The sacred bride episode 21

The Sacred Bride
Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel
Segment 21
I breathe in and out gently as I stared at the dark tornado I was trapped in, someone trapped me in and tied my hands so I don’t escape. Of course I knew who it was and I also knew why, he wants Alisdair dead. If I’m being tied, it means Bloom is what will be used to initiate that death. I groaned as the chain refused to fall off.
‘The fucking hell! You coward! Show yourself and leave my sister alone!!!’ I screamed, losing my cool.
‘Your existence is starting to be a snare Leila, I gave you this powers so I must take it.’ My eyes widened with horror, not my powers. I screeched and tried to shake the chain off but it wasn’t working.
‘Leave me alone you prick!’
‘You have to die Leila, for what I want to be mine,’ the voice went silent as every other sound went completely still. I looked around the whirling dark wind with a little fear, I don’t want to die yet. My fear increased when two headed kanima like creatures started crawling out of the tornado. They had long scaly hinds with sharp blades and short forehands with deadly claws. I chuckled, seriously?
‘Dark, I could use you anytime now!’ Nothing, I’m dead. One jumped towards me, I used my eyes to push it away. They hissed and snapped. ‘Dark!!!!’
I covered my eyes as a deep blue light blast from the top of the tornado and disintegrated all of them. The colour of the wind turned blue, deep blue. I breathe with relief, that was close. A path opened up for me, like a door and a woman stood there. I couldn’t see her face at all but I could only see her glowing blue eyes and flowing green dress. My mouth fell open in shock as I stared into her mesmerizing eyes.
‘Meghan Blues,’ I gasped. The wind clashed down on me, making me wake up with a loud pitch scream. Eric screamed too and fell off the chair he was straddling, how did I get into my room?
‘Leila, are you alright now?’ He groaned, climbing up the bed to feel my temperature.
‘What happened?’
‘You were shivering badly last night, a cold. I brought you in here and watched you all night. Are you feeling any better?’ I nodded and sighed.
‘I need to check on Bloom, where is my phone?’
Emptiness, that was all I felt just sitting there in a dark warehouse sobbing. Why was I sobbing? I don’t know. Who I was, I knew but yet again, I still didn’t know. I raised my head, voices were whispering to me, something about killing a certain Alis but their words weren’t registering to me.
‘Bloom,’ I turned to the voice and screamed, it was a big black panther with no legs! ‘Calm down, it’s me, Dark.’
‘Stay away from me,’ I whimpered, scrambling back. He was behind me before I could blink. ‘What are do…..aaaaaaah!’ I screamed as he bit my head hard. His large canines dug into my head, piercing into my brain and it was really painful. He removed his teeth and stepped back, something was dripping out of them. The pain surprisingly stopped, I knew who I was. ‘Dark!’ I squealed. I rushed to and hugged the tall feline. ‘I’ve missed you.’
‘I too.’
‘Are you back now?’ He shook his head negatively. ‘Why?’
‘I’m being separated from Leila’s body, dragged out. The best way to avoid getting killed is to stay hidden. You have to be careful and stick to Alisdair, for now because I can’t always help you or he will get me through you. I will use this opportunity to find Meghan Blues, she’s very close.’
‘This Meghan Blue, it’s a female, right?’
‘A female who has the knowledge on how to free you from this trap called tradition.’
‘Yes, I hoped Leila would receive my message, good thing she did.’
‘How did you find out about her? Meghan?’
‘I didn’t, she found me.’ I tilted my head in confusion.
‘I don’t understand,’
‘After I healed your cut, I slept off. I was going to wake up when he came to take me, before the wedding….’
‘The day you disappeared.’
‘Yes, I was taken. I don’t know what happened, I found myself at her place. She told me she rescued me but in order to get what I need to end everything, I must find her, Meghan Blues. She removed my soul from my body, sent it away and kept my body. I’ve tried to reconnect but nothing, I’m like a spirit wandering around.’
‘You have a soul? I thought you were a shadow?’
‘I thought so too until she came along. I have a plan now though, she has a blue Jaguar with her….’
‘Her guide?’
‘Yes, I got a glimpse of her energy before I was removed. If I can locate the source, I will find her. It will take a while though, so you must be careful. Anytime you hear such voices, hold Alisdair’s hand or make physical contact with him and you’ll be fine.’
‘Why him?’
‘Simple, his spirit is too stubborn to be killed or controlled. I can’t reach Leila so transfer the message to her and tell her that if she survives his first attack, Eric will be the next target.’
‘What does Eric have to do with our problem?’
‘By the time he fires a bullet into her head, you’ll know.’
I gulped and cleared my throat. ‘Are you leaving now?’ He nodded. ‘Bye Dark, be careful.’ I hugged him for the last time before I opened my eyes to find myself in my room at the beach house. I sat up and sighed, hugging my knees. What is opening to me, us.
My phone rang, it was on the bed. I picked it up and smiled at the caller. I answered her call and put the phone to my ear. ‘Please tell me you are alive,’
‘Yes, something happened though. He came, told me to kill Alisdair but I didn’t. Then I got trapped in a place I don’t know and Dark came.’
‘Dark! Is he alright? Is he….’
‘Calm down Leila, he’s fine.’ I chuckled. I stretched my legs and looked at the door, just in case Alis would come in.
‘I miss him so much,’ she sobbed. She will never tell him that to his face. I repeated everything Dark told me to her, even the Eric part. That part terrified her like crazy, took a lot to calm her down. She then explained how she saw Meghan Blues but she disappeared. ‘What are we going to do Bloom, I’m seriously confuse.’
‘I don’t know,’ I sighed and laid back down on the bed. My head hurt a lot, really. ‘I am not worried about me, what about you? Eric? What do we do about him?’
She sighed and chuckled. ‘You wanna know the crazy fact, recently when I’m with Eric, I get powerless.’
‘Why don’t we talk to Bernice?’ I asked suggestively.
‘What will she know?’
‘We are both shattered by this, we need a stable mind. Group call, I’ll log in while you inform her to log in too.’ She hung up. I logged into our group chat on WhatsApp and waited for them. She logged in and I immediately did the call. We explained the whole thing to her, she listened carefully with a pout. After explaining, she tapped her lips with her nails and smiled.
‘The way I see it, this Meghan has a thing against our family gods and want to end him by helping you but wants you all to prove something to her or she’s waiting for something else. We have seen her before, this Meghan.’
‘How do you mean?’
‘Remember that time we went to a PlayStation on Odyn’s tenth birthday? The little girl we saw with deep blue eyes staring at Bloom?’
‘Yes, then she came to me and gave Leila a necklace. Said something about it coming in handy as a means of protection later and also kissed me on my head.’
‘Where is that necklace?’ She asked with a knowing smile. I stared at Leila, she shrugged.
‘I threw it away,’
‘That necklace I think is meant for Eric, I still have it. As for you Bloom, you don’t need to worry, he won’t kill you because he needs you. Leila, come get the necklace and hand it over to your boyfriend, that’s all I can help with.’
I smiled, knew she would know something. Alis walked into the room, I cut the call immediately and smiled at him. ‘Good morning,’
‘Good morning, how are you feeling?’
‘Light headed, what happened to me?’
‘You passed out,’ I nodded and sat up as he sat on the bed. I dropped the phone after turning off my Wi-Fi and smiled at him again. ‘Wanna tell me what happened last night?’
‘Are you sick?’
‘No, I’m not. What happened was something therapy related.’
‘Won’t you tell me how it occurred? Why?’
‘Not yet,’ I sighed.
‘Forget about that then, why don’t you dress up and we’ll explore the beach after breakfast.’ He suggested.
‘Thank you.’
★★★★★★★ Alisdair ★★★★★★★
Bloom stared at the sea lost in thoughts, the morning breeze blew against her skin and flew her hair. I stood behind, watching her as I talked to mom. ‘Yeah, she’s fine mom.’
‘Seriously, you are shying away from my question. How was last night?’
‘Mom, my sexual life is my business, please stop prying.’
‘I’m curious,’
‘Okay, tell me how your first time with your husband went.’ Bloom looked over at me and smiled.
‘That one is easy, it was a cold winter evening….’ I hung up. Bloom laughed and walked over to me.
‘Yes, asking me about last night.’
‘She won’t change,’ she giggled. ‘So, what are your plans for today? Business meeting?’
‘Tomorrow, my plans today is to mess around with my beautiful new wifey,’ I whispered with a playful smile. She rolled her eyes but her blush didn’t hide at all. I took her hand and pulled her close to me. I wrapped my hand around her waist and pinched the bridge of her nose. The bikini she was wearing wasn’t helping my brain at all. ‘You are beautiful.’
‘Aren’t you tired of saying that?’ She asked with an eye roll. My eyes went down to her open cleavage. ‘Hey,’ she lift my head up with her index finger. ‘My eyes are up here.’
‘I don’t mind looking down there,’
She sighed. ‘Alisdair, I want you to tell me the truth, are you a straight guy? Please don’t lie to me, I beg you. I will forgive you now, just tell me the truth.’ I looked into her eyes, I could see fear in them. I feared she would leave without thinking twice, I shouldn’t lie but….
‘Bloom, stop doubting me. I’m only messing with you, I promise.’
‘How do you expect me to believe you when you keep doing things to scare me. Right now, you are squeezing my booty like you own it….’
‘I do own it,’ I smirked.
‘Get your hands out, now!’
‘Yes ma,’ I removed my hand from her really soft ass and returned it to her waist. ‘Seriously Bloom, you don’t need to worry, I’m really gay.’
‘What if I don’t want you to be,’ she murmured looking down. I raised her head up and smirked at her. ‘I don’t want you to be gay Alisdair, can’t you not be?’
‘If I decide not to, would you let me touch you?’
‘No,’ she said sharply. ‘I can’t.’ I nodded, for now, I’m still gay.
To be continued.
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