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The hotel episode 4

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The hotel episode 4 by : 12:35 pm On July 1, 2021
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I kept on gawking at the blood dropping from my husband’s mouth. I couldn’t take my eyes of him because I was so much petrified and stupiefied.

I obviously don’t know what to do next with everyone around me dead, including my husband in that big Godforsaken hotel. I don’t whether to fight or run out, I can’t even find my way out and I can’t fight either.

My whole face became pale and cold. I was gradually turning into a living dead myself. I could feel the beats of my heart overriding each other aggressively and my heart was thumping ten billion times per second.

I was losing it, I could feel the strong hold of death on me and its ominous appearance loafing around me aimlessly.

The energy I had earlier had vanished and all I could feel now is emptiness and death, but still, I don’t want to die yet, not in that hotel.

I was still gawking at my husband’s lifeless body when his body started moving, it was his tummy that was actually moving and I could see something pumping and moving aggressively inside him. I presumed that something bad wants to come out of him and I was right.

Then like an over pumped tire, his tummy bursted out with lot of creepy things coming out of his tummy into the room. Creatures such as snakes, scorpions and frogs started coming of his small tummy. “How come. My husband belly isn’t this big nau, how could a 50+ snakes and scorpions fit in inside”, I mumbled stupidly to myself.

The way they were coming towards me reminded me of what was written in Psalm 91 that ” Thou shall trample upon Lions and snakes”, but the way this creepy creatures where running towards me,I’m not sure I can follow the bible’s quote now, not with my bare feet.I had no other choice than to run, run as fast I can for my life .

They kept coming and coming out until I started wondering about what my husband had eaten during my absent that made his stomach so big. More than 50 creatures had already crept out of his belly and they were still counting.

I could no longer withstand the horrific sight for two reasons. One is, the sight is so horrible and the other is that all the creatures were coming directly towards me.

I stretched my neck to check the other side of the door, maybe the three “bishes” are still there or maybe they’ve wandered away with their big womanly br£@st, their br£@st was even bigger than mine.

Fortunately for me, they were no more there. I opened the door of the room furiously and dashed out of the room.

Even death will understand and and won’t kill me with the way I was running. I was running like an horse that’s on drug, probably a cocaine mixed with codeine.

I kept on running and pushing everything away like a juggernaut. I wasn’t running towards the direction of the receptionist, I dashed to the opposite side and kept on running as if I was being chased even though I can’t see the spirit or being or monster or creature that was chasing me.

I kept on running till I saw another huge door. I could see clearly in the dark now, it was as if my eyes had trained itself to see darkness, even a wolf or fox would have been envious of me.

I pushed the door open with one swing. It opened fully at once and I couldn’t believe what my eyes saw.

The door I opened led into another big hall, a bigger hall rather. It was bigger than the ones I saw earlier and it was covered with electricity powered lights. Everywhere was just bright and shinning. I forgot for once that I’m in a haunted hotel.

The hall was full of people in a very nice clothes and suits, with everyone minding their business. They didn’t even notice me.

The D.J was playing a silent romance songs, some couples was dining, some were dancing while some were just chatting away happily. It seems like I was the only one there wearing a dirty blood covered cloth.

I was already smiling in ecstasy and having a high hope of surviving in the hotel until I saw my husband and the dead couple dressed in an official dress and they were smiling and laughing along with the crowds.

© Elisha Kehinde Fagbemi

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