The devil’s mate episode 8

The Devil’s Mate •
Alpha’s Wyrd Mate •••••••••••••••
♦ Story by: Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book eight ♦🔷🔶
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint (Kawee) ¶¶¶
I stared at my feet, fighting the tears from falling. My lips were trembling, hands shivering and trying to hold on to each other, my legs automatically shifting from one one foot to the other. My head was swelling and eyes burning from the unshed tears. All I wanted to do was claw at my ears, beg it to stop hearing the sounds they were making, gorge out my eyes so I wouldn’t have to witness the wickedness displaying in front of me. My ears felt like it was being baptised with the most unholy sounds in existence, my tongue could almost taste my own bile. The pain wasn’t just gnawing at my consciousness, it was chewing up my mental stability and emotional strength. I was losing it, almost passing out from watching another woman sit on and exchange flesh with my mate. It was ripping me apart, especially when I could feel his desire and enjoyment. He was enjoying what she was doing to him; kissing, touching, using her tongues to work wonders on him. I shouldn’t care because I never wanted a man in the first place, but he was my fucking mate!
I can’t keep watching this… I sobbed mentally… I’m going to pass out Halona, I can’t do this.
You are going to stand firm, don’t let him get to you… Her voice reflected mine, filled with pain, bitterness. She was me after all.
I raised my head and looked at them one more time, he was on top of her now, moving and moaning. My hand flew to my mouth, holding in the sob. My lips were bleeding from how much I bit it, my tongue tasting like bile and blood. Tired of everything, I rest on the door, eyes closing as darkness slowly called out to me.
Snap out of it Makawee! Remember who you are!
Her shout did wake me up, but didn’t stop the pain. Holding my chest, I could see from the corner of my eyes that he glanced at me. Oh, how easy it would be to reject him, spit on his face but then, Giselle and the others, I couldn’t let them get involve in this. Finally! The torture finished, they were done. They got out of the tub in their towels, kissing as he carried her out of the bathroom. I stood at the door, refusing to leave. He threw me out of his way, the throw sending me to the sink. I bashed my head against it, tumbling to the floor and hitting my head again. I felt him shift with worry and panic but he fought the urge to come to me.
‘Don’t die on my floor, go out and die,’ was his wicked uttering. ‘And clean up your blood off my expensive property.’ He left me there to bleed to death. That did it, I remained on the floor, letting all the tears I was holding go. I cried my eyes out, kept my voice down but still cried. My head was bleeding, it didn’t matter because he didn’t care. I washed it off, cleaned the blood and walked out of the bathroom, heading straight to the door, ignoring what they were doing on the bed.
‘And where do you think you are going?’ Mabel asked.
‘Let her go,’ the devil said coldly. I didn’t wait to hear anything, I walked out of the room. I found my way out, ignoring the surprised look of everyone I came across. I had blood soaking my tank top and shorts, I was already dizzy from losing so much blood. Of course they knew their alpha did it, only he had the right to hurt me after giving the orders not to.
‘Good gracious!’ Freya, one of the nice she-wolf exclaimed. ‘Did Alpha do this to you?!’ I nodded positively. ‘Mommy Renée isn’t home, I’ll take you to Taylor,’ she rushed to me and ran me to the pack doctor. I had become a frequent patient.
‘What happened to her?!’ Taylor exclaimed in shock. ‘She’s losing blood! Where’s Mercy!’
‘Alpha did it,’ Freya said hatefully. ‘After doing so much to get her to eat and gain blood, he is doing this…’
‘Enough Freya! Remember who you are talking about with such tone.’ Taylor snapped. Taylor cleaned the wound up, put me on drip and sedated me. He couldn’t get me any pint of blood, my blood type wasn’t something you would see in blood banks or amongst people. My blood was rare. I had to eat to regain my strength.
I woke up early at 4am, feeling like the world was collapsing on me. I was hungry, tired, broken, shattered, flustered, miserable; it felt like I was dead. I removed the drip from my body and stood up wobbly, swaying dizzily. My legs started moving, I just wanted to move, just wanted to die. I kept walking, just walking until I found myself at my new oasis. I collapsed at the bank of the river, keeping my hand in the water as I stared at the sky with emptiness.
This feeling, it’s destroying you Kawee, remember who you are. Who are you Makawee? Who are you?
I gathered all my strength and forced myself to sit. I had forgotten the training mother gave me because of a man; don’t think, don’t feel, don’t let it show and they won’t know. I inhaled and crossed my legs, breathing lightly. I closed my eyes and meditated, shutting out everything and all emotions I had developed since I came here. Even if I was mated to him, I won’t let him see me fall anymore.
I stood at the table set in the garden for Kale and Mabel. I stood like a real servant, not caring about what they were doing. He seemed to forget that I was the same walking corpse he brought from her island. I was back to the walking corpse. He had been trying rubbish for three days but I wasn’t paying attention. He insisted I came back to work when I returned from the oasis, disregarding Taylor’s warning about my health. Though it was still breaking me, I didn’t let my emotions flow when I was with him. All he got from me was emptiness and it was frustrating him. Instead of watching them share a bed, I thought back to my mother, our time together and how much I hate Kale for killing her. If there was any emotion he felt at all, it was nothing than my bitter hatred for him.
‘Kawee,’ he snapped. I rolled my eyes to him, an apathetic expression on my face. ‘Pour more wine for me,’ I bowed. Respecting his order, I walked closer and picked up the bottle of wine. I was pretty much aware of his annoyed stare. I diligently poured more wine for him, dropped the bottle and stepped back. ‘Goddammit!’ He cursed and glared at me. ‘Get out!’ I bowed like a toy, turned and walked out on him. I walked straight to find Carina, I needed to hug someone.
I found her seated at a pond, looking down at her reflection sadly. ‘Carina,’ I sobbed. She raised her head and looked over shoulder. ‘I came here to get a hug but guess you need that more than me,’ I said chucklingly, holding back my tears. I sat beside her, folding my legs to my left. ‘What’s wrong?’
‘The gamma, I found out something today, the reason he always loves being around me.’
‘What is it?’
‘I remind him of his dead mate, I’m like the rope holding him together. I never knew his mate, never knew he had one. According to what I overheard him telling Andre, the beta, he said he had just found her and she was reluctant to accept the bond. His mate was a rogue female, she was scared. The next thing he heard, she was killed.’
‘By my people?’
‘If it was by yours, you wouldn’t be breathing by now,’ she chuckled dryly. ‘By another pack. Her rogue group attacked a pack, she died in the midst of it.’
‘Oh, so why isn’t he dead?’
‘He only met her once and hadn’t loved her yet. They didn’t even make any physical contact, barely talked to each other so the bond was barely there. He survived it, especially when he met me almost instantly. He pushed his emotions to me; his mate’s lookalike. I was just being used.’ She said sadly.
‘What did you expect?’ I scoffed. ‘That he’ll love you like you love him,’ I sneered. ‘All these wolves are wicked and need to die,’ I said through gritted teeth. ‘Let me not generalise it, just the mates.’
‘How do you mean?’
‘Kale is my mate,’ I said bitterly. Her eyes widened. ‘Don’t you feel pity for me! Don’t make me feel pathetic!’ I shouted. ‘I hate him and everything he is doing to me, all he is doing. It’s killing me watching him with her, breaking me spiritually, emotionally and…and…and…everythincally!’ She chuckled. ‘It’s not funny!’ I screamed, tears threatening to spill. ‘I don’t know what is going on, I don’t know what to do,’ I cried into my palms.
‘You wanna know what you’ll do? You are going to stand up, get out there and make him jealous,’ I looked at her confusedly.
‘He thinks he is the only one who can make his mate jealous, well, he should think again.’ She huffed angrily.
‘No Kawee, you are beautiful, gorgeous, any male would die at your feet if only you put yourself together and make use of your beauty. Now I know how Jeremy feel abi me, I will use it to my advantage to get my freedom, use what I have to get what I want. Have I told you that I’m pregnant?’ I gasped. ‘Well I am, and I’m going to use that to move from the slave quarters. You,’ she held my shoulders and shook me. ‘You are going to find one of the sexiest unmated male here who likes you, and make him jealous. You will flirt with every single unmated males, humans, all of them. You’ll dress sexy, act sexy and go about with every single male that likes you. Don’t sleep with them, just make Alpha Kale jealous.’
‘What do I do? How do I do that?’ She smirked and wiggled her brows.
‘You came to the right person,’
Five days of lessons, Rina was a good teacher and I a fast learner. I knew what I had to do but I was yet to find someone worth my time. Kale was hosting a dinner for the Alphas of seven packs that came to visit, I was to attend as one of the maids. I removed my magic headbands and hairpins, let my hair fall and gave it a good wash. I bathe with the new soap Riley gave me and wore one of the nicest dress in my small wardrobe. It was a silver satin dress since the dress code was silver. I looked really nice even without adding makeup or anything special. I removed my hair from the tight bun and let it fall mid-back. Added a little perfume to smell nicer.
So, here I was standing at the dinning hall, most wolves staring at me because my queenly aura was radiating. Keeping my compose state, I kept my face blank of all emotions. Kale was highly uncomfortable; few times, the unmated males made comments about my body, whistled and stripped me with their eyes. Kale couldn’t do anything, couldn’t growl, couldn’t snarl and it was frustrating him. They started talking about business, all complaining about a certain Carlyle that was always late.
‘Yabo!!!’ Someone shouted, bursting into the dinning room. ‘Your finest table please!’ Everyone groaned, some hitting their heads on the table. ‘Wuzz up niggas!’ I averted my eyes to the loud person.
Oh my my! Oh my my! Who do we have here!… Lona chirped… Who is this sexy man!
Sexy werewolf or as you would call it…
…blessed hunk of creamy werewolf flesh!… We squealed together. Kale’s head snapped towards me, a growl leaving his throat. He heard that. Everyone else thought he was growling at the Carlyle guy.
‘Geez big dog, chill,’ Carl said laughingly. ‘Sorry I’m late as usual,’ he dragged a chair back and threw himself on it. ‘So, what’s for dinner? I’m starv… Oh hello beautiful,’ he purred when his eyes landed on me. ‘Now who is this delicate little flower?’
Jealous object, found.
I sneered at him, rolling my eyes while shaking my head. ‘That is the daughter of the killer of werecreatures,’ Mabel had to say. Carl furrowed his brows.
‘Are they this beautiful? If I knew, I would have gotten one as souvenir.’
‘You weren’t even there when we attacked,’ Kale snarled.
‘I was busy, I sent my warriors along with you, what else do you want from me,’ he said with a childish annoyance. He slouched down on his chair like a drunk man and grinned at me. ‘Okay pretty ass, come dish my food for me,’ I walked to him elegantly, not smiling at all. Everyone was watching us. ‘What, don’t you smile?’
‘Why would she smile when she’s a prisoner and her family are dead,’ Becca scoffed.
‘Why are you even being nice to her,’ a female added disdainfully.
‘I am nice to beautiful women,’ Carl replied with a wiggle of his brows.
‘But you are not nice to me,’ another woman said, never seen her before.
‘Like I said, to beautiful women,’ some of the females and males laughed. The insulted lady turned red in embarrassment. ‘Anyways,’ he took my hand, squeezing it gently. ‘I’m sorry for your lost, we didn’t have any choice than to defend ourselves… Why are you even alive?’
‘She saved me,’ Riley replied.
‘Oh, the nice one,’ he said with a cryptic tone. ‘It’s nice to meet an Angel like you,’ he placed a soft kiss on the back of my hand. I smiled, like genuinely. He was really nice and I could tell. ‘What’s the name of my lovely flower?’
‘She doesn’t talk,’ Kale snarled again.
‘It’s Makawee,’ I answered, smiling widely at him. A few gasps left their mouths. Either because of the pleasantness of my voice, the fact that I actually talk or both. ‘You can call me Kawee.’
‘Carlyle, you can call me Carl or Lyle but since most people call me…’
‘I’ll call you Lyle, it suits you, almost sexy…’ I winked at him. He burst into laughter, hitting the table and causing the plates to clank. ‘I said almost,’ I said in a singsong.
‘Of course,’ he laughed, nodding his head. ‘You have a lovely voice Kawee, as lovely as your face…’
‘Okay!’ Kale shouted angrily. ‘Are we here to watch you flirt with my personal slave or talk business!’ I wiggled my brows at Lyle teasingly. He started laughing again.
‘Oh, pardon me Alpha boy o,’ Lyle laughed. ‘She’s adorable, can I take my flirting to somewhere more personal?’ He asked with a suggestive smile at me. I giggled and cupped my mouth, looking down at my feet shyly. My cheeks were blossoming red, as red as Mabel’s tomato lipstick. Kale snapped, rising up abruptly and smashing his fists on the table. The table split into two, crashing on the floor with the foods and drinks. Everyone stood up, sacred of his anger. Me, I was unsatisfied.
Want more?… I asked Lona.
Make it burn.
‘Get out! Get out!’ He roared at me. I didn’t flinch, didn’t show any sign of fear to their surprise. Don’t be too convince, I was terrified. I turned to Lyle and bowed at him.
‘I’ll take my leave now, goodnight Lyle.’ I love Carlyle, he had audacity. He winked at me before I spun around and started cat walking out. Immediately I was out, I met Carina who giggled.
‘You were awesome,’ she mouthed.
‘I know,’ I mouthed back. We held hands and ran out of the house, heading back to her pond. ‘Have you told Jeremy about your pregnancy?’
‘Not yet, I’m waiting for the right time, the right plan,’ she rubbed her palms together with a playful evil cackle. ‘It’s going to be delicious.’
‘Don’t do anything crazy,’
‘I am crazy, it wouldn’t matter. Now, tell me you are going to up your jealousy game.’ She chirped.
‘Tomorrow, I’m going on skimpy uniform and letting my hair fall completely, make everyone believe I’m dressing up for Carlyle. I won’t just flirt with Lyle, there was another alpha staring at me. Kale is going to get a heart attack.’
‘I’m so proud of you,’ she sobbed, surprising me with a hug. ‘You are growing up.’
‘Hands off,’ I laughed. ‘Any news from Giselle?’
‘Yeah, she’s returning from the lake house tomorrow or next,’
‘Alright, I’m going to meet Riley,’
‘For what?’
‘Skin pampering of course, skin pampering.’
Two hours later, I walked into my room humming. Kale was sitting on my bed, staring at me furiously. ‘Can I help you Alpha?’
‘What was the meaning of that!’
‘Shhh,’ I shushed. ‘The whole pack can hear you,’ I added. ‘As for your question, the meaning of what?’
‘That stunt you…’
‘I wouldn’t call it a stunt, I would call it getting to know a gorgeous juicy werewolf that makes me hot allover…’ He snarled viciously, making me jump back in surprise.
‘You will not do that, you belong to me!’
‘You have been sleeping around, why can’t I do the same? I don’t mind getting banged by that blessed hunk of creamy werewolf flesh,’ I hissed erotically. ‘Such a yummy guy…’ He rushed to me with speed and slammed me against the door, growling into my face.
‘Don’t say that, don’t do that for another male or else…’
‘You’ll kill my friends? Do it, I dare you,’ I said challengingly. ‘By killing Carina, you’ll be killing your Gamma’s unborn child and by killing Giselle, I’ll reject you to your filthy ugly face.’
‘You wouldn’t dare,’
‘Wanna give it a test? I’m more than willing to reject you,’ I said smirkingly.
‘Goddammit!’ He slammed his fists on the door, puffing angrily. Lona was whooping and cheering me on. I sucked in air and clicked my tongue.
‘Temper, temper, temper,’ I said tauntingly. ‘Didn’t your mother teach you how to control it? Oh sorry, she was killed.’ He suddenly strangled me, squeezing my throat in fury. I kept smiling, taunting him with it. He let go of my neck, coughing as he staggered back. I coughed a little, rubbing my sore throat.
‘Don’t insult my mother,’
‘Don’t interfere with my life,’ I coughed. I cleared my throat and straighten my back. ‘You get to fuck whoever you want, I get to do that as well, no one gets hurt…’
‘I will kill him if he lays a hand on you!’ I rolled my eyes.
‘You’re so dumb, he is not the only one around, any idiot can do it for me. I hope you feel my head swell with pleasure as he pumps into me, filling me up more than you or your pathetic pity bodied excuse of a wolf ever will.’
‘Don’t say that,’ he whimpered. ‘You are hurting Killian,’
‘Well,’ I swung my hands dramatically. ‘You can go fuck yourselves or Mabel, I don’t care. I pray you hear me moaning, dying under the pain that you aren’t the one making me purr and explode with pleasure, now leave my room dear Alpha.’
Did he leave? No. He pinned me to the door again and tried to kiss me, but I instinctively clamped my hand on my mouth. I glared at him, daring him to try nonsense. He angrily pushed me out of the way and opened the door to stomp out.
After words, after words!… Lona shouted.
‘Oh, and Kale,’ I called out before he left. He stopped walking but didn’t turn around. ‘I heard our mate heat would arrive pretty soon,’ I chuckled evilly. ‘Let’s see how you will explain how I am capable of being in heat when I’m not a wolf. I guess you won’t mind me sorting it out with some other juicy hunk,’ I breathe in coquettishly. ‘It’s going to get pretty hot then.’ He ran out, probably going to shift to his wolf and run off the anger. I giggled and shut my door gently, acting like nothing just happened.
I bounced on my bed and hugged the pillow, I felt so happy abs fulfilled. The joy in my heart was more than vocabulary words could put down. I was in cloud nine. Suddenly, I heard a loud mournful howl, one filled with sorrow and pain. I sighed sadly, Killian. His howl was so loud my body started trembling from the mass of his pain. The entire pack started howling, howling back to their Alpha’s sorrowful howls. Their howls was filled with questions, reflected sorrow. They must be wondering why he was mourning.
‘Goddess,’ I cried when he howled again, hugging my pillow tighter. He was in serious emotional pain. His packs howled back.
I wish I can kiss you right now Kawee… Lona shrieked excitedly… Don’t feel sorry for them, they deserve it.
But he is crying.
Oh fuck that, you cried, didn’t you? He even hurt us when he broke our head and left us to die. This is karma speaking bitch, and his pain is just beginning.
Even though I didn’t want to agree to her, she was right. Hmm, Carina has changed me.
That’s right bitch! Be ready to rip out your own head Kale, I’m not done with you yet. The only sweetheart I pity here is Killian. Let’s pray Carl don’t die. 😁

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