The fuck lord episode 2

🔞 Back from the dead 🔞
….. 2…..
❄Noel’s pov cont ❄
I was shivering within.
It came into me fully. I gasped and couldn’t understand the level of pain that was flowing in.
This can’t be!
I can’t loose it like this… With this…
Oh God!
It pulled out slowly coming in again with full force. I had to endure the pain since I couldn’t cry.
The pain was stinging. It thrust in faster now but all I felt was hurt with a little hint of pleasure.
I was starting to loose myself and bit by bit.. I lost consciousness.
*******Morning **********
I rubbed my eyes slowly as I woke up from my horrible ordeal with the invisible dick.
I looked beside me. At first the whole thing was blur but I rubbed my eyes like crazy before it turned out clear to me… A man.
A man was on my bed!
I flinched and jerked up. I was staring at his back. His broad and sexy figure. He was lying on a bed with me.
How? From where did he come from??
I tried to touch him.. Is he dead or alive?
Before my finger tip could come in contact with his skin, he woke up. He seat up looking intently at me.
My world… I’ve never seen such a person in my whole life…
His black shinning hair.. His blue eyes.. Perfect pink lips.. And the baddest of all.. His abs.
I couldn’t believe I was literally drooling over him. I bit my lower lip and cussed.
I drifted my eyes to his manhood.
I quickly took my eyes off it and looked at him.
“Who are you? What are you doing here?! How did you get in?? “I yelled.
He stood up totally ignoring my questions.
“Your room… Too small. “He muttered looking around.
I stood up too.
“I’m going to call the cops if you don’t leave! “I threatened.
“You stink. “He said.
I nervously took my shirt and sniffed it. I do stink.. From the dried up sweats I got from the weird situation I found myself last night. Besides… How did I get here?
I don’t remember walking home..
I took my towel hanging by the wardrobe and hung it across my shoulder.
“Am going to have a bath… Stay put. When I return, I call the cops and get you arrested! “I yelled at him and went into the bathroom.
I was about to shut the door when the strange guy beat me to it entering the bathroom with me.
I shreiked.
“What do you think your doing?! Do you want to see me unclad?? “I yelped.
He ignored me and sent his hand to my towel taking it off. I gasped at how he did it so easily.. With no emotion.
He pulled me close him by my waist and then buried his head on my cleavage taking my n***le into his mouth.
I was leaning against the wall as he sucked on me like he would die if he didn’t drain the life out of me.
The pleasure was daring and I didn’t know when I circled my hands around his neck wishing he’d never stop.
A soft knock landed on the door of my room and it opened up.
I forgot I had a dad.
I tried so hard to pull the guy away from me as I went to the bathroom door, I opened it a bit popping my head out.
Dad was in my room.
“Oh, you were in the shower? “He asked.
I beamed.
I still don’t know how I got home..
“I’m making cookies for the party the street is hosting tonight. “Dad said.
I kept a smiling face.
I suddenly felt a touch on my bum and it trailed up to my butt.
I shuddered. What does this guy think he’s doing??!
He pressed my right butt hard.
I used my left hand to push his hands off. We began struggling but he succeeded and kept messing with my butt…
Dad kept blabbing stuff and he finally left.
I turned to the guy to give him a piece of my mind.
“They’re too small anyway.. “He said.
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