The fuck lord episode 5 & 6

💫Back from the dead 💫
… 5….
I pulled the trigger. Damn it! I ran out of bullets.
I looked back at the girl. she stood there looking pathetic.
“Fuck off before I kill you with my bare hands. “I threatened her.
She ran out of the room like a scared little chicken.
I scoffed. She’s more than lucky.
The telephone rang. I picked it up.
“Have you found his body?!!! “I roared into the phone.
“Am afraid not… We’ve searched alot of cemeteries. “He replied.
I threw the telephone away angrily. I made a deadly mistake, I should have burnt knight’s body to ashes.
🌷Noel 🌷
I returned to the room, Knight was gone. Where was he?
I sat on my bed.
Suddenly, I felt his presence and I turned to my back, he was there.
“So, how do I stop your brother? “I asked.
“You have to let me posses you once you’re near him. Then I’ll do the rest. I’ll kill him. “He said.
“Okay, so where does he live,? “I asked.
“His castle. Everyday, more than 5 girls are brought for him to mate with. After that, he kills them. ‘
“So, how do I get to him? “I asked with a shaky voice.
“You have to go as a maiden, I’ll be with you so once you’re in his fuck room, I’ll posses you and then fight him.
“But one thing matters, you must accept me. I can’t force myself into you, you must accept me. “He said.
I nodded.
This task… I can do this.
🌷Noel 🌷
Knight helped me into the castle by taking me through a secret entrance. I kept hiding till I entered a room filled with a lot of girls wearing one color of dress.
“Who are they? “I asked Knight whispering.
“They are the girls waiting to be slaughtered on Mavka’s bed. This is the only thing Mavka is good at. Fucking and killing. “He said.
“What if he fucks me… “I muttered extremely scared.
“I’ll posses you immediately you enter his chamber, don’t worry. “He said.
I sniffed feeling super insecure.
Suddenly the door opened ajar and a man walked in.
“Line up! “He ordered fiercely.
All the girls in the room stood up and lined up in a straight line. I joined them too trying not to leave anyone suspicious.
“What’s he gonna do? “I asked whispering to the girl beside me.
“He’s gonna select the girls that’ll meet the king tomorrow. “She said with a shaky voice.
The man got hold of a girl and pulled her out by her arm. He continued to search with his eyes.
He held the girl beside me and drew her out, she was shivering.
He walked past me, I felt relived.
He stopped and turned back at me.
He held me roughly by my arm and drew me out.
Oh heavens!
I was scared and my heart couldn’t stop racing…
“You five to the door! “He yelled at the five us he had selected.
Mavka is truly a fuck lord.
All this girls for him? Every single day?
I gulped as we were taking to God-knows-where.
Episode 6
I was the next in line to go into the king’s room. I was extremely scared and couldn’t pull my mind from thinking of the worst that could happen.
I was on the look out for Knight but I haven’t seen him since morning… Oh mercies!
I heard a loud gunshot from Mavka’s room and I realized he was done and it was practically my turn to face him.
I rubbed my eyes trying to recollect the whole thing.
Once I go in, I act slow, Knight shows up and I accept him and he possesses me and we’re good to go..
My palms were sweaty.
“You! Go in! “A guard yelled ruthlessly at me.
I stole him a glance before moving my feet into the room.
Finally, I was standing before the blood sucking ruthless Mavka.
His blue eyes got me mesmerized and so disapoointing, I couldn’t bare to look away.
His gaze drifted down and I trailed it to where he was looking at in particular.
Oh my! My butt. He was looking at that area.
What could he be thinking and where the hell is Knight?
Is he here?
Why can’t I see him?.
But after this and we succeed in taking down Mavka, What happens to Knight?
Does he disappear?
I wouldn’t want him to.
I couldn’t understand the feeling of hurt that was surging into me.
mixed emotions.
A part of me didn’t like the idea of Knight leaving me.
Oh Damn!
I snapped out of my thoughts as I felt a squeeze on my b**bs.
My eyes flickered to my right and I caught Mavka standing real close to my behind with both his hands on me.
“What’s there to think about when you’ll drop dead in an hour? “He asked bluntly.
I didn’t say a word.
What could I say?
He chuckled.
What’s funny to him?
I felt a more brooding and painful squeeze on both of them. I winced helplessly.
He was squeezing them like they were some toy.
He let go off me and walked to the bed.
He looked at me and the expression on his face said it all..
He wanted me to come over.
I dragged my feet dazed and nervous.
I laid on the bed under his command and his rough hands played with my p***y. It was all new and got me reacting in ways I couldn’t understand much more explain.
Knight, where are you??!!
He left me and came up to my face. He sent his hands to my cheek as he drew them twice. He batted his lashes.
“You’re adorable. But I find it strange… You’re a virgin.
“I don’t order for those caged girls do how come you’re here? “His breath hovered on my face as he spoke.
Oh no!
But wait.. Am still a virgin????
But what of the crazy experience I encountered at the cemetery.
Was that a dream?
But I felt it all the next morning and then it vanished.
Am in a hot mess.
I looked back at Mavka’s grinning face.
What do I tell him, he suspects already.
“Noel… Noel.. “I heard faintly.
I looked towards the door of the room.
But he was looking weak and would collapse any minute from now.
What happened?
“Accept me.. “He said breathlessly.
But how do I do that?
I’ll try.
I closed my eyes trying to meditate. How do I do this?
“You leave me no choice then. “Mavka said and my stare turned to him.
Using a finger, he shifted my undie before getting on top of me.
“It’s huge, its going to hurt a bit. “He said with a deceitful smile.
“Today must be my lucky day. “He grinned as I felt his c**k just at the entrance of my p***y.
‘Knight, do something! ‘I cried in my heart.
Mavka slid in with full force.. Geez!
He actually did it.. 😨
I lost control of myself and I fell unconscious immediately.
🙉Knight must have possessed her so she fell unconscious 🙉

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