The devil’s mate episode 33

The Devil’s Mate
Alpha’s Wyrd Mate •••••••••••••••
♦ Story by: Kemmy B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book thirty three ♦🔷🔶
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint ¶¶¶
I stared at myself in the mirror, smiling at the reflection of me. I was ready for the coronation. It was taking place just five days after I found out I was pregnant, Alva stayed longer to train me. Since Kale was desperate to stay away from her trouble, he avoided me as well which was for my own good. My baby was in the line. As for what I wore, I wore a long dress. The white material clung to all my curves and flared out into a mermaid style. There were lot of glittering diamond and moonstone sequins starting along the Queen Anne neckline that fanned out as they fell down the dress until only few twinkled between the folded layers making up the mermaid flare. My hair pulled itself up to a half updo with fishtail braid, lily of the valley decorating the braid and tendrils falling down to frame my face. I wore a glass like shoes, high but comfortable ones. I pretty much dressed myself up, I was getting good at the fashion thing.
Rhoda had professional do my makeup and nails while Carina bathe me with different brands of perfume. It was strong for werewolves so I removed it after Jeremy came and bundle her away. On my hands were white lace gloves with flowers printed on it. I should have been happy but I wasn’t, I was sad Kale was yet to find out that his son was in me.
I sighed sadly, smoothening my dress. ‘Luna, we need you downstairs in fifteen minutes,’ Rhoda called out.
‘Be there in ten!’ I shouted.
I exhaled and placed my hands on my stomach, breathing softly. A sudden bright sunny light luminated behind me. I closed my eyes but turned around, ready for anything. ‘Calm down Makawee,’ I stepped back and squinted pass the light. It was a beautiful goddess, like the break of dawn her beauty shone brightly. ‘My name is Eos, goddess of dawn and sister to Selene and Helios.’
‘Okay… What do you want from me? Did Selene send you?’
‘Apollo did actually. He couldn’t come himself for reasons best known to him so he came to me and plead that I come deliver a message to you myself. I was jobless so why not,’ she shrugged. ‘Good to see you Makawee.’
‘Right, so what can I do you for?’
‘No, what can “I” do you for,’ she corrected. ‘You see my child, Apollo have been quiet because he had been seeking the final solution to the problem of Avalon. He had been searching the moment Moon’s mark came upon you.’
‘He knew what I was?’
‘He was close to Ambrose, he knew his close friend’s look alike when he saw one. Plus, you had his eyes and hair so it was only appropriate that he do something just in case.’ She explained as she walked to my bed.
‘And what did he find?’
‘Nolava knew all this would happen, that was why she never wanted a child for children aren’t a part of her destiny. So before Ambrose was created, she sought out the greatest weapon of all time, the most powerful weapon in existence and made it more powerful than it ever was. Nolava enchanted it and placed the weapon at the very heart of your island where you would find it.’
‘The island was burnt down, all it trees and…’
‘The heart to you is above but it is below where no eyes can see it. The weapon lies deep in a stone created by her own tears, deep under the centre of the island where the sky meets the sea. Find the spot you are looking for and a way under and find the weapon.’
‘What is the weapon and what can it do?’
‘All you need to do is fight with that sword and Eyphah shall be permanently destroyed.’
‘Yes, the mighty sword of Arthur Pendragon, that is it. You are to return it after use but first, you must get it. You have 48hours to get it before Eyphah gains enough strength to come. You must leave without the knowledge of your husband…’
‘What! Why? Why would I do that?!’
‘Moon might be powerful but against Eyphah in his primitive form is bad. Moon has no chance against Eyphah because his full powers are locked. The powers he shows are only but minor to what he truly has and that isn’t good enough to face the darkness coming. I want you to trust me and go alone because Eyphah will murder every obstacle in his way, including and especially Moon. If you truly love him and want to make sure he is safe, then keep him out of it.’
‘Alright,’ I looked down and back up, she was gone. Exhaling with my hands still on my stomach, I rolled my eyes shut and thought of what to do. I opened my eyes and walked outside my room, clipping my diamond earrings on. Two guards stood at the for door waiting for me. I walked ahead of them while they followed behind.
Are we going to do this again?… Luna asked sadly… Go without telling him? The last time that happened, we almost got killed. I know we want them to be safe but not telling him and disappearing would break his heart.
I know, the only problem is if I tell him, he will never let me go.
What do we do now Makawee?… She whimpered damply.
I don’t know, I don’t know.
We got to the two golden doors with the crest of the moon goddess, doors where six guards lined up at each sides and Kale was waiting for me. His eyes ran down my body, his mouth falling open a little. I looked down shyly, his eyes held promises I didn’t want to find out. ‘Wow,’ he breathe. ‘What has this mortal soul done to deserve such woman of grace and beauty?’ I giggled. ‘Milady,’ he gave me a gentlemanly bow. I took his hand blushingly. Kale kissed the back of my palm, pulled me closer and kissed my forehead. ‘You look beautiful Makawee.’
‘And you look… Well…’ I pulled back to look at what he was wearing. Kale wore a white royal robe tied up by a vine of flowers and designed with green epaulette and jewels. He didn’t change his haircut to look more royally, he tousled it for his own good and wore a earring. I smiled, stubborn as usual. ‘You, you look you.’
‘I know,’ he winked at me. ‘Now come along my queen,’ he interlocked our arms as the door slowly pulled open. The blinding light coming from the throne room made me put my head on his chest, shoving my face in.
‘You smell like paradise,’ I moaned, inhaling his sweet cologne.
‘My dick is paradise,’ he said proudly. I punched his chest with a little laugh.
‘You are such an idiot Kale,’
‘Your idiot,’ I pushed my face away from his chest and smirked mischievously.
‘Delete that sentence from your head,’ he warned. I wiggled a teasing brow at him. ‘Shut up.’
‘Honey, I didn’t say anything,’ I said sweetly. I glanced into the room, they were staring at us. ‘To be continued.’ I whispered.
‘Delete that sentence,’ he repeated again.
‘We’ll see,’ I urged him to walk forward. We walked in slowly, me looking around to study everyone’s faces, their smiling faces. Not all were happy, but that is their own problem. I got a sight of Mabel staring at us with tears in her eyes, with a look that said “that should have been me.”
Well, too bad… Luna scorned.
We came in front of the very oldest werewolf, I thought the one who wedded us was the oldest but this one was. His eyes were almost blind, his skin so crinkled up it looked like a bouncing string. His skin looked like it was falling, the hair on it grey and scaly. This was THE oldest wolf. The man sat on a wheelchair, one held by the one who wedded us.
‘Ahem,’ he said with his croaked gruff voice. ‘We are gathered here to once again create history, bring back the history that was ended years after the first alphas were created. Upon this day and time, we have come together in one mind, one soul and body to accept a new era, one that will change the werewolf history and please the moon goddess. Today we crown ourselves a king, a powerful werewolf loved and favoured by the goddess herself, one who had been with and fought for our kinds and others for as long as he lived. Today we crown Alpha Kale Marion Kane of Silver Moon Pack king of werewolves…’ They cheered. ‘Kneel Kale,’ Kale gently removed his hand from mine and went on his knees. But trust him, he bent his right knee up so he won’t fully kneel in front of the old man. ‘Alpha Kale, the responsibility of a king is hard, you have to carry the weight of the whole tribe on your shoulders, wear their troubles like a crown on your head. Kale of Silver Moon, accepting this means accepting all responsibility to rule and control all werewolf alphas…’ I zoned out when I saw something on the wall. It was a writing, a pen was writing something out for me.
So, queen of werewolves eh? It suits you but – I said but – you will look better as queen of the universe.
Stay away from me Eyphah, I’m warning you… I growled.
I won’t be away for long.
‘… Kale, vow to hold to the rules of the kings of old, honour your people, guide and protect the…’
Are you really going to be with him? Moon is weak right now and unable to protect you. I can.
I am your niece, don’t you have any shame?
There are no rules holding the gods from being with their sisters or brothers.
Greek and Roman, I am from Avalon, not Greece.
‘…I hereby crown you Alpha Kale Marion Kane, King of Selene’s Dorm.’ He placed the golden crown on Kale’s head. They all stood up and clapped loudly and joyfully, forcefully.
Dear Makawee, how long can you hold back from me? We are meant to be.
I ignored him and clapped for my mate. He ascended the stairs to give a speech, like he should. Everyone piped down and returned to their sits, smiling from ear to ear. ‘You already know me, I have sworn to protect my kind since my family were snatched before my eyes by those cruel and…’ He paused and looked at me, remembering I was there. He coughed. ‘I have done my duty to protect and I will continue doing it. Without wasting any more time, I call upon my mate to come up here.’ Sudden anxiety struck me, I remained rooted on the spot.
Kawee, you okay?… Kale asked through the mind link.
Do I deserve to be queen? After all my people did to them?
You are born to rule Makawee, don’t hesitate… Kale replied. I kept my eyes on his as I ascended the stairs, holding myself from trembling. I knelt in front of him when I got to him, my eyes still on his.
‘It is said that to every successor man, there’s a woman. Since you came to my life, you have shown traits of a true queen. You are kind, passionate, patient, generous, caring. You act with virtue, you speak with grace and fight with courage and might. In my existence and that of the history of any being, no female have tolerated and endure what you went through and is still going through. You are brave, filled with hope and love, never letting your past haunt or pull you down. Your heart is made of gold, forgiveness dwells at it depth, leadership runs in your veins. Any woman who can control me can definitely rule a kingdom with her eyes closed…’ A small laugh broke out from his playful remark. ‘And to this I appoint you, Princess Makawee Istas Tycee, queen of all werewolves.’ He slipped the crown onto my head, a diamond made crown.
A louder uproar broke, thunderous applauses and whoops, all rising to their feet simultaneously. Kale easily pulled me up, wrapped his hands around my waist and claimed my lips with his. I locked my hands around his waist, dwelling in his taste and applaud. ‘Alphas and Omegas! He and she-wolves! Witches and vampires, I present to you the king and queen of the new united kingdom of werewolves, Selene’s Dorm!!!’
All that needed to be done was the blood exchange between the highest alphas and oldest wolves to firmly seal us as royals.
I laughed as Kale kissed down my neck, desperately trying to rip off my dress. He dragged me out of the after party, he couldn’t wait anymore. He kicked the door close, holding the dress to rip it off. ‘Kale, calm down,’ I laughed. ‘Please don’t tear off the expensive dress, I love it.’
‘I’ll buy you another one,’
‘No, calm down,’ I shrieked from his touch and laughed. I pushed my back off his chest and slapped his hands off. He was sweating badly, Killian close to taking over. ‘Sit on the bed.’
‘Makawee,’ he said quaverly, his body shuddering with impatient.
‘No, sit and rest your body on the headboard.’ I said adamantly.
‘Kawee please…’
‘Sit,’ I snapped. He gulped and climbed into the bed, resting his back on the headboard while looking at me with pleading eyes. ‘Relax,’ I reached behind me for the zipper, smiling seductively. I pulled the zip down and seductively pushed the hands down, wiggling my body so the dress would pool at my feet. I removed the clasp of my bra and slipped it off as well. I removed the rest of my clothing and climbed into the bed, crawling slowly to him in a seductive manner.
‘Shhh,’ I shushed, straddling him. ‘Now you are going to hold still while I touch you a little, you in?’
‘No,’ he cried. ‘I’ve been holding myself for days now Kawee, I don’t need…’ I squeezed his member through his perfectly tailored pants. He already threw his robe somewhere in the hallway, his belt flung somewhere in the room. He threw his head back and moaned, grabbing my hips. I swat his hand away.
‘You are not allowed to touch me,’
‘Shut up,’ I snapped. ‘Now hold still and don’t touch me.’ I commanded.
‘Okay,’ I smiled in satisfaction, squeezing him more. Kale inhaled sharply, grabbing onto the bedsheet. I held the hem of his pants and ripped it open, blinking seductively. He inhaled again, closing his eyes. I pulled off his pants and briefs until he was as naked as I was. Reaching my hand up, I brushed my thumb on the tip of his member, looking at his face to see his expression. His expression made me smile because I knew I was doing the right thing.
His cack had swollen so bad it looked like it was going to burst if it didn’t find it release. I took hold of him, smiling at his moans and tense breathing. My lower region pooled just by seeing his expression of pleasure. I stroke him slowly, gliding my palms along his member. Kale strangled the pillow, breathing heavily because he couldn’t hold me. Sweat soaked his chest as he struggled with himself. It was the first time I was dominating him, he didn’t like it. I stroke him harder, roaming my hands around him. Kale bang his head on the board in frustration.
‘Please let me touch you,’ he pleaded in exasperation.
‘No,’ I pushed myself back and knelt between his legs. ‘Spread your legs Kale…’
‘Are you kidding me!’
‘No,’ I pushed his legs open a little and laid on my stomach. ‘I’m going to do to you what you do to me Kale, so you won’t always have to feel like the king.’
‘Maka…wee…’ He ended up with a moan when I ran my tongue over the cap of his cack. ‘Kawee,’ he pleaded. I smiled and continued what I was doing, rolling my hands and tongue around his length. He moaned convulsively, hitting his head on the board whilst squeezing the sheet. I wasn’t stupid enough to actually take him into my mouth, I only used my tongue, teeth and hands to roam around and tease him, even his balls.
A deep animalistic growl emanated from his chest, right as his member’s swell increase. I pushed my face away so his cum wouldn’t spill allover me. He sperm spluttered allover my shoulder and neck, causing both our desires to rise insanely. I went back on my knees and push his legs close. ‘You can touch me now but only hands permitted.’ His hands immediately grabbed me, pulled me back to straddle him and positioned himself at my entrance. I sank down on his cack, sinking down in a circular motion.
‘Ohhh… Yes…’ I held his hands on my hips, stopping him from moving me. Grabbing a hold of the bedsheet, I mopped his sweat and cum off my shoulder and neck. Dropping the sheet, I lowered my head down to his chest, using my left hand to simulate his balls. ‘Kawee, please…’ He pleaded. I took his left nipple into my mouth and sucked it, he threw his head back, clutching to my hair. Biting his other nipple slightly, Kale knead my breast in his hand.
‘Kawee…’ His breathing stuck inside his throat when I started pumping his huge member inside me slowly, like the slowest poison giving us both pleasure in a torturous way. ‘Oh god,’ he moaned, reaching down to my hips. ‘Faster honey, please go faster…’ I yanked his nipple with my teeth, causing him to cry out in pleasure. I brushed my tongue over his nipple to soothe the burn. He held me tight and lifted me up, dropping me down with a bounce.
I raised my head up and brought my lips to his, increasing the pace of my movement. We both moaned simultaneously, his hands roaming my body. I burrowed my face into his neck, sinking my teeth into my mark as I climaxed, my juice spilling down on him. Kale growled out, grabbing the side of my breasts. He flipped us over, slamming my back on his bed to work his way to his own release. He pulled my hands up above my head and pinned it down, using his knees to kick my legs further apart. He pulled out of me and thrust back in aggressively, repeated that action three more times before he went on his signature pace. He moaned as he pounded to my very core, huffing and puffing at each thrust.
‘My love, I can never get enough of you,’ he moaned. His member swelled more, my wall clenching around him. I screamed out again as we both climax at the same time. Kale fell on me, catching himself at his forearms. We breathe heavily, staring into each other’s eyes with a smile. ‘I so fucking love you.’
‘I fucking love you too,’ I chuckled. I exhaled through my nostrils and pushed at his chest. Kale pulled out of me and rolled over on the bed. I closed my legs and and searched for the bedsheet to pull over us. ‘Kale,’
‘Uhm?’ He asked as she pulled me into his arms.
‘I…I…I…I’m leaving…’
‘Pardon?’ He asked, scoohing me up a little to see my face.
‘I must find the weapon that can kill Eyphah, I have 48hours to.’
‘Alright, I’ll go with you…’
‘No, alone.’ His jaw hardened, his eyes suddenly turned cold.
‘Kale please, I wasn’t suppose to tell you but I did because I love and trust you. Kale please…’
‘No, you are not going anywhere.’ He pushed him off me, huffing to himself as he stood up.
‘Kale please, I beg you…’
‘The last time you left, I almost lost you!’
‘Kale, that was then, now I am stronger…’
‘You asked for my permission and I say no.’ He repeated stridently. The next thing I heard was the bathroom door slamming shut. I sighed and threw the sheet off me.
See what I said about not telling him?
At least we know we tried.
I stood up too and walked to the bathroom, I knocked softly. ‘Kale, please. Eyphah will kill you because you are weak now, please let me protect you and…’ I inhaled. ‘Please Kale, I promise to be fine this time and I will. You have to try Kale, you have to trust me.’ I sobbed.
Go, before I change my mind, go… He said telepathically.
I love you.
I love you too, please don’t die.
I will return to you Kawee, I promise.
I quickly ran to the wardrobe, packed up some important stuffs and ran out of the room. I was going to use my portal because I couldn’t shift, I still had my baby to protect. Whipping my hand around me, I jumped through the portal and landed at the other side, landing back at the island. Time to get serious.

To be continued.

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