked up his shower gel and sat at the edge of the tub.
‘Do you even know how to wash hair?’
‘I don’t know how to wash hair because I’m bald,’ he said sarcastically. I bit my lower lip embarrassedly. He took the hand shower and turned it on.
‘Alis, can you sing for me?’ I asked poutingly, looking at him. He didn’t answer, just wet my hair with water. ‘Alisdair, the king of my heart?’ He rolled his eyes. ‘Please?’
‘And why should I do that?’
‘Because you love me and I’m your wife,’
‘Is that all you’ve got?’
‘What else should I use? You should sing to me as your beloved wife.’
‘One, I hate music…’
‘Yet your voice is dope,’
‘Two, so you are my wife when it comes to singing but not pleasing me s£×ually, how ironic.’
‘Alis,’ I whimpered. ‘My one and only husbie, the love of my life, the one who strings my heart together….’
‘Bloom, stop that…’
‘My only superman, my stomach flatterer….’
‘Shut up Bloom,’
‘If I don’t love you, who will I love in this miserable life. You are all I live for, my breath, my….’ I screamed and sprang up, i coughed and wiped my face which he poured water on. ‘That was mean!’
‘Be quiet,’ he pushed me back gently and continued watching my hair. I squirmed, his f!ng£rs were seducing my scalp and my lower region was suffering for it. I shut my eyes and enjoyed his unintentional seduction; honestly, I think every single thing he does to me is a turn on. My mind forced different images into my head, flooding my eyes and thoughts and adding fuel to the fire burning me.
‘You know,’ I finally spoke as he rinsed my hair for the second time. ‘You should work at a salon, you will gain millions of female and gay men costumers with the way your hands move. I give you 1000 point.’
‘Talk again and I’ll pour foam into your mouth,’ he threatened but I could tell he was enjoying my compliment.
‘Sorry daddy,’ that came out as a purr, I opened my eyes widely and grinned at him. He smirked but said nothing. ‘I can bathe myself now,’
‘I know, i will leave you to it.’
‘Just like that?’ I asked incredulously, I sat up and stared at him. He kept the shower and nodded.
‘Were you expecting anything?’ He asked with an innocent smile. I scoffed and looked away, disappointment is a bitch. ‘You have no idea what is coming.’ He winked at me and walked out.
‘Goat,’ I muttered. I was expecting him to touch me a little. My reflection was right when she said I can’t resist him; this is going to be harder than I thought.
I watched Kate quietly as she helped Mom Hailey into the bed; her sickness had worsen but she made us swear not to call Alis to tell him anything, she didn’t want to bother him at all. The next was Paige who was starting to vomit blood but grandmami came and took her away, Alis was still uninformed about that situation. Kate, Eric’s manager have been very supportive and caring, spent all her time helping Alis’ mother even though she has her own life. I never took my time to notice her but she’s beautiful and worth looking at. However, she had very ill luck with love as little to no man notices her.
‘Anything else mom?’ She asked softly.
‘No, I am fine now, thank you Kate.’
‘Anything for you mom,’ she smiled. I couldn’t take my eyes off her beautiful smile, why was I noticing it now? Kate is not that tall, she’s short with a small round face and bright brownish gold eyes. Her lips were plum, the same color as her slightly puffy rosy cheeks. She is not model worthy; not like all the ladies I have been with, slightly chubby but graced with a great hourglass shape. Not my kind of lady but damn! Those ass! That innocent smile…. She’s too innocent looking and kind, like a church girl devoted to altruism.
‘I will suggest you hire a maid, one that will take care of me. Kate, you have your job to worry about….’
‘Your personal nurse is sick, until she is back on her feet, I will care for you myself.’ She said adamantly, tucking the bedsheets in.
‘Yes mother?’
‘Is Bloom alright now?’
‘Yes, Alis found her and they are back now. They will come see you soon then Alis will freak out.’
She chuckled and closed her eyes. ‘Keep them away from me,’ she whispered. ‘I don’t want him to break down because of me or Paige, please?’
‘Bloom is the only one that can do that, we have to tell her what is going on.’ Kate spoke my mind.
‘She just suffered from criminals, let her be. Find a way to keep him away….’
‘Alis is too clever, he will know.’
‘I have an idea,’ Kate said chirpily. ‘Why don’t you travel over to Kristal? We can tell him that she came to see you and he wouldn’t dare visit her because she’s insane.’
‘Good idea but mom is too sick to travel,’
‘Then let him come, I can give your face a touch up and you can pretend to be okay.’
‘Alright, that’s a good idea….’ She was dozing off. I sighed and stood up, I walked out of the room bitterly; she is going to die soon and that will shatter Alisdair.
‘Sir!’ Kate shouted running after me. I slowed down my quick pace. ‘We should inform Alis about this, even though it will freak him out.’
‘We shouldn’t,’
‘What will pain him most? Not being told and she dying all of a sudden or you guys telling him so he will be prepared? I know it is not my place to intrude in your family matter but I think that’s what you all should do….’ I stopped abruptly and looked at her, she shifted away nervously. ‘I’m so sorry if I have spoken out of place….’
‘It’s okay, I understand.’
‘Thank you sir,’ she said almost kneeing down.
‘Do you have any plans for dinner today?’
‘Sir?’ She asked puzzledly.
‘Tonight, any plans?’
‘I plan on spending some time with the orphanage children I’m sponsoring,’ she said softly, tucking her hair behind her ear shyly. ‘Do you need me to do anything for you?’
‘Yes, go on a date with me.’ I blunted out.
‘Sir?’ She asked bemusedly. ‘You mean like a date date or just date?’
‘Just date,’ I smiled. ‘For now,’ I murmured.
‘In that case,’ she chirped. ‘You can assist me with the children!’ She squealed. ‘They will be very grateful to have you over to help them and…’
‘I asked for a date, not to see poor unfortunate things.’ I hissed. She frowned disapprovingly.
‘Those “things” are human beings like you and I,’ she said coldly. ‘Anybody can be unfortunate and poor just like them, just like me. Because you were born into a silver spoon doesn’t make us unfortunate things, get that into your damn skull.’ She hissed afterwards and pushed pass me.
‘Kate, come back here!’
‘Go to hell!’ She shouted, her voice echoed along the foyer. I sighed, me and my big mouth.
To be continued.

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