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The Parasite episode 6

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The Parasite episode 6 by : 8:40 pm On February 7, 2021
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Episode 6: Drowning Waters
I watched him beg for help in his pool of blood, I never wished him dead, I prayed within and called for assistance from the security man. We rushed him to the hospital where he spent two weeks. His family members came visiting and it was a regular verbal war between us at the hospital, now everyone has spotted me a black sheep. This is the bitter pill I have been swallowing for over a year, whenever my husband sends me on vacation to the hospital there is always a subjective opinion formed that I must have said something provocative to him to have invited his wrath. This submission and fallacy of hasty generalisation has been quite irritating, judgmental and irritational, most of his family members who have resolved some of our issues have stylishly attributed the blame of wife battering to nagging women. His immediate elder sister rightly said to me at the hospital on one of our fights, that women who are slow to speak have lesser chances to be beaten by their husband’s, I really wonder if people think with their brain or their anus.
Finally he had recovered and was discharged, a family meeting was summoned between both families, his mother was too busy demonstrating and threatening to ensure she files a suit against me on a count of attempted murder of her only son. I have never spoken with my parents about our fights, only my immediate younger sister Paulette knew about the ill treatment have been through, my parents and kinsmen kept begging them to calm down and resolve the issues amicably. Paulette struggled with managing her emotions but couldn’t curtail it, she came out angrily from the room with a pestle and immediately flogged Maxwell’s elder sister who was ranting all over our living room, she gave a a three count order for everybody to evacuate the living coolval stories room else its going to be bloody, everyone knew how brutal and dogged she could be, my in-laws left immediately because they had sensed that Paulette wasn’t in for any jokes. My mother kept crying and begging her to drop the pestle, she burst into tear and narrated my marital agony to my family, my parents couldn’t hold back but cry with me.
After some weeks my family insisted that we would return the dowry, I pleaded to have a little time to myself and have a word with my husband before we have our final decision, everyone had given up on my slave hub called marriage though I still believed we could work out things because this was not the kind of life I prayed and wished to live. I packed to my parents place for one month, that fateful evening my friend who gave my husband a job as his project manager called me to make a formal report, he told me that my husband had syphoned 8million naira from the 20million naira given to him to execute a job for a client. It was a really pitiable news to have heard, I pleaded with him to have a word with my husband before he takes any action which he obliged because he was my ex. I placed a call through to my husband to hear his side of the story, he couldn’t deny it, yet couldn’t say what exactly he spent the money on. We had a fight over the phone again and he bluntly told me that the 8million was for s£×ual damages from my ex who happened to be his boss. I couldn’t say a word further because it sounded like he was under a spell.
Weeks passed my ex kept calling for his cash because I signed as my husband’s guarantor, when the responses where not appealing he threatened to go legal with the issue, any further compliant about me in my office might lead to a dismissal, I begged him for one more month, I sold my car for 1.7 million naira took a care loan of 4.5 million naira, took a loan of 2million from my cooperative and added my little savings to it, to clear the debt. Its getting clearer that bad marriages are almost becoming like a fish (women), bait (money, fake love, pretentious care) and the hook (evil spouses). We sure have to be careful before picking a life partner else you will falling into DROWNING WATER…

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