The fuck lord episode 3

🍃Back from the dead 🍃
… 3….
Noel’s pov
“You’ve got alot of explaining to do stranger cause once I push this button, the cops will be alerted and they’ll come and seize you for invasion of privacy. “I said with a serious look.
I was all dressed up and sitting on the bed.
Luckily, the pain inbetween my legs has vanished completely.. I don’t even feel touched.
“Am Knight. “He said.
“Is that all? How did you get here? Where did you come out from?? “I asked staring at him short of words.
“You don’t want me here… Just say it. “He said.
He stood up going to the door.
“I’ve a mission to fulfill anyway, see you when am horny. “He said staring at the door.
In a blink if an eye, he walked out shutting the door… How strange!
🎀Knight’s pov 🎀
I looked for my mansion and appeared before it.
That insolent brother of mine.
He dare had the guts to kill me for the position as a king.
I went into my room and finally had a change of clothes and to pull myself together. The maids… Nobody could see me, except for the virgin…
I saw a maid going through my drawer and collecting my jewels.
I couldn’t do anything..
She can’t see me neither can I touch her.
Once I get my hands on my brother, I’ll deal with him so my soul could be at peace.
But what if I’m not able to touch him since am a ghost, I need help to deal with him.
The virgin, she can help me.
I was in my room getting ready for bed. I had been to the church earlier to pray against the strange man that I met on my bed.
I laid on my bed reading a book when I looked up.
I jerked up, it was Knight.
In my room. But how?
Is he a witch or something.?
My door was closed.
This is super strange.
He approached me slowly.
I flinched and moved back.
He was persistent and succeeded in pulling me to him.
“What do you want now weirdo! “I yelped.
“I told you I’d be back when am horny. ”
He sent his hand on my soft skin and it lingers on me.
“Please stop. “I said helplessly.
He stopped and stood erect.
I felt relieved.
“The thing is… I need your help. “He said.
I sat up looking intently at him.
“If I help you, would you go away forever? “I asked.
He nodded.
“Okay then, what should I help you with? “I asked.
“I want you to help me eliminate someone… “He said.
🎀Mavka’s pov 🎀
“Ahh.. Please.. Stop! “She screamed as I drilled her from behind.
Am merciless when it comes to f**king.
I turn into a beast.
I finally released and the pleasure flew in.
I waited for a while before I pulled out if her and pushed her roughly.
I grabbed my gun and pointed it at her tummy. I pulled trigger and her blood splashed on my face.
Being a king is good!!!
I took the phone and dialed my PA’s number.
“Send the next girl. “I ordered.
Mavka sounds really dangerous.. 😱

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