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The hotel episode 5 – finale

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The hotel episode 5 – finale by : 12:36 pm On July 1, 2021
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Everything else changed to abnormal immediately I sighted my husband and the couple within the crowd,or maybe it seems abnormal for me because the crowd were still dancing.

Although all of them were still dancing and smiling without paying attention to me, I presumed that I may probably die in that hall with one of them killing me.

They were over 100 people in the hall, or maybe 100 monsters in the room.

Without thinking much of next thing to do, my legs started moving itself. I started tip-toeing like a thief robbing at night towards the exit point I sighted behind the ghostly DJ. I assumed they were all ghosts after all.

They were still jamming and dancing away until I begin to wonder whether they are actually dead. One couple were even rocking themselves and it took me God’s grace not to stay and watch the show till the end.

“Are these guys really dead or should I go talk to one of them”, I said to myself after sighting one pot bellied making an imaginary call to someone that doesn’t exit. I assumed that he must be a politician due to the size of his belly and the way he was talking.

I was almost a few feet away from the DJ when all the lights went off at once.”Ahh, God of gods, what’s this. Does these people want dog to bite off their dry dead yansh”, I said with an obvious fear in my tone.

I was still swimming in my fear and still walking towards the door when three candles came back on themselves. What I saw next in the darkness took away my voice momentarily.

The whole hall had been converted into a cemetery. It was as if a cemetery was built inside a building. “Eehh God!!, what kind of evil hotel is this”, I said in my mind.

I was still gazing at the graves when different creatures started coming out. They were coming out so fast, as if I promised them something. They were all rushing at me with their headless, slippery and stinking body.

No one had to tell me what to do at that instant. I aimed for the door I sighted earlier and started running with every ounce of energy left in my.

I got to the door successfully and when I was about to open it, I was a grabbed by a dog with human hands. “Whaaaatt”, how can a dog have human hands. The dog was even smiling at me as if their queen has promised anyone that catch me a gift.

I was pretty used to them this time. I gave the dog a powerful push that made it stagger a bit away from me and I pushed the door open at once.

I entered into it and quickly locked myself inside.

The place I got into can be best described as prison. It has no doors, no pathways, no windows or any openings.

Everywhere was closed and the only possible place I could probably use to escape was through the door I came in through earlier. And on the other side of the door was thousand and millions of monstrous beings.

I was still thinking of a way to escape when the creatures started banging the door hard from the opposite side. Each banging was packed with double prowess and energy which made me assumed that one of the monsters is a Gorrila.

I saw the bolt of the door fell. I saw the hinges and nails tore apart and the only thing that door needed was another slight push, not even a punch.

I closed my eyes in great pain and clenched my teeth. I didn’t want to die, I do not want to go to hell. I was pretty sure I’m a verified and legit sinner. At that moment, I began to have rethink of heart and i started asking for forgiveness and giving my life to Christ.

I started praising and worshipping God at the point of death. I presumed that it was my last, so I had to do it with all my strength. I felt like a new being and it also seems like the whole event happened just for me to know God and feel his love because I felt like he has forgiven me.

Then it happened, the last powered punch landed on the door, then the door fell with great thud. I was already seeing the heavens and I was prepared to die.

I was right, the monster that was banging the door looked just like a Gorilla. It was so huge.

As i was about to get punched by the Gorilla, I felt a light slap, or rather, a tap on my cheek.

It was my husband waking me up from my dream. I was sweating profusely as if I just finished a 5000m race. The whole bed was wet and hot. I looked at husband’s face to confirm if he really was the one.

“Why are you sweating like this dear”, my husband asked, he was so surprised by how wet I was due to the sweat and dream.

“I was dreaming dear, it’s nothing serious”, I replied while moving out of the bed to wash my face.

“It’s almost 5:00pm dear. Aren’t we going our adventure again. Remember it’s our anniversary today”, my husband said smiling.

I’ve been staring at him for the past 20 minutes without saying anything. I’m still confused on whether to go or not.

Should I go???
♧♧TH3 3ND♧♧

© Elisha Kehinde Fagbemi

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