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The sacred bride episode 22

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The sacred bride episode 22 by : 6:19 am On June 26, 2020
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The Sacred Bride
written by Bunmi B. Gabriel.
Segment 22
I watched as Leila flip the pancake gingerly, she was awfully quiet, too quiet for her usual loud and excited self. I wanted to ask her what was bothering her but I fear she won’t respond like the other times. She was wearing a light gray nightie, I could see every single thing under the dress and she wasn’t the slightest bit bothered by the fact that I am a man not a plastic toy.
‘Leila, where did you go earlier? I was looking for you everywhere,’
‘I went back home to get something important from my sister,’ she replied plainly, a sarcastic reply?
‘Leila, do you mind sharing with your almost original boyfriend what is bothering you?’ I asked with a little humorous tone.
‘My life is turning upsidedown and you won’t understand,’
‘Try me.’
‘Trying you is endangering you,’
‘Why don’t you just trust me?’
‘Because I care about you too much to place my burden on you,’ she sighed. I smiled at that, I didn’t press on.
‘You sure you don’t wanna visit a hospital because of your illness?’
‘I will later,’
‘Okay, hope you are ready for the party tonight?’
‘What!’ She exclaimed and turned around with a jump. ‘Tonight?! I thought it was tomorrow!’
‘No, it’s t….’
‘Ah aye! I haven’t bought my dress yet!’
‘I already…’
‘How am I suppose to make men drool over me if I don’t have the right outfit!’ She lamented as she paced around.
‘Can you….’
‘Your ex will be there, all of them and I need to stand out…..’
‘Leila, I a…..’
‘Code red! Code red!’
‘Code red!!!’ She shrieked panickingly and ran out of the kitchen screaming.
‘Women,’ I huffed. I stood up and walked to the pancake she left on the stove, crazy girl. I picked up the spatula and flipped the cake to the other side. I walked to the refrigerator to look for the cream, it has to be here….got it! I dropped the strawberry cream on the kitchen counter, turned the stove off and removed the pancakes. I dished the food out but left hers covered just in case she forgets to eat. I sat down to eat, her cooking is better than mom’s liver assassinator. I took a bite, nice but Bloom’s and Alis are better.
Better than Kristal, she can’t even light a cooker. My phone which was on the counter rang, speak about the devil. ‘Call me back or I’ll sentence you to death.’ She deadpanned and hung up. I stared at the phone with a nonchalance eye brow raised and chuckled, she’s incorrigible. I unlocked my phone and quickly dialed her number for the sake of my sanity. ‘The true son of his mother!’ She hailed
I chuckled. ‘What do you want Kristal?’
‘I’m broke, send me money.’
‘Am I suppose to believe you are broke?’
‘I have three rich brothers, why are they so stingy and selfish? Am I suppose to spend my hard earn money on my own expenses when I can generously spends yours. Fine, Alis is married now, he has responsibilities but you don’t, or do you? You don’t feed and clothe your mother, she has your dad and herself. That useless brother of mine that God will punish, that stupid wicked man. The only good news I can hear this year is his death….’
‘You really want Seb dead, don’t you?’
‘Am I mad? Of course not! If he die, whose life would I make miserable? Is it Alis’ who have a limit in which he can be pushed? He doesn’t even have my time because he knows I’m stupid. I love you too much to make you miserable for now, I said for now, F-O-R…..wait, what was I talking about again?’
‘You are broke,’ I reminded her with a chuckling smile.
‘Are you alright? Have you joined my enemy in wishing me poverty?’
‘You just told me that yourself, few minutes ago.’
‘Why will I say that? You have completely ran mad, mtcheeew.’ She hung up, she forgets the littlest things because she talks too much. I dropped the phone on the table and continued eating, at least until she remembers.
‘Leila,’ I murmured. Kristal called back, I have a feeling I won’t eat well today. ‘Yes?’
‘Yes! I remember!’ She squealed joyfully.
‘My birthday is coming up, I know.’
‘I always throw the best party for you every hear, that’s what I need. Preparations must begin as soon as possible.’
‘I’m not interested,’
‘You make me pay huge amount of money for a job I didn’t send you, every year!’
‘There’s no friendship in business,’ she said calmly.
‘If I should hire a professional that won’t always make my parties look like a three years old piñata fiesta, I won’t have to pay much like you make me do. The money I pay you every year is enough to buy a castle.’
‘It’s called business, and I don’t make your birthday that bad, just a lot of colors.’ I knew she would be blushing. Every year, she threw a party for me, a very brightly colorful one that always leaves me sick. At least it’s better than Seb’s who she made stop celebrating birthdays. Who sends swamps of bees, ants and spiders into someone’s birthday; she’s cruel.
‘I’m not interested Kristal, I need to worry about tonight more.’
‘Ah! How’s that temptress of yours?’
I glanced at the door to make sure Leila wasn’t there. ‘Getting smoking hotter every day, so hard I can barely take my mind off her.’
‘You mentioned a party, Trina’s right?’
‘And your problem is Droplet will be there? That kid has nothing on you bro, you’ve got Leila Wellington to crush that ex of his.’
‘I am more worried about Drew,’ I whispered, she kept shut. Drew, the main obstacle I have in my life, the leech I can’t get rid off. We were signed into the same label at the same time but I grew more famous. After four years, he moved to another label and have been trying to knock me down by all means. When I date a brunette, he would go for a hotter blonde. If I buy a jet, he buys two airplanes. You get what I mean, right? I was expecting him to come with my hottest ex, Brianna, to intimidate Leila. He will definitely try to get a picture of him and Leila or klzz her to spite me, If he succeeds in getting that, I’m doom.
‘Your worry is… ?’
‘Leila is a very big fan and she might not be able to stand Brianna. What if she takes a picture with that sly pig? He will find a way to twist the picture to his favor….’
‘I don’t understand your fear,’ she said calmly. ‘Do you see that lady as someone who can’t handle anything that is thrown her way?’
‘What if she likes him? Like like him a lot,’ I asked in a whisper.
‘So your real fear is that she might love him and not you,’ she stated gigglingly. ‘You don’t want her with any other man because you love her, am I right or right? Don’t answer, I know I’m right because I’m always right.’
‘You are wrong, I’m just attracted to her beauty. You have seen the crowd that girl pulls, right?’
‘Ah! The classic thing, guy refuse to accept love thing. Well listen here you walking personification of pathetic stupidity moronbatics, if you are expecting some kind of preaching from me, forget it – I hate idiots – you love her and that’s final. It’s either you tell her or I will or better you die.’
‘I die?’ I asked scoffingly.
‘If you don’t tell her, I’ll kill you. If you lose her, your mother will detach your head from your body. Either way, you do,’ she said buoyantly. ‘You can thank me later.’
‘Wow, thanks for the completely useless advice.’
‘It wasn’t an advice hon, it was me stating the obvious future as the generous Angel that I am – thank you very much – I will offer you the solution for tonight. It’s very easy, just talk to her about it. It’s part of the contract, she must follow but I think you should just let her be, decide on her own.’
‘Thanks sis,’
‘Okay, offering time,’
‘You’re not okay Kristal,’
‘Wasn’t born okay Eric.’
‘Thank you ugly girl,’
‘You’re welcome b….hey! Take that back!’ I hung up and put my phone on silent, she will call back throughout and if I don’t answer, she’ll be in my bedroom in less than 27 hours to shove my words down my throat. I miss her, she should come.
‘Eric!!!’ Leila shouted. ‘You one legged cockroach of a boyfriend!! Come here!!!!’
‘One legged?’ I chuckled. I left the phone in the kitchen and ran to her room. ‘I’m here….wow, what happened here?’
‘Select, this dress or this dress?’ She asked showing me two dresses. I itched my growing hair, they look the same to me.
‘Aren’t they the same thing?’
‘Are you blind?’ She asked frowningly. ‘This one is a blue dress with white lace and this one a white dress with blue lace.’
‘The design is the same thing,’ I said puzzledly.
She face palmed herself, one dress dropping to the heap on the floor. ‘God, where’s Bloom she you need one,’ she dropped her hands. ‘Get out of my room, you are useless.’ She turned her back on me to continued confusing her beautiful self. My eyes trailed down her beautiful body, I could see her lovely cream skin smiling at me. She wore black lace panties with no bra, I could see everything.
The only problem was that since that day at the bridge, the day I can’t remember very well, I can’t seem to approach her anytime I really want to. No matter how much my body yearn for it, how much my lips wish to flatter her, my mind always imprison the desire and need. Her everything indeed drives me out of this world; her smile, voice, laugh, eyes, the way she moves and dance, her personality and her heart. Since when did I shy away from talking to a girl, from touching a girl. I sighed and rubbed my arm, what is wrong with Eric.
‘Leila,’ I breathe quietly.
‘Yes, useless boyfriend?’
‘Can I ask you something?’
‘No, get lost, I’m busy.’
‘Can you….do you perhaps l….I was wondering if y….’ I stammered, she turned around with raised brows.
‘Can you speak English? I don’t understand gibberish.’
I inhaled and wiped the sweat out of my head. ‘I already bought you a dress, Kate assisted me to get one with Bloom’s info.’
She gasped and threw the dresses in her hands away. ‘Is it black?’ She asked earnestly.
‘Black and red, more red though.’
‘Yes!’ She squealed. ‘I love you!’ My heart skipped, I only she could say that straight with true emotions.
I swallowed the stupid lump in my throat and smiled. ‘Kate will deliver the dress and come with the makeup artist to get you ready, I have to go settle some stuffs now.’
‘Must you go? I don’t need anyone to do my makeup for me,’
‘I have to go Leila,’ I said quietly, looking down at my shaking hand.
She chuckled sadly. ‘Can’t you stay a little bit?’
‘Alright, here,’ my head and hands moved instinctively and caught what she threw. The moment my hands touched it, something like electricity and a sudden cold ran through my body. It was a necklace, a rose gold puffed mariner chain with a black glowing stone carved into a big half moon. I couldn’t take my eyes off the familiar black diamond like stone, very familiar. ‘Listen,’ I raised my head, she was in front of me already. ‘You see this?’ She asked picking up the necklace with the tips of her long nails. ‘Promise me you won’t ever take it off, even if I ask you to myself.’
‘Where did you get it from?’
‘My godmother,’ she said softly as she locked the chain around my neck. ‘I am to give it to the most important man in my life, the one man I care about deeply. I’ve checked, there is no man in my life more important than you are to me,’ my heart palpitated at her sweet words. She slide her hands down from my neck to my shoulders, her eyes never leaving the necklace. ‘Promise me you won’t ever take this off, no matter what happens or who tell you to, please?’ She raised her head to look at me, her lovely big gray eyes were glistening with tears. ‘Promise me Eric.’
‘I promise,’ I whispered, looking deep into her eyes. I couldn’t see myself but I could see whirl of black fog or something like shadows floating feel within. It was confusing, I could see two cat eyes, like a panther’s staring at me. I averted my eyes from her scary eyes to her plum pink lips, I really need to klzz em but I can’t. ‘The necklace is so lovely, just like you.’ I whispered again, my hands slowly snaking around her waist and pulling her further against my chest. She looked at my hands around her waist and back at me with confusion written allover her face.
‘You are holding me, how?’ She asked. Is it my first time? ‘You can’t possibly pass, right?’
‘I don’t know what you are talking about but I will do this,’ I crashed my lips on hers, she gasped in shock. I used that opportunity to deepen the klzz, don’t understand her confusion though. She slowly responded to the klzz, running her hands into my shirt. I pushed her closer, holding her tight like my life depended on it, I’ve been dying to klzz her again for weeks.
My hands went down and squeezed her ass, what it has been yearning to do for long. She let out a low m0@n, standing on her toes with excitement. I ran my hands down her hips, between her thighs and lifted her up. She circled her legs around my waist, sinking her nails into my scalp. We continued klzzing with desperation as I carried her to her bed, this crazy fire was burning in me, one I was ready to unleash.
I lowered her on the bed but she broke the klzz and rolled away with a such a speed it appeared like a flicker of movement in my eyes. ‘I’m sorry, I can’t go that far.’ She said under her breath, looking everywhere but my face. Can someone tell me how she got to the wardrobe so fast?
‘It’s okay, I understand.’ I said dazedly, she just moved like flash!
She suddenly gasped ad covered her mouth as she laughed. ‘You broke it!’
‘Broke what?’
‘You broke it!’ She shrieked excitedly, laughing to herself.
Again, how do she move so fast?
‘You are completely useless!!!!’ He thundered, throwing his phone away. I fell on my knees in tears and bowed, he can kill me. ‘You have worked as his secretary for over three years yet you can achieve anything!!! What am I paying you for!!! What use are you to me when you can’t amount to nothing!!!!’
‘Give me more time sir, please,’ I wailed. ‘You know how difficult it is to even get close to him. No one except his friends can, I’ve been trying….’
‘And yet, right before your very eyes, a lovely woman waltz in and snatched the keys to his heart,’ he scorned. ‘Your failure sickens me, you can’t even get a simple flash drive from my enemy after three years!!!!’
‘I already have a plan sir, I’m working on eliminating his wife, once I do, I will try gaining access through Seb.’
‘One, Sebastiano might love women but he is extremely smart enough to smell a rat before it even get close. He will fish you out easily because he hates you. Two, unlike Alis, if he knows you are a traitor, he will end you immediately. Alis will ignore you as long as he knows you can do nothing. Seb, is not an options. Three, a woman as beautiful as his wife needs a man like me, I want her for myself as bonus. Now get me the flash drive and his wife or you’re dead.’
I sobbed, that bitch just complicated my life more. I hate her!
To be continued.
getting more fiercer,
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