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The sacred bride episode 25

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The sacred bride episode 25 by : 2:46 pm On July 2, 2020
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The Sacred Bride
Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel
Please read slowly to understand better
Segment 25
I puffed out the smoke in his stupid flat face, the f√¢ker trying to hurt my friend and took his bride, does he think I’m nice like Eric or calm like Alis? He’s f√¢king mad. ‘Ready to talk? Where is Alisdair’s wife?’
‘Seb, this is illegal,’ he huffed. ‘What do you think you are doing?!’
‘Do I look like I care about the law? I’ve been watching you for months now, your activity with Estella but I kept shut. Now, Alis just called that his wife have been taken, he’s freaking out and I’m wondering what the f√¢k you were thinking touching her. If you don’t want a bullet in your brain, tell me where the f√¢k Bloom Wellington?!’
‘I don’t have her yet, she ought to be with Estella but she is not answering her calls.’
‘Should I really believe that?’
‘Don’t care,’ I chuckled and stared at the guards behind him. I tilted my head and smirked as they smiled back.
‘If anything happens to her, you will see the demon in Alis not many have seen,’ I snapped my f!ng£rs, signalling them to untie him while I used my other hand to dial Kristal’s number. She picked up. ‘Bitch,’
‘p√zzy, what do you want?’
‘Do you still have the videos of Austin Brick sleeping with his wife’s mother and sister?’
‘And the one where he gave the prime minister’s wife a head all checked, what for?’
‘Upload it,’ I said with a smirk.
‘How much am I getting paid?’
‘The videos will earn you dollars, f√¢k off bitch and post it. What are you a blogger for?!’
‘I’m a blogger because of punks like you,’ she hissed. ‘Drop 3 million euro or I will delete it.’
‘Euro?! What the butt happened the dollars!’
‘That’s your own shit, do what you must.’
‘It’s for Alisdair,’ I smirked. ‘Austin have got Bloom…..’
‘Oh my Lord! My innocent paprika!’
‘Post I…..’ She hung up. I smiled at the man whose face looked like it was going to melt. ‘Nice talking to you Mr. Brick, good luck.’ I walked out and hoped my guards would follow me. I dialed Eric’s number, he needs to inform that babe of his. It’s funny how I had been searching for her for so long and she was right there but now, my cousin is already in love with her; typical.
‘Hey,’ he said shakily.
‘Have you been crying?’
‘Why would I cry?’
‘What did you do?’ I asked with a knowing sigh.
‘Nothing,’ he whimpered.
‘Eric,’ I called warningly.
‘I made out with Trina and Leila saw,’
‘Why did you do that?’ I asked stunningly. ‘That’s usually my thing, not yours.’
‘I don’t know, I wasn’t in control of my body. I couldn’t control it but that is the least thing I wish to worry about.’
‘Add Leila’s sister have been abducted to the list, Alisdair is in serious trouble. He is freaking out there, you deliver the news.’
‘What! Why me?!’
‘You are closer to her so you should be the one to get the first frying pan, I love my face and d!¢k dude.’
‘I won’t be the bearer of bad news, especially after what I have done.’
‘Shut up, that’s your own problem, solve it. Message delivered.’ I hung up and called Alis.
‘Seb,’ he called calmly.
‘You’re calm,’ I said amusedly.
‘Yeah, she’s safe but I just can’t find her.’
‘How do you know that?’
‘I can feel it,’
‘Alis, this is not a time for your voodoo creepiness, don’t do that.’
‘Relax Seb, if she don’t return in three days, I will then confirm that she’s missing.’
‘You told her you aren’t gay, didn’t you?’
‘Figures, goodnight bro.’
‘Thanks Seb,’
‘I need to fall in love and get married too. My two d!¢kheads are already dying for two sisters, is the third one pretty too?’
‘Too young Seb, eyes off.’
‘Damn! I’m off to go confess my sin in a church and revlrglnate.’
‘You know that time Kristal was sure you got kidnapped by aliens and had your brain experimented on?’
‘I’m starting to believe that theory,’
‘f√¢k you.’ I laughed and hung up, seriously, I need to fall in love.
~ Eric ~
I paced my room, I still had so many things in my head, Leila number one. How? Why? When? What is wrong? She just…..what is she? I need to do something, I need to do what? I don’t have a clue. First, I talk to her, give her three days to cool off for n…..my phone rang, I picked it up again and answered her.
‘What were you doing making out with Trina!!!!’ I face palmed myself, how did she know?
‘Do you spend your life spying on us?’
‘Yes, now speak.’ She snapped.
‘It was a mistake,’
‘Congratulations, I got a video of Leila yelling at you and I will sell it to Drew…..’
‘Ten days, you have ten days to fix the relationship and confess your feeling or that video goes viral.’
‘Kristal please, I beg you….’ I tried to plead.
‘Ten days.’ She deadpanned and hung up. She’s like the goddess watching over our every move.
Just great.
•••• Alisdair ••••
I massaged my scalp in frustration, I glanced at the bed and huffed, she ought to be there. My instinct said not to panic and I was trying hard not to but I was freaking out like mad. What if she ran away? What if she…..I can’t think about this! Everything has gone wrong, this is completely my fault.
I exhaled as I let the cool breeze blow against my skin, Leila took us to China, yup, that’s right. My hair blew off wildly as I watched the clear sky and sea; we were on a mountain away from noises. Believe it or not, we had spent a week here, far away from life and civilization and just being us. I didn’t want to go back, didn’t want to go back and face the trouble that awaits me.
Bernice and mom knew where we were so I assume the rest did too. Stupid Estella got arrested with her boss, serves them right.
‘Hey sis,’ I turned around and smiled at her. ‘Ready to go back home?’
‘Must we?’ I asked poutingly.
‘We both disappeared into thin air, that’s enough trouble as it is.’
‘And Eric?’ She shrugged and smiled.
‘He wanted me to kill Eric, or get broken, I’m bigger than that.’
‘You sure?’
‘Yeah, very sure. I’m going back to shove his trick up his ass by getting laid by the same person who he wants to use against me. No more lies, I’m showing him who I really am.’
‘We can’t tell them everything,’
‘As agreed.’ She nodded, we agreed to tell the guys the half truth and see where it leads us. She took my hand and smiled assuredly, I inhaled and shut my eyes. Whispers filled my ears, along with a cold breeze. By the time I opened my eyes, I was standing in front of Alis whose angry eyes was digging into my body.
I played with the hem of my gown and smiled sheepishly. ‘Hi,’
‘You just poofed in front of me, how?’
‘You ran away for a week, left me all alone.’ He said with a painful smile.
‘I’m sorry, I needed to think and now I have concluded on telling you the truth.’
‘I don’t care about your family tradition of keeping one of the heir’s daughter a virgin until she grows old and die, I care teeny.’ He said as he stride towards me with intimidating steps.
‘How did you….’
‘I have my ways of finding out, I don’t care about that stupid tradition. You are my wife Bloom, I married you, you bear my last name now so I f√¢king own you. This….’ He trailed off and let his eyes run down my body, my throat went dry. ‘Belongs to me and I will take it whenever I want and wherever.’
‘Alis, you don’t understand. You only got to know a little about it, I can’t lose my virginity for anything. You can’t force me or Leila will die!’ I yelled a little.
‘Leila? How do you mean?’
‘It’s not just a tradition, it’s a vow, an agreement from the past. I will die before the end of this year or next, that is to renew the bond. If anything touches me, Leila suffers the first blow. I can’t do it.’
‘Seriously?’ He chuckled. ‘This is the 20th century, not 12bc. The spell only works when you believe it would, it is all in your head.’ He said and tapped my temple.
‘It is not! You won’t dare touch me or I’ll…..’
‘You are my wife and I love you!!!’ A serious silence followed, he bite down on his lip and stared at his shoes. My heart was beating furiously, my eyes getting heavier.
‘What?’ I asked in a whisper.
‘Nothing,’ he said lowly.
‘No, you said it, you just said the “L” word….’
‘Forget I said it.’
‘It doesn’t change anything,’ he said with a smirk. ‘I’m going to torture you s£×ually until you beg me to get you laid with your own pretty lips…..’
‘Alis, please don’t…’
‘You will not dare leave me or else I will make your entire family suffer for it.’ He threatened.
‘You can’t,’ I said confidently.
‘I’m Alisdair Kendrick,’ he said slyly. ‘I always get what I want and right now, you are what I want and you I must get.’ He said irrevocably.
‘No, you won’t…..’
‘Come here,’ he dragged my hand and yanked me to him, I crashed on his chest. He imprisoned my waist with one hand and clench his other around my jaw. ‘I’ve missed klzzing you…..’
‘Don’t you dare klzz me Alis! This is s£×ual harassment!’
‘I am your husband, legal husband in every way.’ He sneered.
‘That doesn’t give you the right to force me….’
‘You are going to comply to my demand or I’m going to pin you against the bed and ram you until you are unable to walk again.’ I swallowed loudly, that didn’t sound too bad, it would be nice to have him thrust in…..ugh! Bloom!
He brushed his thumb on my lips as he stared into my eyes, I tried compelling him to my will but he wasn’t accepting it. Without wasting any further time, he yanked my head closer and latched his lips on mine. I refused to klzz back, kept my lips sealed shut stubbornly. He grunted, his hand around my waist went down to my ass and squeezed one check roughly. I refused to gasp, he smirked against my lips, loving the challenge. He let go of my head and slid the hand across to my chest, then down to my hips and then ass. I swallowed my m0@n, refusing to let him get access to my mouth which he patiently tried to gain. His hands moved against my behind so professionally I didn’t even know such exist. I was beginning to get weak legs, I couldn’t handle it anymore. I m0@ned out, giving him the entrance he seek.
His tongue gladly cajoled its way into my mouth, my stupid body melted into his arms as I accommodating the passionate klzz. I loved the electrifying feeling, loved the way his hands went along my behind and against my hip and across my thighs. Oh shit! Is this the heaven I’ve been missing? My hands went into his hair, my body was on fire, in heat. I m0@ned into his mouth, I was getting breathless already. He broke the klzz, that was when I noticed we were in the bedroom and my back was against the bed…..how long have we been klzzing?
‘And you say you can resist me?’ He asked sneeringly. ‘One touch Bloom, your legs are weak. I won’t touch you now though, I will torture you for leaving me for a week.’
‘Alis,’ I breathe. ‘Please, don’t do this to me.’
‘What is your full name?’
‘Your name.’
‘Bloom Aurelia Kendrick?’ I asked nervously. He smirked slyly and chuckled.
‘And that is why I have the right to do whatever I want with you. Within the end of seven days babe, you will lose that shit you are saving…..’
‘No you won’t!’
‘Keyword, “within” it means it can happen anytime.’
‘I will have Leila kill you then,’ I threatened unsurely.
‘What can she do?’ He mocked.
‘Many things.’
‘I will like to see her try,’ he challenged. He got off me and sighed with satisfaction. ‘Clean yourself up and pack, we are going back home.’
With that, almighty husbie walked out.
‘Wow, that was hot!’ Leila exclaimed, I turned and glared at her.
‘What are you doing here?!’
‘To remind you to use protection…..’
‘Kill him for me.’
‘Even if I could, I won’t.’
‘I’m going to be an aunt!” She squealed and disappeared.
‘Oh,’ Alis chuckled, making me scream and fall off the bed. ‘So that is what you mean by she can kill me,’ he shook his head. ‘I’ve seen worse.’ Was his amused conclusion. He acted so calm; who is he?
To be continued.
Seriously, he didn’t freak out but what about Eric

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