The hotel episode 2 – 3


I became enveloped with fear, my husband was not even aware of this yet. He was just smiling and grinning at me like a happy goat.

I wanted to signal to him to let him have a look at the book, but he was too happy to even noticed. I guess the long drive has took its toll on him and he really wants to rest. He has been driving like a cursed slave since the moment he started driving.

The receptionist with the smiling pale face smiled at us like she did earlier and took the book. She gave us a key to a room after.

My husband snatched the key away from her like a thief and we proceeded towards the direction of the big hall. As we were about to exit the reception area, we noticed some two figures coming from the direction we came through earlier, the long path.

It turned out to be some two young adults whom I assumed must have lost their way in the forest too. They were quite happy to finally see the end of the long path as they increased their pace towards the lady at the reception.

We’ve already exited the place before they got to the reception. We walked through the large hall with tables and we opened a giant wooden door which welcomed us into a long row of rooms.

We searched for the room allocated to us and we moved in without hesitating.

The room was so big with lot of appliances, it actually looked bigger than our whole house. Everything in that hotel was just too big and I was wondering why an hotel that is big like that could be silent.

We just jumped on bed at the same time and due to our tiredness, we fell asleep immediately.

It wasn’t up to 20 minutes we slept off that my belly started growling. “Jeez, we haven’t eaten anything since evening”, I said in my mind.

I tried to wake my husband up to confirm if he’s hungry too because I wanted to place an order. That nig*a wasn’t even reacting to my slaps and taps, he was just sleeping like a corpse.

I ignored him and placed the call for my food but this car wasn’t picked. I tried it for the second, third, fourth and fifth time but it wasn’t picked. “Are these people dead or what, someone should just pick this call before hunger kills me”, I said to myself not really sure if they are truly dead or not.

When my calls wasn’t picked after my fifth call, I stood up from bed to go and check. The time should be around 2:00am.

I opened the giant-sized door and walked through the long narrow path between the rooms. Everywhere was unusually calm, I could even hear my heartbeat and the chirping of some birds, which was probably owl.

I kept on walking, or tip-toeing rather. I opened the door that led to the large hall silently. I was planning on meeting the receptionist and lodge my complain, but what I saw next baffled me.

There were no longer pathways there, all the doors and windows that could lead out of the hotel were no more there.

I was still lost in my confusion when a liquid dropped on my face. I looked up to behold the corpse of the couples that came earlier hanged upside down with half of their head smashed.


The liquid that dropped on my face turned out to be blood. Then the blood stopped dropping, it started pouring on me like a rushing tap.

The horrific scene before me was more than what I could bear.

I wanted to scream but I wouldn’t want to be a victim to what killed the couple, so I had to forcefully withhold my scream and carefully moved away from the blood pouring on me like a running shower.

I was about to move away from the blood when it stopped itself. I looked up to check and I got more surprised and baffled with what I saw. The couple’s corpse were no more there. I wasn’t sure maybe their corpse disappeared or was taken away from the place it was hanged.

I finally realised the devil was about to start playing tennis with our life, although I am yet to encounter him.

The whole place where my ears and sight could reach became silent like a cemetery and all I could see was thick darkness which was illuminated by two dim candles.

I was still lost in confusion like someone that misses a flight when one of the candles went off. The darkness became thicker, more darker than dark itself.

“Holy Jesus, I hope I survive this tonight and if I do, I’ll worship you forever and ever and ever. I’ll stop cheating on my husband, I’ll start paying tithe, I’ll call off my relationship with my boss, I said, humming silently to myself while confessing my sins and asking for forgiveness.

I cursed my marriage, the anniversary, our senseless brain and everything else that made me come to that hotel that night.

The candle that went off earlier came back on itself, I couldn’t withstand it this time, I fell back in fear and started crying and praying hard.

I was about to turn back towards the giant door I used earlier when i saw another pathway appeared. It was at first empty then I saw a moving figure which looked exactly like the receptionist that welcomed us earlier.

I became calmed a bit, at least, I can go to her and ask her for directions on how to get out of one of this hell’s branches called hotel.

I stood up and tried to move towards her, but instead of her coming towards me, she was moving away from me.

” I don’t understand”, why is she moving back. “Wait, and I’ve repented earlier oo, I will gift this receptionist a holy curse”, I thought angrily to myself.

I wouldn’t want to miss my one chance of getting out of that hotel through her, so I started following her with the aim of stopping her and asking for my direction. This “winch” kept on increasing her pace and it seems like she was running, yet she was walking.

This is not funny anymore. I started crying like a baby goat behind her. I don’t want to die yet cos I’m sure that “Hell is my home”.

She made a turn to her right eventually, that’s the first turn she’ll be taking since we’ve started the impromptu race.

I increased my pace too, I wanted to meet her at the exact turning and I arrived there in time, but instead of seeing this receptionist, what I saw was three men with a breast bigger than that of any woman I’ve ever seen.

Being overwhelmed by an overwhelming fear, I shouted ” Jesus of blood, ooh sorry, Blood of Jesus”.

They were carrying a blade that was as big as me and they were moving towards me with great speed. I don’t need anyone to interpret or tell me that those three were aiming for my head.

I turned immediately with the speed of light, I don’t want to die yet. I felt a new surge of energy going through me and it was fueled by my desire not to be killed, and like a person that just escaped from prison, I started running back towards our room.

All the path we came through with earlier had disappeared, and I realized that I’m now in hot soup. I kept on missing ways and going through many pathways until I came into contact with the long row of rooms.

These three ” bitches” wouldn’t stop chasing me with their traditional blood sucking cutlass.

Even though I was tired, I kept on running. I sight one room that was opened and I entered into it furiously while locking the door behind me.

I bent my head in tiredness and started gasping for breath. I was happy that I got away from them safe and sound.

I raised my head up to check the type of room I entered. Luckily for me, it was our room I went into.

I stood up to go and meet my husband and explain the soup we’ve gotten into to him when I saw blood dropping from the ceiling.

I looked up to see my husband’s corpse hanged upside like a crucified disciple. His mouth was wide opened with blood dripping out of it like a roasted pork.

© Elisha Kehinde Fagbemi

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