The fuck lord episode 4

😨Back from the dead 😨
… 4…
🌷Noel 🌷
“You want me to kill someone??!! “I half yelled freaking out.
I stepped back slowly away from him.
“I really need your help.. “He said.
“Am willing to help you.. But you have to tell me what this os really about. Start from the beginning cause I have jo clue of what’s going on.. “I said.
He nodded.
“Okay, I’ll tell you… ”
“I’m the king in my kingdom. My brother and I fought alot but things went wrong when I.. Spent a night with his girlfriend. It brought a beef between us and we fought more than before. I was tired of the fights so I invited him over to make peace with him. He turned and stabbed me in the back. I died with my heart trying to fight back…
“I didn’t know how I got to that poorly kept cemetery. “He said then paused.
He walked close to me and took my hand softly.
My heart beat rate was much and I feared my heart would come right out of my chest.
“Uh.. Noel, I have something to tell you. Please, forgive me. ”
I furrowed my brows.
“What exactly? “I asked.
“I.. ”
The door shrieked and dad popped his head by the side of the door.
“Noel, you’re back. “He said.
I was scared. But he didn’t act like he was seeing Knight cause he could have freaked out by now.
“Yes, am back dad. Uh.. Be down in a minute. “I told dad.
He nodded and left the room.
I turned to Knight.
“Am sorry I have to go make dinner. Dad must be farmished. “I said.
He nodded letting go off my hand.
Everything’s just super weird and I have no idea of why this is really happening to me.
Can’t I ever be normal?
But this seems more than abnormal. Am standing with a ghost, face to face!
Oh boy.
I unleaned from the bed and looked up at the girl standing by the door.
She had her hands against another looking really scared.
“Come here. “I said softly.
She raised her head and stared at me.
She bit her lower lip as she walked to my slowly. She took off her dress boldly but I could see her eyeballs glistening.
I’ve never seen such before.
I stretched out my hand to her and she took it climbing up the bed to join me.
I pulled her close letting her lie beside me while I sat up watching her as I support my head with my elbow.
I took my eyes to her b**bs which were standing firmly. Not too big neither was it small.
I couldn’t wait to squeeze the life out of it.
“King Mavka ‘, call me that while we make out. “I said.
She nodded.
I smirked.
I loved to hear those moans. Gave me the hyper.
I got on top of her and lifted her legs. I slipped my c**k out in no time. I thrust into her lifting her legs perfectly to her face so I could have a better balance and pound into her deeper. She was tight, just the way I love it.
I increased my tempo and all she could do was whimper like a lost kitten.
I was going into her like a pestal pounding into a mortal.
All I wanted to hear was my name from her lips.
“Call me girl!! Do it right now!! “I yelled uncontrollably.
She was too stubborn and was moaning softly.
First girl to act like this with me in bed. I pulled out of her unexpectedly. Like a flash, I flipped her over and began grinding her from her back side.
She yelped helplessly.
“Please… King mavka please!.. “She cried full of pleasure.
Her voice pulled a trigger in me and i went faster on her like I never did.
I took my hands to her b**bs and squeezed them lightly but the next squeeze got her screaming again.
It was exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it.
Best fuck so far.
We hit climax and a soft moan escaped from my lips. I let go off her b**bs and pushed her away.
She shut her eyes before sitting up. She rushed to her dress and wore it.
I took my gun in my grip pointing it at her.
She stood looking deep into my eyes with those innocent eyes of hers.
I still had my finger on the trigger. After so much hesitation, I pulled it.
He killed her???
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