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The fuck lord episode 1

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The fuck lord episode 1 by : 8:51 am On September 12, 2020
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👑Back from the dead👑
By Eunice Nwodu
.. 1 ..
Who knew just one night at the cemetery would change my life forever…
Am Noel. A fresher from college. I had gone abroad to study and now am back.
I was on scholarship.
My father works at the cemetary. I hated his job but he wasn’t willing to resign anytime soon.
It’s Sunday evening and the normal routine was me making dinner before dad comes home but it seems odd.
Dad’s late today.
He’s not yet back from the cemetery and he doesn’t have any food with him.
I quickly whipped some yummy Chilli and sauce with some plantain.
I had to take it to him.
I put in a clean food warmer and took an umbrella with me before leaving for the cemetery.
I arrived. It’s already getting dark but I wasn’t scared at least.
Rain was drizzling outside. I sensed the rain might be extremely heavy cause of the rough wind.
I opened the gates walking into the quiet place.
I had been here once before but not this late at night.
“Noel?? “I heard dad ask from behind. I turned to see him in a winter coat and winter boots.
“Dad… I had to bring you food since you didn’t take breakfast in the morning. “I said.
Dad came under my umbrella and we he took us to his office.
“Thank you so much my dear. It’s late and something could have happened to you. “He said.
I smiled and dropped the flask on his desk opening it.
I heard the rain outside increase 10 times more.
“I think there’s a storm coming. You can’t return home now, you have to sleep here. “Dad said.
I felt a cramp by my abdomen.
I can’t stay here..
It’s a grave yard for peace sake!
I looked out the window… The wind and everything…
I turned to dad.
“Okay. Do you have any blanket? “I asked dad.
He nodded and stepped out of the office.
Minutes later he returned with blankets. I couldn’t even touch them.
“Dad, I hope this wasn’t used to wrap up a dead body? “I asked.
Dad chuckled.
“Nope. They are still new. “He replied.
I looked for a spot to stay to rest my head.
🎀Knight’s pov 🎀
My body shook bit by bit as I sensed her presence… A virgin…
A virgin here at the cemetery?
How’s this possible?
She’s Just what I need to retrieve my form and get my revenge on Mavka so my soul can rest.
My spirit made its way out from the dead body. I hovered out of the body and went in search for her.
🎀Noel’s pov🎀
I was fast asleep but was awoken when I heard a sound outside. Dad has eaten his food and had gone to another office to sleep. He wasn’t comfortable sleeping here with me.
I felt a presence, I couldn’t tell what it was.
Suddenly I heard a soft m0@n… I sat up from the stack of clothes I was lying on.
I felt soft f!ng£rs tracing on my bare skin. My leg hairs were reacting to the touch. What is this?
Fear engripped me and goosebumps popped out of my skin.
My legs suddenly pulled apart. What’s happening?
I shrieked as hot sweats came up on my face.
All I thought of was running out and calling on dad but moving seemed to be the problem. I was stiff. Paralyzed completely…
With my very eyes, I saw my panties tear into shreds. I was shivering inwardly.
What’s going on?
Was I dreaming?
I felt something strong coming bit by bit into my v*gina.
Oh,.. Please no!

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