The sacred bride episode 19

The Sacred Bride
written by Bunmi B. Gabriel
Segment 19
I woke up to the feeling of someone gracing my neck with hickeys and massaging my right breast through my nightgown. I slept stomach down and he was hovering over me. I wanted to panic but my body knew whom those hands belong to; I reacted in a heartbeat. Just a single touch and I was losing my breath, losing the ability to use my medulla oblongata. I whimpered and let out a soft moan, pushing my neck aside so he will have more access. He mopped my neck with his tongue at the same time, pressing my boob pleasurably.
‘Oh, Alis, what are you doing?’ I moaned, he only trailed his kiss to my shoulder and bare back, pushing off the spaghetti hand of my nightgown. I squirmed a little, trying to shake off the wetness that was rising. ‘Alis,’ I moaned again. He nibbled on my shoulder, letting his hand travel into dress to enjoy the skin of my breast.
‘You fucking drive me crazy,’ he said huskily between kissing my shoulder to my back. Okay, what is going on? I squirmed and maneuvered my way to my side and weakly tried to push him off but who was I deceiving?
‘Alisdair, stop,’ I said almost like myself; this shit is getting real. He turned me around completely so I would lay on my back and attacked my cleavage with his lips. ‘Alis!!!’ I yelled. He jumped away from me, like he just got snapped from reality. I sat up and adjusted my dress, he stared at everything but my eyes. ‘What is the meaning of this?! Y…..yo…you said….’
‘I’m sorry, I thought you were one of my flings,’
‘Since when did your fling have squeezable boobs!!!’
‘What do you know about homosexuality!’ He yelled back. I opened my mouth to speak but shut it back, he has a point. That’s properly one of their sexual style. There goes my heart again, I bit my inside cheek to hide the pain his words gave. ‘I’m sorry,’ he grunted. He grumbled to himself and went back to his own side of the bed, staying very far away. The bed was really large and now he was backing me. I backed him too sadly, my body was still yearning for the continuation of his previous ministration.
Only his touch sparked fire in my heart, made my body burn with desire. All I wanted was for him to hug, kiss and make love to me until I’m unable to walk again. I want him to explore places no man have ever explored, defile me if he must. But, that wasn’t possible, not one bit; I’m sacred.
‘Hey,’ he said softly into my ear with his hand carefully on my shoulder. ‘I’m sorry I yelled at you, please forgive me and don’t cry.’
‘I’m not crying,’ I sobbed, I didn’t even know I was. His hand on my shoulder was making me yearn more. I buried my face into my pillow and wailed, it’s so hard.
‘I’m sorry,’
‘No, not that,’ I turned around a little. ‘You turned me on, that’s cruel.’ The words left my mouth. He smirked.
‘Do you want me to ease it for you?’
‘Aside from you being gay, I don’t want to sleep with you.’
‘You won’t, I’ll just help release the heat a little.’
‘But you are gay, you won’t like it.’ I said babyishly. He rolled his eyes and muttered something, all I heard was don’t something control.
‘That’s good, if I don’t feel it, I won’t push on, right?’ I squinted thoughtfully. ‘Look at it from this angle, it’ll be a way I will pay you back for what you are doing for me. I won’t let it go too far.’ It was a golden opportunity to finally experience how foreplay was, at least if I die a virgin, I will have a little experience. The offer was tempting but it was a trap, a snare.
‘What do you know about normal sex?’
‘I’m gay, not stupid.’ He scoffed. I shook my head negatively, I won’t agree.
‘I’m good as it is, the feeling will di…’
‘Say yes!’ He yelled all of a sudden, desperation in his tone. I blinked in confusion. ‘Just let me touch you a little, before I die,’ he pleaded desperately. His eyes had darkened, he must be really desperate for a guy and since he can’t have one, he wants to improvise with me.
This can be an opportunity to change his sexuality. That evil voice ministered.
‘I rather not, I will manage here while you go to another room.’ I said with a cold face. He huffed and got out of the bed.
‘If you ever change your mind, I’m one door away,’ he successfully pulled off a heart melting wink. I turned my head back into the pillow, blushing intensely. I yelped when he suddenly smacked my ass. ‘Imma gonna ride this soon, I promise you that.’ He winked at me again and walked out with his majestic stroll.
Did he seriously say that? He made a promise that he would definitely get me laid! Fear gripped me, serious one.
Relax babe, he’s messing with ya. My subconscious said relaxedly. I breathe out with relief, that’s true, he’s just messing around. Yeah, messing.
★★★★★★★ Alisdair ★★★★★★★
I poured all my affection into my punches, to kill the disturbing hormone. I totally lost control back there, I don’t know what happened. I worked late into the night, finished and kept my laptop. I decided to just hold her a bit because she was shivering and before I knew it, images of her beautiful body invaded my head. I lost control, what if she suspect?! Why couldn’t I just keep my fucking hands to myself! The softness of her breast and the way her skin felt in my mouth drove me overboard.
‘Arch!’ I yelled, scattering my hair. She’s driving me crazy with her innocence and cuteness. The more days I spend with her, the deeper this stupid feeling goes. I need to get rid of it, before I ruin everything. The one thing I know for sure is that I’m going to make sure she falls in love with me so I can gain access to what is rightfully mine. I leaned my hands on the wall I had punch badly, it cracked a little. My knuckles were red and aching but not as much as my heart, not at all.
I bent my head down, my hair fell loose as I panted. One thing is for sure, if I don’t feel her wall wrapped around me anytime soon, I will commit rape.
I giggled, Alis was tickling me so I’d wake up. What does he want. ‘Alis, get off.’ I said gigglingly.
‘Good morning beautiful
How was your night
Mine was heaven
With you by my side….’ My eyes snapped open, Alis is singing for me? He smiled, his face few inches away from mine. He blinked slowly, his unconscious sexy movement. ‘I had you in my arms
Nothing compares
I hope you dreamt of me
Because I certainly did….’ My face was already red, oh sexy voice. This guy is killing me. ‘Rise and shine my darling lady
We have so much to do today
I know you are tired
From last night activity….,’ he winked at me again. ‘But still arise, we’ve got so much to do.’ He ended his song. I covered my face with my hands laughingly.
‘What are you doing?’
‘Wake up call,’ he smirked. ‘Like it?’
‘Stop doing so many sweet things,’
‘Why? Afraid you’re gonna fall in love with me,’
‘In your dreams,’
‘In my dreams, you were naked under me and begging me to fuck the life out of you….’
‘Chill babe, sit up,’ he didn’t give me an option, pulled me up. ‘Breakfast in bed.’ He looked at the welcoming bowl of hot kimchi.
‘Thank you,’
‘One minute,’ he said quickly and claimed my lips. I wiggled a little but responded to the kiss. He deepened the kiss, driving his tongue deeper and sucking on my lips. He lowered me back on the bed, his hands stayed around my waist. ‘I love your lips,’ he murmured in between our make out. He nibbled on my lip before he slide his tongue down to my chin.
‘Why do you like kissing me?’ I asked.
‘Why are you so sexy,’ he hoarsed. ‘Like a poison I can’t stop drinking. You’re just too beautiful Bloom, very.’ He said all this as he flattered my chin to my neck. I fought the urge to moan out loud.
‘Stop, Alis stop.’ I moaned. He stopped kissing me to my dismay and sat up.
‘Get dressed, we are travelling for our honeymoon.’ He smirked lopsidedly.
‘You are a bisexual too, aren’t you?’ I asked with a little panic.
‘Nope,’ he popped. ‘Just hate being rejected, you did. Now, I won’t rest until I get that foreplay I deserve.’
‘Just foreplay? Why do you think you deserve seeing my body,’ I scoffed, folding my arms.
‘One, there is nothing there I haven’t see before and two, I’m your husband, I have the right to.’
‘You’re joking, right?’ I asked with a quavery voice. He shrugged.
‘I can’t have sex with a woman,’ he shook his head negatively. ‘But that doesn’t mean I won’t test my skills on you, see how good I am and I will.’
‘Don’t be too confident Alis,’ I said, carrying my legs down from the bed.
‘I always get what I set my mind to and you are my new target, I’ll get you to accept the play.’ He blinked again, my cheeks heat up.
‘Not happening,’
‘We’ll see,’ he smirked and stood up. ‘Enjoy your meal.’ He clicked his tongue with a wink and walked out of the big bedroom.
Bloom, I think you just got yourself into serious trouble. Anyways, he can’t bed a woman, what’s the worse that can occur.

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