The Parasite episode 2

Episode 2: Another Pain
Written by: Idama Maxwell
Weeks had passed yet the stubborn bruises had refused to go off my face, how eventually did I turn into a laughing stock and my two years old marriage now a reference point of a good example of an abusive marriage. Thoughts of this kept haunting and increasing my blood pressure, considering how easily irritated by most charming and ever-loving husband gets in recent times. This must be the handwork of my enemies who are envious of marrying a cute man with an excellent dress sense, am I over tolerating Max’s excesses or I have been charmed? This is clear that something isn’t right with my marriage (Gloria had a personal discussion with herself). I kept moving from different miracle centers and prophetic churches to be sure no one is behind my misfortunes, what more can I do because I had been told all sorts of prophesies, have sown seeds to liberate myself from the shackles of the enemy all to no avail.
My envious marriage had turned into a tears festival where I soak my pillows and beddings daily with my regular overflowing stream of tears. Just in my thought, pains and sardonic moment I dozed off on my desk. Mr. Kunle our HR Head who has been on my case entered my office, sat down comfortably and watched me slept like an overhyper baby who needed rest. He took a video recording of my misconduct at the office for about 30minutes. I opened my eyes and a flash of someone seated at my front ran through my neurons and formed a message that my husband was the one trying to beat me again, I screamed at the top of my voice, when my eyes where clearly opened, coolval stories I was really embarrassed knowing it was Mr. Kunle our HR Head before me, I took a deep breath of safety and shook my head because it was trouble for me. Am sorry Sir, I am just a little feverish (I tried apologizing but he knows I am having an unstable marriage hence he cut me short), it’s okay, you don’t have to apologized, I sent you a mail since two days, sent three other reminders but u ignored all, so I decided to squeeze out time to visit your office to know why, because you still haven’t responded to the query given, probably you have found a better job, have a nice day darling (Mr. Kunle said and blew a kiss on the air). This is trouble without an escape route, I went back to my system to reply my battalion of pending mails.
I got home about past 9pm because I had to stay back in the office to fix my backlogs couple with the mad traffic, I knew I was in for a bigger battle I kept talking to myself and my God to take preeminence, I stepped into our living room, my husband was lying on the 3 seater chair, Good evening honey (I greeted), where are you coming from? (he asked without responding to my greeting), sorry darling I had to stay back to attend to some of my jobs for the weeks I was at the hospital (I replied), you are very sick, so I should stay hungry because you where at the hospital some weeks ago? (he yelled), am sorry my husband, it wont repeat itself again, I stood waiting for him to hit me as usual fortunately my prayers worked. I went straight to the kitchen without offing my clothes to make him dinner, I wasn’t hungry to eat but extremely hungry to sleep because my body aches. In 45minutes I was done with the meal dished his dinner and quickly went to take a shower and that was the last thing I could remember.
Deep asleep I felt a touch around my breast, that could be a normal cuddle, it got more intense when the feeling increased and felt some penetrations into me, I opened my eye and my husband was fingering and s—–g my breast, love making is not what I need at that time, because my entire body system has adjusted and needs relaxation to gradually mould itself to it previous emotional state. Hey babe, please can I catch some sleep, I am really tire I must say (I said to my husband), what does that mean? Do I need permission to sleep with my wife? (his tone was increasing and shows anger), I never said so babe, kindly understand that I am human and currently stressed (I said and tried sitting up,), you are mad, how dare you complain of stress, when you spend your entire day moving around the city of Lagos, I knew it! You are having a secret affair, but today you are going to confess to me (Max said), will you stop this drama, (I raised my voice and put on the bed light), you fool! (he said with a slap on my face). This is one of the most terrible slaps he had given me, it brought out sparks which shined in darkness and the darkness comprehended it not.
I screamed in confusion because I had lost reactions, I never knew if I should cry, retaliate, laugh, faint, in about a minute I started understanding the slap as my reflexes began to adjust to its normal state, I cried out exhaustively, he had torn my nighties, pressed my neck firmly and I choked for survival, he continually fingered me roughly, with hurtful words like I am going to ensure I bruise you so that you can never spread your legs for any man like COVID 19, he forcefully got his way into me, and spanked me continuously, when I noticed I was choking, I pretended to have passed out, he freed my neck and ensured he got himself satisfied before exiting my mountain, my husband has caused me ANOTHER PAIN…

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