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The Parasite episode 3 – 4

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The Parasite episode 3 – 4 by : 8:33 pm On February 7, 2021
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Episode 3: Slippery Slope
Written by: Idama Maxwell
I was summoned to the company’s disciplinary committee for absconding from duty for three days which I used in treating myself from the last encounter with my husband. I knew my excuses were becoming too rampant and unjustifiable, I pleaded with our family Doctor who has been very helpful with counseling and treatments all through this regular fights in my marriage to kindly assist in preparing a medical report to aid my defense. Getting queries was gradually becoming like a normal good morning in my mailbox, but being invited to the Disciplinary Committee surmounts to either loosing your bonuses, promotions, suspension, termination of appoint or even summary dismissal depending on the outcome of the committee. Be it as it may, whatever the decision of the committee turns out to be there surely would be a fine.
A day to the scheduled date with the Disciplinary Committee, Mr. Kunle our HR Head called me via intercom to his office, what more will this mischievous man want again (thoughts kept running through my mind). I went straight to his office to inquire his reasons for sending for me, please sit down pretty damsel (Mr. Kunle said with a deceptive smile), thank you Sir, I would appreciate a quick discussion because I have lots of unattended jobs on my desk (I said and sat down uncomfortably). Any ways I have a resource video I would like to share with you on my laptop so that you can train your subordinates on the outlined topics, “he said and turned his laptop to my direction”. Lo and behold it was my video of sleeping in the office for over half and hour, there is actually no escape route for me this time, guess I would have to tender my resignation before I get fired (several thoughts kept running riots on my mind).
Anyways I will help you get through the Disciplinary Committee verdict if you choose to be matured and play by the rules of the game (he said), what should that be? (I asked though have had a feeling of what he intents are). Okay if you choose to grace my bed for just once then we can sweep this under the carpet and also influence the decision of the committee, because everyone knew you weren’t sick but beaten blue black by you husband (Mr. Kunle Said). With all due respect Sir I feel you are abnormal, what could be so interesting with sleeping with another man’s wife? I feel you need to see a psychiatrist, how would you feel finding out someone is sleeping with your wife, you disgust me Kunle (I said angrily and used the door). On my way out “he said” be ready to also use the way out of the company’s gate, rubbish!
During the meeting with the Disciplinary Committee, indicting questions where moving from different angles in a zigzag pattern, I didn’t know which to answer first and which to skip, if I continue with my defense my punishment might be severe, I had to apply a little psychology and narrated my pitiable story in full, few of the committee members felt emotional but had to do their job, I noticed they struggled amongst themselves in taking some decisions, later that day I was called by the committee secretary for a word of advice, where she hammered on exiting the marriage and pick up the broken pieces of my life since I had no child in the marriage, she made sense but how do I go about it was the problem, in rounding up the meeting with her she gave me a letter of suspension for 6 months which she claimed was her influence, hence she concluded that 6months was enough time to get my wounds healed and return to my normal happy life, in her last words “life is a SLIPPERY SLOPE, take your steps carefully because a wrong step will break you, but one right step will make you…
Episode 4: Circle of Drama
Not until I read each line of my suspension letter that it became crystal clear to me that I would be out of work for a duration of six months, finally I have forfeited my promotions and bonuses, that’s if I would be allowed to return back after the stipulated period. I read the letter over and over again, each time I read through I get a different interpretation of the content in the letter. Have I now finally become a focal point for everyone to draw their life lessons from? Thoughts are killing me already because my expenditures ordinarily almost outweighs my income because my husband has been sacked for almost 11months. The responsibilities saddled on my shoulders and my physiological build up have no correlations, this is too big a burden for me to carry.
However it is, struggle for survival and adaptation are key attributes for humans, I certainly have to carry-on with life. I turned into a psychotherapist immediately to lift myself self off the mood. I invaded one of my savings account where I had about N400,256.06k, did some withdrawals to stock the house with most of the things we will need for the period. Getting home with the items, Maxwell assisted in carrying some of the items to the store room. Hey babe, thank you so much for always taking care of me, what would I have done without you (he said with a klzz on my head), I kept calm and told him I wanted to rest because of stress, he offered to help me get the heater on so I could bath with warm water. After a few minutes in the bathroom, he brought me poundo yam and ogbono in the room. I know you are stressed and tired to come to the dinning, kindly eat and sleep because stress is written all over your face. Thank you hun! (I smiled and ate his very delicious meal, flash backs kept knocking me down and reminding me of the person I initially married and the beast he has turned to be over time). After eating I slept off on the floor because I was too tired to lift myself.
At about 3:27am I woke him up to have a critical conversation, I didn’t want him to know I was suspended because that might lead to another fight. I told him I am having my one month annual leave and would love to travel to Dubai just to cool off, he replied shabbily in concurrence. If I may ask, where would you get such money to finance a luxurious trip as such? (he asked inquisitively). “I smiled and placed my hands in between his and took a deep breath” hmmmm! I have been doing some mini savings for this trip. Oooohhh really? You have been planning without including me in your plans? Furthermore you want to be out of your matrimonial home for one good month sleeping in hotels alone? Just listen to yourself (He questioned). Okay this is it babe, I was only pulling your legs, I just want to let you know that I have been suspended from work because of my absenteeism and inconsistencies towards work (I said).
He looked at me surprising without saying a word. Yes! you need not be surprised, at least you should be happy now, just think about this how do two married leave together without a source of income to run the daily financial commitment of the home? (I said). Hey woman! Be mindful of your words, I know I am jobless for now you don’t have to remind me of my helpless state (He turned his back, went under the blanket and slept off). I didn’t want to be idled so I appealed to a primary school to give me a little space to sell lunch for their students daily, this wasn’t enough but was able to subside the effect on us. Only to get back from where I sell food, I entered the house and didn’t find our 50 inches TV, but it didn’t rain so the possibility of lightening destroying it was minimal so I drew the attention of my husband to it. Yea I sold it, I had an urgent deal to pursue and didn’t want to bug you for money (he replied), has it gotten to this Max? (I asked). I would have love to answer you but am not in a good mood, goodnight (he said and walked out on me). With my coolers and other items still in my hands, I burst into tears again not because of the TV but because my life has turned to a CIRCLE OF DRAMA.

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