The sacred bride episode 2

The Sacred Bride
Bunmi B. Gabriel.
Segment 2
I carried the tray of alcoholic wines in my hand with a smile, men were whistling as I walked pass majestically, I’m hot, I know. Bloom and I were at the casino, the casino usually opens from 9:30pm to 2:30am. I wore a black cat mask with a long gray feather and the casino uniform, a stupid tight black mini dress that had a long uncomfortable split at the side. The mask was more me than them because neither Bloom nor I wanted people to see our pretty faces.
I dropped the tray on the table of the three bulky men, they were all eight months pregnant and sentenced to die at childbirth.
One let out a long lustful whistle. ‘Phwoah! You are gorgeous!’ I smiled and bowed, rule number one of working at a casino (applied to only me and Bloom) don’t talk to anyone of the costumers. ‘How much will it take to get you for the night?’ I shook my head negatively and walked away. ‘Hey! Come back!’ I still left.
I walked back to the backroom, my lips twisted scornfully. Bloom who was arranging some wines looked at me and chuckled.
‘Uh oh, what happened?’
‘Three pregnant men, those idiots. Do I look like someone who’s ready to take responsibility for their unwanted babies! I can’t have any baby papas, gross!’ She shook her head as she laughed, she’s so cute when she laughs.
‘Gosh Leila, you are very stupid.’
‘It’s not my fault I was born upsidedown,’ I smirked. She rolled her eyes and continued arranging the wines. Bloom is a very beautiful girl, a tender looking sunset with glowing beauty. Her violet eyes were enough to make one get lost, her smooth hair which I’m not sure is ginger or vermilion always glowed, especially when she’s under the sun. Her lips were vermilion though, really pretty. She’s too goody goody for her own good, always supportive but too nice and sweet. But don’t dare her, she’s a fucking bad mouth when she wants to be and she’s mischievous few times. I love her, I really do with my life but what can I do to save her? She’s the only person in my life I can die for.
She wore a long black gown with side splits simply because she couldn’t handle the shortness and tightness of the dress and a similar mask to mine, only red. She’s too pure for death, you hear that death! I won’t let you take her!
‘Hey girls!’ I frowned, of all the fools to disturb us. I put on a sweet smile and turned around to face one of our colleague, Mercy. ‘You guys won’t believe what happened to me yesterday!’ She squealed, jumping excitedly.
‘Wow,’ I said like I was forgetting something.
‘What?’ She asked confusedly.
‘I just realise that I don’t care,’ Bloom nudged me. ‘What? I don’t.’
‘We are listening,’ Bloom said with a polite smile.
‘Yesterday, I took Desmond out….’
‘You took Desmond out?’ I asked uninterestedly.
‘Yes, we went to Chef Jacqueline’s…’
‘That awfully expensive restaurant?’ Bloom gasped.
‘Yes!’ She squealed.
‘How did you get in? Did you sell your kidney or something?’ I asked mockingly. Bloom nudged my side again. ‘Wow, go on.’ I said unenthusiastically.
‘So, we ate, chatted and just after dinner, guess what happened?’
Bloom shrieked. ‘He proposed to you!’
‘Well, something like that,’ she blushed itching the back of her head.
‘Something like that?’ I asked chucklingly. ‘Let me guess,’ I said swaying my hips to her. ‘You went on your knees, brought out a ring and proposed to him.’ I said derisively.
‘And he said yes,’ she blushed.
‘Eh?’ Bloom asked in shock. I chuckled, typical. ‘You did what?’
‘Proposed to him,’ she said proudly.
‘Are you okay?’ Bloom asked. ‘Are you really really alright because I’m not sure you are okay at all.’
‘I’m fine, what do you want from me? He was taking too long t…’
‘How could you propose to a man!’ Bloom yelled. ‘Have your level of stupidity increased?!’
‘Babe, what do you expect from a girl who asked the guy out, feeds him, cloth him and provide for him? It’s all good,’ I shrugged. ‘She will marry him and drop him at home, househusband material.’
Bloom laughed. ‘And she will be like….’ She straightened herself and put her hands to her lips. ‘Honey, I’m home!’ She shouted in a singsong. We both laughed while Mercy glared at us. She’s very good at backing up.
‘You guys are just jealous that you don’t have a man to marry you,’
‘Point of correction,’ we said simultaneously. ‘We don’t have to marry a man.’ She huffed and looked away while we laughed. I slapped her shoulder laughingly.
‘Don’t worry, when he gets pregnant and bear you children, I will bathe the babies.’ We were laughing seriously as we walked out and there we met fool number 2.
‘Oh la la,’ she smirked licking her lips. ‘And what do we have here?’ She asked smiling at him as he walked to us with an empty tray.
‘Babe, my favorite person, the love of my life…’ Bloom eyed him from his head to his toe, a sly smile lingering on her lips. ‘You look gorgeous as ever.’ People know us as Meenah and Babe Johnson here.
‘Rick, you’re alive,’
‘Of course, I was only sick but sad that you didn’t come visit.’
‘I was busy,’
‘With what?’
‘Burying myself alive so I won’t have to perceive you,’
‘Oh,’ he grinned. ‘I smell nice, don’t I?’ He asked with a smug nod of his head.
‘Heavenly,’ she said sarcastically. ‘Say, you wanna know what I like in a guy?’ He nodded eagerly. ‘See that guy over there?’ She pointed to a man who looks like he have been gyming right from his mother’s womb, even his eyebrows had muscles. He was fucking tall, I’m talking 7ft with a face ugly enough to wake pharaoh from the dead. ‘He slapped my ass, beat him up and you will see me at your bedroom tonight.’
Ah! I looked at Rick, he is what you will call a walking toothpick with thread hands and legs. He had dirty blonde hair and a face of a haunted imbecile. When I first met him, I thought he survived cancel or was probably a sickler or AID patient but he’s not. I won’t blame him, his last name is Sickler, Rickie Sickler.
‘Are you talking about the one sitting down?’ He asked smilingly. ‘That guy is an easy cake, I c…’ Bloom turned his head to the guy. Rick’s mouth fell open, did I forget I mention he’s short? ‘Him?’ He asked quaverly.
‘Yes,’ she whispered smirkingly. ‘Him.’
‘Oh,’ he mouthed. ‘Well,’ he coughed. ‘I will handle him once I finish stretching my muscles, I’ll be right back.’ He scurried away, we burst into laughter, holding our stomach and resting on the wall.
‘You’re a bad girl Bloom,’ I said chucklingly.
‘What can I say, I live with you.’ She purred, shutting her eyes like a drunk. We continued laughing.
‘Come on, we have to get back to work.’
‘Yeah, see ya later.’ I nodded and walked my way, unfortunately, I ran into my boss. The pregnant of them all.
‘Meenah,’ he said delightfully, uh oh, this can’t be good. ‘Just the girl I’m looking for.’
‘What can I do you for, Mr. Buck?’
‘Well you see, there are some really impressive rich men asking for your attention, I was hoping…’ I raised my hand to silent him.
‘We made an agreement when I first stepped my feet here,’ I reminded him. ‘I work for you under the conditions that my mask stays, we wear whatever we want and we don’t have to sleep with men to earn extra cash.’
‘Yes, I remember but…’
‘An agreement is an agreement,’
‘But agreement can be altered when bigger money is involved,’ he said nodding to his own foolishness. I sighed and turned around. ‘Where are you going?’
‘Home, goodbye Mr. Buck.’
‘But Meenah, it hasn’t gotten to that….’ I ignored him and went to find Bloom. I don’t beg for a job, I’m sexy so they beg me to work. Bloom didn’t argue, just followed.
It was 0 hour in the morning, Bloom and I strolled along the streets to our apartment, we live in a block of flats. The street we were passing was shorter but dangerous, it didn’t matter because I was there to protect us.
‘So, how do we get Astra to sing without her knowing?’
‘First of all, what are we competing with?’ I asked walking in a one-legged stride.
‘Many talented and untalented girls,’ Bloom said chucklingly. ‘The only advantage we have is that Astra is a very great singer but the problem is that she will sing something stupid.’
‘Like,’ I cleared my throat. ‘Oh mother Mary,’ I sang like a classical singer. ‘Come and bless our soul, and redeem us stupid mortals. We are virgins to die without sex, oh we are happy happy sex free….’ She was laughing seriously, clinging to her stomach.
‘Leila, please,’ she laughed.
‘Yes, please,’ I continued singing. She hit my hand and shook her head.
‘I have an idea,’ she chirped. ‘What if you I compel her to? The only power I have is compellation. I can compel her to do it and then she won’t remember again.’
‘That’s a good idea,’ I chirped sarcastically, jumping up with a clap of my hands. ‘I still don’t care.’
‘Whatever,’ we heard a faint howl, a very pathetic one. ‘What’s that?’
‘A wolf?’ I asked unsurely. Let’s check it out.’
‘Are you mad?’ She asked frowningly.
‘I was mad from birth,’ before she could argue, I snatched her hand and pulled her into my shadow. I teleported us to the location of the howl.
‘You are crazy!’
‘I know, now come.’ I dragged her to the howling animal, it was sadly a dog. I hissed and rolled my eyes. It was the dog of one of my envious enemy who is always trying to prove she has money.
‘Oh, it’s Little Miss Perfect’s stupid poodle,’ Bloom said frowningly. The stupid thing barked at us. ‘You call that a bark?’ The dog kept barking and wagging her tail in anger. ‘She seems to be lost,’ she said worriedly.
‘Good, let’s shave em.’
‘You are suppose to be nice,’ she said folding her arms under her breast.
‘There is no rules saying I should be nice,’ I said with an eye roll. ‘We are going to return her after making her bald.’
‘That’s not r…ow! She bit me! This dog bit me!’ Bloom screamed, jumping back while holding her foot. I stretched my hand forward, my black fog flowed out of my palm and surrounded the stupid dog. lifted the dog up and smirked at Bloom.
‘Still think we shouldn’t shave em?’
‘Where’s the stupid blade!’
We smiled as we stared at the shaved dog tied up in a pretty pink bow, her mouth shut and legs tied together.
‘Hot diggy dee dog!’ I exclaimed, swaying my arm in a cowgirl motion. Bloom laughed, really really quietly.
‘How do we cover up?’ She asked between her laugh.
‘Simple,’ I chirped. I searched my purse for my jotter, found it with my pen pinned to it and used it to write out something. I ripped out the page and dropped the note. Let’s go.’ I teleported back to the street and jumped.
‘What did you write?’
‘Sorry, this dog was found laying helplessly in the street, she contacted shavecous fungusine. A disease that catches all cats and dogs, too bad your precious is gone.’
Bloom laughed loudly. ‘Stupid but cool.’
Leila fumbled with the keys to our apartment while I stretched on my toes, I already took off my heels and held it in my hands. We held some giggles, sounds like Astra’s.
‘Is she seeing a movie?’ I asked myself. The door opened, a guy walked out with his back first, Astra in his arms laughing as they kissed. They continued kissing, not realising the fact that we were there.
‘Mm, baby,’ she moaned. ‘I’m going to miss you. Will you come back tomorrow night?’
‘Of course, I won’t lose an opportunity to devour your body over and over again. I love exploring every corner of your beautiful body.’
‘And I awake to have you pleasure me with your hands and ride me until I can’t breathe again,’ she purred seductively. ‘Come back soon.’
‘But I don’t think I should hold on any longer, how long will it take you to get the documents from that bastard?’ The guy huffed.
‘You know it’s not easy, I have to sleep with this man and that to earn his trust. Don’t worry, the moment I get into his main room, I will get it and we can runaway together.’
‘Cough cough,’ Leila coughed. Astra flinched, her breath leaving her. The guy turned, my mouth fell open. Isn’t this her brother in the Lord? ‘Sorry to interrupt, I couldn’t help but blush at how happy you both are.’
‘Oh, I need to go.’ He kissed her one last time and walked off.
‘Ahem,’ i coughed laughingly. ‘Isn’t that your brother in the Lord?’
‘Y….y….n…, that’s his brother, twin brother.’
‘So you are sleeping with your church member’s twin brother?’ Leila asked smirkingly. ‘If I remember correctly, you are a virgin.’
‘Y….y….er…no, I said fornication is a sin….’
‘Cough cough, praise thy Lord,’ Leila coughed out
‘Hallelujah,’ I giggled.
‘Children of God praise thy Lord!’ Leila shouted, clapping her hands.
‘The Lord is good!’
‘All the time!’ We burst into laughter as she stared at her feet embarrassedly.
‘I have a testimony,’ Leila said between her laugh. ‘There was a girl in my neighbourhood, a replica of virgin Mary, a great sister in….’
‘Oh shut up!’ Astra yelled flushed. ‘What if I’m having sex with my boyfriend! What crime is there in it when we are in love!’ She yelled distraughtly.
‘She said and I quote, “You know it’s not easy, I have to sleep with this man and that to earn his trust. Don’t worry, the moment I get into his main room, I will get it and we can runaway together.” Who said that?’ Leila asked tauntingly. Astra huffed and ran inside, slamming her door shut. ‘You see that? I always knew that you were a faker, bloody pretender. Just have it in mind that God will punish you when you die, hypocrite.’
‘Leila,’ I whispered laughingly.
‘What? You see who you want to help? I was right. He will shove his dick up her ass and she will get pregnant. When you want to die tell me! I can buy you acid!’ I laughed and dragged her inside before she said more. ‘I bet he’s not the only one she’s sleeping with, bitch. She chased off the only guy I might like and now she’s busy sucking on a goat’s dick. See her mouth,’ she hissed. ‘Fornication is a sin.’ She mimicked. I chuckled and sat on our sofa.
‘Let it go Leila, it’s her life.’
‘Did you see that new guy that moved into flat 39? He’s so hot!’
‘Oh God,’ I stood up and walked to my room. ‘You need help!’
‘Have you forgotten, I’m insane!’ She shouted laughingly. Iaughed too, shaking my head amusedly.
After bathing and changing into my PJ’s, I laid on my bed and called my brother, he had been ringing me.
‘Hey, bro, what’s up?’
‘Are you aware that Leila teleported into dad’s treasure house and stole half of his money?’
‘Dad thinks he has been robbed but I know it’s Leila.’
‘How can you be sure?’ I asked with an eye roll.
‘She left a note saying “hey Dad, it’s your Queen,’ he said imitating Leila’s voice. ‘I stole your money because I need it, now go back to work and make some more money to make up for what I stole. Don’t worry, you have three bank accounts and four treasure houses, you won’t go bankrupt. Love me very much and expect me to return for more – Leila.” I had to hide the note, what is wrong with your sister?’ I glared at her, she was at the door.
‘Whaaaaat, I’m broke!’
‘Please cover up for us, will ya?’
‘You know I will and please, tell her to fucking stop teleporting me to the dumpster every night! Some people will like to wake up in their bed and not a stupid dumpster like some mad man!’
‘Oh yeah,’ Leila moaned noddingly with a satisfied smile. ‘And I will keep doing that until you….you….you…hmm, what do I want you to do?’
‘You see! She’s just doing it to torment me!’
‘Well duh! If I don’t torment you, who will I torment? What are siblings for? I make your life miserable and you appreciate me, simple as ABC, everybody is happy.’
‘I hate your guts Leila!’ He shouted.
‘Ha! Your sweet Leona dumped you.’ Leila laughed. He sniffed.
‘Leila,’ I sighed.
‘One day a guy will shatter your heart and you will know how pain feels like,’ he sobbed.
‘No, leave me alone.’ He cried
‘Any guy that breaks my heart, I’ll kill him. If they can that is and boo hoo, did I make you cry?’ She mocked. ‘Well, cry cry cry little baby.’ He burst into tears and hung up, he’s too soft. I glared at her and sighed.
‘You are insufferable, he’s your little brother for Pete’s sake! Why torture him so much!’
‘I want him to grow strong, mommy’s little handbag.’ I rolled my eyes and tapped on my phone, sent Berenice a text to go calm him down. I pray no guy hurts Leila, I don’t want to know how it will affect her dark side.
Yet again, there is no man strong enough to break or even win Leila Wellington’s heart.

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