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The devil’s mate episode 5

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The devil’s mate episode 5 by : 5:33 am On March 12, 2021
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The Devil’s Mate
Alpha’s Wyrd Mate
♦ Story by: Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book five ♦🔷🔶
★★★ Kale ★★★
I roared as I smashed my computer with a baseball bat. Eventually, I’d smashed every single smashable things in my room. I was pissed, furious, everything anger could give. I threw my bed out of the window, breaking the wall along with it but I didn’t care. My room was a complete mess, I was overreacting because it was an insult to an alpha for his mate to tell him to get lost, never see her again.
How dare she tell us that?! Stay away from her?! That’s impossible!
I wish I can kill her!
Take that back Kale! Don’t say that. You can’t wish to kill our mate, she’s our mate!
She told us to stay away from her!
Because she’s upset!
She’s not the only one who’s upset!
I paced around my room – my destroyed room – cursing under my breath. Stay away from my mate, that’s telling my wolf to jump into a sea of hot silver. I pulled my hair, groaning as my wolf paced around in my head.
‘Ahem, Alpha,’ Andre called nervously, standing in front of my ripped out door. I snapped my head to him and snarled. He jumped back with fright. ‘Th…t…t…t…’
‘The elder wolves are here, to talk about…’ He rolled his eyes around the room. ‘Well, this. To talk about your recent tantrum…’
‘You call my anger a tantrum!!!’ I roared. He bowed in submission. He wasn’t the source of my problem, I shouldn’t hurt him. ‘Just get out!’ He ran immediately. I ran to the wall and bashed my head against it.
‘Keep doing that and you’ll bleed,’ I turned my head and snarled at her too. ‘Oh keep those stupid teeth to yourself,’ she said with an eye roll. I huffed. ‘Look what you did to your room, the room I spent ten hours decorating. Really cuz?’
‘Robecca, what do you want?’ I snapped.
‘I don’t know, my cousin returned two weeks ago and have been acting erratic. You killed your choice mate, Jastun, Zoe is still suffering from the lost of her eye, Keisha – even though I never liked her – can’t walk, all because they disobeyed you and hurt your prisoner. I understand Rick loves the girl and want her to be happy and you’ll do everything to make him happy but I also know you Kale, you did what you did not because Rick said to.’
‘What makes you think that?’
‘I don’t know, the fact that you killed Jastun when you left her ward in anger, destroyed half of the second manor, destroyed your room and punched the weapon storeroom to the ground. What else? Anyone who talks to you never leaves without a mark. Take a look at my husband who just left here, he was almost pissing his pants with fear.’
‘Your point?’ I growled impatiently.
‘She’s your mate, isn’t she?’
‘No.’ I deadpanned.
‘Oh cousin, dear dear cousin, do I look stupid?’
‘Not now Becca, please leave me be.’
‘Well, I guess you won’t care if I tell you I just walked pass her,’ I kept my face plain. ‘One of the high guard was trying to woo her, his hand on her ass…’ I kept the snarl and growl inside my throat, she’s baiting me.
‘And…?’ I asked mirthlessly.
‘Humph, you don’t care?’ She asked puzzledly.
‘Then why are you so angry? Why the temper and smashing?’
‘I made a promise to Rick, to keep her out of harm because she saved them but I also got to know that she is the only daughter of the ruler of her kind. I am harboring that bitch and I can’t wring her neck!’
‘Have you thought about forgetting Rick for a second?’
‘No, never. I can’t hurt her.’
‘If you can’t hurt her, then make her miserable emotionally.’
‘How am I suppose to do that!’ I exclaimed, throwing my hands into the air.
‘She’s your mate, think it through.’
‘She’s not my mate.’ I growled.
‘You could have fooled me,’ she smirked. ‘Your secret is safe with me.’
‘Get out.’
‘Yeah, yeah, you don’t need the girl’s help. But do remember that rejection is a thing and she can do that.’
‘If she doesn’t kill herself first,’ I muttered. She chuckled.
‘You are Alpha Kale Kane, what happened to your fast working brain? I’m sure you can think of something.’ She winked at me before strolling out.
She’s right, we need to think of something that won’t make her kill herself.
But what?
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint (Kawee) ¶¶¶
‘Hold up
No you didn’t bow, bow
I ain’t the chick to walk
Behind you ’round town
Just ’cause you’re packin’, packin’
Whoop, down south
That don’t mean I’m ever
Gonna take it lying down, baby, oh…’ Giselle sang, using the broom as a microphone. We were sent to clean the roof top, got bored and they decided to sing along with one other nice girl. I wasn’t in the mood, I was thinking about Kale. I was expecting him to come around, not leave me alone but it had been a week.
You told him to.
I told him to, he wasn’t suppose to! Why don’t he come around, I miss him.
Oh brother.
‘I’m a machine when I do it
I’ll be catching fire
Gasoline when I do it…’ Rina sang.
‘Just ’cause you’re packin’, packin’
Whoop, down south
That don’t mean I’m ever
Gonna take it lying down…’ That was Giselle. I was wallowing and they were singing that stupid song, whatever it means.
You’re saying that because you don’t know how to sing like them. All you know how to sing is our old language songs.
Shut up Lona.
‘Baby, you’re the man
But I got the
I got the
I got the power
You make rain
But I make it
I make it
I make it shower
You should know
I’m the one who’s in control
I’ll let you come take the wheel
Long as you don’t forget…’ Holly, the girl sang.
‘Who got the power?
I got the, I got the power
I got the, I got the power
I got the, I got the power
Hold up!…’
‘Kawee, this is your part.’ Rina said excitedly.
‘I don’t know how to sing that,’
‘But I taught you all-night,’ Rina whined. ‘Come on!’
‘I’m not in the mood,’ I sighed.
‘Are you okay?’ Holly asked anxiously. ‘You look like you are going to faint,’
‘She has been here for almost a month and she is yet to eat anything,’
‘Are you kidding me!’ Holly exclaimed. ‘Elle, tell me you are lying!’
‘Can’t you see how much she is emaciating? She looks like a walking skeleton.’ Elle replied.
‘I don’t feel like eating,’ I sighed again.
‘Until you drop dead, you won’t feel like,’ Rina huffed. ‘Let’s ignore her.
My turn
I make this look easy
Tick-tick boom like gasoline-y
Yeah they call me Lamborghini
‘Cause I know just what I’m worth
Zero to a hundred
B-b-body make ’em stutter
Start my engine, push the button
‘Cause I’m gon’ be coming first…’ I walked to the edge to do the final sweep since they were busy. I looked down, my vision spun. I shook my head and looked up. The dizziness suddenly came, took over abruptly.
‘Baby, you’re the man
But I got the
I got the
I got the power
You make rain
But I make it
I make it
I make it shower
You should know
I’m the one who’s in control…’ Their voices droned out, I couldn’t see again. I was swaying dangerously, trying to get my balance. I felt his presence; Kale.
‘Alpha,’ I heard one of them greet.
‘Why is she cleaning the roof? Don’t you know it…’ My eyes shut as my body lost the will to stand. I fell the wrong way, plunging down the building. I could hear them shout my name. I hit something before I rolled over in the air and continued falling downward, the wind rushing against my skin right before I drowned in the darkness.
Once again, I’m alive. My eyes were open, angry eyes staring at the ceiling. How am I still alive? How? How? How?! Urgh! The back of my head and spine was aching, like it was hammered on.
You promised him you won’t kill yourself… Lona said chidingly.
Not intentionally, I wasn’t dying intentionally. Why did I faint anyways?
When last did you eat?
When last did I feel like?
‘Kawee!’ I flinched, almost jumping out of the bed. I held my heart and turned my head to the boy that jumped into the bed. ‘How do you feel?’
‘Angry, I wanted to die.’ I grumbled.
‘So you intentionally threw yourself off the top of the freaking tall manor?!’ He shouted.
‘I fainted,’ I sighed. He grinned.
‘I know, Taylor said you lack nutrient and you haven’t eaten anything for weeks. You’ll keep fainting until you die if you don’t get something to eat.’
‘Wow, sounds like a plan,’ I chirped.
‘Kawee,’ he whined. ‘What about me? Kaley got hurt saving you.’
Kale? What happened to my Kale?
Rolling my eyes at my thought, I looked at Rick for answers. ‘When you fell off the building, you knocked down a griffin statue that was sure to compress you when you fall. You would have died either way but he jumped after you. Kaley was able to catch you before you crashed on the floor and used his body to shield you, the griffin statue fell on him and cracked his spine and head. Even his legs suffered from the fall. That annoying boy won’t take treatment until he is sure you are okay…’ I jumped out of the bed, yanking the drips off me. ‘Hey! Where are you going?!’
‘To see him!’ My legs ran itself to where I don’t know. No wonder I was feeling pain from my head and spine, it was his. Before I knew it, I was barging into a Taylor’s office. Kale was sitting on a table and glaring at the Dr. Taylor who looked like he was begging him to get his head treated.
His glare averted to me. He frowned deeply. ‘You promised me you wouldn’t kill yourself if I stayed away, I stayed away.’ He said with a tone of accusation, hurt and disappointment.
‘I told you, she fainted unintentionally.’
‘She could have died Taylor, she could have died. What if I didn’t see her on the roof and went there to yell at her? What if I wasn’t there when she fell? What if…’ He couldn’t finish his sentence as his body shook violently. His wolf must be howling in there.
I hate him, but I’m not heartless.
I shut the door and walked to him with a smile. He eyed me suspiciously. ‘Please, I’m okay now, get yourself treated.’
‘But why? You are hurting, please…’
‘You are only saying that because you can feel my pain and you don’t wish to feel that. Since you want to die, then fine, we’ll both die.’ I face palmed myself.
Do something Kawee, he’s hurting badly.
What am I suppose to do?
You calm down and follow your instinct.
Instinct, you mean your instinct.
‘Doctor, please treat him.’
‘Taylor, if you touch me, I’ll kill you.’ He threatened.
‘You are a blessing to me Kawee,’ Taylor said with exaggerated gratefulness. ‘Since you came here, he never forgets my name.’ He wiped his imaginary tears and sniffed.
I rolled my eyes, regretting that action because it made me stagger forward, losing my strength as a faint wave of vertigo hit me. Kale rushed to me, holding me from falling. ‘ I should let myself get treated, what about you?’
‘I’m fine,’ I murmured weakly, my face on his chest.
‘You are not,’ he whimpered, his voice coming out lighter. ‘I know we are not in good terms and we hate each other, but my wolf loves you. Killian doesn’t want to see you get hurt, please don’t give him an heart attack. I don’t want you to die, please, eat something for his sake.’
Killian? That’s his wolf’s name? I love it!
‘I don’t feel like eating,’
‘Please. If you eat, I’ll treat myself, I promise.’
‘But I don’t feel like eating,’
‘Please Kawee,’ I shuddered as my name left his lips. I sighed with contentment.
‘Thank you, for saving me.’
‘Your gratitude would be accepted when you eat…’ His voice was echoing from his chest, it sounded like music to my ears. My body slowly became limp, my eyes sealing short as I fell into another stage of darkness. ‘Kawee!…’
★★★ Kale ★★★
What to do, what to do, what to do. Mate needs me… Killian chanted as he paced around in my head… She won’t wake up.
Calm down.
Don’t tell me to calm down… He snapped. Then he began his chant again.
I looked at the cook who was preparing fried rice and salmon for her. I wasn’t sure how I was going to make her eat but I had to try. My wolf insisted I stayed in the kitchen to make sure the food wasn’t poisoned, they can do anything. I tapped my foot impatiently. I could be training or working instead of worrying over a pathetic girl. I had an important meeting to attend to, but I was standing in a kitchen waiting for a slave’s food to be prepared.
She’s our mate! Not a slave!
‘The food will be ready in five minutes,’
‘When it is, dish it and send it to her, report to me when she is done eating.’
‘Okay,’ she bowed.
We are suppose to be with her, Kale go.
We have an important meeting Killian, one that would bring us more money to fend for the pack. If we are going to be taking over The Moon Shadow pack, we’ll need much more money. Our pack is extending, so much our wealth.
That is not as important as our mate.
Your mate, not mine. If it was up to me, she’ll be dead.
Good thing it isn’t up to you then.
I decided to shut him out, pushing him to the extreme end of my consciousness. He howled in protest but I didn’t pay attention. Once I was back in my new room, I took a shower and changed into something presentable, ignoring his howls and thoughts of her. The door to my room opened, Felicity. She was one of the females I use to pass time. I liked her more than Kim, but she just wasn’t fit to carry my child. Honestly, no one except Kawee can. My extra gene made that impossible.
Now you are getting it.
Shut up Killian.
‘Alpha,’ she bowed.
‘What do you want?’
‘I came to see you. You haven’t said a word to me since you returned from wherever you ran off to. Don’t you miss me?’ She asked sweetly.
‘Are you here to compliment me for killing your rival or are you here for something else?’ I asked coldly. She seemed taken aback by my question. Even I was. I’m normally very sweet to her.
Psst, our mate is in the hospital.
‘Er…er…I thought you would need me since you are…are… I…’
‘Please leave Felly, I’ll call you when I need you.’
‘I know you are angry about sparing that slave…’ Killian growled in my head but I didn’t let it out. ‘And I was hoping you would need me to cool off, just like old times.’ She was standing in front of me, her hand sliding up my shoulder.
Remember the time Kawee held you there?
I smiled, remembering the morning she thought I was sleeping. No one had ever felt so right in my arms. It was like she was made for me, made to fit in perfectly. So small, dainty and adorable. I closed my eyes, my smile extending as her beautiful eyes flashed in my head. ‘See, I knew you missed me…’ I opened my eyes, brought back to reality.
‘Not you,’ I said softly. ‘Don’t knock, just speak,’ I said to the person who was about to knock my door. Her scent made me know that it was the new governess.
‘Alpha, the girl refused to eat…’ I threw my head back with frustration. ‘I tried soothing her but she ended up throwing up after three bites. I don’t know what else to do.’
‘I’ll be in a sec.’
‘Are you leaving me for her? We were in…’ I snarled at her. She pinned her lip and bowed with respect.
‘Get out.’
‘I’m sorry,’ she turned and ran out in fright.
See, told you she needed us. Mate won’t eat without us.
Hmmm, do you remember my plans to make her miserable?
Don’t you dare Kale!
Challenge accepted.
Yes mate?
Don’t, I beg you.
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint (Kawee) ¶¶¶
The new governess who took me as a daughter was rubbing my back gently as she fed me. It was hell getting the food down my throat but I had to. ‘There, take another,’ she said softly.
‘I’m tired.’ I cried.
‘Just three bites, take one more…’ I felt my stomach turn and throat close up. ‘You can do it Kawee,’
‘I think I’m going to…’ I retched. Not wanting to throw up on her, I stood up from the bed and ran to the bathroom. I heard her sigh heavily.
‘Kawee,’ Rina whined.
‘I’ll get the alpha,’ I heard Mommy Renée said. I flushed the toilet after emptying my stomach and stood up. Rina came to assist me back to the room but first, I brushed my teeth.
An hour later, I was hugging my pillow as Kale begged me to eat, I still couldn’t eat without throwing up. ‘Kawee, please, just finish the soup.’
‘No,’ I said inaudibly. I was completely drained of energy.
‘Urgh!!!’ He screamed in exasperation.
‘Is she still not eating?’ A feminine voice asked.
‘Nothing stays in there for more than five minutes.’ Kale replied exasperatedly.
‘Tried any drugs to stop her from throwing up?’
‘Drugs, shots, nothing is working.’
‘Maybe I can help,’ my eyes were still closed. From their voices, I could tell there were two females in here. The other one’s voice was familiar. The bed pressed down, she was leaning on it. I felt her hand in my hair, smoothening it. ‘Kawee, it’s me, Riley…’ I forced my eyes open and smiled toothily. ‘Hey, how are you feeling?’
‘You look gorgeous,’ I mouthed. She chuckled. Compared to the beaten up wolf I saw that day, she looked stunning.
‘And you look horrible. Why don’t we take a walk?’
‘She can’t walk,’ Kale huffed.
‘Okay, Ms. Gary-Cox, think you can get a picnic basket ready?’ Oh, Mommy Renée is still there.
‘Yes, why?’
‘Just get it ready. Kale, you can go to your meeting, I’ll take care of her myself.’
‘I can’t leave when she isn’t alright,’
‘Do you trust me, Kale?’ Riley spoke so softly and calmly, like she had the world on her side. Kale dripped some words to himself before he nodded. ‘Then trust me and go.’ Kale looked at me, his eyes promising me torture once I get better.
What a d!¢k… Lona scoffed… You’re not going to let that go, are you?
No, I won’t.
Then show him you are not afraid.
I looked at him, giving him a look despite my weak state; “bring it on dog.” He smirked slyly and gave me his final stare…
Challenge accepted.
To be continued.

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