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The sacred bride episode 24

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The sacred bride episode 24 by : 6:30 am On June 30, 2020
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The Sacred Bride
Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel
Read slowly to understand better.
Segment 24
I smiled as I stared out of the window, lights flashed everywhere as paparazzi threw questions at all walking on the red carpet. The loud techno music coming from the building was inviting me over to dance, I wasn’t the slightest bit nervous because I was born for the red carpet but Eric seemed a little bit in a tizzy. I looked at him and smiled, what’s up?
‘Why are you nervous?’
‘I’m not,’ he squeaked, i rolled my eyes and shifted closer to him. ‘I’m fine Leila, I promise.’ I ran my hand down his neck and felt the necklace I gave him, it looked so good around his neck, especially when it was something I gave him. I felt pride the way the black stone glowed and stood out in his outfit, it looked super expensive and enchanting.
‘You know what?’
‘If you are worried about Drew, don’t be, I know what to do.’
He looked at me with his puppy brown eyes and pouted. ‘Promise to stay four pace away from him?’ I nodded. ‘And ignore Brianna?’ He asked with such a boyish shrinking voice I couldn’t help but laugh. ‘It’s not funny Lei, seriously.’
‘Okay, I won’t,’ I laughed as I waved my half gloved hand dismissively. Alright! The dress Kate picked out for me was so my style, I was so happy I ended up klzzing her face allover; now she won’t stop blushing for me. Right, it was a simple designed dress, very. A red tight glossed leather dress that hugged my figure so tight not a single curve was spared out of sight. The strapless dress had a semi sweetheart neckline and ended right at the bottom heels of the black leather L'ta boots I wore. Black half palm leather gloves came with the dress, a belly belt like design sealed itself around my stomach in strap like ways, it’s hard to describe that one. I adored my necklace with black onyx and ear too; perfect for my dark and red makeup. The dress was straight and had a long split at the back of it.
‘Shall we?’ He asked still nervous.
‘After you,’ I said politely. He chuckled and walked across the car with head duck before the door was open and he stepped out of the limo first. Fans around who came to see their favorite celebrities walk in started screaming again; I was once one of them. He waved at them and pose a little while he kept the door close slightly to avoid seeing me.
‘I need to look more outstanding,’ I huffed. I snapped my f!ng£rs, added more dark color to my eyes. The only red thing in my makeup was the blush and red lipstick, bright glossy red one and the glitter on my lashes.
Dark was usually the one who dressed me up, he’s a fashionista for a cat.
‘Leila,’ he calls, snapping me out of my thoughts. ‘Come on,’ Eric smiled as he stretched his hand to me. I smiled and took his hand, this is so happening! Immediately I stepped out, everywhere went silent, lights and all movement. My enchanting and breathtaking aura was working even more better than I hoped for. ‘Crowd puller.’ He teased as he pulls me against his side.
‘I know right, I’m a natural.’ I laughed, he laughed too and walked with me. I winked at the gaping men, blew klzzes at females as they all gaped at me. Suddenly, it broke lose with a thunderous outcry of screams, applause, questions. The noise was too much we had to rush in. The cameras almost blinded me.
‘That was unnatural!’ He exclaimed with a laugh. ‘We are going to make the damn headlines tomorrow.’ He was damn right.
We walked into the main ball, the place had elegant lights but the beat was off the hook! I smiled and nodded my head, it was lit and my body loved it. People danced here and there, I could see so much of my crushes but I promised myself to behave for Eric’s sake. His hand remained possessively tight around my waist as he led me to where he knew best. There she was, celebrating her third wedding anniversary with her husband, her role model; Trina Wales.
‘Oh my God,’ she breathe as they got to her. ‘Wow Eric, she’s gorgeous?’ She exclaimed, her loud voice getting everyone’s attention. The music stopped as another round of earnest gawking followed; men I’m hot! ‘Nice to meet you Leila, right?’
‘Wellington,’ I said blushingly. ‘You are like my role model, with your inspiration quotes and speeches, really love your books.’
‘Thank you Leila,’ she was older, eight years older with two kids already. ‘This is my husband….’ She trailed off and glared at him as he gawk at me. She nudged him and glared at the DJ who immediately started playing again.
‘Wow! Leila!’ Her husband exclaimed. ‘You at indeed beautiful, more in person,’ he took my hand and klzzed the back with a grin. ‘Welcome dear, I’m Harold.’
‘Sure,’ Trina scoffed. I laughed nervously, I don’t want to upset her.
‘Look who we have here,’ Eric’s grip around my waist tighten, Drew. ‘Eric, still alive old buddy.’ He said sneeringly.
‘And f√¢king gaining good things, what have you been doing? f√¢king my leftover.’ Eric mocked as his eyes scanned Brianna. She was a tall blonde girl with exceptional B@@bs and artificial curves, all plastic and all but she is very beautiful. Bloom’s beauty is the only one I know that can shut hers up. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m natural and have a aura to back me up, I would have fainted from her sophistication and grace.
‘Grr,’ Drew growled and glanced at Brianna. She looked so calm and collected, peaceful. ‘Well, we can’t all be winners.’ Dumb combat.
‘You can’t be a winner you mean,’ Eric sniggered. ‘Leftover, meet my babe, the love of my life, Leila Wellington.’ He klzzed cheek after saying that. I blushed and bit my lower lip like a highschool girl.
‘You must be flattered, what makes you think he will keep you,’ she snorted.
‘One word, natural.’ I said with a wink. Her face turned red and Trina laughed.
‘I need a drink,’ she huffed and left him in anger.
‘Oops, you got ditched,’ Eric said jestingly.
‘Whatever, you are gorgeous Leila….’ I raised my hand irritably.
‘Please, if Eric don’t tell that everyday, i have my mirrors to compliment me. I know I’m gorgeous, don’t need you to hear that.’
‘Ouch,’ he said smirkingly. ‘We’ll see.’ He winked at Trina and walked away. He was tall with red hair and brownish red eyes; i hate red hairs.
~~~~~~~~~ Narrative ~~~~~~~~~
Trina watched the crazy blacked haired rule her own party with her dance, her face and authoritative aura. She was raging with jealousy, not just because she had become the cynosure of all eyes, not just because her husband was wiping her feet with his face, but also because she had Eric wrapped around her f!ng£rs. It was so obvious, the way he laughed and smiled like an idiot when she was closer, the way he acted like a baby around her; the f√¢king way he was staring at her! She danced with other guys, he got upset and kept grumbling, snatched her away most time which was erratic; Eric is never possessive of a girl.
She had always wanted him all to herself, she was older, yes. But thy used to have something before she got married, he was the only man who truly satisfied her in bed. Every night or day she spent with her husband, she would always compare his touch to Eric’s and end up unsatisfied. This feeling had caused her to cheat countless of times yet Eric remained the only man, the one she wants. That was her secret shame, her obsession over a guy other than her husband.
The spirit came on her, the desire to seduce him and just have him for a quickie.
‘Bitch,’ she muttered as Leila laughed while dancing with Eric, her perfect man.
After a while, he klzzes her lips so desperately like he could take her that very moment. She looked away and sneered, her husband was busy admiring them. After the klzz, he walked out in a rush. She smiled, that was her cue.
Where’s Eric? I need to get out of here, need to get off this dress and get laid. Guys were trying too hard to flirt and it was sickening, I just wanted him to touch me allover before I lose my mind. I used my connection with him to trace him to a hotel room, what will he be doing in there? I shrugged and opened the door, empty. I walked to the bathroom and that was when I heard it, m0@ns. I opened the door sharply, my heart sank along with my world, they didn’t even notice me as they were busy in a hot romance.
My role model and my boyfriend.
Tears poured out of my eyes, I couldn’t feel myself anymore, my heart was torn to pieces. ‘Eric,’ I sobbed. They flinched away from each other, I cupped my mouth not knowing what to say.
‘Leila, I am s….’ I ran out of the room, never in my life had I felt so much pain, so much confliction. I stopped running and took off my stupid shoes, I threw it away and choked on my tears. ‘Leila, Leila please listen….’
‘Listen to what!!!’ I screamed manically, turning around to face him. ‘Listen to the fact that you were about to give a married woman a quickie!!!’
‘It wasn’t like that….’
‘Then what the f√¢k was it like!!!!’ The lights began trembling along with the building. ‘What!!! Leave me alone!!!!’
‘Leila,’ he called soberly. ‘I’m sorry. I don’t know what possessed me, I will never hurt you….’
‘You just did!!!’ I fell on my knees and cried, what is this pain. I coughed as he bent down and pulled me into his chest, was he crying too?
‘I’m so sorry Leila, please forgive me. I never meant it, I never…..’ I shut him out, my darkness flowed into my hands, anger burning into my soul intensely. Why should I care? We are under a contract. I pushed him away and stood up, I gritted my teeth together.
‘We are only just under a contract, nothing more….’
‘See you at the set Mr. Briceno,’ I turned around to leave. He held my hand, I raised my hand in anger and turned to slap him with the dark rage.
‘Leila don’t!’ Dark yelled in my head, my hand froze instantly. ‘Breathe,’ I removed my hand from his and walked away. I walked out through the backdoor, found my way out and waited there. Minutes later, his car drove in. I got into the limo in silence and folded my hands.
‘Shut up,’ I snapped. He sighed in defeat. The limo drove me back to my new house, for safety reason according to mom. I forgot to mention that earlier. I got out and slammed the door shut, walked to the door and tried to unlock it. ‘Leila can you just listen to me!!!!’
‘f√¢k off!!!!’ I roared, turning to face him. He staggered back with a look of horror, I breathe like a panther and snarled as my fangs extended. I quickly turned around and open the door, I got in fast and sighed.
That was close.
~ Eric ~
I still couldn’t control my breathing as I walked into the house, what I saw back there was…..was….her eyes turned pitch black and black smoke was steaming out of her body. She spoke with voices, not just hers. I sat down and blinked, what was that!
I rolled my hips as I struggled to cut the binds off, I have been kidnapped! I went to the gala wearing a red flower lace dress that stopped mid thigh and klzzed my skin stingily and had black beads and buttons allover it. I had the perfect black pumps to go with black clutch. The gala was boring but I had to be there not just as his wife, but also as his PA. We kept greeting and also taking records and appointment, it was exhausting.
Alis was acting so different, unlike the Alis I knew and it was scaring me. After the meeting, it was feast time so I went to the bathroom to cry in peace and that was where I got abducted. I didn’t know who or why but they certainly were earnest about getting me far away.
‘I’m facing heartbreak, betrayal and confusion, I can also feel my sister in pain and I am anxious. You better let me go now or I’ll summon her and have you all killed!!!!’ I thundered. They only laughed, that’s it! ‘From the hide of shadows to the form of mam, I summon you protector to destroy all those that stand in my way!’ I shouted angrily, I normally never used those words but I was furious. They just kept laughing, not until dark wind hit the earth in front of them.
The car pulled to a stop as they marveled over what was happening. The fog dashed to the car and teleported me and a man out, I was behind her now. The whirling fog took the form of Leila, her demon form with Dark’s burning blaze and claws and fangs. Her eyes were pitch black and body Oozing of dark energy and matters. She raised the car up, growling and snarling, she was mad. She smashed it on the ground repeatedly with anger while I watched the man shake with fear. ‘Die!!’ She thundered and compressed the car into a ball.
‘That’s enough,’ she dropped her hands and turned to the man who was wetting his pants already. ‘I don’t care who sent you, go back to him or her and report yourselves to the cops.’ I commanded, using my compelling tone.
‘Yes, ma’am,’ he stood up and started walking away.
‘Estella Damon, who is that?’ Leila growled out.
‘Alisdair’s secretary,’
‘She is responsible, should I kill her?’
‘No, leave her.’
‘Why are you sad?’ She asked, her eyes returning to her beautiful gray orb.
‘Alisdair isn’t gay.’ I deadpanned. She chuckled and rubbed her hands nervously.
‘Sorry, I knew but just like you did, I convinced myself that he was to make you happy.’
‘Am I happy now?’ I asked with a single drop of tear rolling down my cheek. ‘Tell me Leila, he promised to get me laid, what do I do about that!’
‘You get laid,’
‘I don’t care what the consequences are, we can never be poor when we have means of climbing up back. That’s the only punishment, right? Just end this and lose your V-card already.’
‘Are you the one saying this?’
‘Yes, Bloom, I give you permission to give your husband your goodies,’ she smirked teasingly. ‘Let him f√¢k you until you can’t breathe well again. I bless your marriage.’
‘You are sick,’ I scoffed and started walking away. She laughed and followed me, her darkness enfolded me and I was in somewhere else. ‘Where are we?’
‘Somewhere Alis will find you, get laid sis, I dare you to dare them.’
‘Lives can be lost,’ I reminded her, she shrugged and smiled.
‘My life, I rather sacrifice myself than let you die. I have lived all the fun, just have yours. And Bloom, tell Alis the truth, why you fear getting laid.’
‘Not everything, just the basic.’
‘No,’ I deadpanned.
‘Your loss,’ she laughed.
‘What did Eric do?’
‘Hot make out with Trina Wales,’ my eyes widened.
‘I thought she was married!’
‘I thought so too,’ she said with a pathetic smile and laughed as she cried. ‘I’m going home to drink until my brain dies, if you don’t hear from me tomorrow, know that I am dead or in a coma.’
‘Be careful,’ I said sadly and hugged her. ‘Take me home with you, let’s drink ourselves into a coma.’
‘And Alisdair?’
‘f√¢k him, let’s just cry and die together as sisters. Men are so annoying.’
‘I agree,’ she cried too. She teleported us back to her new apartment so we could drink ourselves to death.
I just hate my life.
To be continued.
Heh heh, Bloom haven’t seen anything yet. Eric don f√¢k up and he see something o.

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