The sacred bride episode 1

The Sacred Bride
Bunmi B. Gabriel.
In the old days, men abided by laws, evil and good laws. Some practiced the art of witchcraft and sorcery and many had gods whom they served and dedicated their lives to. The gods were real, gave them whatever they wanted and had them paid the price for what they gave to man; give and take. Fortunately, as time flew by and men grew wiser, more civilized and filled with ideas, many abandoned their holy culture and serve no one but themselves. However, they are still few that stick to their religion, serve the gods or God they which to serve, many who still use those powers as means of entertainment; magicians, seers, psychics, voodoo etc. In ways you will never believe the source.
Amongst those who still held to their fetish belief despite the growing civilization are The Wellingtons, a large family who secretly keep to their belief as strong as the very day it began. What is their belief? Hmm, let’s see. To the heir’s family is given two daughters, one to protect the other who shall remain a virgin until the day she is sacrificed to their god, the evil man who seems to never get old. In exchange for the sacrifice, power, authority, fame and wealth never leaves the doorsteps of each family member, and if there’s one thing the Wellingtons love, it’s money and power.
From generation to generation, this act was practiced in secret, it was the secret to their power, fame, authority and wealth. You can’t stop what you don’t know, can’t hide from something bigger than you. Upon this law, Bloom Wellington is force to abide as the chosen one to die. It is hard growing up knowing that at any random day, you could be called out to die, to be slaughtered but she didn’t let it affect her, lived her life like there was no tomorrow. Her older sister, Leila who was chosen to protect made that possible, life was good to them in their own way.
The long held tradition is put to the test as Bloom finds herself in the web of Alisdair Kendrick, a man who always gets what he wants and the sacred girl is a jewel he must possess.. She gets trapped between following her heart or giving her life to save her greedy family because the cost for disobedience is higher than life could handle. Find out how everything unfolds and what price there is to pay.
Book one
‘Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!’ A horrific scream blared into my ear, I screamed, rolling out of the bed and falling on the floor in a thud. A loud laughter that I was use to followed, I groaned and screamed into the floor. ‘Ha! You should have seen your face,’ she said laughingly. ‘Hilarious,’ she said in a singsong. I huffed and raised my head.
‘Is that some kind of new morning bell,’ I huffed out.
‘Yeah bitch, better get use to it because it will be your new morning call. I’m cool, I know so shibam baby!’
‘Get out of my room!’
‘If you can kick me out, I dare you to. However, get your ass out of that stupid floor and get ready for work.’
‘Must we,’ I groaned. ‘I don’t like working at that cafeteria, why can’t I get a better job or stay home.’
‘Easy, you’re cute.’ I rolled my eyes and threw the pillow at her, she laughed and disappeared into a deep fog. I sighed, that’s my older sister, Leila. She’s the crazy girl who have always made me feel good about my life, there is never a dull moment with her. She’s always acting like a bitch, really wild one even though she’s a sweetheart. She is very beautiful, her long midnight black hair (as black as a dog’s gut) was extra silky and brought out her gray eyes. Her lips were pink and seductive, she’s a temptress in her own way.
I got up, before she would return again with a much louder scream, her scream is like the cries of the dead. She amusingly annoying, very annoying. I dragged myself to the bathroom, rest myself on the sink and stared at myself smilingly, I’m pretty, very and that is for waste. I ran my hand Into my beautiful velvety ginger hair, it really made my violet eyes stand out. My mom used to say that when you look at me, you will think of a delicate blooming flower, and the break of sunset. That was why she named me Bloom, Bloom Oriana Wellington.
When you see Leila, you will only think of one thing, darkness. A tough diamond standing out in the dark. That was her powers after all, shadows of the night.
After bathing, I wore a green fluted skirt and black shirt, I slipped on some black flats and headed out, combing my hair as I walked to the dinning room. As usual, she was dancing and swaying her hips to the song of her favorite artist, some stupid guy named Heartcode. She will shave her hair for him, and that’s saying something since to her, her hair is her life. I don’t like the guy but what say do I have in it, she’s a queen at making people like what she likes or just do it because she likes it.
‘Breakfast is serve,’ she said with a French accent and a slight bow, opening the plate she used in covering the other one. ‘Burnt burritos and steamed turkey.’
‘That’s not turkey, that’s a silly old bread and that burritos are miserably burnt bacons!’
‘I was frying it when I saw a notification online, it was this cute boy who asked me for a friend request and I was like….’
‘Move,’ I walked to the kitchen to cook, throwing the comb at her. She’s a great cook, very great one, even more than me but just make sure you seize her phone first or she will burn down your house. I prepared omelette and toast bread, placed cheese topping on it and made tea. I dished it out and sat down at the kitchen island to eat, she sat down too with her phone still in her hand. She giggled and laughed at every minute, she’s internet famous because she’s hot. 4,401 followers on Instagram, 5,000 in Twitter. Her followers on Facebook and Snapchat was much too. She don’t do anything impressive there but people just seem to like her. She took a selfie and laughed, I’m not that much into social media.
I was only active on Instagram and WhatsApp, no profile picture so my followers were very little. Didn’t care much, just chatted with some few people and signing off to read or write.
‘Hey, swallow,’ I reminded her. She nodded and swallowed.
‘Bloom, the picture I uploaded yesterday morning have 700 hearts on Instagram.’
‘Whoopee,’ I said uninterestedly.
‘Hey Bloom, guess who asked me out yesterday,’ I waved my fork in a circular motion, my eyes staring at the roof in thought.
‘That guy is too short,’
‘Jinxed, bad luck nigga.’
‘Too stingy.’
‘Jesus, that guy smells.’
‘Married, remember?’
‘Raven!’ I squealed.
‘Too scrawny and close to his grave.’
‘Urgh! Jonathan….?’
‘Seriously, can’t you guess right,’ she scoffed. ‘Morris, that broke nigga.’
‘And let me guess, you told him you don’t date broke guys.’ She smirked.
‘You know me too well,’ she’s freaking honest, too honest. ‘He called me a fucking hoe that he was trying manage because I am not pretty enough.’
‘So what did you do?’ I asked taking sincere interest in her story. She nodded with excitement.
‘I fucked his brother on their couch,’
‘That same day?’
‘Of course,’ she smirked and shook her head. ‘You should have seen his face when he walked into the room, priceless!’ She shrilled. I rolled my eyes and shook my head, she’s a bitch.
‘What did he do?’
‘What can he do?’
‘True,’ I smiled. ‘You know it’s wrong to cheat, right?’
‘Are we talking about Christian again? I told you before, he’s for fun sake. I tell him that everyday but he insists on trying to win my heart so his own shit.’
‘But the dude loves you,’
‘I don’t do love Bloom, my job is to protect you. I can’t get too involve with a man because I have to focus on you.’ I whimpered.
‘I thought we agreed that you won’t put your love life on hold because of me.’
‘My life is already on hold,’ she sneered. ‘I don’t mind.’
‘You won’t give up, will you?’
‘Not until I find a way to save you from them, I won’t let you die like the others.’ She said determinedly, her whole eyes turning pitch black and black steam flowing out of her nose. She was squeezing her phone, her dark fog flowing to the floor and taking over the room.
‘Leila,’ I called softly, placing my hand on hers. ‘Calm down, we will figure this out, I promise.’ I assured her with a smile, she was determined to save my life which I know is impossible. She calmed down and returned the smile, the tension around us thickening. Her eyes averted to her phone.
‘Great,’ she sighed dramatically. ‘I’m buying a new phone, again.’
‘You better stop breaking your phones or we will go broke. Breaking a phone twice a week is bad for two girls trying to survive.’
‘Well duh! Our family is rich and I’m the first daughter, all I need to do is call dad and our accounts will be loaded.’
‘But we promised ourselves that we will be independent, not ask either of them for money?’
‘Of course, but we have a rich younger brother we can ask for money anytime we want and if he doesn’t give, Berenice will.’
‘Isn’t it wrong to take money from our “younger” siblings?’
‘How is it wrong when they are rich and have access, do you want to starve?’
‘Nevermind,’ I sighed. She’s hard to pin.
Leila was busy flirting with a costumer while I tried to balance the trays on my head and hands. We worked three jobs, one at a morning cafe, another as cooks at a restaurant and last was a casino as waitresses. It’s not like we can’t get a good job with our certificates, it’s just odd walking into some companies with our last name Wellington and not get too much attention. Plus, we are way too beautifully enchanted to keep jobs without having men try to get into our pantie.
‘Here ya go,’ I purred, dropping one tray on the table. ‘Your four chocolate donuts, two caffé cremas with extra honey and milk.’
‘Thank you Bloom, it’s always nice having you serve me.’ The guy whose face is flat like a ironing board, said smirkingly.
‘Just doing my job,’ I smiled politely and walked away to the next table. I distributed the orders and went to meet Leila at the counter, who was now flirting with a woman – if I may add –, yes, woman. She’s crazy sometimes.
‘Oh Ms. Stone, I am absolutely sure your beauty can make any man blind,’ she said with a sly wink. The woman giggled and adjusted her hair.
‘Please, call me Vevica, Ms makes me feel so old.’
‘And yet you don’t look a day over sixteen, gorgeous forever.’
‘I know, I’m sexy.’
‘Sure you are,’ she drawled sarcastically but the woman didn’t sense the sarcasm. ‘You will surely bring more friends to patronize us, right?’
‘Anything for a girl as lovely as you,’ she wiggled her brows. The woman laughed, paid and left.
‘I’m a natural.’ She grinned, pushing herself off the counter.
‘How do you manage to flirt with so many people?’
‘Easy, I’m gorgeous.’ I rolled my eyes.
‘I just remembered something, we are suppose to help Astra win the singing competition to get a date with her celebrity crush,’ I reminded her again. She groaned complainingly and pouted.
‘Must we?’ She whined.
‘Yes, Astra is our friend….’
‘Nah!’ She raised her finger. ‘She’s YOUR friend, y-o-u-r friend. To me she’s our annoying neighbour who should be living in a cemetery or convent instead of living right opposite our apartment.’ She scoffed. Astra is our neighbour, she lives right opposite our apartment, alone. She’s a nice person, really sweet but she and Leila don’t get along well because of her holiness. She’s always acting like a nun, advising us like she’s perfect when she’s quite hmmm, self-centered. She discriminate a lot and is a racist, she’s annoying but I’m use to accepting everyone, freaky flaws and all. Leila however don’t ever accept that, always point out her flaws nastily to her face.
‘Don’t be like that, she’s a good person.’
‘Maybe this is a great thing, give her the opportunity to see her celebrity crush so he can freaking shove his dick up her ass. Then she will get pregnant and commit suicide.’
‘Leila!’ I exclaimed laughingly, swatting her arm. She chuckled and licked her lips. ‘What are we gonna do for her?’
‘She has to sing and upload it in the page, the only problem is how do we make her sing without suspecting or singing rock of ages?’
‘True,’ I said stroking my chin thoughtfully. ‘It won’t be nice if she sings her usual classical songs.’
‘Hmmm, why do I need to do this again?’
‘It is the perfect birthday gift,’
‘I gave her a gift last year,’ she whined.
‘That was last year and the gift was a waterproof bag of spoilt kiwi juice.’ I said frowningly.
‘I tried, didn’t I?’
‘She’s allergic to kiwi! And who gives someone spoilt juice in a bag on their birthday!’
‘Simple,’ she flipped her hair. ‘Me.’ I rolled my eyes.
‘Two years ago, you made her spend her birthday in a hospital when you broke her nose….’
‘She fucking chased my date away with her preaching! Until now, he thinks I’m a rotten convent runaway.’ She huffed and smacked her lips.
‘You are impossible,’
‘More like irresistibly insufferable!’ She squealed. ‘High five!’ She gave herself a high five and whooped.
‘Just think of an I….’ She suddenly shrieked, making my heart skipped.
‘Christian!’ She ran around the counter fast and broke into a slow motion as she hummed a love song dramatically. He chuckled and walked to her, she hugged him. ‘Oh Christian, my dear Christian. Why did you leave me for so long? Many nights I prayed for your return, many nights I yearned for your hugs. Oh my Christian….’ She fainted, sagging into his arms. He held her waist, she suddenly stood up straight and punched him.
‘Ow!’ He cried. ‘What did I do!’
‘You stole my wallet the last time you came!’
‘What! Why would I steal….’ I started sneaking away. ‘I didn’t, I swear!’
‘If you didn’t steal it, who did?!’
‘I don’t know, why will I steal when I’m the one who gives you money!’
‘True, unless….’ She trailed off and turned sharply to me, ‘you!’ I screamed and ran away, heading for the backdoor. She ran after me, alas! I collided with a refrigerator.
‘Ow pain,’ I grunted.
To be continued.

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