The house help last batch

The House Help
Episode 30 (Final Episode)
We all left the crime scene, I was a bit relief, I just wanted to make sure Yvonne gets better, they carried us to the hospital, when we get to Ogun state general hospital, they carried Yvonne in for checkups, while i went to check on Tunde, I met one of the nurse who directed me to tunde’s ward, I saw tunde On drip, he was sleeping, I also checked on Yvonne’s mum, a nurse was attending to her… She is OK, she saw me standing by the door, I walked closer to meet her.
Me : Good day ma
Yvonne’s mum : (Smiled) Good morning my son, how are you?
Me : Am fine ma, how are you feeling right now?
Yvonne’s mum : I thank God that finally am out of hell, thanks to you my son
Me : (Smiled) You don’t have to thank me, I do things for the people special to me.
Yvonne’s mum : That’s good… You are brave, may God reward you
Me : Amen, just have some rest ma.
Yvonne’s mum : Yeah, I will… Thanks, where is my daughter?
Me : (lied) Oh, she went to get something, she’ll be here very soon.
Yvonne’s mum : OK, take care.
**Deep breath** I left her, I went to seat at the reception. I waited till i saw the doctor, I asked him how is Yvonne, he said Yvonne is OK, that after the drip, they can all be discharge, Thank God, by evening tunde was now ok, I went to see him, as i apologized for everything he’s gone through, we gist, he was happy he survived, and we all prepared to go home, the police escorted us back to Lagos, when we get home, Natasha and Rebecca came to hug us, while Kingsley and south shake my hands, I thanked all of them for being there for me, we throw a little party that day, welcoming Yvonne’s mum that have been missing for two years, tunde came to me.
Me : How are you feeling right now?
Tunde : I dey o, I wan tell you say thank you for everything.
Me : You don’t need to… That’s my duty as a friend.
Tunde : Bros, I wan go back to my house
Me : Which house?? The one you built or the one you rent?
Tunde : The one wey we rent naa.
Me : Not at all, I lost you once and am not ready to lose you again, this time,, any where i stay, that’s where you are gonna stay.
Tunde : The bus nko, shey you know say Anderson dem don sell am, and i never pay for the bus.
Me : Don’t worry, I will sort it out, just enjoy your self.
*Tunde smiled to me as he drinks the glass of wine he has on his hand, I went to meet Yvonne, as we climbed up stairs which i told her we have to go to the hotel in two days time to see how things are going, she accepted, I have only one wish, which is to see my family but i don’t know where to start from, and one mission which is to propose to Yvonne, i want to surprise Yvonne and every one in the hotel, I start inviting everyone for the event, the next day we start preparing for the event, which Yvonne called some of her friends and a little members of her family, she also invites Sara and her mum. We planned everything so fast, until the day of the event which is to be proceed at the hotel event hall.
On the event day, we all prepared, everyone got dressed, all the male puts on suit, even south and his boys for the first time in history, Yvonne’s mum was looking good in her outfit, Yvonne was the best, Natasha and Rebecca nailed it. the cars was set with the police also ready, we all left for the event, on our arrival at the hotel, people were already there, so much people, camera men, security was tight, our car parked at the red carpet leading the way inside the event hall, with the camera light flashing on us till we get in, we sit at the V.I.P front roll, the m.c climbed the stage and starts.
M.C : Thank you everyone for being here for this great event, we all know that our C.E.O have not been here for months, we also know the problem they faced, we all see it on our local newspapers, but today they are here themselves visible to us may i welcome the C.E.O of sky limit hotels and suit, every one claps their hands as i head towards the stage, as i faced the crowd, i saw Sara and her mum, they smiled at me, they were not even surprised, seeing me but the joy in there face is something i can never explain,.. I smiled at the crowd, as they clap again, and starts.
Me : I thank you all for making this event possible, and i also thank God for seeing this coming to pass, during the past months we saw hell, which some of you noticed, thank God for fighting for us, and again the coming back of our mummy here (i pointed at Yvonne’s mum, she smiled) Thank God she is alive to see this wonderful day… I want to also make a wish, which is I wish my family was also here.
**(mrs Onome looked at me) and now I have two missions to complete, the first is the salaries of the workers working here which i promised for a long time before now, from today it will be increased by 10% of what you are collecting before.
(Everyone claps, some where dancing, joy was all written in there face… I continued) I will like to call the lady that meant the world to me up here.
***Yvonne stood up as they clapped for her, she smiles as she climbed the stage, I smiled back at her, I kissed her on her forehead… I put my hand deep into my suit and bring out a gold ring, Yvonne opened her mouth wide, with tears of joy rolling down her chic, everywhere was quite this time, I say to her) Will you marry me?
Yvonne : (Smiled with tears) Yes… Yes, i mean why not.
**i slot the ring into her finger, as we hugged and kissed in front of the crowd, everyone was clapping, it seems the clap was never gonna end, I also saw Mrs Onome talking to the M.C, the M.C came up to the stage, collected the mic and said
M.C : Please let’s welcome our C.E.O parent and his sister
Everyone starts clapping, I start looking around to see who the M.C just called up on the stage, O.M.G, I can’t believe it, it’s my parent, I did not wait for them to reach the stage instead i run towards them as i jumped on my dad and my mum like a kid, I hugged them tight, my sister have grown into a lady, I can’t still believe this, she is now married to a wealthy man, the man came with them, as he congratulates me, Mrs Onome and Sara also came to hug me, we all take pictures, everyone ate and drink to there satisfaction, my dad told me that Mrs Onome invited them to the event, he also said that since my sister got married they relocated to Lagos, they now live at banana island, what a good story to hear, I called Yvonne to introduce her to my parent, they like her, my sister and her became friends immediately, when the event was through, we all went home to throw a family party, in few months time me and Yvonne did our traditional marriage, after that, Yvonne got pregnant for me, we planned on doing our white wedding abroad, I settled south and his boys even Kingsley,
, while Tunde managed the hotel with Kingsley assisting him, Yvonne settled Natasha and Rebecca with something special, in one month time me and Yvonne including Yvonne’s mum and my parents all traveled to the U.S for our wedding, everything went smoothly, in nine months time, Yvonne gave birth to a baby boy… We all lived a happy life.
We also heard that the police seize all Anderson properties, and he served life in prison, and one morning they found him dead…
But who cares, he deserved it… THE END
Thanks for following… I still remain NickNation…

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