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The devil’s mate episode 9

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The devil’s mate episode 9 by : 5:52 am On March 12, 2021
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The Devil’s Mate
Alpha’s Wyrd Mate
♦ Story by: Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book nine ♦🔷🔶
★★★ Kale ★★★
Silence; that was all I was met with when I reached out to comfort Killian. Killian had howl and whimper in pain all-night, stayed low on the ground at mother’s oasis as he mourned his mate. By the time I shifted back, he went silent, not making a single sound or showing he was there. It was like he was dead but still alive. I had never felt this guilty in my entire life, Killian had never felt so much pain and rejection. He had always been the strong one both physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. When my parents died, he made me strong and gave me a purpose. he gave me a course. He had never argued with my decisions before, like what I wanted to do, but yet I deprived him of the one person he yearned for more than anything and anyone. I didn’t really think my decision through, I just did it and the result was this. Kawee didn’t care, I forgot she was a stony hearted one. Every single ounce of affection she had for him was gone, replaced with utter and maybe irrevocable contempt. Mates are capable of hating each other, that is what prompts rejection. Makawee was going to reject us, I could feel it. Killian was already dying from the thoughts of rejection or she with another unmated male. Her eyes said it all, she won’t rest until she pays me back the exact way I did her.
‘Alpha, you still haven’t told us what is wrong with you,’ Zack, one of the oldest wolf in the pack said worriedly. The eldest wolves, my beta, beta female, gamma, chief warrior and of course, Riley surrounded me in the pack hall, begging me to tell them what was wrong. Robecca knew, but she was under command not to say a word. Rick was spying at the door, too afraid to come closer to me.
‘Kale, I can’t feel your wolf,’ Becca said anxiously. ‘Is your wolf hurt?’ I didn’t answer them, I remained seated on my chair, downing myself in alcohol. The Alphas of the packs that came to visit were here too, trying to figure out what was wrong with me.
‘Alpha Kale, I can’t feel your wolf,’
‘Why did you howl?’
Why? I’m a fool, that’s why.
I shouldn’t feel so guilty, no, but my wolf was paying the price of my selfish decision. A weak and broken wolf was a damage alpha, I was getting damaged emotionally and mentally. I couldn’t even think of what to do, how to fix it because simple apology wouldn’t fix the problem. ‘A…’
‘Please just stop it! All of you! Get out!’
‘Now!!!’ Many ran out in fear, I was switching to tantrum mode and they all know how easy I kill when I’m throwing a tantrum. They all quickly left me alone, locking the door behind them so I would finish my thrashing in there. I fell back on the chair, I didn’t have the strength to even pick up anything and smash it.
Killian please, talk to me, I beg you… Silence, I was met with silence… If you talk to me, I promise I will do anything and everything it takes to get our mate back, I won’t let any other male touch her, no male shall spill their semen on or in her, I promise… Still silence… Killian, I am making a promise, please, I will get our mate back, I promise.
Killian stirred in my head, making me know that my begging was working.
Buddy, remember we are pals? I know I made a selfish decision out of anger and hate but I promise you that I will shove down that hate and anger, keep it to myself and make sure I win her heart, make her love you again, I promise. Killian please, don’t let us break down, don’t let out pack members keep seeing us like this and wondering why. I promise you Killian, I will never let anyone else mate with her except us. Please?
He growled softly and turned again.
Please Killian. Even if you don’t want to talk to me, make your presence known, don’t let the others feel your weakness. I beg you, come back.
It wasn’t much, but he listened to that last part. The surface of my skin tingled as I felt my energy return to me. He wasn’t going to talk to me, but he was holding me to my promise. Now how do I do that? Huffing loudly, I stood up and ran to the door, yanking it off it hinges and throwing the heavy platinum on the ground. I ran out of the building, halted when I saw the entire pack – at least most of them – sitting on the ground with their heads bowed in sorrow.
‘All of you, get up and get back to your respective lives, I’m fine now.’
‘Kaley!’ Spinning on the ball of my foot, I whirled around to face him. He jumped into my arms and wrapped his hands around my neck, grinning from ear to ear. ‘Are you feeling better now? Are you still sad?’
‘No, I’m fine now.’
‘Did you smash the room?’
‘Heh, heh, no, I didn’t.’
‘Why were you sad?’
‘I’m sorry, but that is something I would rather keep it to myself,’ I rubbed my nose on his temple. He laughed and shook his head, still insisting I tell him. ‘I will tell you soon but not now.’
‘How soon?’ He peered at my face, making his suspicion well known. I chuckled and ruffled his hair before dropping him back on the ground.
‘I need to wash up, I’ll check on you later.’
‘But you haven’t answered my question, how soon?’
‘Say hi to your brother for me,’
‘Kaley don’t…’ I ran out of his presence, laughing as he started nagging like my father when mother refused to attend to him. That was one of the reasons I love him, he shared the same personality with my father, even for a kid of six.
I ran back to my room, the wind whooshing behind with me. My legs automatically halted at the space between my room and hers. I looked at her door, contemplating whether I should go in or not. Killian whimpered, he didn’t want me to go, didn’t want me to hear or see the hate in her tone and face. Shaking my head, I turned to my own room, getting hold of the doorknob and twisting it. I froze when her room door opened, my heart palpitating as her scent captivated my nostrils. I threw my head back, m0@ning at how harsh and more lovely she smelt.
‘Good morning Alpha, had a good night?’ She asked mockingly. ‘I most certainly did.’
Don’t listen, go inside… Killian pleaded.
‘Kale, you’ve been drinking,’ she crooned, I looked at her over my shoulder to shoot her a glare, but my hand fell from the doorknob, my jaw stretching down to the very limit it could. My eyes flew wide in shock, slapping me into a gawking thunderstruck state. I wasn’t just gobsmacked, I was flummoxed at the same time.
Standing behind me and shifting nervously from one foot to the other as she stared at everything but my eyes, was my mate with a totally different look. It wasn’t much of a different but the little changes she made to her body and look, was slapping my senses into a coma. Like I said before, Kawee is the most enchanting and breathtaking woman I have ever set my eyes on, and not just because she is my mate. With how dirty and unkept she looked before, it was easy for males to remain blind to her beauty, but with how she was glowing right now, I would have to deal with more males other than Carlyle.
No, keep them away from her… Killian whined.
Her hair… How did she successfully pack that hair in buns or left it falling mid back with that length all this while? Her hair was in thick braids, braids weaved together to form a bigger, thicker and tighter braid held by pins and bands. I could tell her white hair was longer than that… That’s true, she does have snow white hair, how come? Moving on, her hair framed her heart face, giving it some kind of sharp look and popping out her small plump red lips. She was wearing lashes and eyeliner; the lashes and liner made her eyes pop out. Her eyes were beautifully glassy hunter green with carmine highlight and a thin dove grey shading around the irises. Everything made her face look fiercer in a alluring way. Now moving on to how her hair fell over her shoulder, covering half of her body down to her ankle. The other side was enough view to make men wonder what was hidden behind the thin fabric she was wearing. Her dainty and svelte body – especially her waist – made her hips more prominent. Should I used the word “willowy” for her? She was too good to be true, like the moon goddess herself, her skin glowing more than it ever had.
‘Kale,’ she snapped, I snapped out of it. It was then I realised she was shaking me to get me back to reality. ‘Stop ogling me for one second and listen!’ Only now did I acknowledge the tenderness of her voice, the melting silk that tightly entwined itself with every single words that left her mouth. Her voice was lush, silk itself and like a gentle evening breeze, crooning you to sleep, soothing one’s soul like a little magic ice.
How am I seeing it now?
You are a fool and completely blind, that’s why.
Thanks for the reminder, I didn’t forget that… I replied sardonically.
‘For Pete’s sake, you’re not listening!’ She exclaimed. Shouting didn’t suit her voice, not one bit. ‘I was going to ask if… Nevermind, suit yourself.’ She huffed and walked out, swaying her ass…
Hey, hey, hey! Where is she going dressed like that?!
‘Hey, come back here Kawee!’ I ran after her, blocking her path. ‘Where do you think you are going wearing that?’ She looked down at what she was wearing and raised her head, looking at me plainly.
‘Work, I’m going to work.’
‘Work or seduce every single unmated and mated males here,’ I huffed annoyedly. ‘Don’t you know they will all lust after you with how you are dressing?’ I tried to keep my voice as calm as ever, to avoid unnecessary yelling.
‘Oh really,’ she said, folding her arms under her br£@sts. ‘And what did I tell you last night?’ She asked coldly.
‘Makawee, would it make you feel better if I apologize?’
‘Don’t use Killian, you weren’t thinking about him when you did what you did, or did you?’ I whimpered. ‘Just the same way you didn’t consider his feelings, neither would I. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have kitchen business to attend to.’ She made to strut out on me. I grabbed her arm, feeling Killian’s anger rise simultaneously with mine. We are alphas, we don’t like being insulted or disrespected but that was what she had been doing.
‘You seem to have forgotten that I am Alpha Kale, owner of the land you walk on. Makawee, you are daring me, don’t push me.’
‘Or else what? You will kill my friends? I don’t really…’ I snarled viciously, digging my claws into her arm. ‘Kale, you are hurting me, stop it.’
‘Stop it?’ I laughed dryly. ‘Do you know the kind of pain Killian went through because of what you said!’ I roared into her face. ‘The kind of pain he is feeling right now!’
‘Do you know the kind of mental and emotional pain I went through because of what you did and made me see?!’ She yelled back. ‘It hurts doesn’t it? Feeling something gnawing at your conscience, your energy depleting because of the pain. Dying from the fire of jealousy and bitterness eating it way into your heart. That was how I felt! That is how I still feel whenever I remember all the times you made me listen to you m0@n her name, watch you have your hands allover her and klzz her while my heart rip to shred. Kale, you left me to bleed just because of what? Hate?! If I died, you wouldn’t be standing here, holding my hand and yelling into my face when you know everything is your fault. You want to threaten me, do it. Beat me up if that would make you feel better and proud. The least you can do is kill my friends, that wouldn’t change a thing. Wanna know why? I watched you decapitate my father, crushed my brothers skulls, wipe out my entire clan and everything I hold dear and most painfully, killed the person I care about the most…’ She stretched her lips into a doleful smile and chuckled humorlessly. ‘If I could lose so many people in a day, lose the one person that makes me feel like I exist, then losing two or three more won’t break me. If my mother’s death didn’t kill me, no one else’s would, not…even…yours.’
Killian howled dolefully, rolling over with pain.
‘Now let go of my hand before I show you the true meaning of lightning,’ she yanked her hand away from mine, not caring if her flesh tore open with the force. ‘I’m still keeping my promise Kale, if you like, wipe out your entire pack because they just couldn’t keep their eyes off their alpha’s petty little slave.’
My hands trembled, fighting the urge to reach out and hold her to myself, to comfort her and beg for mercy. I can never beg her, not when I still breathe. Instead, I would find a better way to keep all males away from her. I just need to calm Killian down so I can think clearly. Makawee gave me one last scornful look, her eyes turning dove grey completely. With a scoff and a sneer, she walked out on me, swaying her hips to spite me.
To be continued.
Yes o, show him fire. The real thing haven’t even started yet. I would have typed longer but I don’t have enough battery to do that.
Please like, don’t just leave without liking this post and of course, commenting your thoughts.
Don’t feel too sorry for Killian, Kale can’t be punished without him, they are one.
Hope you are enjoying the story, if yes, tap or click like and react with love, care or haha if you want. Thank you.

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