The devil’s mate episode 35 – finale

The Devil’s Mate
Alpha’s Wyrd Mate •••••••••••••••
♦ Story by: Kemmy B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book thirty five ♦🔷🔶
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint ¶¶¶
I dropped the last jar of ash into the lava, throwing it fall down to the lake of fire. The jar fell in and burst up like the other. I smiled with satisfaction and looked at Aldan who was flying above me. He nodded and looked at the sky, when he first came out, he was so amazed by the sky. Aldan is just too cute, if you ignore his nose. His nose wasn’t small and cute, crooked but still cute.
‘Shall I take you back down?’
‘Yes,’ he flew behind me and carried me up. Aldan flew us down the volcano, far from it. He dropped me on the ground and came down himself. ‘So what now?’
‘You wait…’ The sky suddenly came down, like the clouds clashed in front of me. It whirled around aggressively, forming a violent twister. Aldan grabbed me by my waist and made to fly me back but I stopped him.
‘No, let me go,’ I slapped his hands away. ‘I need to walk into it.’
‘I’ll be fine and I will truly come back,’ he looked at me with genuine concern. I smiled assuredly before stepping away from him.
Here goes nothing.
I closed my eyes and walked to the twister, pushing the clouds and wind apart for me to walk in. The cloud was cold and moist when I jumped in. The cloud closed up on me, snatching me up into the sky. I screamed as I was spun spirally, whooshing through the moist soft air. The current of the wind felt like my body was going to be ripped apart, torn into pieces. With a violent force, the twister threw me out, hurling me into a island of mist.
Darn it!
Do something Makawee!
Twisting my body in the air, I gather the wind in my hands, clasped them together and spun myself to the ground, controlling the gravity of my fall. I fell into the mist, I couldn’t see a thing. I dragged the mist into my hands as fast as I could, moulded it into a cloud and threw it on the ground. I fell onto the soft cloud which bounced me back to my feet. The force made me stagger forward before I got my balance. I sighed with relief and stood with arms akimbo.
‘Maybe you should try a simple invitation next time,’ I said drily. I heard a light chuckle vibrate from the entire mist. I turned around when I felt her present. Descending down with glowing body, lower body covered in clouds like her feet was the clouds or something. She was taller than what I imagined her to be, could be compare to a giant. The entire island seemed to flow with her like it was her body. She was beautiful and I looked exactly like her. For the first time in my life, I bowed my head in respect, her godly aura compelling me to respect the one above me.
‘Oh dear Cheona, don’t be like that, stand up,’ I raised my head with a smile. She had reduce her size to mine. ‘It’s very nice to finally meet you, can I get a hug?’
‘Is it okay?’
‘Come here,’ she laughed. I nervously walked closer to her. She smelt like milk and snow, a warm scent that made my stomach turn. She chuckled again, her small laugh sounding like the sweetest melody in the universe. ‘Your boy will be a stubborn and possessive one, one who would protect his sister with his life. He shall be your father in wolf form, take care of me and yes, his name shall remain Casimir.’ She pulled away from me.
‘How long will I have down there? Not long, right?’ I asked sadly.
‘I am not in a rush to take you, but your leaving will come from your mate because he has only but twenty to twenty five years to live down there before he is pulled back to his throne. And as you are bonded to him, you will follow less than a year later and stay with him until Avalon is ready for you. Cheona – Gosh I hate that name – you can only have two children but you must not interfere in their lives. I’m afraid your powers will not transfer to your son or daughter, it ends with you. Moon’s however will be upon your son, a little of his light gene will be on him, his sun powers. As both of you are gods, you are allowed to bless your children but not change their destinies. Fate have prepared something for them, you must not intervene unless I say so. That is my only condition to allow you go back there.’
‘Anything else I should know?’
‘Your daughter’s name shall be called Lyrics,’
‘What sort of name is that?’
‘Lyrics represent the songs in your body, to show my new joy. Originally the name is Lyric but I want you to call her Lyrics for you carry seven songs.’
I looked down at my hands and smiled… Casimir and Lyrics, not bad, eh Luna?
I love it. Our pups would stand out.
Then Casimir and Lyrics it is.
I looked back at her and nodded. ‘Agreed.’
‘Now, would you like a tour around Avalon or do you want to go back to your mate?’ She asked with a knowing tone. I grinned, she didn’t know my answer. She laughed lightly. ‘Avalon, from now on you shall be called Avalon.’
‘How do I get home?’
‘The same way you came,’ she said with a teasing wiggle of her brows.
Oh come on!
She laughed again. ‘I was joking love, joking. I will send you home right…’
‘What about my father? Is he still alive?’ I asked sharply. The smile on her face faded into a damp one. ‘Oh,’ I murmured. I knew he would die but I had hope that he might survive. Oh well. ‘I want to stay here with you, get use to you first and then we can rebuild my island together. I want to spend time with you grandmother.’
Her face brightened again. ‘I like the sound of that.’
★★★ Kale’s standpoint ★★★
Waiting, I had been waiting for Makawee to return home but she wasn’t coming. I knew she was alive, there was a time I felt her pain but it stopped. I couldn’t reach out to her, I was shut and I promised myself I wouldn’t go after her. Many thoughts ran through my mind. What if Eyphah already have her? What if he has taken her as a prisoner? What if he is torturing her? What if he does anything else? What if she defeated him but fell into a coma? What if she has been kidnapped by another god? Surely it wasn’t like that because mother assured me that she was fine where she was but never said anything other than that. Artemis once jokingly said she is building her children’s future and will be back soon but nothing more.
Seconds turned into minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days and days to weeks until it was already a month, two weeks, two days, five hours and forty five minutes. Counting the seconds is a waste of time. Yes, I kept count, I marked every single second on the wall of the extra room I made for calculation. It was frustrating but the only thing I could do. I didn’t let it affect my ruling, the new wolf kingdom was going perfectly. I provided for packs that were too poor to hold on, strengthened our alliances with other werecreatures and built more farms and went into more human businesses for the sake of my packs. I needed as much money as possible for the packs that weren’t rich enough to carry them. I also started a university building project in my pack which was now called Capital as the main town. Before, wolves had to attend vampire college or go to any human colleges like I did, so I hired thirteen witches to begin the building. There were other orphanage shelters to be built, more schools and elderly homes but I wanted to assign the projects to Makawee, to supervise it herself. I also wanted her to check if the plans were good and add more ideas to benefit the people since she was more considerate.
I miss her.
‘Your Majesty?’ I sighed and continued stamping the documents. Andre remained my right hand man. ‘The witches are here to take the blueprint of the entertainment area for the university site.’
‘Tell them to go back home and rest for a while, they have been working and using up their powers for two straight days. There is more to build so they should rest for a day and return later.’
‘As you wish your Majesty,’ he bowed and walked out. I sighed heavily, slouching back on my chair. Having so much work while so fuckstrated and agitated was draining me.
We should go find her… Killian suggested.
No, I’m sure she is fine.
But what if she has left us? What if she is now in Avalon?
Our bond can’t be broken.
Are you sure?
Y… I stood up sharply when I inbreathe her fresh scent. My heart leapt with joy, Makawee was back! Killian howled, running around in my head with joy.
I stood up and ran out of the office, bursting through the door. I almost shifted but controlled it. Just as I ran out of the castle, I saw an angel flying down with her. He dropped her gently on the ground, his wings creating a powerful wind current. I shield my face from the wind. The angel guy dashed back into the sky.
‘Thanks Aldan! Say hi to your wife for me!!!’ She shouted. I could hear his light laugh before he saluted. Kawee laughed, she reduced a whole lot. What have they done to my wife? She looks so lean, so sick.
‘Kawee,’ I whined. She whirled around to face me, a huge grin on her face. I frowned, she was happy because of him. Is he the new guy?
‘Seriously Kale?’ She laughed. She was in front of me before I could speak. Kawee threw her hands around my neck and hugged me tight. ‘There is no new guy, you remain my one and only.’
‘You left me for so long,’
‘I’m back now,’
‘I’ve missed you,’ I whispered, wrapping my hands around her. ‘You smell more pleasant than before, you reek of him too. Who’s he?’ I muffled into her temple. She pulled away from me.
‘First, I need to go around and greet the pack, Mommy Renée, Carina, Holly, Becca, every one of them.’
‘But you just got back!’
‘I never should have… Carina!’ She shrieked and ran to her pregnant friend. Something was different about her, when I hugged her I felt something in her. What is that? New powers?
Mate is so thin… Killian cried… Must feed her.
After Kawee stressed herself by greeting the governess and those that matters, she asked Andre to send a message that she was back and would be throwing a banquet to apologise to everyone for leaving and explain why. Then, I forced her to eat a lot, she needed to add more weight. She was stressing herself. After I forced her to eat, I took her out to let her wolf out so I could scrutinise her for any flaws or sign that shows she is weak. We need to hunt and feed her wolf too. This is operation Kawee must get fat.
‘Kawee, I said shift,’ I said impatiently. She remained seated on the root of an apple tree, eating from an apple; green apple.
‘I can’t shift Kale, I already told you that.’
‘I need to check Luna and make sure she hasn’t emaciated too. Have you even been feeding her? When last did you let her out?’
‘Kale, don’t you even want to find out why I don’t want to shift? What happened to Eyphah?’
‘I will listen once you aren’t looking like a twig,’ I eyed her body. ‘You look sick.’
‘Kale, I defeated Eyphah…’
‘You wouldn’t be here if you haven’t,’ I interjected. ‘You freed Avalon, blah blah, the end, now shift.’
‘Kale,’ she laughed. ‘Don’t you want to know who that flying guy is?’
‘Is he some kind of angel?’
‘Cosmic faes, creatures of Avalon created by The Lady to protect our future children. They are fierce warriors. For the past weeks, Nolava and I have been rebuilding my island with Artemis, creating a home for them. In the future, they will be of great use to our precious children.’
My eyes were fixed on her collarbones, so visible and dry. ‘Makawee, what did you eat there, grass? You look like a poverty stricken goat.’ She face palmed herself.
‘Gosh Kale!’ She exclaimed. She dropped her hands and pouted. ‘I can’t shift or I’ll lose my baby.’
‘Baby? What baby?’
‘This one,’ she tapped her stomach. ‘I’m pregnant Kale, little Casimir.’ She looked at me blushingly.
Am I the father?
‘Yes stupid! You are the father. I was already pregnant before I left, three weeks pregnant.’
‘And you fought with our baby! Makawee, are you insane!’ I ran to her and squatted down, I placed my head on her stomach to check on him. ‘Baby, are you alive in there?’
‘If he isn’t, what would I be smiling for?’ She asked laughingly. I stood up and pulled her up too.
‘From now on, you are not allowed to walk with your own feet. If you need anything, the maids would attend to you. Even if you want to walk, the guards will carry you. You need to eat more so you don’t get too lean and break into two…’
‘Don’t shout, you can hurt the baby… We need to get his room prepared, what colour would we paint it? I don’t like blue, should we make it white or cream?…’
‘Kale, shouldn’t I be worried about all that?’
‘I’m going to be a father Kawee,’ I cried, I was starting to panic. ‘How do I do that? What do I say?’
‘Kale, calm down,’ she laughed, cupping my cheeks. ‘You will be a good father, I know you would.’
‘What if…’
‘No ifs, let’s start planning our baby’s arrival and his room. Don’t you dare try to cage me, I will work.’
Killian whooped, running around in circles.
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint ¶¶¶
Days became weeks and weeks months and before I knew it, my baby was close to delivery. Elroy came back to stay, he was my little helper. He followed me wherever I went, slept between Kale and I most night – to Kale’s annoyance – and stole half Kale’s father right from him. They argued over who would speak to the baby, fought over who would decorate Casimir’s room – Kale lost – and even followed me to get Casimir’s clothes. The only thing Kale did was buy the toys and comfort me whenever I was in pain.
Sitting on the garden swing and swaying with Elroy sitting on my laps, I sang to him and my unborn son. Elroy hugged my protrude stomach like he was the father. He never went to sleep without holding me. It was two in the noon, time for his nap so I was singing him to sleep.
‘You will be at your peak
When the blood moon glows.’ He sighed softly in his sleep. I stopped swinging, using my legs as anchor. I gently carried him up, he wasn’t that heavy.
You talk… Luna groaned.
As I took a step, water rushes down my legs, soaking my gown. I knew what that meant, my baby was coming. Kale wasn’t home, he travelled. I used the mind link to call out to Mommy Renée.
‘A little help at the garden,’
‘Is everything alright dear?’
‘No, the baby is coming and I’m trying not to freak out.’
‘Oh my! I’ll be there as soon as I can.’
‘Come with someone to quietly take Elroy away, I don’t want to wake him.’ Luna was freaking out, I wasn’t, I had prepared for it. The baby came sooner, Kale was suppose to be home.
★★★ Kale’s standpoint ★★★
I bounced out of my car with a wide smile, I bought my son another toy. I wasn’t just going to pamper him, he would also be a strong man. If he dares disobey me like I did to mine, I’ll cut his head. The toy was a glowing sword, like one of those star war fighters or whatever human calls them. Andre stood at the door waiting for me, with a woebegone expression on his face.
‘Welcome back Your Majesty,’ he greeted. That’s odd. Why is he sad? I looked at the guards, they all had the same look.
‘Why are you sad?’
‘The prince…’ He stammered. My eyes widened, fear gripping my heart.
‘What happened to my son?’
‘He…he…the queen lost…’
No, no, no!.. Killian cried.
I pushed him out of my way and ran to Kawee’s personal bedroom. I pushed the door open, she wasn’t there. I ran to our bedroom, my heart thumping against my chest with he greatest fear I had ever felt. When I ran in, Elroy and Rick was playing with a baby on the bed. It was like a bucket of cold water was rained on me. I reeled back and sloughed on the wall, placing my hand on my chest.
‘Damn you Makawee!’
She laughed from the bathroom. ‘Uncle K, come see Casimir.’ Elroy whispered softly. I ran over to the bed, and jumped in. He looked just like me, exactly like me.
‘Rick, he looks like me,’ I whispered.
‘Kaley, are you crying?’ Tears dropped from my eyes to his face. He burst into tears, throwing his hands everywhere. ‘Now look what you did, Kawee!’
‘Kale, carry him, I’m in the shower!’
Carry, how do I carry a baby?
‘I don’t know how to carry a baby,’
‘I’ll teach you,’ Elroy carried him gently while Rick positioned my hands. Elroy dropped him in my hands and helped me positioned it. ‘There.’ It felt so odd, so comfortable and exciting. I smiled at my baby, he felt so unreal.
‘He is so cute, I have a son Rick, a family,’ I sobbed. ‘Look, he’s going to have my eyes, see his lips? Just like mine.’
Rick patted my shoulder. ‘There there big man, don’t cry.’
‘Rock the baby like so,’ Elroy instructed, rocking the big pillow. I followed his instruction and rocked Casimir. A camera light flashed, I glanced at Kawee who awned.
‘This one is a keeper,’
‘Kaley is crying,’ Rick laughed.
‘Boys, can you excuse us? I need to talk to him alone,’ Kawee pleaded. She talks to them like they were are much older first sons. Elroy planted a kiss on Casimir’s forehead and climbed down the bed. Rick jumped down too and they both left.
Kawee sat in the bed, a towel around her body and water dripping down her skin. ‘He’s beautiful.’ I sobbed.
‘Just like you,’ she kissed my cheek. ‘Stop crying,’
‘I won’t be here for him, I have less than twenty five years to live on earth. I don’t want to leave him, I don’t want to…’
‘Twenty five years is enough time Kale, we would both be here for him and Lyrics when she comes. We’ll create a bigger empire, build the foundation for them. We would be the best parents to them. Don’t feel bad Kale, twenty five years is enough.’
Twenty five years was indeed enough time for me to raise my boy the way I want. Twenty five years was enough for me to finish what I have in mind for them. I looked at Kawee as she took the crying baby from me to breastfeed him. It’s funny how the daughter of my enemy changed me, made me the compassionate person that I am. Fate wyrd me to her, the strongest most passionate woman I have ever met. Patience, forgiveness, love, understanding, tolerance and more dwelled in her. Despite everything she went through from the beginning to this point, she remained the same strong and compassionate woman; a true goddess of love. To me she was a mystery, one by one she unraveled the mystery behind her and even till now, she still remains the mystery I will never solve.
Kawee has given me hope, a heart and a family of my own, one to love even when I return home. To this I appreciate the universe for my mysterious wyrd mate.
The End.
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Thank you all for reading another book of mine, can’t believe I’m finally done. It took time, slow and all but alas! We finished it. Expect the next part of the mystery mate series.
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