The igbo sorceress episode 11

“Oh my daughter! Ifeoma oh! Ifeoma! Where is my daughter? Who saw my daughter?!” Ngozika cried as fellow women consoled her in her living room. “Stop crying Ngozika! Many have lost their loved ones today, and here you are crying because your daughter is out there playing around. She is not dead! She may still be alive. The God who opens her eyes to see many visions will keep her! Stop crying Ngozika! Stop!” said one of the elderly women in the living room. The women were forced to turn toward the door at the sound of many feet pounding the ground That was the sound of The women were forced to turn toward the door at the sound of many feet pounding the ground. That was the sound of the feet of those sent by elder Obieze’s wife to arrest Ngozika and her entire family. “Ngozika you are under arrest!” one of the young men barked. Ngozika looked at him in a confused manner, concluding he was certainly beside himself. In anger she sprang up. “What did you just say, Akabueze?” she asked, ghting hard to keep herself from attacking him. “Madam Ngozika, I said you and your entire family are under arrest for conspiring with the sorceress to destroy Lokpanta!” “May the heavens remove your tongue immediately and afflict your generation with acute dumbness, Akabueze!” Ngozika yelled at him and ran into her bedroom. In a jiffy she returned with her husband’s machete and aimed a deadly blow at Akabueze.
Akabueze lunged forward and parried her attack expertly. “What is this rubbish Akabueze? Will you and your colleagues attack a sorrowful woman in her husband’s house?” the women asked as they circled Ngozika. “Arrest her!!!” Akabueze demanded! “Nobody is going to arrest her, at least not until you explain your reason for intending to do so!” the women demanded. “Did you not hear me, women? Ngozika and her daughter Ifeoma knew about today’s attack on Lokpanta and yet failed to inform the elders about it so we could avert it!” The women turned and asked Ngozika, “Ngozi, is this true?” Ngozika raised her machete menacingly and cursed, “This boy did not s–k his mother’s breast, rather he s—-d her anus! Now I know why you are famous for being stupid! My fellow women, indeed my daughter saw today’s attack before it happened. However, as quickly as she did, we ran to Nze Emeka to tell him what was coming; instead the foolish Nze chose to rubbish our claim about the cow being possessed with the spirit of the sorceress and sent us home disrespectfully.” “Ngozika say no more words to these pack of fools!” a voice barked from outside, it was Kenneth; in his company were four other young men including Udemba, the young man who was present when Ifeoma and her mother tried hard to persuade Nze Emeka to give order that the cow be slaughtered outside Lokpanta. “I was present when Nze Emeka mocked Ngozika and her daughter for saying Ifeoma saw the cow bringing evil into Lokpanta. Akabueze, if you have been sent here to arrest Ngozika and her family, then let it be known to you that I will resist the arrest!” Udemba barked, drawing his glistening machete. In fear the women who were standing around Ngozika knelt down and began to plead with Udemba, “Please Udemba, don’t do this! We have suffered enough today. The sorceress is still lose, attacking our people, let us end her miserable life first and then we can settle this matter. From what we have heard, Ngozika and her missing daughter are innocent. Please don’t ght Udemba.” With many other words they persuaded both Udemba, Kenneth and the young men led by Akabueze to respectfully take Ngozika and her children to elder Obieze’s compound. Mama Daniel ran to her son’s lifeless body and raised it, shouting, “Daniel! Daniel! Can you hear me Daniel?!” With her wrapper she cleaned the blood oozing from his mouth. She feared how it might end because Daniel’s body was too hot and the amount of blood from his mouth was much. She tried to shove some opete leaves into his mouth but he had his teeth clenched. Across where the revived beast lay, panting those enchanted cries which were s—–g the life out of Daniel, Ifeoma stooped and put both her hands on the beast and began to demand, “Thou beast of clay and blood…” Mama Daniel raised her head in utter shock. She could not believe she heard right. “Who is this child? How did she know the revived beast is made of clay and blood? Could she be a witch herself? When this is over, I shall put her to the test,” she said to herself. While she wondered who Ifeoma really was, the little girl continued to make her prayerful demand in the name of Jesus, “…release his soul in the name of Jesus! I command you beast of clay and blood release the soul of Daniel and return empty handed from whence thou comest! This I demand you do now!” Done praying she stood upright, her eyes darting about. Spotting Daniel’s machete she ran over to where it lay, picking it up, she ran back to the revived beast. Standing over the beast with her legs on either side of him, she raised the machete as high as she could and brought it down on the chest of the revived beast. The full length of the machete sunk into the burning chest of the beast and dark smoke mixed with re belched up, throwing Ifeoma away from the beast. Mama Daniel feared the worst, thinking the little girl had been hurt. Ifeoma picked herself up and ran back to the beast and yelled with her little voice, “I have struck thee with the machete of the Lord by faith! Beast, I command you and your sorceress maker, release Daniel now!” Immediately Daniel gasped and woke from his unconsciousness. “This child is special,” mama Daniel whispered to herself. “Let us go, the sorceress intends to come here! My strike on the beast hurt her deeply. Our people have her cornered right now, we must join them!” Ifeoma announced. “She can see things too. Daniel have you met this girl before?” “I have not, but I saw her in my vision when I was unconscious. She is special.” While Daniel and her mother conversed in whispers, Ifeoma bolted off back to the village. As she ran, she prayed under her breath, “Lord, help Uju and the others to keep the sorceress pinned until I arrive Today we shall kill her and take her head off!” Having tasted several victories keep the sorceress pinned until I arrive. Today we shall kill her and take her head off! Having tasted several victories that day, there was no stopping her. Daniel sprang to his feet and hobbled after Ifeoma. Mama Daniel ran over to the burning beast, removed some opete leaves from the collection Daniel had plucked and dropped them on his body. The re on the beast rose high as though gunpowder had been dropped on the beast. As the revived beast of clay and blood, burnt to ashes, Mama Daniel ran to meet up with Ifeoma and her son. “Spare me! Nturukpa spare me! I offer you my soul, spare me! I will serve you! I swear, I will serve you nturukpa!” Amaefule cried as he turned in every direction pleading with the tigers and leopards which circled him. A few feet away from him, Emenike lay dead on the ground, his carcass being eaten by beasts of all kinds. “Spare my life nturukpa forest. I am Amaefule, the father of Adaku, the great sorceress! I will do as much evil as you will bid me do!” The moment he said that, the visions of the animals crouching around him vanished from his eyes. He rubbed his eyes severally to make sure he was not dreaming. “He spared me. Nturukpa spared me,” he whispered to himself, touching his body with both hands in disbelief. “Amaefule!” a monstrous voice called his name. He shook in fear. “Who calls my name?” he asked, still shaking. “Fool, who else is here?” “I am sorry nturukpa, your servant is afraid.” ‘Fear not, I have spared your life for now. I need you to do something for me!” “Name it nturukpa and I will do it!” “Good, I need you to return to Lokpanta and rescue Adaku. I need her soul and body for a greater evil purpose!” “But my lord, Adaku my daughter does not need saving. She is the one whom Lokpanta fears now. My eyes have seen what she did to them.” “Amaefule shot up! Adaku will be killed and her head taken off if you do not do go to rescue her now!” “I will go my lord! However, how can I alone face Lokpanta who now knows about opete leaves?” “Do not worry, is there not an adage which says, ‘when a native doctor performs a potent charm, another native doctor will perform a counter potent charm?’ I know about opete and how to nullify it. Go, I am with you! The entire forest of nturukpa is with you!” Amaefule bowed and ran off. As he meandered through the forest, he saw his magic wand lying on the ground and shooting spells. It had been reshaped and now looked far more ominous. “Take it and fight till your daughter is saved! With this wand, opete and Lokpanta shall not be able to stand before you,” nturukpa said to him. Amaefule stooped and picked the magic wand.

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