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The devil’s mate episode 32

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The devil’s mate episode 32 by : 8:16 pm On March 27, 2021
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The Devil’s Mate
Alpha’s Wyrd Mate •••••••••••••••
♦ Story by: Kemmy B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book thirty two ♦🔷🔶
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint ¶¶¶
I strolled along the forest lost in thought, I had to get away from the town to get some fresh air. The transformation of our pack to the main werewolf town and additional structure of the manor to make it a palace was moving fast. They didn’t have to build it, Kale brought some witches to magically build it up. I spent my time in party arrangement and taking care of the pack issues since he was very busy with the coronation. We barely had day to ourselves but we made due of our nights together. I was strolling with Elroy, the vampire kid who won’t leave me alone, he refused to go home. Elroy insisted he would wait until I get pregnant and then he would return after I give birth to name the baby. He loves me, way too much.
I had been feeling woozy from stress and kept seeing things. Sometimes when I close my eyes, I saw a little boy running and laughing in my eyes. When I was thinking, I heard laughter dance into my ears and saw trance of Kale and the boy chasing each other. When I walked at night, the boy’s spirit ran past me all the time and it was beginning to worry me. That was why I walked out, I needed to breathe and meditate on why the boy was pestering me. Elroy held my hand as he sang, walking slowly with his small legs. The boy was just too cute and like a son to me.
‘Mommy Casimir,’ he called cutely, he says my first son’s name would be Casimir. He is adorable.
‘Yes my prince?’
‘Will you have a baby girl too?’
‘If the gods bless me with one, yes, I will.’
‘What will you name her?’ I looked down at him with a smile.
‘Alva, I will name her after my mother. My mother was a great woman so my daughter will be great.’ He tilted his head and grinned.
‘Is she going to be beautiful like you?’
‘Neither myself or her father is ugly so I don’t see why she would be.’
‘Eek! Can I marry her? I want my wife to be pretty too!’ He squealed. I laughed and yanked him up, taking him into my arms.
‘Maybe you will, maybe you won’t,’ I klzzed his soft cheek. ‘My daughter will marry her mate, she can’t do otherwise.’
‘True,’ he looked down sadly. ‘Mommy said I won’t find a mate like daddy did.’
‘Vampires work at a pattern, they barely find mates but when they do, their mates are treasured. Now the problem is that once a mate bond is initiated in a royal, it takes up to four to seven generations before another mate bond is initiated. Since daddy found his mate which is mommy, I won’t find mine, I will have to fall in love or marry my betrothed.’
‘You have a fiancée?’ I asked calmly.
‘Yes, I’ve never met her but I have seen her picture, she is beautiful and the great granddaughter to one of the elder vampires.’ He pat my cheeks and put his f!ng£rs into my mouth. I s√¢ked his f!ng£r and bit it. Elroy giggled and covered his crimson face.
‘Cute…’ I halted when I heard that laugh, the boy’s again. I looked at Elroy and smiled nervously. ‘Did you hear that?’
‘Hear what?’
‘Hear that laugh? Like a boy’s?’ He tilted his head in confusion. ‘Nevermind.’
‘Luna,’ I looked over my shoulder. ‘It is time for Master Elroy to take his afternoon nap,’ his vampire nanny said. I looked at Elroy who pouted, he hates sleeping.
‘Well, it’s time for your nap sunny,’ I said jokingly. I gave him to his nanny and ran off before he cried and chose me. I followed the sound of the laughter, it was leading me somewhere. I saw the little boy flash pass, I ran after him. He kept running while I chased him, not thinking for once where he was leading me to. I jumped over rocks, branches, holes just to get to him but he was very fast. ‘Hey little one, hold on!’ He didn’t stop, kept running. He led me down to a swamp, a stinky swamp that made my stomach turn.
I climbed down the sloppy rocks to the swamp, no one was there. I stayed there looking at the swamp, hugging myself in confusion. Not knowing what else to do, I closed my eyes and looked towards the sky. ‘What is it you want to show me? Whoever you are, show or tell me what I need to know.’
‘Mommy,’ someone called in a singsong. I snapped my eyes open and looked around, there was still no one.
‘Cheona,’ I whirled around to face the person. A gasp left my mouth, causing me to tumble down, falling into the swamp. The dirty water splashed around me, frogs leaping out of the way. She chuckled and walked to the bank of the river. ‘You look so beautiful,’ she cooed. ‘As beautiful as your father.’
‘Alva,’ I breathe.
‘I don’t think I like that term but okay, I can manage.’ She stretched her hand out to me, I took it and let her pull me out of the swamp.
‘How come you have a physical body? Flesh and skin?’ I asked puzzledly. She shrugged. She looked so beautiful and okay with her hair flowing down to her back and a laurel on her head.
‘Thank you, for getting me away from Tartarus,’ she said gratefully. ‘And now it’s time to free your father, won’t you free your father?’
‘I will free him once I take care of Eyphah, how do I do that?’
‘Who is Eyphah?’ She asked confusedly.
‘Oh, you aren’t aware of who he is since you left Avalon earlier. Come mom, I’ll explain,’ I led her up the slope and sat at the top of the cliff. ‘Eyphah is Ambrose’s evil twin, the bad shadow of his birth. He is the one who caged your husband, to free him I must kill him.’
‘And your father, killing his shadow is killing him. I remember Ambrose telling me that he has a shadow connected to his spirit. If his shadow dies, he dies. Cheona, or Makawee as you are known for, don’t hurt your father, I beg you.’ She pleaded.
‘So, what would it be? Me or him? It is either he dies or I do. Which one would you prefer…’
‘Wait,’ she cut me off immediately. She placed her hands on my stomach and closed her eyes. ‘I hear a little heartbeat, I can feel a life in here.’
‘What?’ I gasped.
‘You have been hallucinating, seeing a child or hearing his or her voice?’ My eyes widened. ‘It happened to me when I newly had you. Makawee, you are pregnant, you have a child in here.’ She opened her eyes which was glinting with excitement.
‘Pregnant,’ I said softly, tears welling up in my eyes. ‘I am pregnant,’ I cupped my mouth.
No, no, no, no! Not now!
‘Not now, not now when I have to deal with Eyphah, not now.’ I burst into tears, covering my face. A pregnant werewolf can’t shift, she loses the baby if she shifts.
‘Calm down Makawee,’ she said anxiously. ‘This should be a secret between us. The one thing I know is that a child of Avalon can never be removed. One way or the other, the baby will survive but unlike mine, keep it a secret. I wasn’t a goddess so all could see you in me but you, you are a goddess so no one can see what you don’t permit them to see. Keep your child a secret Kawee and I believe you will be fine.’
‘Selene already knows, she knows a lot because I have a gossiping wolf in me. That must be why she sent you here, am I right?’
‘I dunno,’ she shrugged. ‘Selene told me to go see you and here I am. But since I am here now, I will dwell in this part of the forest for three days.’ She said softly as she wiped my tears.
‘For what?’
‘I fought demons to keep you alive when I still had you in me, you can do it too. I am going to give you training myself, three days training is all you need. Do you accept getting trained by your warrior mother?’
‘Yes,’ I smiled. ‘I can’t use my powers either, right?’
‘Against a worthy adversary of Avalon, you must fight him with intellect and brawns. Can you handle that?’
‘Yes,’ I stood up and rubbed my arms. ‘Is it possible to find out more about Eyphah? I need to know my enemy closely.’
‘I’m sure your mate can handle that information,’ she looked behind her. ‘Speaking of the devil, here he comes.’
‘You should leave,’
‘No worries, I don’t mind meeting my son in-law,’ Kale ran in that moment, anxiousness painting his face. ‘Hello son in-law,’ she said playfully. Kale looked at her and arched a brow.
‘I felt your anxiety, you were crying so I had to come over here. Is she why you cried?’ He asked with eyes on my mother. ‘What are you doing here?’
‘I came here to talk to my baby, why?’ She asked with a cute twinkle of her eyes. Kale looked away uncomfortably.
‘Are you sure you are alright Makawee?’
‘Yeah, just fine. I need to talk to you though…’
‘No way,’ mom said immediately. ‘I want to spend time with my son in-law and get to know him better,’ she stood up and skipped to Kale, grinning from ear to ear. ‘Shall we dear sir?’ She asked with a playful bow. I giggled, remembering I was told that she is a bucket full of joy.
‘Er… Kawee,’ Kale called with fear, stepping back. ‘She is very happy and too close, her smile is freaking me out, get her away from me.’ He pleaded.
‘Why? Can’t stand me?’ Mom giggled. Kale walked way back while she followed him.
‘Mom,’ she corrected. ‘Now son in-law, let’s take a walk,’ she jumped forward and took Kale’s arm. ‘Walk faster boy!’ She winked at me before dragging Kale away, he looked like someone who was going to faint. I turned and ran back to the pack house, I needed to see my stomach and myself.
I ran straight to my room, ripping off my clothes on the way. Immediately I walked into my room, I stood in front of my mirror and looked at my stomach. It was still as flat as a wall; a chalkboard. I touched my stomach and smiled, I had a baby in there. Tears ran down my cheeks, I am going to be a mother soon. ‘Casimir,’ I hugged my stomach. I stayed there for hours, crying and hugging my stomach. It had to be a boy, I saw a boy in my trance all the time.
After crying, I bathe and dress up. I laid on my bed stomach flat, my headphone on my head. I danced my leg on air, humming to the song. I yelped when I felt a slap on my ass. I glared at Kale who committed the crime. He threw himself on the bed beside me, back down and hand on my ass. ‘Never leave me with your mother again, ever.’
I lowered the vowel of the music and chuckled. ‘What did she do?’
‘She kept talking, talking talking and talking until my ears started arching. Then she suddenly flipped me over and pinned me down on the dirt, she popped my shoulder and smashed her foot on my head.’ He lamented.
‘Why?’ I laughed.
‘That’s how warriors say farewell she said,’ he said scoffingly. ‘Now I can’t f√¢k you today because she crushed my d!¢k, I hate her.’
‘And she will be here for three days,’ I wiggled my brows at him.
‘God no,’ he cried, turning his face to the side of my stomach. ‘Send her away, please.’
‘Send who? Her? I like her.’
‘Kawee, just keep her away from me,’ he smacked my ass again. I shoved my face into the pillow, laughing my stomach out. ‘Now, what did you want to talk about?’
‘Eyphah, what do you know about him?’
‘Hmm, know your enemy, right?’ He asked buoyantly. ‘I don’t know much about him but I know that his powers come from his charms and the negative energy of people. I also know that to get his ultimate powers, he needs his bride, just like your father. However, I doubt his bride will exist because that would be a very big problem.’
‘Mm hm,’ I hummed. Kale stood up and straddled my legs, placing his hands on my ass. ‘What are you doing?’
‘I need f√¢k,’
‘But your cack is broken,’ I whimpered.
‘What? Are you not in the mood?’ He asked disappointedly.
‘No but you can do what you want, I might not react as much as you want,’
‘Good enough for me,’ he hitched my nightdress up, already m0@ning to himself. I increased the vowel of the music and leaned on my forearm. I shut my eyes and immediately fell into a trance.
I was alone in a mist, looking up at the sky. The wind was so cold it made me shiver. I could feel hands around my body, probably Kale’s hands roaming around me. I sighed and looked around. ‘What now?’
‘You are more beautiful in person, more than I ever imagined,’ I flinched and jumped away from him. I gasped as I turned around to face the most enchanting man in my life. Kale was something but this man was everything. It was hard admitting it but it was true.
His hair was black, the blackest colour I had ever seen, flowing down to his ankles. His hair was packed into a ponytail, some hair dancing around his face. His eyes were almost like mine only darker. If I didn’t know any better, he looked exactly like Ambrose. ‘Who are you?’
‘Me?’ He chuckled, folding his hands behind his back. ‘Who do you think am I?’
‘I don’t know, who are you?’
He chuckled and tilt his head. ‘It is hard speaking when I can feel another male’s hands allover you, I should kill him but then that will end you as well. I will have to wait until I find you in person and mark you. I can’t wait for that day to come, the day I will find and make you mine.’
I laughed out dryly. ‘Mister, I already have a mate, one who is f√¢king me right now and I won’t leave him.’
‘Sweetheart,’ he stepped closer to me, I stepped back from him. ‘When I come, you won’t have a choice but to come to me, I’m irresistible.’
‘But again, I have a mate who is also as irresistible as you. My mate is Moon, god of the moon.’
‘What? That is impossible,’ he said with a laugh. I frowned deeper, he stopped laughing when he saw how serious I was. ‘You are serious?’
‘Didn’t you do a research on who you randomly choose? I am Makawee Istas Tycee, princess of the lost blessed island and as Cheona, demigoddess of Avalon…’
‘What! Ambrose’s daughter?’ I arched a brow at him. ‘What… How…? This is…’ He shook his head and touched his heart. A sly smirk played on his lips. ‘Demigoddess you say? Even better. I don’t mind if my bride is my niece, after all, Hera married Zeus. Expect me Makawee, I will come for you. We will both have the most powerful children ever born, the most greatest in the history of gods and goddesses. Be ready for me.’
‘And be ready to die,’ I jumped out of the trance and came back to where I was. Kale had finish what he was doing, marking me with his cum. He pulled out of me and fell on the bed, panting heavily. I knew exactly who he was, Eyphah thought I was his bride. My baby was still a secret, and a secret it would remain.
To be continued.
💐 few more chapters to go people. 💐
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