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The Parasite episode 7

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The Parasite episode 7 by : 8:43 pm On February 7, 2021
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Episode 7: A L'ttle Hot
# Continuation
I lived with my parents for months, it got more worse when I could no longer give my family stipends when they ask which was unlike me, they kept throwing indirect words at me on what I spend my money on, I bore the shades and regular verbal missiles because I didn’t want anyone to know I had mortgage my salary to pay my husbands misconduct. Life has become so tiring and uninteresting to me, things has really fallen apart. I noticed my br£@st was getting heavier though I was seeing my monthly flow so I couldn’t have suspected I was pregnant. I fell ill and was began self medications because I didn’t want to spend a dine, at this point of my life, every single penny I had has a budget.
That fateful evening after a hectic day at work, I moved to join the company’s staff bus, few minutes to the bus terminal I had an eye spinning, I slump immediately and was rushed to the hospital. I was confirmed 3months pregnant, should this be a joyful revelation or a sad genesis, I told my parents about it and they insisted I terminate the baby. This is one of the toughest decision in my entire life time, it was a clear show of the devil and the deep blue sea, do I give birth to the babe and remain a single mother? If I do then there is an established tie between that monster and I. What if I get rid of it and finally doesn’t conceive again? Fear kept dancing salsa on my mind. After much battle I decided to see our counselor who scheduled a meeting for both of us without his knowledge.
On the said date he came while I hid somewhere, when he had settled in for about 10mins I entered the counselors office. Immediately he saw me, he started a war, this wicked woman, who stole from me, sold my car, sold my jewelry box, I have told you I don’t want to set my eyes on you again (he started a scene). I don’t even want to set my eyes on you because you disgust in, I only want a secured place where you cannot exercise your animalistic behaviour, before I proceed with my 8 million naira battle with you, I just want to let you know that I am 3months pregnant for you (I said to him). He stayed calm and didn’t say a word for about 30seconds, oooohhhh really that is the trick, you are looking for a way to come back to my house, no way you are on sabbatical leave that is when I choose to let you back into my life (he bragged). Some times I really wonder what age you stopped feeding with br£@st, I forgot you haven’t stopped because you even cry and fight to s–k my br£@st, you are such a spoilt brat! You mitochondrial of irresponsibility, be a man a be responsible (I tongue lashed him). Will you both stop this rubbish and respect me (Our Counsellor cautioned us).
After and extensive discussion with us, she counseled in her knowledge and advised we separate for at least 6months, and urged my husband to ensure he pays every dime, in her words “Max that’s so irresponsible of you, if you fail to pay by the end of the 6months separation period then be ready for the consequences”. The big moment when our counselor asked if he would want me to keep the baby, his response was heartbroken. I would have loved her to keep the baby but I can’t afford to train another man’s child because I have a doubt in the paternity of the baby, how will your ex be so free to employ your husband as his project manager, meaning she must have slept with him to buy the favour (he said). You are so foolish, get out from my office! (Our counsellor walked him out and kept consoling me).
When I got home I kept crying while my counseling was speaking to me on the phone, Paulette my kid sister over head the conversation, she entered the room and told me that since I have refused to do the needful she will help me do it. She left and returned home at about 11:09pm I know how crazy Paulette could be but I didn’t know what she has done, I couldn’t close my eyes because I know she must have done something mischievous. She left the house at 6:30am again the following morning and later that day I received an alert of 4.8million naira from my husband. It was then I knew Paulette had gone the hard way, she narrated how she had called her friend who was a Major I’m the army to storm my husband’s house, they took him to the barrack and drilled him, he was meant to pay 4.8million naira to me with the narration “gift to my treasure” and signed an undertaking to pay the balance in 4weeks because their was validation he had a personal contract he was running. Its good to be cool, but when you are too cool you might end up in the cooler, one has to be a LITTLE HOT to win some battles.

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The Parasite episode 8 – finale / The Parasite episode 6 / The Parasite episode 5 / The Parasite episode 3 – 4 / The Parasite episode 2 /

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