The devil’s mate episode 7

The Devil’s Mate
Alpha’s Wyrd Mate
♦ Story by: Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book seven ♦🔷🔶
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint (Kawee) ¶¶¶
I giggled as hot air blew onto my face, it was ticklish in a way I couldn’t understand. I shook my head, pushing at the air to go away, but I only felt someone nudge me by my shoulder. Peeling my weak eyes open, I was greeted with a large wolf standing over me. A normal person would scream their lungs out, but I didn’t. For reasons I couldn’t understand, the wolf’s beautiful strange gold and amethyst eyes was warm and friendly, assuring me that I was safe with him. I wondered how a wolf could have amethyst eyes, those orbs were familiar.
It’s Kale you dumb idiot.
Oh! Now I remember!
It all came running back to me, everything that happened last night. I connected the dots, Kale’s wolf was the one who howled, the howl that pulled out of the grotto. I strangely had strong affection for the wolf, more than I liked the human in him.
Because he’s nicer, duh.
Shut up Lona.
Good morning to you too. Isn’t his wolf big and so strong? Yummilicious.
That’s not a w…
Kale’s wolf puffed air into my face. I giggled again and raised my hands up, touching his cheeks and rubbing it gently. ‘Good morning my rock,’ he tilted his head confusedly. ‘You’re my rock because you are the strong pillar that keeps me standing. I know you will never hurt me, even though you’re a big bad wolf. Unlike the ugly being in you, you are much more lovable and admirable,’ he stared at me incredulous, obviously stunned by my words. I could tell it was the first time someone was preferring his wolf to his human. His wolf must have been the scary violent one, so hearing me prefer him was unbelievable.
Well it’s true… Lona agreed… I feel much more safer with him than Kale.
‘Can I stand up? I’m getting dizzy,’ he shook his head. Somehow, I understood what he meant. “Hold on to my face, I’ll pull you up.” I held his cheeks tighter, he lifted me up delicately and made me stand on my feet. ‘Thank you, I’ll really love to know your name, I’m sure Kale mentioned it once. What was it again?’ He stepped back and crouched, wagging his tail. ‘Starts with K, right?’ He nodded. I closed my eyes, trying to remember the name Kale called.
Killian… Lona chirped.
I snapped my eyes open with a grin. ‘Killian?’ He yelped with joy. I laughed and ruffled his hair. ‘Such thick fur you have, very beautiful.’ Killian’s coat was gold, thick golden fur with little silver tint. His wolf was beautiful, absolutely.
Yes, fall for the wolf and not the human.
Can you cut the sarcasm off?
Can you be reasonable and love both? You can’t divide them.
Yes, I can.
No, you can’t and will never.
Do you prefer I love the jerk that insults us? The jerk that killed mother!
The jerk who is the same person as his wolf… She added… Don’t fool yourself, they are the same.
‘Ignoring the voice in my head,’ I said out loud. ‘When are we going home? I need to get back to work,’ Killian jerked his head towards something. It was a basket. ‘Is that food?’ He nodded. ‘Okay, let’s see if I can eat, no?’ He nodded. I walked to the basket and knelt down. I opened the basket as he watched me intensely. Smiling at his worried face, I brought out the covered plates and dropped them on the ground. I opened the three plates and sneered. ‘I don’t eat meat, only fish,’ he whimpered and lowered his head.
“Try it,” was what I got from his expression. I pouted.
‘This is bacon, I don’t eat meat,’ I whined. He whimpered again. ‘Is this bacon and cabbage?’ He nodded. ‘Do you really want me to eat it?’ He nodded. ‘If I puke, I’ll blame you,’ he yelped with joy, knowing I agreed. With a thumping heart, I started eating, first picking out the onions and dropping them on the ground. ‘I don’t eat onions, I can only eat it when blended.’ I ate the carrots and turnips, pushing the bacon aside. He huffed when he noticed me doing that. I had no choice but to try it, scrunching my nose as the meat met my tongue in a formal introduction.
Ooooooow! Meat! Where have you been all my life!… Lona shrieked. I rolled my eyes… Admit it, it doesn’t taste bad at all.
Kale’s wolf seemed to smile as he watched me eat, wagging his tail continuously. When I was done with the bacon and cabbage, he forced me to finish the ham sandwich and then bacon and eggs. I was so full I couldn’t stand up again. When I ate the other time, I only ate a little and threw the rest away. But with Killian looking at me, I felt like eating more.
‘I can’t walk,’ I lamented. He laughed, at least that was what I assume the sound he made was. ‘How am I suppose to bathe now?’
“Just rest a bit,” I rest my back on the wall, moaning tiredly from how much I ate. Never in my life had I eaten so much food. After ten minutes of resting, I could move again. Killian carried me on his back and out of the waterfall where he insisted I wash up while he watched. After convincing him for minutes, he agreed to turn his back to me. I took off my clothes and got into the cold water, enjoying the brisk morning breeze and the pallid blue sky. I caught him spying but I only laughed it off.
When I was done bathing, I wore the dress I had on yesterday, it was almost dried. I stubbornly wore his coat over it, there was no way I was letting it go. ‘There, I’m ready to follow you hunt,’ he tilted his head. ‘You don’t expect me to let you bring food for me and I won’t bring for you, I am going to hunt for you with this knife I found in your bag…’ He growled warningly, baring his teeth at me. ‘Calm down, I’m not going to cut myself with it, relax,’ he snarled. ‘Killian, I just want to hunt for you, I won’t do anything stupid, I promise,’ he stared at me skeptically. I rolled my eyes and waved it. ‘Trust me?’ He huffed and puffed before relaxing. ‘Good, then wait here and no arguments or following, okay?’ He whimpered and laid on the grass. ‘Good rock.’ Feeling proud of myself, I whirled around and walked towards the forest. I could feel his agitation and fear pricking at my conscience.
He’s afraid, what do I do?… I asked Lona.
Assure him through your emotions, he’ll feel it.
I did what she said, passing as much assurance as I could into my emotions so he would feel it. He slowly relaxed but not completely. I knew that the moment he sensed I was in trouble, he would come running to my rescue. He didn’t need to, I wasn’t the best in my village for nothing.
★★★ Kale ★★★
I sighed, I was tired of being in wolf form. By the time she would return, all the wolves would be able to perceive me on her. That would be strange, annoying, a reason to raise curiosity and suspicion…
A reason not to care.
Of course you won’t care, she likes you. To her, I’m the big bad wolf and you the mighty sweet hero. The irony of the situation.
Of your situation, don’t include me.
Oh hero, your mate have been gone for an hour, haven’t she ran away?… I asked sardonically.
She won’t, she loves me.
Right… I drawled… She will never… I stopped when I sensed her coming.
You were saying?
Shut up… Killian laughed. I was furious, jealous of my own wolf, sad. He was getting all the attention but I wasn’t, that was cruel.
Your fault.
Shut up.
Kawee walked in dragging a leopard behind her. I was shocked. How did she catch a leopard all by herself? With just a knife!
My mate is so strong… Killian chirped proudly… Yours died after a simple whipping when mine survived hell. I’m so proud of my mate.
She’s my m… I stopped, realising what I was about to say.
Your what?… He taunted.
‘I caught breakfast Rocky, hope you like it.’ She said excitedly, panting with excitement. Killian stood up and walked to her, he nudge her side and rubbed his snout against her. She sighed with contentment. I rolled my eyes jealously, how easy she melted to his touch when she would throw a tantrum of it was me.
Again, your fault.
I am going to make her hate you too. She can’t hate just me, we are in this together.
We’ll see about that.
Kawee went off to explore while my arrogant wolf ate, she didn’t want to witness him feeding. When he was done savoring the taste of his mate’s kill, he drank from the waterfall and soaked himself to clean his precious fur. The one thing Killian values more than Rick and even me, was his fur. He always loved his fur to glow; standout. We were the only gold wolf as far as we knew and he wanted to remain the best. So conceited. We set off to find Kawee after his fur dried off, she already cleaned herself by a pond and was feeding the swans with… Where did she get that from?
How it your business?
What did I do now? I didn’t say anything wrong. This mate of yours is Delilah, evil Jezebel.
Don’t insult my mate!
I will! Since she came along, all we have done with each other is fight, fight, fight and fight! We never disagree this much before, she’s separating us.
You’re separating us! I didn’t argue with you when you decided to get a choice mate! I didn’t protest when you made decisions. For the first time, I want something, you are fighting me over what the moon goddess gave to us! What is wrong with you Kale!… My wolf was angry, furious, if he could kill me, he would.
I don’t know, maybe what is wrong with me is that my mate is the daughter of the thing that killed our parents, our kind, our unborn baby sister!
Her father, not her. She saved Riley and Rick. If not for her, there wouldn’t be a them now and we wouldn’t have found the island of the things. She watched you killed her entire family, isn’t that enough torture?! What else do you want from her?! You killed her family and people after she saved yours… Okay, we killed her family and people after she saved ours, left her to die under tortures and torments, she almost died and all done by her mate. Do you think it’s easy for the both of us?! What else do you want from her?!
‘Killian!’ Kawee shouted anxiously. ‘What’s wrong? Why are you angry? You are freaking me out,’ Killian growled and shook his head. When he gets furious, it takes a lot to calm him down.
You better get away from her before you hurt her.
Listening to my scornful advice, Killian turned and dashed out of the oasis, running far away from her, the oasis and the pack house. I sent a message to Becca to get her back.
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint (Kawee) ¶¶¶
‘Been over the world
Been over the stars
Checking for who I am
Deleting all the scars
Of my bitter past
Looking for the person
They once called Percy Jackson
I know that for a reason
I lost me in spring season
Oh where, am I hiding at?
Oh, oh, oh…
Sitting under the stars
Wondering, where we are
Just you and me, oh, oh, oh
Mm…,’ I just sang what was in my head. Where am I? Grooming a mucky horse outside the barn. Ever since Killian ran off without me two weeks ago, I never saw him again. I saw Kale from a distant but never close. I felt dumped so I focused on learning how to sing from Rina, dance from Holly and cook from Mommy Renée. I spent my time working, mostly with Giselle. We spent most of our nights having sleepovers; braiding our hairs, singing, talking about how past, families and any random things that came into our heads. Holly joined us few times and it was great. I never stopped missing the big wolf, but they unknowingly helped me get over it and it was like I never met him.
It was strange, even my insistence voice didn’t care if they both exist. I was tired of the mate bond that I seemed very good at ignoring.
‘Wow, wow, somebody have been leaning into civilisation,’ I turned my head to look at her, Kale’s new female. I actually forgot to mention that he found another female to warm his bed and she never let me be because she hates me and smelt Kale on me when I returned that day. I would have died of jealousy if I didn’t have his coat to hug and cry on when no one was around. Averting my eyes back to the horse, I continued pouring water on her body.
No one still knew I could talk, I never spoke in front of anyone except the girls, Mommy Renée, Riley and Rick. I barely spoke to Becca, she didn’t like me anyways. Little wolves were already getting use to me, all the humans loved me while the rest wolves just chose to pretend like I don’t exist; like I was a normal slave. Only few females who had their eyes on Kale never let me be but none attacked me.
‘How are you doing slave?’ I ignored her. ‘Such a disable filth, can’t even talk,’ ignoring.
Let’s talk about her legs… Lona said jestingly… So thin, miserably scrawny and bent. If I had those legs, I would nickname myself “Quail legs.”
Quail legs? What happened to K legs?… I asked laughingly. We both laughed, I let a giggle out.
‘And why are you giggling?’ She scoffed. I smirked at her and returned to my washing. Knowing she was wasting her time, she huffed and puffed away.
Witch… I completed. We laughed again.
When I was done, I returned to Mommy Renée who gave me the shocking news. I had been transferred to Kale’s quarters as a personal slave. It meant I was going to live close to Kale, wear proper clothing and have a whole room to myself, my own bathroom. I was so excited, very very.
‘I’m so happy for you Kawee!’ Rina shouted for the umpteenth time, hugging me as she jumped. I was about to leave.
I’m so happy… Lona said with simulated enthusiasm.
‘I’m happy for me too, I get to have a proper bed.’
You’re walking into a trap… Lona said ominously.
‘Yeah, which is a good thing as I’m being transferred to become the personal slave of one of the oldest wolf.’ Giselle said grinningly.
‘You two are abandoning me here,’ Holly whined.
‘Us,’ Rina corrected.
‘You have the gamma, you barely sleep here,’ Holly said poutingly.
‘You’ll see me at day then,’ Rina and I said simultaneously. We talked more before I was called on. Mommy Renée took me into the main manor, you should have seen the stares.
‘This is your room, just opposite the Alpha’s. Those three bells will ring whenever he needs you, be there quickly. You will handle his bath, clothes, everything concerning him. When he bathes – if he wishes – you must stand there and watch him, do exactly as he says…’
‘Exactly?’ I squeaked.
‘Exactly,’ she repeated.
‘Humph,’ I grunted. She finished showing me around, how to use the things in my room and then my new wardrobe. It felt nice. When she left, I quickly soaked myself and enjoyed my alone time in my beautiful bathroom. I changed into a loose shorts and tank top, wore a panda slippers to walk around. I jumped on my bed, about to sleep off when the bell ran. ‘Urgh,’ I groaned irritably. I stood up, muttering in my language and wore my slippers. I sauntered out of my room to his, didn’t bother knocking, just walked in.
Kale stood by his window, looking down at something. The sunset reflected on him, making his odd hair glow at it touch and shimmering his skin. I was once again reminded of how much of a demigod he is, how gorgeous my mate was.
Ewww… Lona said with disgust. I chuckled and cleared my throat, tapping my foot to make my already known presence, known.
‘Good evening alpha,’ I said respectfully.
‘Uhm,’ he looked over his shoulder, flashing me a mischievous smile. ‘Welcome Kawee, hope you enjoyed your two weeks of freedom because the second stage of your torture is about to begin.’
I scoffed and folded my arms. ‘You can’t hurt me, remember? Have you forgotten my stay away or I kill myself threat?’
‘I haven’t,’ he said with a smirk. I closed the light moss green curtains and turned around, pushing his back into the window as he leaned on it. ‘I remember your threat so well, I’ll be making a threat of my own,’ he smirked evilly, putting his thumbs into his front pockets. ‘I meant a promise, not threat.’ My heart started thumping aggressively, agitation taking over my compose state.
‘Wh…wh…wh…wh…at promise?’ I stammered fearfully.
‘I promise to end the lives of your three friends if you dare hurt yourself, you die, they die as well.’
‘You can’t do that!’ I shouted helplessly.
Pretty sure he can.
Shut up Halona!
‘I can, and I will,’ he removed his thumbs from his pockets and folded his hands. ‘So you better think before you act. Kill yourself, and they die because of you, can you live with that?’ I sank my teeth into my bottom lip with anger. I could feel the metallic taste of my blood flowing into my mouth, I didn’t care. He rubbed his thumb on his lip, feeling the pain slightly. ‘You are daring me Kawee,’ he growled. ‘One mind link and they are dead.’
They don’t deserve it Kawee, just obey. Also, I don’t want to die.
‘Fine, I won’t kill myself but I hate you, I hate everything about you…’
‘Including your darling rock,’ he said sardonically.
How could Killian let him do this to me!
Told you he only did it so you’ll eat and not die, they are both selfish pricks… Lona scoffed. She did say so few days ago but not that day!… I wasn’t sure.
Just shut up!
I wiped my tears off, still sobbing. ‘You are both the same, selfish and wicked,’ my voice came out broken, I hate that. Killian smiled with satisfaction, he wanted me to say I hate Killian, huh? ‘But even if Killian is selfish and wicked, I will always prefer him to you.’
Take that Kale!
Kale’s eyes flashed with anger, furious at my statement. ‘Get my bath ready,’ he growled.
‘Hope you are managing in there my rock, I know it’s hard to live inside an asshole.’ Where did I hear that curse from?
Me, duh.
Where did you hear it from?
You read, I save.
‘Don’t insult you pitiful slave!’ He roared. ‘Now run my bath!’ I flinched, that was harsh.
Don’t cry Kawee, you’re strong.
Yes, I’m strong.
‘Yes, Alpha,’ I sneered. I stomped to the bathroom. I would have set the water temperature to extremely hot, but I thought against it. I had to battle with my eyes not to leak, mentally chanting words of encouragement to myself. When I was done, I took a look at myself in the mirror, my eyes were red and puffy.
This is his fault!… Lona roared angrily… I need to kill him! Both of them!
You know what you are, confuse and undecided.
What is that suppose to mean?… I was about to reply her when Kale walked in with his new female giggling and laughing in his arms… No, no, no, no! He is not about to do what I think he is going to do?!
He is… Even my mental voice sounded pathetic.
She saw me and scoffed. ‘What is she doing here?’
‘She’s my new personal slave,’ Kale said smirking slyly. ‘She will be attending to us while we bathe,’
‘You mean she’s going to stand here and watch us go naughty,’ she purred, kissing the bottom of his lip, her fingers playing with his hair.
‘Yes, Mabel, she’s going to be standing right…here.’
My lips trembled, my palms squeezing each others. My heart, something was wrong with it. The fire in my stomach and head was overwhelming, shockingly painful. I held my head down in pain, shame and anger. If this is the torture he is talking about, I want the beating back.
To be continued.
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