The Sacred bride episode 20

The Sacred Bride
written by Bunmi B. Gabriel
Segment 20
I held my hat from getting whisked off by the wind, I was standing in a large open ground, Alisdair’s personal airport. Not that he’s the only one who uses it, other big people uses it but it mainly belongs to him, built by his grandfather. I was still amazed by it, my husband is almost a trillionaire. I wonder what other places he has that I am yet to know of. Anyways, I didn’t have strength to bother myself about fashion, so I threw on a loose blue floral gown that swirled around my ankles and wore a yellow hat and white gladiator sandals. The wind was fighting to blow my hat away and open my dress.
Alisdair was busy talking to some military men and a pilot, some reporters who managed to get in was taking photos of me. They were right to take, anytime I stand under the sun, I glow. Not glow in a too much awkward way, just a breathtaking way.
I turned my head as the wind beat my face, I huffed and pushed my gown down. I should have gone for jeans but I’m just too much of a skirt and loose gown person. Alis glanced at me, his eyes returned to my form and a laughing smile graced his lips. Yeah yeah, I get it, he warned me not to wear it but I proved stubborn. He nodded at the men and walked to me, his hands in his pockets. I looked away before I would drool. It was the worse day for him to wear a button free shirt and white silk trousers. Is it me, or does white and black make him look super sexy?
‘Told you so,’ I rolled my eyes, still trying to drag my gown down. ‘You cold?’
‘No,’ I murmured. He chuckled and looked at the military men.
‘The jet will be ready in few minutes, for the mean time, come here.’ He said with arms spread, I gladly walked into his arms and let him enfold me with his warmth. He wrapped one hand around my waist and slide the other into his pocket. He smelt so nice, his rich cologne blessed my nostrils as his heartbeat made my body tingle.
‘You smell so nice,’ I moaned out, snuggling in better. His hold on my waist tighten as he let out a low chuckle. His chest vibrated from the chuckle, sending another tingle raking my body. The wind didn’t bother me again, it just blew against us and added more cheesiness to my moment. We stayed like that, at least not until the enemy of Bloom’s personal time came.
‘Sir, the jet is ready,’
‘Alright,’ he said calmly. He tilted his head and blew air into my face. I giggled and pulled away from him with a pout, he never left my waist though. ‘Let’s go,’ he pulled me along by my waist. It’s a shame I can’t kiss him. We walked into a big black jet with blue windows, it wasn’t my first time entering a jet so it wasn’t that fascinating. The only thing causing my stomach and heart to flutter was his arms around me. I sat down by the window and he sat beside me.
‘So, where are we going for the honeymoon? Surprise?’
‘Yes,’ I pouted and looked at the window. I hope it’s a beach, I always wanted to go for a honeymoon on a beach. Well, he wouldn’t know that.
I laughed as I ran around the set, Eric was chasing me. I videoed him scratching his butt seriously through his pants, even moaning and I was going to post it. He have been trying to catch me for over four minutes but I’m damn faster or maybe good at dodging.
‘Leila, I swear that if you post that video, I will chop off your boobs!’
‘Yen yen yen,’ I mocked tapping the phone.
‘Leila, please,’ he pleaded with hands clasped together. ‘I beg you, I’ll do anything you want.’
I cocked my hips and stroke my chin playfully. ‘Hmmm, let me think about it, no.’
‘Please, my love, my joy….’
‘You know those shit don’t work on me, try again.’
‘Please, I beg you, don’t.’
‘Bride me,’
‘With what? Name your price.’
‘Hmm,’ what do I want? Yes! ‘I miss my sister, there’s no one to watch my favourite TV show with.’
‘Urgh! Not that annoying drama you keep blabbing about,’
‘Yes, that one. What kind of boyfriend won’t be there for his bae, that’s not fair.’ I whined with a childish stomp of my foot.
‘Leila, I hate that cheesy trash with all the colors and girlishness. If I watch that, my eye balls will abandon me and run away as far as Africa. The movie is stupid, very.’
‘So, my choice of movies are stupid, okay,’ I tapped my phone.
‘Okay wait!’ He shouted. ‘I’ll watch the movie with you,’ he said grouchily. I squealed in excitement and twirled around. ‘Now delete that video.’
‘No, not until after you come over to my place. I’ll make popcorn and cookies and chickens….’
‘Great, burnt offerings…’ He blunted out.
‘What is that suppose to mean!’ I yelled. He raised his hands up innocently.
‘Nothing babe, nothing.’
‘So you think I’m a bad cook,’ I said frowningly. ‘I only burnt the food once…’
‘You burnt half of my kitchen to the ground,’ he said plainly. It was like a week ago, I went to visit to make plans for the music video and humbly offered to prepare him dinner, out of my own goodness. I forgot I was cooking because I was somehow spying on him in the shower and half of the kitchen got burnt. He still won’t let that go, I only burnt half. Mtcheeew, he has a problem.
‘I only burnt half, not all of em.’ I said sheepishly. He rolled his eyes.
‘Just order something since your better cooking sister is married now,’ I folded my arms and tapped my foot. That’s an insult to my person. Bloom always did the cooking doesn’t mean I’m a bad cook, I can cook very well if only I sentence my phone to death by hammering.
‘I can cook, I just hate cooking because my phone always distract me,’
‘Sure you can,’ he smirked. That was when I realised that he had cleverly used my period of distraction to get to me. Before I could sprint, he snatched my phone and stretched on his toes, lifting the phone way up high.
‘Gimme my phone Eric!’
‘Nope,’ he popped. I jumped and tried to reach but how come I didn’t realise I was a dwarf? I probably looked funny with the way I was jumping because him and some crew members were laughing. I huffed and sighed, he stretched his other hand up and deleted the video. I whimpered, that was the only way I could convince him to spend the night with me without asking. Sadness washed over me, Bloom isn’t around anymore and so is Dark. I miss them so much, I slept alone for the first time without one of them to pester me. Usually, Dark would disturb my head or sleep on my body and Bloom if around, would drum on my head or sneak into my bedroom to push me off my bed; if she’s not too tired to. ‘Hey, who’s Linde?’ He asked going through my phone.
I hugged myself like I was feeling cold, my eyes watering. I miss them so much. ‘All I wanted was someone to see my favorite movie with,’ I said with face down. I turned and walked out.
‘Leila,’ he called. I waved him off dismissively, we were done shooting anyways. I picked up my bag and ran out to my car.
Hours later, I was watching the movie in tears, I’m so lonely, so lonely. Some idiot videoed our scene at the set, we are too public. I didn’t bother checking the comments, just switched off my phone. The door opened, I turned to the door and a sudden rush of happiness blessed me. ‘You came!’
‘Yeah, didn’t want to leave my baby alone,’ he smiled, shutting the door. He walked to me and wiggled his brows. ‘Scoot over,’ I gladly moved so he could sit. He threw his arm over my shoulder, I snuggled into his side and rest my head on his chest.
‘Thank you,’
‘I’m sleeping, wake me up when it’s over.’ He said sharply. I rolled my eyes, it’s better than nothing. So as he said, he slept off. I spent the entire time watching him sleep. The soft snores emanating from his slightly open mouth, the way his chest rose and fell and just his face. I trailed my fingers on his face, his soft cheeks and his lips. I ran my fingers on his eyes and then down to his chest. Never did I expect myself to be awfully attracted to a man, especially him. I mean, I know I was a fan but this is too much.
Every time I saw him, my heart skipped. His smile and touch gave me an uncertain flutter. Everything about him left me breathless and it was bothering me. I only wish I could actually do something more with him, understand what this feeling in my heart is. Does he even feel anything for me? What is it? Lust? The spell I casted on him was working just fine, he wasn’t trying any flirty thing with me and I hate it.
‘If only,’ I sighed and shut my eyes. If only he could break the spell because I miss his flirty words. I entwined our legs and turned off the television. With his heartbeat playing, I shut my eyes and went to sleep.
I kept laughing as I explored the amazing beach house; Alisdair took me to a beach! A beach honeymoon! I was still fascinated, awestruck. The house was so nice, had a nice large lake behind it; clear one. A kitchen that was worth marrying was in the house, I could live here forever.
‘Bloom! Bloom!’ Alisdair shouted. I followed his voice, he was searching for me. ‘There you are! I was thinking you got lost already, I made dinner, come on.’
‘You can cook?’
‘Ya, my creepy grandmother whipped my head with a spoon until I learnt how to cook flawlessly,’ he said absent mindedly, rubbing his head as if reliving the moments. ‘Anyways,’ he said snapping out of it. ‘I made something light, chicken salad with chocolate chilli sauce.’
‘Eh? Chocolate chilli sauce?’ I asked puzzledly as he took my hand. He shrugged and glanced at me.
‘Like I said, she was a creepy one. You should see her eat beans and whipped creams….’
‘She also enjoys jambalaya and yogurt every morning,’
‘That’s not that bad,’
‘Let me rephrase that. She also enjoys pouring yogurt into her bowl of jambalaya every morning,’ I shuddered with revulsion. ‘That’s gross, I know. She eats worse.’
‘So, what do you like? You eat what she eats?’
‘Not all of them,’ did he just blush? Whoa. ‘Don’t judge me, she made me like it.’
‘Everybody and their weirdness. I like watching a movie upsidedown….’
‘Whenever I’m watching an intense movie, I find myself slouched upsidedown in the couch, weird habit. Reason why I don’t go to a cinema.’
‘Wow, that’s odd.’
I giggled. ‘Yeah,’ he pulled the counter stool out for me. I sat down and drummed my fingers. I looked around the amazing kitchen again. As I let my eyes pass the glass door leading to the garden, my eyes met two large claret eyes. It was a big bird with large claret eyes, I know those balls anywhere. I swallowed hard as my body began to tremble, he was here for me….Leila! ‘Alis,’ I called fearfully.
‘Yeah babe?’ He asked as he dished the food.
‘He’s here,’ my body was beginning to jerk violently as sweat ran down my face like a river. As his eyes pierced into mine, voices whispered in my head:
Kill him!
Kill him!
Kill him!
Kill him!
Kill him!
Kill him!
‘No,’ I cried, covering my ears with my eyes and shutting my eyes closed. ‘Leave me alone, LEAVE ME ALONE!’ The chanting increased, my hands were shaking and feeling like holding a knife and my legs wanted me to move. I screamed at the pain in my chest and tightness in my stomach. Tears flood down my closed eyes, I was losing my breath.
‘Bloom,’ it came like a soft whisper, in a soft echo. I felt familiar warm hands pressed against my temples. ‘Snap out of it Bloom, please!’
‘Make it stop!’ I screamed.
‘Just breathe and hold my hands. ‘Breathe.’
Kill him!
Kill him!
Kill him!
Kill him!
Kill him!
Kill him!
The pain and voices shut down immediately, like the off switch was pressed. I panted, my eyes still closed as I saw different colors in my eyes. My body was weakening but I was at peace again.
★★★★★★ Alisdair ★★★★★★
I’m starting to understand why the entire family was so skeptical about letting her marry me, why they are so protective. She’s sick, don’t know what and won’t ask until she opens up to me herself but I will support her the way I can. She slumped down, I caught her before she hit the floor and carried her into my arms. On second thought, maybe she’s just traumatize over something, yeah, that’s it.
I looked around for a while before my eyes caught a big bird, abnormally large bird flying away. Isn’t that the same bird that tried to kill me in my dream last night? That’s odd. I rolled my eyes to her, she was sweating profusely and her face was frightened.
What happened to you Bloom?
To be continued.
Hmm, now he wants Bloom to kill Alisdair. Don’t worry, Dark will come back when the time is right
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