The sacred bride episode 10

The Sacred Bride
Bunmi B. Gabriel
Segment 10
Standing outside the large gate of the company, I stared at every moving figure inside, few were outside, too few. I was terrified as hell, he said Monday, that sounds sinister, what if he overworks me? Leila said he won’t but what if he does? I don’t like too much stress, I’ll die!
‘Ma’am?’ I averted my eyes to the security guard who have been staring at me since I got here.
‘Won’t you go in already? It’s important you get in there fast.’
‘I know,’ I walked forward, holding my breath and mentally doing the sign of the cross. I greeted everyone I saw, nervous but whatever. Immediately I walked into the building, I was greeted by the freezing slap of the air conditioners, it was too cold. I shuddered slightly and hugged myself, it wasn’t this cold the first day I came here.
‘Hey, you!’ I turned my head to the voice, it was three ladies who apparently have lipstick problem. They all wore red lipstick, too much, way too much that their lips were the only thing I could see from afar; beside their ugly faces.
‘Who are you? Do you think this place is a place anyone can just walk in? Where’s your company ID pass?’ The first one asked rudely, I was more mesmerized by the way her wide mouth was moving.
‘Isn’t she talking to you!’ The second one yelled. I snapped out of it and smiled apologetically.
‘I’m new here, I haven’t gotten my pass yet.’
‘What job were you given?’ The third one asked suspiciously.
‘I didn’t know I would have to pass another interview after getting the job,’ I sighed.
‘Don’t play cute with us,’ the second snapped again. ‘You are the one who seduced our boss huh? Got him to hire a cheap whore to be his PA, you must be a street rat gold digger.’
‘She’s not even beautiful, look at her thin neck….’
‘Seriously, on my first day?’ I thought shockingly, I couldn’t believe it, whore?
‘You must feel proud but I promise you that you won’t last long, after he finish fucking your puss dry, you will be kicked out.’
‘Dogs like you should be fed bones, not meat meant for humans,’
‘Your bad luck will surely rub off on him and he will notice how ugly you are,’ the last one concluded.
‘We are watching you stupid bitch,’ oh, they aren’t done. ‘Your time here is counting.’
‘Are you guys done now?’ I asked unperturbedly.
‘Are you guys done spitting bullshit?’
‘Are you talking to u….’ I pushed them aside with my hands and walked pass them. ‘How dare you!’ I delightfully gave them my middle finger, fucking bitches. I walked to the escalator and let it take me to the second highest floor, where the secretary was. I walked to her office with careful steps, I don’t like her but that’s not my business.
‘Good morning ma’am,’ I greeted politely. She raised her head, her cold eyes turned colder once she saw me.
‘You came,’ she spat venomously. I shrugged and leaned on the counter. ‘Unfortunately, Mr. Kendrick already got himself another PA.’
‘Is that so?’ I smirked.
‘Yes, you can leave.’ I brought out my phone, wiggling my lips in a dancy manner.
‘I better call him to double check,’
‘What?’ She asked alarmed.
‘I’m calling him to confirm, we spoke yesterday but he didn’t share this info with me,’ I don’t have his number.
‘Oh, you must be the one he said he has, why didn’t he tell me you were the same person, er…please go in, he’s waiting for…I’ll take you there,’ she stepped out of her table and walked to the door, more bitches. ‘So what made you change your mind? Poverty killing you?’ She mocked. She was trying to dretch me, good luck.
‘Not really, your sexy boss with a glib tongue spoke to me more politely than you did, said I’m important and needs me.’
‘He called you himself!’ She huffed.
‘Yes, I guess been sheen pays,’ I smirked, she was in front of me but I could feel her anger radiating.
‘His words are just inducement to get what he wants, sooner or later, you’ll be dumped.’ She snarled as she jogged up the stairs to the last floor.
‘It’s better than working for him for years without him giving a jot over me, at least I get to enjoy it while it last.’ She turned around sharply, her dagger glare excavating my brain.
‘Watch your words child, I am your senior here,’
‘Oh, sorry mom, now I know why he didn’t notice you. You’re old.’ Steam was rushing out of her nose, the guards at the stair chuckled. The none escalator staircase had guards at each side of the stairs, men in damask suits. I smiled innocently at her and walked pass her, I’m awesome!
I got to the big glass doors with cloudy effect, you will never see what’s inside. I rang the doorbell and then waited, this part of the building look like a glass heaven, won’t it crash? The doors pulled open remotely and silently, revealing Mr. Handsome working behind his table. I did the sign of the cross and walked in nervously, please don’t give me work.
‘You are an hour late,’
‘No I’m not.’
‘Are you the time keeper?’
‘I am an hour earlier than you,’
‘So?’ He raised his head and looked at me from underneath his lashes and glasses, he looked much more super hotter with his medicated glasses on. ‘Sorry sir, I will shut my mouth up and take responsibility for my action….wow you look nice in your azurean suit….I mean, yes sir.’ I couldn’t be more stupid. He rolled his eyes back to his laptop.
‘Get out of my office, the only door in the hallway, just few feet away from mine is your office.’
‘Oh! You mean the burnt sienna door!’
‘Yes, what other door is there in here?’
‘This ones,’ I said pointing at his doors.
‘Why must my door be that colour? Can you make it something else? Blue? Green? Peach? Gray?….’ He looked at me again. ‘Sorry sir, do I have any specific thing to do?’ He stood up, wawu he’s tall! He removed his glasses, folded them into his pocket and shut his laptop. He walked around his table and straight to the door, he’s escorting me out. I followed him out to my office. He opened the door, pushed it in and walked in. I followed him in, the office had jasmine scented candles and wow!
His office was all glass, strong foggy glass like I said before, imagine looking down at the city from there, good view. The big glass table was flesh and oyster colour, same as the swivel chair and chaise longue at the left wing of the room, close to a big black door…..wait, am I not suppose to be talking about my own office? It was autumn, vermilion and bright yellow coloured, in a way, it looked like me, the sunset. The sun reflected from my big window, adding more glow to my office, beautiful.
‘This is your office,’
‘Wow, it’s beautiful, reminds me of me.’
‘Yay,’ he said unenthusiastically. ‘That’s your desk,’ he pointed to a large bronze table with complete computer set and enough work, many enough to invite me to a morgue.
‘My desk?’ I squeaked.
‘Yes, your desk. The files are old work I didn’t have strength to work on. The large ash book holds all the information you need to do, what I want and how to sort these files out. Make sure you remember to bring me ice tea at lunch hour and in the computer, there are some documents you must reread and correct the spelling and grammatical error and your ID pass is in the drawer.’
‘Am I an English student!’
‘No, but I want you to.’
‘Why!’ I yelled almost tearily.
‘Monday,’ he said smirkingly, he still manage to pull off a cute guy with his smirk. ‘Remember my tea,’
‘Can I add poison so you’ll die before your time?’
‘Congratulations, from now on, you will taste everything I eat before I eat it.’
‘So I will die your death? That’s impossible because I’m not dying yet,’ he did that thing again, blink slowly and make my heart skip. ‘Okay,’ I nodded, I have bigger things to do. He walked out, that’s annoying. I sighed and massaged my head, it hurts and I haven’t even started yet. Curse you Alis!
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Alisdair <<<<<<<<<<<<<
I returned to my office deep in thought, she’s cute but that shouldn’t bother me. Soon some gossip mouth will sell the news to the media that I invited a girl over. I can’t hire someone in peace. I sat down on the couch and covered my face with a sigh, I have a bigger problem, serious one. I removed my phone from my pocket and stared at my phone, this is a hard time for me.
I reluctantly unlocked the phone and called her, talking to her these days makes my heart bleed.
‘Pumpkin,’ she squealed. I smiled, tears covering my vision.
‘Hi my love, how ya doing today?’
‘Very bad, you won’t come see me again, why? Am I disgusting now?’
‘Of course not, daddy have just been busy with work.’
‘Too busy to come see me? Why are you lying to me? I get it that you don’t want to see us anymore, don’t worry.’
‘That’s not it my love, I promise. I’m working on your wish, the last one you and mom asked for.’ I said in a whisper.
‘Faking it?’
‘No,’ I lied. ‘I didn’t tell either of you before but I already have a fiancée, she’s not here presently but she promised to come see you guys this Friday…..’ She squealed excitedly.
‘Oh me God! I have to tell mom!’
‘Is she pretty? Is she nice? Of course she has to be nice to win your heart, duh! She’s coming, right? No disappointment?’
‘I promise,’
‘Yes! I’m going to prepare my special lasagna and Coney island hot dog for her arrival!’
‘Okay, see you on Friday, tell mom.’
‘Bye pumpkin! Love you!’
‘Love you too,’ I whispered and slowly dropped the phone. I covered my face with my palms again, why can’t life give me anything good for once.
‘Alis? What’s wrong?’ I didn’t bother removing my hand. ‘Is this about them again?’ I dropped my hand and nodded. Seb dragged a yellow cotton chair and straddled it in front of me. ‘What are you gonna do?’
‘I don’t know, this whole thing is frustrating,’ I sobbed dropping my hands between my legs. ‘Mom and Paige are all I have, the only people in my life that treated me well as a growing child. How could both of them get sick at the same time, why can’t the fucking unfortunately doctors treat them! What am I suppose to do about their last wishes! I just freaking promised them that I will bring my imaginary fiancée this Friday, I don’t have any. Where will I find a girl who is willing to marry me because I want them to be happy….’
‘You are Alisdair Kendrick, getting a girl won’t be hard, the real question is where will you get a decent girl who won’t later turn the tables on you? Someone who will willingly divorce you a year later….’
‘You seem to have forgotten that she needs to get pregnant, that was mom’s last wish. Paige wished that I will get married so she can be the little bride and mom, she just wants the opportunity to carry my baby before her time runs out. Now which woman won’t use that baby against me!’ I yelled, standing up to begin pacing.
‘It’s not like you were gonna get married in the future, this wishes will help you get your heir or heiress easily.’
‘You are not getting it, do you see me sleeping with a woman anytime soon? Harboring one and tolerating her shitty attitude?! That woman might try to steal my empire, she might….’
‘Just calm down Alis….’
‘Don’t tell me to calm down! Today is Monday and Friday is just around the corner! I have been lying and deceiving them for two solid good years, I don’t want to disappoint them anymore but their wishes are nonsense! I don’t bloody wanna get married or bear children! I don’t want my child to go through what I went through! I….’
‘Alisdair!’ He yelled. ‘Breathe,’ I sighed heavily. ‘Now sit down and let’s think,’ I plopped myself back on the chair and sighed heavily again.
‘What do I do Sebastiano?’
‘Why not use Kristal? I mean, she’s the only woman you are comfortable with and….’
‘Seb, Kristal is like a sister to me, my only female best friend and your sister. How would you feel if I marry her without love, have her bear me a child and then divorce her after mom and Paige dies? That will tarnish our friendship. I know me, she will fall in love with me if she marries me, she won’t stop complaining to you and Eric because I will treat her fucking bad. Even if she’s my friend, the moment she becomes my wife, I will unconsciously mistreat her.’
‘We don’t have a choice,’
‘I can’t marry Kristal, Sebastiano, I love her too much to hurt her.’
‘Okay, she won’t agree anyways.’
‘What if I use Estella?’
‘Use that and I’ll chop off your dinger,’ he threatened sharply.
‘Her,’ I corrected.
‘That,’ he repeated.
‘Then what do I d…..’ A loud scream came from Bloom’s office, I sprang to my feet instinctively and ran to her office. I pushed the door open…. ‘What the….!’ The papers were everywhere, scattered allover the office, the computer upsidedown.
‘What the fuck happened here!’ Seb yelled.
‘Help!’ She shouted. I ran to the window, she got tied up by all the curtains by the window and was dangling down the side of the building. ‘Heh heh, hello,’ she said with a nervous chuckle. ‘Help me.’
‘How did you end up down there!’
‘Can you ask me that later while I’m still breathing?’
‘Hold on,’ I grabbed the curtains and dragged her up, I pulled her into the office, Seb untied her for me. ‘How did you get down there?’
‘I saw a very terrifying owl,’ she started quaverly, wrapping her hands around my neck suffocatingly. ‘It flew into the office and sat on my computer, I tried to chase it but it scratched me. The war was on, I chased it around the office and finally to the curtains but somehow got tied up and fell down the window. I almost died! She cried.
‘Seriously, owl at day?’
‘They are different breeds of owls,’ she whispered. ‘Whatever that bird is, it almost killed me!’
‘Okay, get down,’ I huffed, she was still in my arms like my bride.
‘Let me stay here for a while, when I’m still alive,’ she said shakily. I removed my hands, she fell down with a scream, her butt hitting the floor. ‘Ow! Do you want to break my cheekbones!’ She yelled, looking up at me.
‘Clear this place up and get back to work! If that computer spoils, I’ll sell you as replacement.’
‘I always thought your brain was functioning well but now I know your head has nothing in there, definition of blockhead.’
‘Don’t insult me, I’m your boss.’
‘And so? Are you paying my house rent? I almost died just now and all you could do was throw me on the floor! You are wickedly abominable! Can I use those two words together? Yes, who cares….back to what I was saying, don’t you respect women! How dare you drop me! Fuck! I’m starting to nag like mom, three days with her and I’m acting like the bible’s description of a nagging wife, I’m sorry.’
‘I can see you are only trying to vex me and obviously looking for a stupid man to follow you home….’
‘Because there’s a sign on my forehead saying “husband wanted, please apply.” It is affirmative, you are a nonentity.’
‘At least I’m not the idiot that almost died because I couldn’t chase a bird like a normal human being with brains would.’
‘Wawu,’ she said unenthusiastically. ‘You’re so mature, stupid man, help me up.’
‘Help yourself,’ I stepped back and glared at her.. ‘Clear this place up, pronto.’
‘Clear this place up, pronto,’ she mimicked. ‘Help me, please?’ She asked with puppy eyes, I sighed and took her dainty little hand, pulled her up roughly. ‘Do you want to break my hand!’
‘Get to work,’ I walked out of the office back to mine with Sebastiano trailing behind me. That girl is stubborn, very stubborn. I sat down on my chair and sighed. ‘So, what were we talking about?’ He leaned on the visitor chair and smirked.
‘That’s Bloom?’
‘Now I know why you like her, she’s beautiful,’
‘You do realise that you just exchanged words with a girl like some brainless five year olds, right?’ He asked with a sly smirk.
‘You are here racking your head for who to use when the answer is right in front of you,’
‘Think it through Alisdair, the answer to your problems is just few feet away, don’t keep searching.’
‘Wait, you think I should use her?’
‘You are comfortable with her, that’s one thing.’
‘She won’t agree, she won’t agree to see my sick family to lie to them. She’s a good person, won’t want to hurt anyone….’
‘Exactly, she is a good person and that’s obvious. What she don’t know won’t kill her,’ he smirked, wiggling his brows at me.
‘I don’t understand,’ he pushed himself off the chair and chuckled
‘I’ve gotta get back to my own work, use your empty skull to think it through, see ya later bro.’ He bounced to the door, what she don’t know won’t kill her? What does he mean?

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