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The devil’s mate episode 34

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The devil’s mate episode 34 by : 8:22 pm On March 27, 2021
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The Devil’s Mate
Alpha’s Wyrd Mate
♦ Story by: Kemmy B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book thirty four ♦🔷🔶
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint ¶¶¶
I sprinted down the hill, feeling the cool breeze against my skin. Indeed the centre of the island still had trees and animals. When I first got there, I had cried my eyes out in joy when I saw it. I kept my gaze on the path in front of me, just so that I don’t face plant the floor and eat grass. When I reached the bottom of the path I was climbing down from, I looked up to catch a glimpse of the blue sky. Squinting in the sunlight, I managed to make out the light of the sun shining down on a large river. The sky and the river looked so close it made me think the sky was meeting the sea. That was where I needed to be. Without wasting time, I ran over to the river and stopped at it bank.
‘Now how do I get in,’ I mused, drumming my f!ng£rs on my thigh.
Maybe you should swim.
I placed my leg in the water, it parted immediately my feet touched it. I smiled and continued walking as the water made way for me, closing up after me. I walked under the water, admiring the beautiful scenery. Fishes swam by, some around me as I walked. I was in the a bubble, looking around for any suspicious thing. As I walked further, I saw a hole in the middle of the lake, some fishes swimming down. I walked over to it and looked down, it was quite dark down there.
Oh well, jump in… Luna said nonchalantly.
I stared at my hair, Lock knew what I wanted. It extended out of the water and snap a strong hold on a rock just in case something was up. I jumped down the hole, my hair acting as a rope to hold me. The water held gravity in a strange way, I had to hold my breath because this water didn’t part for me. I fell down the hole, keeping my eyes open to make sure nothing unexpected come my way. I fell down the hole into air, coming face to face with a beautiful underground forest. Lock stretched the other part of my hair to hold on to a tree so I wouldn’t fall. I landed on a branch of a tree, bouncing down to the ground. I sighed heavily, observing my surrounding. It looked so beautiful with the sun shining down on me from nowhere.
‘Beautiful,’ I smiled. My hair retracted to their regular position. I began my journey to look for what I came for. It was a long trek as I walked for hours with no idea of where I was going to, just followed instinct. I was still walking when someone unexpectedly landed in front of me. It was a man with two large white wings on his back and a forehead crown with the crest of Avalon. The hair of his skin was white, the hair on his head sharing the same colour. His eyes were silver and a long bolt slash on his left eyes. Five more landed on the ground, caging me in a circle. All were armed with weapons of different kind.
‘Who are you and what do you want here?’ The first one asked.
‘My name is Makawee,’ I tilted my head. ‘Demigoddess of Avalon.’
‘Lies, there is no demigoddess,’ the other one growled. ‘The Lady placed us here to make sure none comes and take what she kept for her son. You reek of werewolf stench, killing you would have been easy but we will give you the opportunity to choose life. Go back princess of the isle, you have done too many good to die such a death.’
‘Look, I need that sword to destroy Eyphah, to save Avalon. I am Ambrose’s daughter, please let me pass.’
‘And how do we know if you are telling the truth?’ I stretched out my hands to them, showing them the rings of songs that transformed to the symbol of Avalon after I changed. ‘Hmm,’ the first walked closer, wiggling his weird nose. He took my hands daintily and observed it. ‘Hmm, this looks real, but we cannot let you pass without making sure you have the powers.’
‘What do I need to do?’
‘Defeat me in a battle,’ he said calmly as he dropped my hands. ‘Try to pin us down to make sure you…’ My eyes flickered, hurling them all backwards. ‘What the…’
‘The light of Avalon created you, the light of Avalon will destroy you. So what’s it gonna be?’ I asked smirkingly. ‘Should I kill you, or let you be?’ I raised them above the ground. ‘One clench of my fist and you all die, still think I don’t possess the power?’
‘Okay, okay fine, we believe you.’ I released them, intentionally letting them go whilst in the air. They landed on their feet, breathing heavily.
‘I will return the sword when I’m done, how about that?’
‘Can you take me to it?’ I asked pleadingly.
‘The rest of you can go, you follow me.’ He grumbled out as he flexed his muscles. He started heading north, I skipped up to him and matched his angry pace.
‘How long have you all been here?’
‘Almost a century,’
‘Wow, Nolava was prepared. Did she only make six of you?’
‘Yes, she did.’ I looked at his pained face.
‘You want more of your kind? What even are you guys?’
‘We have no specific name, we were made to protect the sword and it remains that. We are creatures not meant to be seen, to die one day.’ We jumped over a cliff to another.
‘What powers do you possess? You all look like tundra faes.’
‘But we aren’t, we are purer with stronger light. Aside from being able to handle any physical combat, our swordsmanship and battle skills is exceptional. Our weapons hold strong magic, carved by ancient elves, weapons that could kill a god. Three out of us have special gifts, mine which is stronger as the first one created and the leader. I can control the animals of the sky, take on their forms or extract and enhance their abilities in myself. For example, I can copy the speed of a cheetah if I come in contact with one. In simple English, I absolve and copy the abilities of animals and maybe other creatures.’ He explained.
‘And the others? What gift do they have?’ I asked as I carefully walked down a long roll of slippery stairs.
‘Number two can control the animals of land and number five can control plants.’
‘Are you happy just protecting a sword no one even know about? All would think it was buried with it king. I mean you guys just waste your lives down here, away from civilisation.’ I said as a matter-of-factly.
He sighed heavily. ‘We do not have a choice, this is what we are made to be.’ There was a tone in there, warning me to keep my mouth shut. I took that as a cue to keep my lips sealed.
We continued venturing down the slippery stairs, I couldn’t see anything down there. It was like climbing down a bottomless pit.
I have an idea but I don’t know if it’s okay.
What is it?… Luna asked softly.
What if I send them above the ground? The island needs life to be in it so it can grow. I can create females of their kind so they would reproduce and make the island their home. The sword would remain in the ground, only the first six would know it exist and be sworn to secrecy. I will seal off the bottom so no one would accidentally come here and then the rest of them will be dedicated to protecting our future daughter.
Our daughter?
Yes. Imagine an army of powerful creatures dedicated to serving and protecting our daughter, it would be amazing.
I love the idea. But what creatures are they?
Honestly, they look like faes but since they were created by The Lady of Avalon, they aren’t in a sort of way. They must have stronger powers they are yet to know of.
‘What would you say if I give you privilege to name your kind?’ He looked at me over his large white wings.
‘That would be great but I have nothing in mind,’ he sighed, looking ahead. ‘We can’t possibly call ourselves swordians.’
I broke into a peal of laughter, he laughed along me. ‘That’s ridiculous,’ I said between my laugh.
‘I know, any better ideas?’
‘Hmmm,’ I stroke my chin. ‘The only thing I can think of is cosmic faes, what do you think?’
‘I love it, sounds powerful.’ I giggled and rubbed my hair.
‘Aldan, your name shall be called Aldan Cosmic, as the first cosmic fae. When the time comes, I’ll create more of you all and then you shall reproduce but under conditions.’
‘Of course, what conditions?’
‘Apart from the six of you, none would know the sword is here, not even the future generations. They shall all spend their life as warriors of Avalon, warriors of my future daughter and her generation to comes. At least until I free you all later to be creatures of liberty. What do you say?’
‘Wait, you are serious?’ He turned around to face me, his face crinkled up in shock. If he wasn’t lower than me, I would have openly admitted that he is cute. ‘You really want us to live above the ground?!’
‘Yes…? Do you hate the idea… Whoa!’ I shrieked as he suddenly enfolded me in a hug.
‘Thank you! Thank you so much!’
‘You’re welcome,’ I laughed. ‘Now let me breathe,’ he let go of me with a sheepish grin. ‘How long is this stairs?’
‘We still have five hundred and eighty nine to go…’
‘Oh come on!’ I exclaimed, throwing my hands in the air. ‘That’s it, I’m jumping down!’
‘Why don’t I fly you down?’ He suggested. I snapped my f!ng£rs.
‘Sounds like a plan,’ I jumped down from the stairs, expecting him to catch me before I fall or I’ll just use my powers. He caught me by wrapping his hands around my stomach. It made it look like he was a parachute. I laughed as the wind rushed against me, it was a moment of joy for me. Finally seeing the bottom, there was a small house down there. Aldan manoeuvred himself, turning us to our feet. He landed softly on the ground.
‘I’m sorry to ask but are you aware of the life inside you?’ I stepped away from him. As an Avalonian, he could sense my pregnancy better than any other.
‘I am aware,’
‘And you wish to fight with such precious blessing?’ He asked quizzically.
‘There is nothing else I can do about it,’ I replied damply as I walked into the house.
‘You do realise that this island is capable of weakening magic, right?’ He asked with a bemuse tone. ‘No matter how powerful the person or god is, the island weakens their powers and render them to almost nothingness. If you can stay here and wait for Eyphah to find you, he will lose his powers or rather, it will lock itself. That way, he will be brought to your level of powerlessness and you can both fight a physical combat. Eyphah depends on his powers a lot so the battle will be over before it even starts.’
I stopped walking and whirled around to face him. ‘But I have my powers, see?’ I looked at a rock which blew up immediately I stared at it.
‘Did you have it when you were above?’ He asked with a fold of his arms. I didn’t, only my locks were active. That would explain why I was captured. ‘There, you see what I’m talking about? Even after getting the sword, stay here until he finds you.’
‘Thank you,’ he bowed in respect.
‘Glad I could be of help milady,’ I smiled and kept walking. We walked into another room, there I saw what I was looking for deeply buried into a white stone. I jogged up to the stone and held the hilt which was the only thing in sight. I tried to pull it out but it refused to pull. ‘Don’t just pull with your strength, pull with your light and use your left hand.’
Placing my right hand on my chest, I held the hilt with my left and exhaled, releasing a little amount of energy before pulling it out. The sword was heavy, too heavy. I collapsed on the ground, huffing breathlessly. ‘How do you hold this sword? I can’t stand.’
‘You are a warrior milady, stand up.’ I stood on my knees and pull myself up. My hand refused to leave the ground.
‘Can’t move,’ I held my breath and glared at my hand. ‘I can’t fight with you if I can’t lift the sword, now listen to me you hand, move!’ The weight suddenly lightened, I raised the hand with the sword and lifted it to the sky. ‘That’s more like it!’
‘So what would you be doing for the next twenty five hours that you’ve got?’
‘Meditate so my hand won’t fail me when I need it.’
It was time, it was already five hours pass the time I was given. I wandered along the small forest with hands folded behind my back. I thought about my baby with a smile, thinking of how happy Kale would be when he finds out about our son. I imagined Elroy, he would shriek to know Casimir is now alive. Inhaling sharply with a smile, I turned around to head back to Aldan when there was a sudden movement of black hair ruffling in the slight breeze. I smirked as he stood only few feet away from me.
‘He finally shows himself,’ I said mockingly. Eyphah chuckled deeply.
‘Hello Makawee, nice to finally meet you in person.’ My stomach churned, his voice was worth swooning over.
Think of Kale, Kale is all we need… Luna chimed.
‘So, how do you intend to take me? I can’t think of anything, can you?’
‘Hmm,’ he eyed me from head to toes. ‘Beautiful, very beautiful…’ He appeared in front of me within the blink of an eye. I jerked back in shock. ‘You are afraid of me.’ He said as a matter-of-fact.
‘I deny that not, but my fear doesn’t stop me from fighting you.’
‘Is that so?’ He suddenly grabbed my hair, a dark energy passed through to my head. It was so sudden I fell on my knees. ‘You will see me as your mate, not the other way round…’ His voice whispered into my head, turning into a echo. I screamed in pain as images of Kale turned to his, he was replacing my memories of Kale’s with his. How he was able to touch my sacred hair was one thing, what he was doing was another.
Luna laughed hysterically… He can change the image of Kale, but he can never remove Alpha’s that have been imprinted in mine. I was made for him, no one else.
Luna took over, my claws extended out, my eyes turning white. I grabbed his hand holding my hair, digging my claws into his forearm. I allowed the power of my light gene course through me, electrifying my nerves, pumping my heart and restarting my mind, I passed the bolts to him. He hollered out in agony as the electric passed into him. I heavily stood up, holding on to his hand. Once I was back on my feet, I swung my leg and gave him a hard side kick, kicking his body far away from mine.
Thank you Luna.
Anything for mate. We promised to return to him and return we shall. We have a baby to announce.
In a flash Eyphah appeared by my side, his fist flying towards my face. I dodged his attempt to punch me, and spun around to his back, grabbed the back of his neck and threw him against a tree. He crashed into the tree, breaking it into another and another and another. I crouched to the ground, memories of how I got beaten up by that beast flowing back into my head. Unlike the first time, I wasn’t going to let him do the same. No one is saving me but myself.
Eyphah growled as he stood back up on his feet, glaring at me. Eyphah was extraordinarily fast, too fast. In a flash he charged towards me, silver weapon appearing in his hands. He reached me in no time, bringing his weapon down towards my limbs. I quickly moved out the way, he narrowly missed my arm. I hissed and narrowed my eyes at him. He stepped back with a worried expression, his dark eyes twinkling brightly. ‘Why don’t I have my full powers?’ He asked himself.
‘Same reason why I don’t have mine, the island.’
He tilted his head in confusion. Why is he so charming? Why?! His looked like a damn god; his tall, muscular frame was the perfect structure for girls to dwell in. He cut his hair to look shorter, short enough to frame his face like a girl’s Bob style, giving him a feminine look. Eyphah straightened his neck and smiled, that charming smile that cause my heart to hammer against my chest. I’m so doomed.
Kawee, Kale’s smile is better.
If I like deceiving myself, I would agree to her but I knew better, his smile was better than Kale’s. ‘You get more adorable at each passing minute.’ I rolled my eyes, an invitation for him to attack me. He gratefully took it as he charged towards me again, but I quickly unstrap the little dagger Aldan gave to me from my thigh, moved out of the way at the last second and plunged the dagger into his collarbone. It was meant to be his neck but he shifted in time.
I didn’t waste time mourning my lost chances, I kicked him hard in the chest, hearing a sharp wheeze force its way out from the impact. The kick threw him off again, sending him into another multi tree crashing adventure. I ran towards him, not giving him time to stand but Eyphah knew what to do. Removing the dagger from his own collarbone, he stood up in a flash once more and easily plunged the dagger into my side, right above my womb area. I retreated, running away to check my injury. He followed and blocked my way. ‘One last chance, accept me or die.’ He threatened. I removed the dagger from my stomach and flung it his way as a response. He smirked, his eyes completely turning black.
He sprung forward and raised his hands. I watched as his nails grew at an alarming rate, into what looked like ten European dueling swords. I instantly pulled out the sword in my sheath and slashed at his hands, cutting off his nails. His claws fell on the ground, causing him to hiss and leapt up suddenly and landed beside me, throwing quick short range punches at me. I blocked each one with great effort for he was too fast. His fists moved at such an unfathomable pace, humans and regular werewolves wouldn’t be able to see or keep up with it. He distracted me with his punches, my focus was on blocking them I didn’t see the kick coming. He kicked me right in my womb area, directly to my womb. I stumbled back and quickly regained my balance. He moved fast to slash my face with the remaining claws, I brought my arms up to protect my eyes, and felt a piercing, stinging feeling on my forearms. I retreated, teleporting to the other side of the forest to assess the damage.
So, he’s fast… I gasped… Too fast.
Our baby… Luna cried.
I jumped on the nearest branch of a tree, and analysed my wounds. There were at least three, long and deep gashes running down my forearm, and a small one on my left elbow. I placed my hands on my stomach, whimpering at the severe pain in there. I forgot mother’s training; protect your stomach. ‘Baby, you okay?’ I winced. My hands trembled, I held back my tears as blood gushed out of me. I exhaled, just as a flash of his black hair charged towards the tree. My body instinctively moved me to climb faster. I lived all my life in the island, I knew how to climb a tree like I was climbing my bed. The sword in my hand and my injury slowed me down but I was faster at climbing. I jumped to the top of the tree, readjusting my position to pick the other dagger strapped to my thigh. I pulled it out and leapt to another tree, twisting myself in the air in time to throw the dagger and the sword at the same time. He jumped out of the way of the sword, jumping into the dagger’s. The dagger pierced into his face, a direct hit.
I removed the daggers strapped to my legs and forearms, threw all of them with hope that one would touch him. Some hit his chest, arms, legs and face. He doubled over in pain, falling off the branch and tumbling towards the earth. I watched him hit the ground hard, with a loud thud. I quickly climbed down, jumping from branch to branch until I reached the ground. I ram over to make sure he was dead, blood seeped into the earth from his wounds. His eyes was closed, his body stiff. I placed my hand over my wound and step forward, just as I stepped closer to him, all his injuries closed up, a powerful wave of shadows swamed around him like a whirlwind, throwing me away. I crashed onto a tree, growling at the impact. The shadows grew bigger and bigger, whirling up to the sky and preventing anything from getting close. The trees rooted out of the ground and onto the shadows which hurled them my way.
‘Shit!’ I stood up and ran out of the way. I dodged each tree, running as fast as I could. His voice thundered from the whirl of shadows, chanting out a dark spell I knew too well. He was summoning three demons that would enhance him. He increased the volume of his chants, each words strengthening the shadows.
Oh boy, oh boy!… Luna panicked… What do we do?
I looked around as I jumped away from trees, I spotted the sword laying on the ground right behind him. The sword had camouflaged with the earth, looking like an ordinary ground. I knew exactly what I needed to do. I ran towards the tree that refused to be uprooted and hid behind it. The whirling shadows abruptly clashed down on him, waving off the ground like dust. I gasped at his new look, he no longer looked like a charming prince, he was a three headed serpent. He laughed out manically. ‘Come out princess, we have a surprise for you.’ They chorused. I looked at the sword, before they could walk away from it range, I stretched my hand out, calling it to me. The sword lifted up and slashed through the air, darting through his chest right between his heart. He cried out in pain, exquisite pain.
I came out of the tree in time to catch the sword, I ran to him and stood behind me. Without wasting time, I decapitated all three heads. The heads tumbled to the ground, rolling off far away. I plunged the sword into it heart once more and tore it apart, slashing it down to divide him in half. Aldan was right, the island was a good place to kill him. The battle ended before it got intense. The heads rolled over to the feet of Artemis. My eyes hardened.
‘Before you kill me…’ She trailed off and shot all heads with her arrows. ‘I’m sorry, it can’t take away the pains but it is all I can say. On this day, this very place I vow to protect your children in anything, they shall be blessed and filled with life. I cannot take back what I have done but please forgive me. I will help the cosmic faes build their empire, train those who are weak and make them warriors stronger than any on earth. To both celestial and mortal beings, their battle skills shall be equal to none.’ It was a good offer.
‘Do as you have said you would.’
‘Burn his body to ash and throw the ash into a lake of fire. Once that is done, everything would be fine.’
‘How do I find Nolava?’
‘You don’t need to, she’ll find you.’ She winked at me before disappearing. A heavy exhale left my mouth as I fell on my knees, it was finally over.
Pain from my womb shot up, my baby was hurt. Aldan flew down and carried me into his arms while the second who I named Wapi carried the body and head. ‘You’ll be fine milady, you both will.’ I knew I would be. I just had one last thing to do and I would be home again.
To be continued.

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