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The Sacred bride episode 18

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The Sacred bride episode 18 by : 8:04 am On June 20, 2020
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The Sacred Bride
written by Bunmi B. Gabriel
Segment 18
I stared at Leila chuckling silently, she was trying to hide her face from Sebastiano, Alisdair’s boyfriend. It stung watching the man dragging my soon to be husband with me but what choice do I have? Sebastiano’s sister put together a little party for both of us, me and Alisdair. I wore a purple lace gown that clung to my figure and stopped above my knees. The inner material was chiffon and way shorter than the lace. The dress was backless but the front had scoop neckline. I just threw on silver stilettos and grabbed a silver clutch bag. I wasn’t happy, my wedding was tomorrow and Leila ruined my wedding dress. Mom was still waiting for my new order. The next painful part, Seb and Alis were dancing like lovers, waltzing around as everyone laughed.
The party was just me, my siblings, Eric, two of his friends, Kristal and a friend and Sebastiano. Three of my cousins were present too, one trying hard to flirt with Eric but Leila was showing her fire.
‘Now, klzz,’ Kristal cheered. Alis and Seb eyed her. I laughed painfully.
‘You guys can klzz, I don’t mind,’ I smiled. Kristal eyed them and smirked.
‘I’m sure you won’t mind klzzing your dunce head boyfriend, right Alis?’
‘Who are you calling dunce?’ Seb flared. ‘You blockhead whore….’
She gasped. ‘Me?! A whore! You call me a whore Seb, you are very very very on top of the universe stupid! Useless! If I sleep around, is it your business!’
‘So you accept it, huh?’
‘Hey guess what!’ She squealed. ‘You will never have a child of your own impotent dock,’
‘Seriously,’ Eric sighed. ‘This is the twentieth time you guys are quarrelling in two hours, can’t you both just breathe the same air in peace….’
‘Tell him to commit suicide so I can be happy. Big brothers do things to make their little sister happy but you never do. Can’t you die for the sake of my happiness? What wrong did I do to you? Why can’t you just die so I’ll be happy for life. Sebastiano, die!’
‘How is my death going to make you happy?! You’ll be alone….’
‘Was I with you before,’ she scoffed. ‘Oh pe-lease, being an only child would rock.’
‘You want to take my properties, I get it.’
‘Your poverty company? I’m f√¢king rich and influential, stop talking shit….hey hey hey! Small bottle, get your hands off my expensive wine!’ She shouted at one of Eric’s friend. He took the wine and scurried away. ‘Short thief! Come back….I will be back for you,’ she said to Sebastiano. ‘Idiot,’ she smacked his head and ran after the guy raining swears on him.
‘Is she okay?’ Odyn whispered into my ear. I looked at him teasingly, he was crushing on Kristal.
‘Baby want a sugar mama,’ Leila teased. He rolled his eyes.
‘She’s not that old, just your age.’
‘Shut up,’ I scolded and sighed.
‘You feeling bad?’
‘I’m getting married to a homos£×ual, what do you expect?’
‘Nothing good,’ she chuckled. I sighed again.
‘How’s Dark?’ Odyn asked, changing the topic.
‘Not fine Odyn, he disappeared this morning.’
‘Why? My blood never affected him this way, I think he’s intentionally hiding.’
‘Yes, I think that too.’ Leila agreed.
‘We just have to keep looking for Meghan Blues,’
‘Baby,’ Alis called, wiggling his way to me. I laughed and tilted my head. ‘My baby,’
‘Why are you wiggling like that?’ I asked.
‘I’m happy,’ he said nodding his head to the music. ‘And in the mood to sway your hips,’
‘My hips?’
‘I don’t have hips to sway,’ he said shaking his own hips. ‘Dance with me, please?’
‘Alright,’ I took his hand with a smile. He klzzed the back of my palm princely, not taking his eyes off me. He knows how to make my heart flutter, almost like a playboy. He pulled me along to the middle of the room and took hold of my waist, imprisoned it. ‘This is not a waltz music,’
‘Yeah, it’s tango.’ I squealed as he swayed me around, I wasn’t much of a dancer so I had no way of knowing. It was fun, they clapped and cheered for us. After we finished dancing, Alis pulled me to the bar while the spirit of dancing possessed Leila again. Regentó lento by CNCO and L'ttle Mix, away Leila went.
Seb was watching her with a look of recognition while Eric just videoed her with a grin. ‘What will happen if Sebastiano finds out she’s the one that kneed him?’
‘He’ll probably try to woo her again,’ Alis said calmly, handing me a glass of….what is this?
‘She’s with Eric,’
‘He knows it’s fake,’
‘And you don’t mind him going after a girl?’
‘Why should I mind?’ He asked nonchalantly and drank from his cup.
‘Maybe because he’s your boyfrie….’ He spat out his drink, choking on it. ‘Sorry,’ I said stroking his back with concern. ‘It’s okay, I know.’
‘Who told you that!’ He coughed.
‘Does it matter?’
‘What the f√¢k! Me and him?!’ Eric glanced at us. Alis huffed and snatched my hand, he took and drop my glass also. ‘Come,’ he pulled me out of the house to the parking lot.
‘Slow down, this heels is high,’
‘Look here,’ he said angrily, throwing me against his car. I groaned from the pain in my back. ‘Just because I told you I’m gay doesn’t mean you can go about assuming that I sleep around with all males. How could you think of me sleeping with my best friend!’ He whispered yelled. ‘He isn’t gay….’
‘My source is reliable,’
‘Tell that f√¢king source that he or she is a bastard!’ He yelled out. ‘It’s hard lying t….just get that useless thought out of your head,’ he said lowly. I scoffed.
‘I’m not judging you Alis, I understand if you love your….’
‘I don’t!’ He yelled, I screamed in fright. ‘Don’t tell me that!!!’ Why is he acting up? I burst into tears, he looks terrifying. His eyes softened, I moved away from him. ‘Bloom, I’m sorry I yelled….’ I ran away, heading straight to the gate. ‘Bloom! Bloom! Lock the gate!’ I stopped running when I heard that, the gateman will catch me. I ran the other way but stopped when I heard him howled in pain.
‘Alis, are you okay?’ He was holding his chest.
‘I can’t breathe, my heart….’ I ran back to him almost panicking.
‘Why? Is it because you yelled? I’m so sorry I made you yell, don’t die….’ He burst into laughter, like seriously? I huffed and made to stomp off but he imprisoned my waist still laughing. ‘You’re insane! You almost gave me an heart attack!’
‘My mommy, the sugarcane in my life, my honey,’ he teased, placing his chin on my shoulder while swaying us side to side.
‘Go away, you yelled at me,’ I sobbed. ‘No one yells at me, it scares me, you should know that.’
‘You know sometimes I can be an idiot, I’m sorry, what you said really angered me.’ He whispered into my ear, I giggled because of his breath tickling my ear.
‘Don’t lie to me Alis, I don’t mind,’ he removed his chin and turned me around but his hands still held me waist.
‘Listen, I might be off track but I am single, I don’t date.’
‘Is that suppose to make me feel better!’ I squawked. He chuckled and dried my tears.
‘Don’t cry, please?’
‘Promise you won’t yell at me?’
‘Cross my heart,’ he grinned. ‘But seriously, I’m not dating Sebastiano.’ We were talking in low keys.
‘You sure?’
‘Yeah,’ I put my hands around his neck and smiled. ‘You are very beautiful Bloom, do you know I love your eyes?’
‘You tell me that every single day,’ I giggled. ‘It feels like we are dating,’ I whispered, his face was leaning closer.
‘We are getting married tomorrow Bloom, we are.’ He looked at his wristwatch and smirked.
‘Ten seconds?’
‘Count down,’
‘Ten,’ I counted.
‘Nine,’ he continued.
‘Three, two, one,’ we counted together. ‘Happy wedding day!’ We cheered. Oh God! This is so cheesy. He slammed his lips on mine, completely knocking my breath away but I klzzed back. I squealed into his mouth as he spun me around as we klzzed. The universe tortured me more by making the moment more perfect by sending down rain.
I know it was complicated, he was gay but he liked klzzing me and we were under the rain.
Happy wedding day to me.
~~~~~~~~~~ Alisdair ~~~~~~~~~~~
I stared at my wristwatch nervously, my heart was thumping viciously, what if she changes her mind? She was late, really late. People were murmuring, this can’t be happening. Bloom can’t just change her mind like that, what happened to us? I thought she cared…this will be a big blow to me. Sebastiano who was my best man was busy eye fighting with Kristal, really seriously.
The door pushed open, a bright light flashed, one that made us cover our eyes. It was like the sun invaded the church. ‘Argh, what’s this,’ Eric groaned. The light slowly died down, probably because the door was shut. I looked at the door, my breath left my mouth.
Bloom stood there with a sheepish smile, her entire body was really glowing, brought out the glow in her name. Her dress was complicated but really beautiful, not as beautiful as her face. Her father led her to me, am I really getting married to her? She’s breathtaking. ‘Hey,’ she smiled. That was when I realized my mouth was wide open, I closed my mouth and smiled back. ‘Sorry, the car got stuck in traffic.’ Her father gave me her hand, I squeezed it gently, feeling proud of being the one to marry her.
‘You look beautiful,’ I commented. ‘Like the sunset, you should be called Oriana.’
‘Thank you,’ we faced the pastor, she did but my eyes never left her face. I couldn’t help but admire her beauty, she felt like a blessing. Even as I said my vows, I never stopped looking at her; she’s too beautiful. The only thing I really heard was….
‘….you may klzz the bride,’ and that I did. I pulled her into my arms and klzzed her deeply. She giggled on my lips, she’s clueless because if she was smart enough, she would know I’m not gay.
There’s no going back now, Bloom is already mine.
I walked to Alis who was sitting on the bed with my phone in my hands, I was watching the video of Alis yelling at me last night and then us making up. Crazy Kristal got it on video but silent the voice and uploaded it on her blog to exaggerate his “love” for me. Now I know how romantic it all is, we look cute together. Our reception video was booming along with the dancing video of Leila Eric videoed last night. To say the least, Kristal and Leila snatched the dance floor from everyone at the reception, we only got to dance when Eric was performing live. The wedding video was mostly about Kristal and Leila owning my party.
I don’t mind though, it gave me enough chance to shamelessly ogle Alis with no one to notice. ‘Alisdair,’ I called, climbing the bed as I still watched the video.
‘Yeah,’ he answered, he was working.
‘Can you help me with my zipper?’
‘Can y….okay,’ I sat on the bed, my back to him. He zipped it down.
‘Help me unclasps the bra,’
‘What?’ I asked shyly, he’s gay, right? He cursed under his breath before I felt his cold f!ng£rs brushed against my skin. I shuddered slightly, if only he could touch me. He gently unclasps the bra. I bit my lower lip as he slid the sleeves of the dress off my shoulders, along with my bra strap. ‘Thank you, I will handle it from h….’
‘Wait, you must be stressed out,’ he said with a husky tone, huh? He knelt up and slide his hands over my shoulders into my dress’s. I kept staring at his hands, my lower region was pooling up already. Just by that little touch…. Wait, what are we doing?
‘Alisdair, what are you doing?’
‘Undressing my wife,’
‘W….w…..w…’ I stammered. I tilted my head to the side as his cold lips met with my skin. My eyes shut instantly, he kept flattering my shoulder and neck with klzzes, making me squirm endlessly as soft m0@ns left my mouth. He slipped the upper covering of my dress off successfully, his hands squeezed my bosom delicately, causing more loud m0@ns to escape my lips.
This isn’t happening Bloom, snap out of it!
I jolted away from him and covered my chest, my eyes were widened with shock. ‘Alis, I thought you said you are gay….?’
He smiled with eyes still shut. ‘I am, that doesn’t mean you aren’t active to a man’s touch. I was helping you relax.’
‘What kind of relaxation is that! You lied to me, didn’t you?!’ I yelled in tears.
‘Bloom,’ he called softly, opening his eyes. They twinkled brightly with floods of emotions, making my stomach squeeze nervously. He crawled closer to where I was and stared at me deep in the eyes, those eyes. ‘Do you trust me?’ I couldn’t break lose from the hypnotism.
‘Then don’t ever think I lied, I won’t try that again, I promise.’ I nodded.
‘I’m sleeping in the guest room,’
‘No, go wash up, get dressed and let’s go to bed.’ I nodded again, deep down, I knew my problems had just began.

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