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The devil’s mate episode 6

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The devil’s mate episode 6 by : 5:34 am On March 12, 2021
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The Devil’s Mate
Alpha’s Wyrd Mate
♦ Story by: Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book six ♦🔷🔶
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint (Kawee) ¶¶¶
I exhaled and licked my feverish lips, my tongue was dry and filled with sores. Robecca, the small bodied female that moved me from the cell to the slave house, had me on her back, running full speed behind Riley. I wasn’t quite sure where they were taking me to, and I didn’t have the strength to ask. Becca stopped running, halting abruptly with a force that made me bounce. I groaned a little, my teeth cut into my tongue.
‘We are here, put her down,’ Riley instructed. Becca lowered me carefully to the ground, my feet touched something grassy. She sat me down, resting my back on a something. ‘Open your eyes Kawee,’ I forced my eyes open, whimpering from the dizziness. ‘Close it and try again. I inhaled and closed my eyes again, I wanted to see where I was. I opened my eyes again, my mouth fell open slightly. ‘Welcome to Kale’s favorite place in the entire world, it’s called Mystic Oasis.’
‘This place was nothing but dirty water and dead trees,’ Becca started, looking around with a distance gaze. ‘Kale’s mother found this place with my grandmother who was his mother’s cousin. Mama wasn’t interested in it so she left it, but Kale’s mother loved it. She singlehandedly nurtured this place, replanted the trees and purified the water. That mini waterfall was her doing, everything here is. This was where she found her mate, where completed the mating rituals, where she conceived and bore Kale. All of Kale’s memories are here; all his birthdays until his mother death. It’s really important to him.’
Who knew I could cry over something so petty. It was absolutely beautiful. The smooth green carpet grass with red tips, the big tall moonlight trees that filled the land. The crystal clear water and the animals. Why did they bring me here?
‘Why am I here?’ I gasped out, sniffing as tears ran down my face.
‘She talks?’ Becca asked. Riley chuckled.
‘I was going to take you to my house to eat but as we were leaving, Kale mind linked me that I should bring you here. He said, I quote; “Kawee is a tree girl, born amongst and brought up with nature. I have thought it through and realise she’s just home sick. Maybe all she needs is to feel homely. Take her to my spot and see if she’ll eat. That place have a natural magic, it ought to work.” That’s what he said.’
‘But why bring me to such an important place? This place hold so much of his memories, this place means a lot to him.’ I cried. She shrugged.
‘I honestly don’t know why but that was his orders.’ I looked at Becca who was grinning cryptically while digging her hand into a basket. She brought out a bunch of bananas, peeled packaged pineapple and five apples. I averted my eyes to the beautiful nature before me.
Mother had something similar to this… I thought.
Mom had something similar to this but hers was indeed magical. It was a small part of the island, the side no one except her was allowed to go to. Whoever went there died in two days, mom did that. She was the daughter of the village wizard so she had some magic of her own. That was why she was so spiritual and saw the future before it happens. She must have seen the attack, that was why she told me to remain in the grotto.
I wish I did.
If you did, you wouldn’t have met Kale… Lona chipped in.
What use have that been to me?
Anyways, the place was circled by thin long trees with different coloured leaves and branches. Each tree had at least three to four bird nests and fireflies made the trees their home at night. At the centre of the circled forest, was a star shaped pool surrounded by little white pillars… Okay, maybe it isn’t similar but it did remind me of that place. That was where I ate every day, I never ate with dad and his mistresses and sons. Mom and I made that our own dinning area. Opening my eyes from my well of memories, I realised Becca and Riley were gone. In front of me were five plates and a rolled up mat. One plate had sliced fruits in it, the other sandwiches, (Giselle’s favorite food) the other a fish meal, the forth one some kind of salad and the last was dumplings and rice. I wasn’t a novice to all the things outside my world, mom made sure I read. I wasn’t aware of all, but I knew enough to live by.
Can you eat all of this?… Lona asked with uncertainty.
If I see myself back at home, yes.
Why would Kale send you here? I’m suspicious.
Whatever he is up to, I don’t care, I’m happy here.
★★★ Kale ★★★
I threw my wristwatch on the bed, sighing tiredly. It wasn’t easy working with a nagging wolf. Killian talked and talked and talked, cursing me, yelling and demanding we return to his mate. It gave me a serious headache, a pounding one.
I’m not done with you yet. Now you are back, go visit her and make sure she has eaten.
Can I do that tomorrow?… I sighed.
Ahem. Owwwwwwwwwwwww!
Okay, I’ll ask, better?
I want to see my mate.
At least you know she is yours, not mine… I searched for my link with Becca and summoned her thoughts to mine.
Don’t you know that it is wrong to call a mated female in the middle of an heavy storm? I’m busy.
Where’s Makawee? Did she eat?
I don’t know, I left her there as instructed.
Wait! You left her there!
Calm down, I told Riley to go back and check on her, she’s probably in her room.
Okay… I connected Riley to the conversation… Riley, where’s Makawee?
Good midnight enemy of enjoyment.
Tell him… Becca said.
Riley… I called impatiently.
I left her there, I had to take care of my baby. I told Becca to go back to check on her.
Me?! You didn’t tell me anything!
Didn’t you receive my test?
You sent me a test?… Becca asked dumbly.
‘f√¢k!’ I ran my hand through my hair.
You guys left her alone in the oasis all by herself?! Under this storm?!
I told her to go back!… They chided at each other… I cut off the link with them. I’m trying to deal with her lack of appetite and they want to add cold as well!
What if she didn’t eat? What if she took that as a chance to run away?! What if she’s dead!!!… Killian panicked.
She’s not dead, we are still alive and sane. She can’t run either, she’s too weak.
Kale, go find her!
You don’t always have to boss me around like a fool, I am in charge of this body, remember?
And I have all the powers, remember?
I scoffed and walked to my walk-in wardrobe. This is what I was made to deal with all my life, a stubborn wolf who always fight with me. Picking out nothing but my thick fur overcoat and two flannel pants, I shoved them into my waterproof bag and strolled to the window.
Can you walk faster… He snapped impatiently. I decreased the speed of my pace, walking in slow motion… Kale!!! I walked more slower. I chuckled as he began pacing… We’ll never get to her at such speed. Kale, I’m begging you, walk faster.
Let’s strike a deal.
Kale, if she dies, you will lose as much as I will. What deal?!
When the time to carry out my plans comes, you’ll shut up and don’t say a word. I don’t need you nagging in my head.
And you really think I’ll let you do that? Fine, slow down and wait for me to start the moon howl. The last time I did that, didn’t that end you in a hospital? How long did it take the headache to go? Three, two weeks?
I chuckled and smirked… If you really love your mate, you wouldn’t do that. If I feel such pain, she’ll feel it too. So in a way, you won’t be hurting just me, you’ll be hurting her.
This is blackmailing!
I know, but I prefer to call it wolfmailing. So, do we have a deal?
Why oh why moon goddess, why him of all idiots… I rolled my eyes and tapped my foot… Fine, whatever you do, I’ll oblige.
Excellento! We have struck a deal.
Ironic… I pushed the window open, the wind blew cold droplets of rain onto my face. I threw myself down from it, throwing the bag up, I shifted to my wolf in mid air. The moment his paws hit the ground, I caught the bag between my teeth and dashed off into the rain, running at full speed to check on his wonderful mate.
Maybe I should stay like this for the rest of our life, so I’ll be in control.
You know you can’t do that, how are we suppose to live when we keep walking around in wolf form?… I smirked.
I think I forgot to tell you that I hate you… Killian spat. I laughed mockingly, I had the upper hand in this case.
Finally in the oasis, he ran straight to the main oasis. Killian looked around, panicking slightly when he couldn’t see her. He sniffed the air, picking up her scent. We strut over to a tree. She sat down under the tree, hugging herself with a mat acting as a blanket. She was shivering, breathing heavily with face between her knees. Killian barked, bending down playfully. It was his first time meeting her in person.
She’s beautiful!
Oh joy… I said sarcastically.
She raised her head, a gasp leaving her mouth when she saw the big wolf. I was expecting her to scream because my wolf was extraordinarily large, larger than most alphas. She tilted her head, amusement shinning in her eyes. Killian dropped the bag and sat down, wagging his tail on the wet ground. She was safe under the tree but we were out in the rain. She stood up, trembling slightly from the cold. She made to walk into the rain but Killian growled warningly.
‘It’s okay, I’m fine. Can you come closer? I want to touch you.’ Killian stood up and leapt closer her. She wasn’t scared to touch his snout.
Of course, be nice to the animal and not the human.
Because I’m nicer, she likes me… Killian said smugly. She hugged his face, sighing with relief.
‘Talking to you, not the moron inside of you, thank you for coming for me, I was scared.’ Killian whooped in my head, wagging his tail happily. I scoffed and rolled my eyes.
Have she eaten?
Good question… Killian wiggled out of her hand and nudged her stomach. She smiled in understanding.
‘Yes, I ate, thank you.’ He rubbed himself against her.
Keep doing that and the whole pack would smell us on her.
Let them, I don’t care.
‘I’m cold and very dizzy, can we go home now?’ Killian looked back into the rain and shook his head.
Give me back my body, communication is easier that way.
You mean war is easier that way… He scorned.
He crouched in front of her, she understood and weakly climbed onto his back.
Killian, drop her!
He ignored me. He took the waterproof bag into his mouth again and ran into the rain, she was sleeping on his back. He ran to the waterfall and jumped into it, going behind the fall. He ran into the cave, going to the end of it. He lowered himself completely and carefully turned her to the ground. She sighed tiredly. He dropped the bag on the ground, she needed to wear something warmer. I turned him around to give her some privacy. I went back to the beginning of the cave and shook the water out of my fur. I stayed there having a telepathic meeting with my beta, gamma, chief warrior and delta. I gave out instructions, orders and summary of how my meeting with the humans went. I gave Becca and Riley feedback on Kawee and instructed Ms Gary-Cox to prepare another food for Kawee in the morning and have Becca bring it over. Even though I hated the idea, I was going to hand the oasis over to her, she needs it more than I do. Kawee can take care of it.
Done with the meeting, I returned to her. She had changed into the fur overcoat and one of my pants. Killian jogged over to her and laid at her head. She opened her eyes and smiled at him. She knelt up and crawled over to his stomach, laying on it and using his paw as a blanket. Killian whimpered, he loved it.
You love it too… He huffed.
No, I’m not concern.
Very soon, you will.
No I won’t.
He ignored me for the rest of the night, sinking into the comfort of his mate being so close.
Our mate.
Your mate.
To be continued.

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