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The fuck lord episode 7 – finale

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The fuck lord episode 7 – finale by : 10:17 am On September 12, 2020
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🎁Back from the dead🎁
… 7…. (Finale)
I woke up feeling extremely tired and weak.
My eyes darted to the figure beside me.
It was Knight hut he had his back turned on me.
“Knight? “I muttered.
“Hey.. “He muttered and turned to look at me.
“What… Happened?.. “I asked feeling so sore within my throat.
“You passed out immediately I possessed you. ”
“Did.. Did we succeed? “I asked as I felt a bit sick and the only thing that came to my mind was vomit. I felt like puking.
“No. You didn’t accept me, why? “He asked.
My heart made a mighty leap.
We didn’t succeed?
All this was for f*cking nothing??
I sat up on the bed looking intently at Knight.
“From tomorrow… You won’t be able to communicate with me anymore. I’m fading. “He said.
I gasped.
Oh Noel, why didn’t I accept him.
I felt my eyeballs turn teary and the tears threatened to fall.
Am extremely hurt.
Why did I fail him?
“But am sorry for one thing, Mavka… Had his way. “He said.
My eyes wear filled with tears and regret.
I sniffed hard and bursted into silent tears.
What sort of bad luck is this?
“Wake up Noel! “I heard dad say behind me…
“You got an interview today. Don’t wanna be late. ”
I heard the door to my room jam and I fluttered my eyes open.
It’s morning and am not one bit excited about it.
I had an interview today at the mayor brook. It’s a company any hopeless jobless girl like me would die for and am determined to give a shot at getting a job there…
I slapped both my cheeks with desperation and anger. I have to forget about him. I failed him and neither can I see or hear from him again.
He’s fading…
He’ll die without a revenge…
Another round of tears filled my eyes..
But then a thought struck me, what if he’s here with me watching?
I looked around the room searching with my eyes.
Why don’t I give it a test to see? 😕
I cleared my throat before speaking.
“Good morning Knight!, if you can hear me… I want to feel a gust of wind from the window.. “I said outloud..
I waited for a while
Huh, didn’t he hear me?
I suddenly felt a real nice cool breeze invade around me.
He’s here.
“Knight, I have a question. If am able to kill Mavka, will you rest in piece? “I asked.
The wind came around me again, this time, mightier…
“Also try to let go and forgive him Knight. You’ll rest in piece even more if you do that. “I said
Forgiveness seems to be what he needs right now.
It’s healthier than shedding blood.
Knight didn’t say anything cause I didn’t feel the wind again. Huh.
I can still save knight tho.
I took a one way bus to king Mavka’s palace.
I wore a disguise and had my plan in check. I went into the palace through the back way kitchen. I was able to befriend a chef.
I changed my clothing to a miads and made my outfit extremely short and seductive…
I volunteered to go and clean up king Mavka’s room. I will seduce him and once he’s in for it, I’ll introduce him to my friend, mr death..
Wonder why am doing all this for Knight?.
I made a promise and I had to fulfill it…
Though it’s risky.
By the way, an evil king is meant to be stopped and eliminated.
I was searched before being aloud to go into his chambers.
He was on his bed with a royal robe. He was biting his nails.
I didn’t plan to stay for long anyway.
He glanced at me and maintained his gaze for a while.
“You’re late! “He said with a pesky voice.
I couldn’t say a word.
“Clean this place up and I want it spotless. “He said before leaving and I guess he entered the bathroom.
Now’s my chance!
I tip toed to the bathroom door and grabbed a lamp holder from a stool nearby. I opened the door and slamn!
I hit the lamp on his head and he had blood flowing from a spot in his dark hair. He collapsed groaning.
I wanted to hit him more but I felt a wave of wind around me, just like the one in the room but this time heavier.
I closed my eyes going into a trance
“Thank you. “I heard Knight say and it was like he ressurected or something.
He’s gone.
He forgave him.
He forgave Mavka.
He actually listened to me.
Mavka stood up grunting with grit teeth.
He yelped and collapsed again.
I quickly left his room and took to my heels.
My ghost mystery days are over..
I opened my eyes to reality to see her beside me – the girl I f√¢ked and just as I was about to shoot her, I ran out of bullets.
Why is she here?
I sat up and looked around to see I was in a van, a moving van.
I looked down at my arm.
I was handcuffed.
The strange girl was dabbing a towel on my forehead.
“You’re too cute. “She muttered.
“What’s going on? Where are you taking me? “I asked brusquely.
“To my daddy of course. He’s the main f√¢k lord and he wants to play with you.. “She said and smiled.
“Ah, stop it!! “I yelled uncontrollably as different girls flog me with ropes and sticks.
One of them kicked my balls.
I groaned in pain…
How could she do this? I saved her life After f√¢king her… 😭 😭
“That’s what you get for being a f√¢k lord. “One of them snarled behind me.
They suddenly made way and the girl I saved walked up to me.
She brought a gun pointing at my d*ck. I gulped.
“It was either you killed me or I kill you… “She said before pulling the trigger.
“Arrgh!!! “I yelled waking up from the horrible nightmare.
What sort of dream was that?
I looked beside me to see my brother Knight sleeping soundly beside me.
It was just a nightmare. I have to drop my life of every minute s3x and make peace with Knight to avoid being the f√¢k lord..
😂 😂 😂 my first paranormal short story 🔥
How was it¿
Everything that happened was a dream to Mavka
💡Awwn… Golden flower Finale tomorrow 💡
Then after that…. We expect a super cool new story….
Bye guys 💖💖

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