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The devil’s mate episode 4

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The devil’s mate episode 4 by : 5:31 am On March 12, 2021
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The Devil’s Mate
Alpha’s Wyrd Mate
♦ Story by: Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book four ♦🔷🔶
★★★ Kale ★★★
I hate fate! I hate destiny! How could the moon goddess wryd me to one of them?! When I first got on the island, the first thing I perceived was something flowery. The scent was so odd but it was the most pleasant thing I had ever perceive. My wolf whooped in excitement as he chanted “mate.” I was glad my mate was there but the war was more important. In the middle of the battle, my wolf howled in frustration, wanting to call out to our mate. We needed our mate, Kimberly wasn’t of any use to us.
Everything was almost going well until I held her, until our eyes locked. How could she be my mate! I couldn’t take it, I needed fresh air so I left. I ran off to stay away from her so my wolf wouldn’t make me do something terrible. Despite our hate, my wolf wanted her. Our mate was more beautiful than any other female we had ever set eyes on. I’m saying this not because she’s my mate, but because she is beautiful. It was torture for me, my wolf and I fought over who would stay in control. I had so much to lose if I accepted her.
One, she won’t ever accept us! We killed her people!
They killed ours first!… I shouted back.
That is just number one. Number two, we destroyed her home.
Number three, she’s one of the werecreatures eaters… I scoffed.
She’s not… He snapped… She saved Riley and that makes her different.
Still the same thing. How would will explain to everyone that out mate is one of them?
They all know how this mate thing works, they won’t question it. Okay, maybe they will but we won’t let them. It isn’t our fault she is our mate.
That wouldn’t change a thing. They are the reason we are still looking for the Seven Rings of Avalon. I cannot be with her.
Kale, please go back. I can feel our mate’s suffering, she’s dying, they are killing her.
They won’t disobey me, I gave an order.
Not a command! He shouted angrily… They will kill her!
They won’t.
I itched my eyes, it has been hurting for days now. Even my ears, entire body was aching. My eyes and ribs were worse. It was like I was punched, all my ribs felt broken and my eyes were swollen. My body also itched, like a faint whip pain was there. For three days – in three mornings – my body was on fire. Maybe the moon goddess was punishing me for running away from my mate.
Stop deceiving yourself! That is our mate’s pain!
Listen Killian, she is not our mate… I snapped.
Then reject her! I dare you! If you reject her, we lose a huge part of our powers and if she dies, we follow. I hope you remember that? You are already feeling it, the weakness. When we close our eyes, we see death. Kale, we are dying because she is dying, go back.
You are just too stubborn!
Adamant… I corrected.
The ringing of my phone abruptly cut off my mental conversation with my wolf. I huffed and glared at the phone. I can swear I warned them not to call me. I furiously ran across the room to the table and picked up the call without looking at the caller ID. ‘What is it,’ I snapped.
‘Kaley,’ Rick’s voice broke in. My wolf whimpered, we hate to see or hear him cry.
‘Big boy, why are you crying?’
‘You promised me, you vowed to me that they wouldn’t hurt My Kawee, you promise.’ He wailed.
‘Kawee, who’s Kawee?’
‘The lady that saved us, my future wife.’
Oh, they wouldn’t hurt her, huh?… My wolf said sardonically.
‘Kawee is going to die because of you, they are killing her. Her face, body… She lost her eyesight! You promised me!’ Anger surged through my body as my eyes turned black, my wolf taking over. I crushed my phone in my hand, surrendering to the change. Killian roared in my head before moving our body.
We ran out of the cottage, shifting as we ran. Our mighty paws hammered on the ground, breaking twigs, crushing plants and every small creature. Energy pumped through our veins, the energy to get back to the pack before our mate dies. I could feel my spirit being dragged away, it was killing me but I had to get there soon enough. Killian who wanted to save her more than I did ran all-night, not stopping for even a drink. We were getting exhausted, but it didn’t matter, we had to get there. Before dawn, we crossed our boulders.
‘Andre, have clothes ready for me before I get to the gate of the house.’ I sent message to my beta via mind link.
‘Are you back? I thought you said you’ll be back…’
‘Forget what I said,’ I snapped. ‘Just bring me something to f√¢king put on!’
‘Yes alpha,’ my nostrils flared. I slowly brought into a jog. The guard wolves bowed as I strutted pass them. When we got to the gate, Andre was there holding a pair of black well polished shoes, black jeans and shirt. It’s ironic that I would be wearing such colour in a situation like this. ‘Alpha,’ he bowed. I shook my head. He looked away as I shifted.
One thing I spent three years learning how to do; wear my clothes between a shift.
I snatched my jean trousers from him and wore it before I changed completely. I took the shirt and slipped it on. ‘Have you been checking on the new slave?’ I asked as I wore my shirt.
‘Should I have checked?’ He asked confusedly. I gritted my teeth. I didn’t tell him to. I quietly wore my shoes, mentally calming my wolf.
‘I’ll be back,’ I ran into the house, sniffing the air to find her.
I can’t smell her!
Calm down Killian, breathe… I pleaded, closing my eyes. Wheezing with my eyes still closed, I focused my attention on picking out all the unwanted scents, separating them and fishing out hers.
‘Kaley!’ My eyes snapped open. ‘You came back!’ Rick was running to me.
‘Where’s she?’
‘They took her to the dinning hall!’ He shouted.
Killian growled in anger. I ran to the large dinning hall, Killian almost taking over. I burst into the hall, the double doors flying open widely and pulling two hinges off. My eyes roamed their faces; horrific. I looked down at their object of amusement. She was desperately feeling the ground, looking for what I couldn’t see. I could hear her sobbing as she crawled and felt the ground.
She lost her eyesight!… Rick’s voice reverberated in my head. I whimpered when she touched my shoe, feeling my foot up to my shin.
Our mate is blind… Killian howled sadly.
I reached down to her and grabbed her shoulders, pulling her to her feet. A gasp left my mouth as well as hers when I saw her face. The beautiful mate I saw back at the island was not the one I was staring at. Her eyes were swollen and red, just like her cheeks. She had claw marks on her face, her lips bleeding. Blood ran down from her head, flowing down to her neck and soaking her poor dress.
‘What have you all done to her?!!!’ I roared, this wasn’t the mate I left. She smiled wryly, holding my biceps for support.
‘Kale, she…’
‘Kimberly! Is this your doing? Didn’t I give orders that no one should touch her?!!!’ They all bowed.
‘Kale,’ she muttered softly. My heart squeezed, like someone was strangling me mercilessly. I was heaving.
She’s dying! Kale! She’s dying! Mate is dying!… Killian panicked.
I shook off the blur and quickly carried her, running her to the pack hospital. ‘Naylor! Naylor!’ I shouted.
‘Don’t alpha me! Where’s Naylor!’
‘Taylor,’ Taylor corrected as he strolled in.
‘I don’t care if you are Raylor or Gaylor of Baylor, d√¢klor or whatever lor! Just save her!’
‘Alpha, are you okay? You look pale…’
‘If she dies, you die, you all will!!!’
‘Calm down, where’s Zara?!’ I turned and ran out of the hospital, heading straight to the low slave house. I barged into the house and looked around the startled humans.
‘Whom amongst you know Makawee? Who is her roommate?’ They all pointed at a girl with blonde hair and hazel eyes. Dwight’s sealed female. ‘Come with me, now.’ I stomped out of the house, keeping my pace down so she’ll catch up.
We are suppose to be comforting mate, not standing around here.
I know, but I need to know what they did to her.
‘Tell me all they did to her, I want to know who and who hurt her.’
‘She lost a eye to Jastun, the guard wolf, lost the other to Zoe Hilt. They have done so much,’ she shook her head as she cried. My heart clenched, my mate must have suffered. ‘They beat her, made her work her ass out. She haven’t eaten since she came here, they starved her. She does most of the work here, broke a lot of ribs from being tossed around like a ball by everyone. Your selected mate threw her into a tub of sower water, had her stripped in front of all the warriors…’ Killian snarled, they saw her n@k£d when I haven’t! ‘Sh…sh…sh…’ She stammered with fear.
She inhaled. ‘She was left n@k£d under the sun, rain, moon, flogged for three mornings…’ That would explain the burning sensation I felt. ‘And then they took her to the dinning hall to force her to eat her father’s flesh…’
‘I don’t know how Makawee is still alive but she won’t survive it. She don’t have any blood or fighting spirit left in…’ I ran out, dashing back to the hospital. I ran into the theatre where the doctors were carrying out tests on her.
‘Alpha, you can’t be here, you have to wait outside…’ I looked at her, she was alive and looking at the ceiling.
‘All of you, get out, except Mayor.’
‘Taylor, I need them to…’
‘I don’t want to shout Taylor, just kick them out.’
‘It’s Tay… Hey! You got it right!’
‘Oh, nevermind, you can all leave.’ He instructed. The nurses and doctors who reluctantly left. Taylor was my friend, the one person aside my beta who knew all my secrets… Almost all. I preferred calling him different names to please me.
Go to her… My wolf whined… She’s in pain.
‘Makawee,’ I called softly, walking over to her. I nervously entered the bed with her. She instinctively moved closer, curling herself around my legs. I had my hands up and breath coming out in short wheeze.
Touch her!
She’s too close… I whined.
I hitched her body up and made sure my arms stayed around her waist. She was whimpering. ‘Treat her,’ Taylor gave me a look. ‘Yes, she’s my mate. Don’t let anyone know yet.’
‘Hope you won’t mind me stripping he…’ I snarled at him. ‘I need to give her a thorough check to know the damages. You’ll be here to watch me, I won’t eye her, I promise.’ I stared at him suspiciously.
We don’t have a choice.
I did it myself, can’t trust another unmated wolf with my mate. I kept my eyes on him as he checked her, my hands still wrapped around her. Kawee winced and whimpered whenever she was touched. I looked at her body which I’m sure was spotless. Her skin had new, old, healing wounds and injuries. There were slashes, cuts… I couldn’t look at her, not even her face was good enough to look at. It took Taylor an hour to complete the tests.
‘I don’t know Kale, I don’t think she can make it. It’s a surprise that she is still breathing.’
‘What is the damage?’
‘Damages,’ he corrected. ‘Damages Kale, damages,’ he sighed. ‘Almost all her ribs are broken, her eye sockets are completely bad, her ears have serious infections but treatable. She lacks nutrient and it seems like she drank some sewer water…’
‘Please, don’t tell me again. Is there anything you can do? To save her?’
‘I don’t know, her heartbeat has slowed down, almost stopping. If she was a werewolf, I would have figured something out but she’s not. She ought to be dead.’ He said puzzledly.
‘Can’t you get her eyes fixed? Her…’
‘Her eyes is the least of her problems, she has so much in her already. If I get her eyes treated, what about her ears? What about her failing heart and kidney? What about her ribs? What about her face? W…’
‘Enough!’ I barked. ‘Taylor, what do I do to heal her? She can’t die or I will too. Is this the punishment the moon goddess have laid out for me? She can’t die, we have to do something.’
‘There is one thing we can do,’ he said thoughtfully. I knew that look.
‘No, I’m not doing that, I can’t use my sanative ability on her. The more I use any of my abilities, the wilder Killian becomes. I can barely contain him, my body won’t be able to carry him if…’
‘Kale, you use your powers and she survives and your wolf gets a little bit stronger, or you don’t use your powers and your mate dies and your wolf either loses his sanity or die. Which one sounds better?’
Kale, I can manage it, just heal her.
We die either way! Just heal her!
I had some kind of abilities, powers generated from something valuable. But the more I used it, the stronger Killian becomes and the weaker my body gets. A werewolf is a combination of human and wolf, one can’t live without the other. If my body fails, so would the wolf’s. But Taylor believes Killian has the power to rip out of my body; separate himself from me. However, if that is done, he would become too wild and a killing machine. It wasn’t something I wished to experience. In this case, I had no choice.
I delicately took her hands, clasping our palms together; twinning our f!ng£rs tight. I looked at Taylor who was looking back at me with agitation. Wasn’t really helping me but I couldn’t let that stop me. Focusing all my attention on the scars on her body, the blood, the open wounds, her maimed face, I released the energy into her. I closed my eyes when I sensed something buried deep inside of her, so strongly buried I could barely feel it. My wolf turned and whimpered, almost clawing at my subconscious to get to what was buried in. I shook my head, reaching out to whatever was buried inside. A loud bell rang in my head, distracting me from getting to it. I removed my hands from hers, sending them to my head.
‘Kale, are you okay?’ Taylor asked anxiously.
‘Church bells, klaxons,’ I groaned. I fell on the bed, pressing my head into the pillow, whimpering as the incessant ringing continued. She tossed on the bed, her leg resting on mine. The bell stopped ringing. I exhaled, my head was still throbbing. She sighed as she lowly passed out. ‘Keep everyone out of the hospital, I think I’m going to…’ My vision turned completely black. My eyes closed as I passed out too.
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint (Kawee) ¶¶¶
So warm, so warm, so warm… Why the hell was she saying that?
Lona, I’m trying to sleep here.
So warm…
Wait, why are we still alive? I wanted to die.
Are you seriously wanting us dead? Kale saved us!
Open your eyes and behold wonder… She giggled. I rolled my eyes mentally. I sighed and forced my eyes open, not that I can see a thing. I blinked in shock… Yup! Kale healed you.
It wouldn’t have made any difference, I would have healed anyways. I tried to turn but someone was holding me in place. I was wondering who was touching my waist? I looked at the person’s hand, muscular. Trailing my eyes up the hand to the face, my cheeks turned red. It was Kale holding me tightly. He was asleep too and looked a mess but still breathtaking.
Wonder!… Lona chirped.
Shhh… I sibilated.
I hitched myself up closer, making myself more comfortable so I could still see his face. My eyes stayed on his face, a smile on my face. I daintily reached up for his face and held his chin. He whimpered and sighed, my touch must have made him more comfortable. I rubbed my thumb on his specially made sculpted jaw, my mouth opened as the weird sensation flowed through me. My stomach was flipping simultaneously with my heart.
So weird.
So perfect…
Let’s agree that my mind is corrupt.
I haven’t even started yet, just look at the way his veins pops, the way his chest rise and fall. Isn’t he the most lovely? Feel his shoulders.
I did as she said, driving my hand down to hold his shoulder, if felt so right in my hand. His shoulder was just the right amount of strong, could make a girl feel absolutely safe. I giggled and did the other thing, run my f!ng£r along the veins of his neck. The heat from his body merged with mine perfectly, just too perfect. His pale cream skin was paler, like he was sick but not sick.
Is he alright? Why is he even holding me?
Why are you enjoying it?
Can you not always counter my words?
Will you always agree with me?
Oh dear.
Hey! Look at his face! Have you seen his lips?!… She chirped.
I was tempted to look at his face; his scarlet hair with those weird highlights sprawled on his face. In a way, the hair framed his face, making him look more cuter. My eyes moved down to his lips, it was wet and looked like he smeared on some red lipstick. I moved my hand back to his face, brushed my thumb on it to check for lipstick. It was clean. I continued rubbing his lips with my thumb, his very soft lips. A soft sound emanated from his chest. I giggled again, I loved the sound. Wanting to hear it again, I entwined our legs, pushed myself up and slowly lowered my lips on his jaw. He made the sound again. I shuddered, the feeling was odd but desirable. I klzzed his chin again, he made the same reaction. I klzzed his jawline slowly, running my hand into his shirt. I klzzed the bottom of his lip, that caused a soft purr.
‘So strange,’ I muttered. I averted my eyes to his… I gasped when I saw his amber, gold, amethyst and hunter green eyes were looking at me. My neck felt hot, am I blushing?
‘Good morning,’ he greeted with a hoarse voice. The butterflies in my stomach increased. ‘Didn’t your mother teach you not to seduce a sleeping man?’ And that question brought my senses back, reminded me that the monster holding me was the same who killed my mother.
‘I don’t know, maybe you should find her dead body and ask her,’ the smirk on his face disappeared. ‘Let go of me,’ I growled. He didn’t let go. ‘Let go of me Kale,’ I snapped. He smirked. ‘Why are you smirking? Why aren’t you letting me go?’
‘I love it when you call my name, it sounds better coming out of your mouth. How do you feel when I call yours? Does it make you shudder? Does it make you hot inside? Does it make your imagination go wild? Does it make you wonder why your stomach flips? Tell me Makawee, how do you feel?’
I took in a sharp breath. ‘What are you doing to me? Why are you making me feel strange?’
‘Why?’ He asked innocently. ‘Are you really wondering why?’ His hand was exploring somewhere he shouldn’t. I looked down at his hand that was trailing up between my thighs, going higher and dangerously deeper.
‘Kale, stop touching me,’ I breathe. He chuckled but didn’t stop swiping his hand between my thighs.
‘I killed your mother, right? Which one of those filth was your mother?’
‘You will not insult my mother,’ I snapped. ‘That same filth raised me to care and love your kind. Do you think that if I didn’t respect your people, I would have let them hurt me so much? No. Don’t you dare insult my mother or I’ll break my vow by killing you.’ I snarled into his face, not clothing my rage one bit. He stared at me like I was a two years old making a threat.
‘You are so cute when you get mad, makes my desire to ram you stronger. If you don’t want that to happen, then it would be wise you keep your hate speech to yourself.’ He pushed me off him, the force landing me on the floor in a thud. I whimpered as pain coursed through my body from my side where I landed.l
‘I’m pretty sure I will keep hating you for the rest of my life,’ I groaned.
‘Too bad. Your king killed my family, we both have a reason to hate each other.’
‘And a reason to wish you were dead or better, me. My mother never killed a wolf, never even ate or let me do the same thing. If I knew saving one of your kind would cost me her life and my freedom, I would have let them face what they were captured for…’ He snarled at me. ‘Snarl all you want,’ I snapped. ‘You can do me a solid and kill me too, being dead is better than being alive and seeing your face!’ He flinched, wincing at my words.
Say more, he needs to feel pain too.
‘The main reason I let your evil demons hurt me was because I wanted to die, I wanted death to take me away from you, them and this miserable existence I call life. Anything I’ll face in the other side would be better than being here and seeing all of you move freely after watching my entire family die. That mate of yours was lucky she didn’t serve me my mother’s flesh, I would have buried a knife into her skull that very moment and bring your entire empire to the ground along with all the wolves inside. I hate you, I hate your kind, and I hate my life!’
‘Don’t hate me! Don’t hate your life because you have no right to!’ He shouted furiously.
‘You had no right to make me watch you rip out my mother’s throat! You had no right to kill her!!!’ I screamed at the top of my voice. I was already on my feet, secretly eyeing the scissors on the table. ‘How dare you kill her when she did nothing?!!!!!!’
‘You will not speak to me with such disrespect!!!’
‘Or else what?! Kill me?! Break my bones like your wolves did?! Starve me?! Hurl me around or use me to play ball! Force me down into the sower and make me drink it! Make me crawl on nails and thorns with something bigger than me crushing my spine! Put my hands into a fire! Flog me! Claw at my face, punch my eyes, make me work my bones out or have me tied to an animal and pulled along thorn filled hails,’ I spoke softly at the end, remembering all I’ve been through. ‘Throw me down the stairs, make me bees practice dummy or leave me n@k£d under the sun for men to stare for three days. What else do I have left? I have no family, no relative, no mom, no dignity, no pride. You shouldn’t have saved me, you should have let me die…’ I sobbed, stylishly grabbing the scissors.
‘I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left you in their care. I really thought they would follow my instructions…’
‘I’m glad they didn’t,’
‘Please don’t say that…’
‘And I hate that you saved me, I want to embrace death. You won’t let me live in peace, and you won’t let me die. What then do you want from me?’
‘Just don’t die,’
‘Too late, death is the only thing that would make me feel better…’ And just like that, I raised the scissors up to stab myself in the neck. One minute he was at the bed, the other he had hurled himself forward and collided his body with mine. He knocked me down, quickly pinning my hands on the ground.
‘Don’t ever do that! Don’t try to kill yourself or you’ll kill me?!’
Kill him?
Don’t look at me, I don’t know what he’s talking about.
‘Why shouldn’t I die! You killed my mother! I hate you! I hate you! And I will keep hating you until…’ He crashed his lips on mine, stopping me from finishing my sentence.
He klzzed me! This is all your fault!… Lona said chidingly… You had to tell him you hate him and he klzzed us!
Us? Again, there is no us, just me. And how is it my fault!
Just bite him.
Good idea.
Getting his bottom lip between my lip, I sank my teeth into it, holding on to it to make sure I cause a damage. He howled out in pain, before removing his mouth from mine. He stood up from my body, howling and mourning his burst lip. I eyed the scissors again. ‘Do you really hate me that much to bite me?!’ I didn’t reply, grabbed the scissors instead but he was fast to knock it off my hand again.
‘Let me die!’
I’ll make him kill me then.
‘Is this how you are, letting the daughter of the man that killed your family live? Yes Kale, I am his daughter and she was my mother. Now I think about it, I’m glad he killed so much of your kind, glad he wiped out your entire family and now you are lonely…’
‘If you think you can bait me into killing you, then think again. I have more self-control than you think. And if you should think it properly, you are the lonely one. I have my pack, my somewhat cousins and dear friends. What do you have left?’
My throat went dry, he was right. My eyes watered, he caused it all. ‘I hate you,’ I sobbed.
‘Your hate has nothing on me. You are not allowed to die. If it would make you feel better, your meaningless life means something to me.’
Why? Why? Why? Why?
What if you are his mate?… Lona asked… Just asking.
That is not possible but if…
I smiled slyly as I thought about it. If I was truly his mate, then he would feel all my pain, my emotions and needed me alive, right? I gathered up all the hatred I felt and pushed it into my emotion, adding my strong desire to either die or kill him forward too. I mean, what else could explain the sudden affection for him? The need to be with him? If I was his mate, then I had the upper hand.
I’ll destroy you Kale.
Calm down Kawee, calm down.
I confirmed it when he whimpered. He could feel my hate, my murderous intentions towards him and the desperation to be far away. I smiled inwardly. The wicked side of me suggested something, I was going to act on it. ‘If you want me alive, then stay away from me, don’t come close to me at all.’
‘If I do that, do you assure me that you won’t try to stab yourself?’
‘I can’t live when all those who hurt me live. How did you even heal me? I was sure death was calling me.’
‘Let me worry about that. I will make sure they are punished for disobedience, I already made sure of that before you woke up.’ He murmured.
‘How long?’
‘A week.’
‘Whatever, get out and never come back or I’ll kill myself…’
‘Why are you threatening me with your life? Do you think I care!’ Oh, reverse psychology, isn’t it?
‘Maybe because I am not completely dumb to the lifestyle of a werewolf. I am pretty much aware that I am your mate,’ he winced.
‘Don’t do anything stupid or I’ll kill you myself.’ He threatened.
‘If you wanted to do that, you would have done that already. I dare you to do it, I don’t mind dying anyway.’
‘You!’ He snorted angrily.
‘Get… Out!’ I roared. He glared at me hatefully. Before I could speak again, he was gone.
Now that he is gone, let’s throw ourselves on the bed and cry… Lona chirped.
What I said hurt me. I could feel his anger, his frustration and hate. I put my legs to my chest and hugged it, burying my face into my knees and letting the tears fall. Can I really stay away from him? Can I really stand it? I can’t, I can’t.
Your fault, your fault… Lona chanted ghostly.
I hate you sometimes.
Guess what?… She whispered… I don’t exist, you do. I rolled my eyes mentally.
After crying for almost an hour, I took myself to the bed and slept off. I wasn’t feeling any pain when he was around, but since he left, all the healing pains returned. After sleeping uncomfortably for over three hours, I woke up with my usual headache and stomach pain. Only this time, I knew my stomach was biting me because of Kale’s absence. Mated to a wolf, the same man that killed my mother and my father killed his. How ironic.
‘Kiwi!’ Rina shrieked, barging into my hospital ward. Neither she nor Giselle gave me time to acknowledge their presence, they tackled me down in a suffocating hug. I gasped for air as they held me so tight. Elle pulled away first, but Rina refused to let go of me.
‘First of all, since when did Kiwi get involve?’
‘Kawee, Kiwi, get it?’ Rina giggled. Elle laughed and shook her head.
‘You can let go of me now,’ I coughed.
‘Oh, sorry,’ I squeaked when she tightened her hands. ‘Is that better?’
‘Carina,’ I gasped. She laughed and let go of me. I breathe in sharply, coughing at the same time. ‘Thanks for plotting with the enemy to kill me.’
‘You’re welcome,’ she winked at me.
‘What are you girls doing here?’
‘We wanted to see you, how you are fairing. Alpha Kale banned everyone from coming but we risked it… Hey, what did you say to him? He was really pissed off when he left here about three hours ago.’ Elle replied.
‘Four,’ Rina corrected. ‘And yeah, what did you say to him?’
‘Nothing more than I hate him.’
‘Really? Because Jastun is dead because of that statement,’ my eyes widened. ‘Yes, he was furious he walked up to Jastun and snapped his neck. I wasn’t told, I was there.’
‘Elle, that is the half story,’ Rina said gossipingly. ‘I’ll give you the full gist,’ she shifted closer. ‘So, after you were brought here, Alpha Kale came to me and asked me what happened and who hurt you, I told him everything and even added a little pepper. After that, he returned here. He stayed with you for a day, him and Rick. After that day, the purging began.’
‘What purging?’
‘He couldn’t call out all who hurt you, so he called out the ones that hurt you most. Jastun, Keisha, Kimberly…’ My interest was on Kimberly. ‘He yelled at them for disobeying his order, for feeling they could step on him like he was nothing; his command was nothing. He summoned the entire pack and stripped each and every one of them off their titles and ranks. Jastun lost the same eye he made you lose, same as Jastun. Kim suffered what he made you suffer. He not only had her left hand burnt with fire, he threw her into a tub of sewer water and then flogged and left out for three days just like you did. He even whipped her against the tub so she’ll break her ribs just like you did.
Remember Keisha had you dragged along thorns and that other blonde wolf made you crawl on your knees with that thing on your back? They suffered too. It was amazing. If it wasn’t for the fact that Rick was the one who cried on your behalf, everyone would have thought you are his mate. Kale loves Rick a lot, can kill an entire pack to please the small boy. Do you know that Kim died last night?’ My mouth fell open. ‘You went through hell, you didn’t die, she went through a little and she died. She’s a weakling. Even those teenagers that used you to play ball were punished, same as the man that kicked you down the stairs. Kale threw him from the roof top. He didn’t die but he broke his legs for seven hours.’
‘Kale did all that for me?’
‘Rick,’ Elle corrected. I smiled widely, knowing he did it for me. A strange satisfaction settled in my stomach, Kim was gone.
Mom said don’t kill any wolf, she didn’t say they can’t kill themselves.
And that my dear Makawee, is true.
To be continued.
😊 that’s what the vow said, right? But does Kawee really have the heart to hurt others?
Will Kale stay away?
Let’s find out.
Please like this post, I beg you.
🍂🔥 Authoress Bunmi B. Gabriel 🔥🍂

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