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The sacred bride episode 12

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The sacred bride episode 12 by : 6:39 am On June 13, 2020
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The Sacred Bride
Bunmi B. Gabriel
Segment 12
Leila and I ate breakfast in silence, she was picking at her food or rather, stabbing the poor meal with a grouchy expression on her face. Her eyes were pitch black, her lips twisted in a grouchy manner; she was in one of her moods.
‘So Leila, heard you ditched your toys yesterday, what’s up?’
‘Uhm,’ she grunted out.
‘Why did you dump them?’
‘I’m going to be Eric’s girlfriend soon, reporters and those snooping spies will pick more interest once they find out whose daughter I am. Eventually, I don’t want them digging into my personal life and finding out too many shitty things about me, things that will ruin both our reputations.’
‘Dumping them won’t exactly stop them from finding out that you were double d….multiple dating,’
‘Christian was my only boyfriend, the rest were nonexclusive and you know that aside from Chris, I don’t f√¢k the same d!¢k thrice.’
‘Still gonna find out,’
‘You seem to have forgotten that I don’t make my shit public, most of the guys I followed knew me as Meenah, Luna, Lilly, Molly and Gina, the masked girl.’
‘True, so, what do you do about loneliness? When you need it?’
‘Just ask what I will do when I get h**ny,’ she grunted again. ‘I put myself on ice.’
‘But will it work?’
‘I love messing around doesn’t mean I’m a nymphomaniac Bloom,’ she hissed, she’s really in a bad mood. I bit my lower lip, what do I do to make her happy again.
‘I heard Christian gave you a wedding card,’
‘And so?’
‘And you broke his legs?’ She averted her eyes to Dark, he grinned innocently. ‘Dark, did you lie to me?’
‘Why would I break his leg, I don’t care if he sleeps around or is getting married, I have my own problems to deal with.’ She grumbled. Dark gave me a look, she won’t be happy for the next two days. Gotta do something.
‘Guess what!’ I squealed, she raised her glare to me. ‘Alis invited me over to his mother’s house to make grandma’s special pie!’
‘His mother and sister are sick….’
‘What does pie have to do with it?’
‘I suggested it, he was going to cry.’
‘I still don’t get it,’
‘Not fever sick, die sick.’
‘Oh,’ she murmured.
‘Not his biological mother, the one he takes as his mother.’
‘He’s taking you to his house,’
‘Not his house, his mother’s.’
‘He’s going to sleep with you,’ she said coldly. I rolled my eyes, I oddly trust him so I know he won’t sleep with me.
‘That’s not it Leila, he’s honest.’
‘He’s up to something,’
‘Hmm, I don’t have strength to argue,’ she returned to her grouchy food stabbing. Dark chuckled and shook his head, I gave him a questioning look, asking if he had any ideas?
‘Dance,’ he said smilingly, I looked at Leila who was looking at me frowningly.
‘I’m gonna dance Leila,’ she rolled her eyes. I picked up my phone and looked for an instrumental to play. I found one R&B song she sent to me once. I stood up and bowed princely to Dark. ‘May I have this dance milady?’
‘But of course,’ he said grinningly and stood on his hind, I held his front legs and supported his weight on Me. Geez! He’s heavy! Anyhow though, we waltzed around the kitchen, me almost dying from Dark’s weight. Leila started laughing, yes! She’s b….I stopped when I saw her looking into her phone, what’s that? Dark went back on all four and disappeared, obviously wanted to do something stupid.
‘Leila,’ I called, looking at her phone screen too. I chuckled, she was chatting with Eric. ‘What’s he saying?’
‘You won’t believe this,’ she scrolled up and showed me a picture.
‘f√¢k! What’s this!’ I exclaimed, I was seeing a guy with badly cut hair. I burst into laughter, what the hell!
‘Read the chat,’ she swiped to the starting.
Him: good morning beautiful.
Leila: don’t talk to me, I’m in a bad mood
Him: you’re in a bad mood, my mom have killed me.
Leila: what happened?
Him: I woke up with this!
That explained the pictures, his mom trimmed his hair badly, like a rat ate his hair at night.
Leila: f√¢k man! what happened to your hair?
Him: she shaved me at night, I don’t know how she managed to enter my house but I woke up to see my hair in a bag and the note she left.
Leila: just cut it.
Him: what hairstyle can I form from this! She has killed me.
I laughed along with Leila, she saved the picture. I typed the reply in.
To him: have your barber cut it to a buzz cut and tell your fans you are trying on a new look. You won’t look that bad with it.
‘Let him do skin cut,’ she laughed. ‘Give me,’ she snatched her phone and went back to chatting, problem solved. The doorbell buzzed, I jogged outside, who could that be?
‘Coming,’ I opened the door, my smile turned into a look of confusion. ‘Good morning? I asked the two tall black suited men standing at my door, I knew who they were, the two guards that always walked at Alis’ sides. One was blonde, the other a black guy with dreadlocks.
‘Miss Bloom,’
‘Mr. Kendrick sent us here to pick you up,’ huh? ‘You are late.’
‘I can’t,’ I shook my head disagreeably. ‘My sister would drive me there.’
‘We aren’t to take no for an answer,’
‘Our instruction is to carry you by will or force, shall we do this nicely?’
‘Yes, can I get your names?’
‘Theo,’ the blonde one introduced.
‘Fred,’ the black guy smiled. ‘Shall we now?’
‘Leila! Get me my bag!’ I shouted, ‘please!’ I waited for about three minutes before she walked to us with her eyes stuck to her phone, I didn’t fail to notice how Theo and Fred were drooling over her. She’s wearing a strapless crop top and lose gym shorts, her laps in full view.
‘Here,’ she handed the bag to me. ‘Bye, say hi to my in-law for me.’
‘Mtcheeeeew,’ I hissed and snatched the bag, doesn’t she remember my fear? ‘See you later.’ I walked out, Theo and Fred reluctantly followed. To say the least, it was odd having two bodyguards walking behind me, eyes kept turning to me until I was out of the building. Theo opened the backseat door to the black luxurious Cadillac, the first thing I saw was a big autumn teddy, as big as I was. I got into the car and stared at the teddy, it looked so cute. ‘What’s this?’
‘Mr. Kendrick said you will know what’s it’s for when you see it,’ I looked at the teddy and smiled, he’s so sweet. I rest my head on the teddy and hugged it, I won’t get scared with this.
‘Mom! Why would you do this to my hair! What am I suppose to do with this miserable cut!’
‘Shave em,’ she said calmly.
‘Mom! Look at what you have done!’ I screamed again, she sighed and dropped her magazine. I puffed out through my nostrils.
‘You already have it in a new cut, what else do you want from me? An apology?’
‘Yes, you need to apologize for breaking into my house and cutting my hair,’ I demanded.
‘Mom, what did I ever do to you!’
‘Stop yelling at me, even your father never yelled at me the way you are yelling. I will do whatever I like until you fix this scandal you created.’ She said emotionlessly, I inhaled and smirked.
‘I was going to introduce you to my fiancée but I guess you won’t see her again,’
‘Fiancée? Since when?’ She asked with excitement. ‘Who’s she?’
‘Nobody,’ I turned and headed to the door.
‘Wait!’ She shouted, she stood up from her big red arm chair and walked to me with short fast steps. She blocked my way with her sweet smile, one she always used to turn dad into an idiot. ‘My baby, my heartbeat,’ I rolled my eyes. ‘Okay, I’m sorry.’
‘I look ugly with this new style because of you,’ I said poutingly.
‘I’m sorry, okay?’
‘Apology accepted,’ I grinned.
‘Now, who’s she?’
‘No one, I lied.’ Immediately I said that, I sprinted to the back exit.
‘You are a good for nothing moron!’
‘Love you too mom!’ I shouted laughingly. I ran to my car and quickly drove out, she’ll freak when she hears the news later. I took a picture of myself, according to Leila, I will look good in anything I wear, even if it’s a mad man’s outfit or feminine makeup.
Now, what to type to make the caption make sense and…..yes! Direct it to her. I grinned again and typed the caption in with one hand, mom would be the first to call.
I tapped on my phone calmly, replying messages on Instagram. I finished replying and went to my timeline to check for any new uploads. I saw Eric’s upload, a picture of him and his new haircut, cute. I read the caption, my eyes almost fell off….is he mad!
“Leila babe, thanks for cutting my hair overnight, your plans to make me a monk didn’t work. I’m still not apologizing, love you babe.
‘Breathe Leila,’ I breathe, anybody can be Leila. What’s wrong if I cut his hair? His hair is one thing fan girls loves the most so cutting it means turning the world against me. I stared at the picture with a smile, he’s still gorgeous. I was about to move on when I saw my name, he tagged me!
The picture was uploaded a minute earlier, I’m dead. I logged out and called him, is he okay?
‘I love you,’ he laughed.
‘What the hell!’
‘Sorry, I did that because of mom. She hates her glory being passed to another person.’
‘One, how is cutting her son’s hair while he sleeps a good thing? Two, your fan girls will kill me.’
‘No, they will love you the moment they see the hot Slay Queen I’m dating. Have you seen your pictures? They will be intimidated, jealous.’
‘My point exactly, jealous people hate who they are jealous of,’
‘Fine, check my upload in three minutes or later.’
‘Trust me,’ he hung up. I logged in back, a message popped in first, I checked the message. It was from Eric’s mother! I knew her very well because he always post her pictures. Shit!
‘Young Lady,’ was the message. I chuckled and replied her.
‘Good morning ma,’
‘Afternoon,’ she corrected.
‘Sorry ma,’
‘Do you know who I am?’
‘Eric never stops blabbing about you so yes, I know.’
‘Are you his girlfriend?’ She’s like mom, weird and crazy.
‘I am what he says I am,’
‘Leila Wells, right? You look a lot like my friend, Doretta.’
‘I know, she’s my mom.’
‘Wait! You are Doretta’s daughter!’ She might be chatting it but I knew she was squealing, it’s weird I never knew they were friends and there I was dying for her son. I left her a grinning emoji and went to check Eric’s post. The damn man have changed the entire plan! When did he take this photos! There were pictures of us that day at his house, the way it was taken, it looked like we were klzzing. The only normal picture there was one I took at dad’s garden. How did he get….mom!
Even if he left nothing but hearts as the caption, you don’t need someone to explain what was going on, this is serious and he tagged me again. I smirked, it’s not that bad, my followers will increase.
‘And it begins,’ Dark said from behind me. I dropped my phone and looked over my shoulder. ‘Always check on Bloom, don’t forget your duty Leila, you were born to protect her, don’t forget that.’
‘I haven’t,’ I assured him, I haven’t yet.

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