The sacred bride episode 11

The Sacred Bride
Bunmi B. Gabriel
Segment 11
I yawned as I made my way out of the building, I worked late into the evening, didn’t even have a glass of water to drink. I scratched the side of my arm as I stared at the empty compound, like literally empty. I looked over my shoulder as his army of men trooped out of the building, soon he came out looking all yummy like a delicious ice cream cake. You wanna kill me? Have a man roll up his sleeves and have half his button undone with his jacket over his shoulder; that was what he was doing.
‘Gosh! Why can’t I be a normal girl and have a normal life,’ I muttered under my breath as I looked away, Leila ought to pick me up.
‘Bloom,’ a sudden chill ran down my spine at the mention of my name, him calling it sounded so right and pleasurable. ‘Bloom,’ he snapped. I turned to my side where he stood, though far away.
‘Need a lift?’
‘No, it’s okay, my sister is picking me up in few minutes.’
‘Then wait for her outside, I don’t leave without locking down my gate,’
‘Okay,’ I murmured and hurried outside, I stood at the guard post outside and tried dialing Leila’s number. Her number wasn’t going through, damn it! About five minutes later, his car and extra four escort zoomed out but the gate didn’t lock, eight military trucks drove in and soldiers trooped out. I heard they protected the area at night, cool. After that, the gate sealed shut. ‘Leila,’ I whimpered, I didn’t bring any money and I was awfully used to her always driving me.
Whenever I’m alone, whether driving, eating or seeing a movie, I always went with her or someone whom hands I can hold because a sudden fear that I might disappear always shows up. The soldiers outside were looking at me and starting to make shitty remarks, I couldn’t take it anymore so I decided to trek forward to a quiet place and call Leila with our emergency connection.
I started the long trek on the busy road, soon I was enjoying the scenery, the wind and music. The place was nice, if you’ll edit the loud honking and vehicle smoke smell out. I kept walking until a car slowed down at my side and honked. The window pulled down to reveal a frowning Alisdair, he came back for me?
‘Get in,’
‘Huh?’ I said bemusedly. He sighed and pressed a button on the dashboard, the door opened on it on. I folded my lips, hiding my smile and slid into the fancy twilight fog car. Don’t know what model it is but I know it’s a two-sitter convertible sport car with wings like door. Cars aren’t my thing.
‘Why did you leave there when you knew your sister won’t come? Don’t you know it’s dangerous walking alone?’ He asked disapprovingly, as he ignite the car.
‘Don’t you know that me plus that building alone divided by those heavy chested men is death?’ I asked back, rubbing my hands together nervously, car fear remember?
‘They won’t hurt you,’
‘They’ll rape me,’
‘I won’t argue,’ he sighed and kept shut.
‘You came back for me,’ I said sheepishly. ‘Why?’
‘I don’t know, shut up.’ I rolled my eyes to his hand which was steering the wheel calmly, like the wheel was his hand. I wanted to hold his free hand, mine was starting to tremble, different images floating into my head. The trembling transferred to my body, my heart skipping already with fear.
What if he shows up and captures me! I don’t wanna die!
‘Alis….’ I whimpered.
‘Mr. K….nevermind, what is it?’ He asked coldly, not even sparing me a glance.
‘I know this might s…..nothing,’ I whispered, I hugged my knees and rest my head in the windowsill, it’s gonna be okay. If he shows up, Leila will come find me, right? I rocked myself a little, muttering Leila’s name, I was really terrified. ‘Aaah!’ I screamed and flinched when something crawled into my palm, I looked at my hand, another bigger palm had swallowed it. I blinked in shock, was he holding my hand or was I dreaming?
‘Stop whimpering, you are disturbing me,’ he said calmly, he glanced at me briefly, offered me a corner smile and faced the road. I couldn’t fathom how he knew what I needed but I was definitely grateful. I stared at his face smilingly, really love his spiky quiff haircut, add sunshade and he’ll be looking as hot as Chris Hewsworth, even hotter. ‘Where do you live?’
‘Huh?’ I asked dazedly.
‘Where you live, I don’t even know where I’m driving you to,’
‘Oh,’ I looked away from his face to the GPS, I reached my other hand forward and typed in my address. It made a loud pixie sound as the location clicked. He looked at the GPS and frowned. ‘What?’
‘Wrong way,’ he looked at our entwined hands. ‘Excuse me,’ he gently slipped his hand away from mine to steer the car, I wasn’t scared anymore, at least not yet. He turned the car into another lane, don’t know anything because I can’t drive. He took my hand again, that was when I knew I was holding my breath.
‘Why are you so cold?’ The question left my lips before I had enough chance to shut up. He glanced at me, didn’t reply. I pressed my lips together, don’t talk Bloom, shut up.
‘My parents,’ he said sharply, so sharp it sounded like the words sliced his vocal cord. ‘They weren’t the greatest human being on earth, in fact, they are the worse things that can ever happen to a kid.’ I knew he wasn’t going to say more, that was it.
‘My parents aren’t bad, at least when my mother isn’t being herself, she’s actually sweet. My dad, he’s nice but too greedy, he will do anything for money and that is the reason he don’t want to end the stupid s….’ I paused, what the hell am I doing!
‘S….?’ He asked with a little bit of curiosity.
‘Nothing important than his stingy crave,’ I lied.
‘Who do you love the most?’
‘My sisters, they are everything to me.’
‘Now imagine they get sick and asked for one thing each before they die, like their last wishes, will you do it?’
‘Even if it means you forcefully, cunningly or unwillingly involving others?’
‘Will it kill them?’ I asked.
‘It will hurt them, might.’
‘Well, I’m still gonna do it because their happiness means a lot to me,’
‘Are you certain?’
‘Yup!’ I popped. ‘Now, who’s dying and making a last wish?’ I asked with a knowing smirk.
‘My mother and little sister,’
‘I thought you said your parents were bad?’
‘Not biological, she was my home tutor from 5th grade, made my life a little bit different. She gave me what was close to a mother’s love, she and her daughter who unfortunately died after giving birth. They are the two people I will die for.’
‘And they are both sick at the same time? Both making wishes?’
‘Yeah, at first I thought it was fishy but it isn’t. They are both really sick and would die a year or two from now.’
‘What wish are they asking for? Is it something easy?’
‘For me, no.’ He said while shaking his head.
‘Hmm, when last did you see them?’
‘Almost two weeks ago,’ he murmured, his knuckles were getting red from how hard he was clenching the steering wheel. ‘Seeing them in so much pain is unbearable,’ he added in a whisper. A stray tear rolled down his cheek and dropped on his pants. My heart clenched, it was like I could feel his pain, literally.
‘Like my mama would always say, life is always better when you have pie,’
‘You should make their last days memorable. I’ll bake my grandmother’s famous berry and coconut cream pie, that ought to make them happy for a while.’ I chirped.
‘I have a better idea,’ he hoarsed, his thumb making circles at the back of my palms but I tried my best to ignore the tingling feeling rushing through my veins from his thumb. ‘Follow me see them on Friday and make the pie there, I don’t want to go alone.’
‘Nah uh, I won’t.’ I disagreed, shaking my head disapprovingly. He sneered and averted his eyes from the road to my face, his sneer slipping into a cute pout as his eyes sparkled in plea. I wanted to say no but his eyes, those balls can melt a dragon’s heart.
‘Come on, I won’t bite,’
‘Never give me those eyes again and face the road so we don’t die, then we have a deal.’ He looked away with a victorious smirk, so alluring.
‘We’ll go there after work or rather, I’ll pick you up. I need you to dress perfect, elegant…’
‘I’m going to cook for your mother, not greet my mother in-law, geez!’
‘Anything you say,’ he shrugged. He pulled over in front of my block and removed his hand almost reluctantly.
‘Thanks for stressing me today,’ I said with an eye roll. ‘If you hear that I died in bed tomorrow morning, take the blame.’ I hoist my handbag over my shoulder and stared at the door, isn’t he gonna open it?
‘Aren’t you getting out?’ He asked with a cocky smirk, like he didn’t know what he was doing. I rolled my eyes.
‘Open the door Mr. Kendrick.’ I commanded.
‘Not until you call me something nice, something only you would call me,’ he said irrevocably, folding his arms to exaggerate his seriousness. What’s his problem?
‘What about fish head? That’s a good name,’ I with mock enthusiasm.
‘Looks like we’re staying here tonight,’ he leaned back on his chair and closed his eyes, what’s he u….okay.
‘Fine, Dair, please open the door.’
‘Something sweeter,’
‘I’m not your girlfriend,’ I said complainingly, he turned his head and smirked with eyes still closed.
‘Wanna be?’
‘Alis,’ I whined, hitting his arm….wow! So must muscles. ‘Do you gym? Your arm feels n…whoa,’ I started touching it, heavy stuff that will make a girl swoon.
‘Love what you are feeling, huh?’ Again with the smirk! I removed my hands and smiled shyly, that was unexpected. ‘Call me something nice, something only you would call me when out of the office,’
‘I’ve always wanted to call my boyfriend Romeo,’ I said gigglingly.
‘Because he died, duh!’
‘That makes little sense, I’m not your boyfriend.’
‘You asked for it,’
‘Something else,’
‘Alis, will you open this car! I gotta run up there and pee!’ I yelled, lied that is
‘Fine,’ he pressed that button again. ‘Better think of a name before Friday,’
‘Shut up,’ I rolled my eyes and got out of the car.
‘Goodnight baby shark,’ I shrilled.
‘Seriously?’ He squawked.
‘You can’t stop me from calling you that!’ I shouted and ran into the building, I need to kill Leila. I took the elevator to our floor, hope she’s not having sex in our apartment again. I opened the door, wiggling my fingers, still feeling his warmth on my hand. I stomped to her room, ready to kill her for forgetting me. I opened the door, the state of the room made me know why immediately.
The room was a mess, she was rolling on the bed in pain, cursing under her breath. She has bad cramps but will never take drugs, she seems to be allergic to it.
‘Leila,’ I called softly. ‘You feeling okay?’
‘I’m rolling on the bed because I’m excited and jubilating,’
‘I’m sorry, should I get you soup?’
‘Just get the fucking hell out of my room!!!’ She roared, her wind pushed me out and shut the door.
‘You should know better than disturb her,’ Dark purred walking out of the wall. ‘Let her be,’
‘I know,’ I walked to my room.
‘How was work?’
‘Fine, how was her day?’
‘Bad, she dumped all her boyfriends and toys,’
‘I don’t know,’
‘What? I know I’m mischievous, not a know it all.’
‘Hmmm, anyways, I’m going to Alis’ house on Friday, his mother anyways. Should I?’
‘I can’t stop what is to come so why stop you?’
‘Please don’t start,’
‘You should go, the first method he’s using is easier than what will follow. Trust me, his chi is yet to get to work, I will advice you not to activate it now.’
‘What are y….is Alisdair the he?’
‘Guess what Christan did after the breakup?’
‘He cried?’
‘Kissed her and said goodbye, even gave her a wedding card.’
‘What did SHE do after he did that?’ I asked chucklingly.
‘Seriously?’ I asked scoffingly.
‘When have Leila ever done nothing,’ he laughed. ‘He can’t walk again, broke his legs for cheating.’
‘She cheats all the time,’
‘Does she care? I’m hungry,’ he disappeared. Was it me or was he running away?
I turned the blush wine into Alis’ glass, he was talking about his plan which I don’t agree with but Sebastiano was encouraging him. Seb or no Seb, Alisdair will always do what he wants, no matter what anyone says. Just hope this won’t hurt Bloom.
‘Are you sure about this?’ I asked again. ‘What about the part where she has to get pregnant?’
‘I can leave that part out, she don’t have to know until after we are married.’
‘How would you even convince her!’ I yelled exasperatedly.
‘I won’t, mom would. By the time she sees them, she won’t be able to say no. Two, her father according to her is money greedy, he needs my help and that’s a card to play. I have one more card if both don’t work, it would certainly work.’
‘What about the baby?’ I asked again.
‘Getting her pregnant won’t be too hard for me,’ he smirked as he sipped his wine.
‘You are planning this innocent girl,’
‘What’s your problem, Eric?’ Seb snarled. ‘Whose side are you on?’
‘Yours but…’
‘Don’t tell her sister, okay?’ Seb warned seriously. I sighed and nodded, I can’t tell on my friends.
‘I still think there’s another way, you can pretend she’s pregnant and use a baby when the time comes…’
‘Mom is smart, she will definitely know.’
‘How?’ I sighed, he didn’t reply, it’s obvious he just wants the child from her.
I just hope this don’t backfires.

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