The devil’s mate episode 31

The Devil’s Mate
Alpha’s Wyrd Mate •••••••••••••••
♦ Story by: Kemmy B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book thirty one ♦🔷🔶
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint ¶¶¶
I sped through the night, my paws hitting the ground like thunder while the trees trembled like there was an earthquake. Blood pumped faster into my body as my mind charged electricities into my feet. It was the greatest run of my life, my first normal run, not because I was being chased or heading to somewhere, but because I was running from my mate. Kale was few miles away from me, unable to catch me because I was his match. Though I knew he could, Luna and I cheated by teleporting ahead. I had never felt so excited in my life, Luna’s joy reflected mine. We were far across the world, our speed weren’t like normal werewolves so it was possible.
I saw a small waterfall connecting to a rather raging river, my life as an islander made me know that there was a hollowed-out cave behind the fall. I ran to it and jumped through the falling water, pushing myself into the cave. I puffed out in relief and shook the water off my… Our fur. Luna had more control over her body but since we were one, she was me and I was her. Anyways, I went to the very end of the cage and licked myself dry, the water was beautiful and helped masked our scent. During my cleaning, I heard the huff of his wolf. Luna wisely breathe quietly and stayed still, focusing our attention on the other side of the water. Killian, the hunky wolf was there. His golden fur glittered under the moonlight, his big amethyst eyes roaming around and ears erect, awaiting a sound from me. His nose wiggled, woefully straining to pick out my scent. He huffed and puffed, he couldn’t lose this chase.
A little cheating won’t hurt, right Luna?
I love the way you think lady.
I chuckled and closed my eyes, mentally zooming into the forest. I tilted my head, snapping the branch of a tree cut. The branch fell on the ground in a loud thud, causing some birds to fly away. I opened my eyes in time to see Killian running towards the sound, fell for the bait. I sighed in contentment, a little nap would do. I flickered my irises, closing in the water so he wouldn’t be able to pass through or see me. I lazily stretched my body and laid on the slightly wet ground to get a little nap when I heard a loud crash on the roof above me. I scrambled to my feet in alert, whatever that was seemed to be big and heavy. The cave began to quake, bits of dirt and stone falling around me. I wondered what was going on, a little fright kicking in.
Is it Eyphah?… Luna asked in fright… Not now when we are playing with mate… She cried. Luna was right, not now.
Then Killian howled out in victory, he found me. My heart began thumping aggressively, he never fell for my bait, only pretended. I heard scratching sounds, causing more dirt to fall. I concentrated on the scratch, the bloody wolf was digging his way to me. He knew I blocked the entrance so he was going to dig his way through. I had no idea how he could make it through the water… Oh, that’s it! Dig it enough for the water to get through and flush me out.
Not on my watch it won’t.
Little droplets of water began to seep into the cave, right above my head. I removed the barrier and flew out of the waterfall, mustering up all the speed I could to hurl myself pass the river and too far for Killian to jump and pin me down. Luna ran with everything she has got but Killian was right behind us, determined to catch his mate once and for all. He jumped forward to pin us down but we diverted to our left and ran faster. Killian ran fast and flew over our head, landing in front of us. Luna turned left but he jumped to our left to block us so we went right.
Wasn’t that odd how he let us go right?… I asked suspiciously.
Zoom in.
I zoomed in on where I was running to, a dead end. Killian was smart, I hand him that. Or that was Kale, either way. Turning my body abruptly, I leapt over his head and landed on his back, crushing him to the ground. We zoomed out, ripping open a portal back to the pack and jumping in. I howled in victory, we won! There was no way Kale could get to us so I began to jog, wagging my tail elegantly. I heard a howl vibrate all around me before a flash of blue light flicked before me and Killian jumped out of it. Since it unexpectedly happened in front of me, Killian jumped on me. Luna quickly rolled us over, we kept rolling until he had us pinned to the ground beneath him. I stopped Luna from fighting, I loved the feeling of being spread out beneath him. He looked down at me with a wolf smirk, he could scent my sudden arousal. I licked his paw which had me pinned and nuzzled his face. Killian let out a little doggy laugh and climbed off me.
The greatest bond was sex as wolves, that would combine us more than we already were. Killian began to strut away, I scrambled to my feet and ran after him. I leapt into the air to jump on his back but he jumped out of the way, causing me to fall down. Once again he pinned me down underneath him but this time, my stomach was pressed against the ground. I bent my neck and glared at him. He grinned goofily before giving a sloppy lick to my mark.
Killian, why are you denying Luna of direct pleasure?… I huffed scoldingly.
He didn’t reply. That angered Luna because she suddenly pushed him off, jumped around and clamped her teeth down on his neck. Killian howled out in exquisite pain, immediately swiping my head to get her off. She let go with a huff, threw her head snootily and began strutting away.
That’ll show him.
Did you have to bite him?
Did he have to be so stubborn? I asked for something and he denied me, how dare him deny me! I hate not getting what I want so he should take that.
I let out a straggled sound when Killian jumped on our back unexpectedly, pinning us down once more. He was upset, very upset that his mate would bite him like that. Even if he loved us, an alpha is an alpha and the one thing all alphas hate is a disobedient and boneheaded mate.
You want a bond, I’ll give you bond… I don’t know if that voice was Kale’s, but it definitely terrified me with how deep and powerful it sounded.
Killian mounted on Luna, plunging deep inside a little bit too aggressive. Luna wasn’t complaining like I was, she loved it rough after all and Killian knew his mate very well. If I didn’t know any better, I would say my wolf is more rotten than I am. She treasured sex and spoilt things more than I the human did. There on the ground Killian howled in joy as he finally got to discipline us in a way only I wasn’t that keen it. Either way, it was fun and enjoyable, much more gentler than Kale’s.
You know we are the same person, right?… Kale asked with displeasure.
Oh Killian who is ten times better than Kale, faster… I moaned jokingly.
Killian or maybe Kale growled but it was funny, very funny how he was jealous of his own wolf.
★★★ Kale’s standpoint ★★★
I took Kawee to the oasis after we shifted back, we were both exhausted both from the run and wolf mating. When we got to there, we decided to take a dip at the river to wash up before finding what to wear. I had lived almost two thousand years and never seen a sight as beautiful as the one in front of me. Makawee sat at the bank of the river, leaning back on her hands as I massaged her leg. Her right leg stayed on my shoulder while the left rested in my hands, half my torso buried in the water. Her long white hair streamed out behind and over her, sticking to and creating a immaculate halo around her body, flowing over the water and also sinking deep inside it. Her skin glistened from the water, twinkling like little diamonds was showered on her. Her enchanting face turned towards the sky, her smile radiating with happiness and contentment. Her eyes which were open stayed on the moon, glistering like the stars have all dwelled in her orbs, dancing to the song of the moon. Goosebumps rested on her, either from the cold or what she was feeling right now. Makawee was happy, the happiest she had ever been since I met her.
I was blessed with a woman that suited my taste, fit in well with the physical and mental features I wanted in a mate. Makawee was utterly ravishing. From the breathtaking beauty of her face to the slender and toned shape of her legs, the perfect shape and size of her perky large tits, her now spotless white skin, her melodious voice, the markings along her hips that looked like tattoos, her mesmerising eyes, to the flatness of her stomach and smooth hairless genitals and ass to satisfy my sexual craving. It was hard believing I had fallen in love with this woman, my present and future. She could make me happy, make me stronger if I let her. The barrier I built around my heart had been breached, she thawed through it and found the boy in me, the boy I dug a grave for and buried twenty feet under. Kawee found that boy and brought him back out only when she wanted to, she knew what to say and how to say it. Makawee was everything to me now, the woman I would forever treasure.
With a deep breath, I uttered the words I never knew I was capable of saying, the words I would never say to any living soul. ‘Makawee,’ her eyes rolled down to me, her smile still plastered on her face. ‘I’m sorry, I am deeply and sincerely sorry,’ she raised her brow in silent question. ‘For all that I have done and will do, forgive me.’
‘I already have.’ She said smilingly.
‘I love you Kawee, do you know that?’ She sat up straight, her smile extending to a grin. ‘I might not say it often – or at all – but I want you to know that I love you, save it in your memory that Moon, god of the moon and demigod of the sun loves you.’
I caught the tear from rolling down her cheek, dipping my finger into the water to wash it away. ‘And have it in mind that I, Cheona of Avalon loves you too.’
‘Do you want me to become the king?’
‘You are born to be king Kale, you know that. You have always wanted to protect our kind and this is the best way.’
‘You think so? I might get too busy for you in the future,’
‘I’m sure I can manage, especially if I’m going to be taking over Avalon partially. Don’t worry, we will handle it.’
I exhaled through my nose. ‘Kawee, Killian want a son, can you give him one?’ It was the question I had been asking myself since the day Kawee played with those children back at Minnesota. After a long deliberation and experience of her abduction, I decided I wanted to start a life with her, a family.
‘Do you want a son too?’ I nodded with a pout. ‘Kale, you both will have to wait until I finish all my works and then we can spend time building our relationship and new life as king and queen. Adding a baby would stress us out, but once everything is in order, I will bear your pups.’
‘I can’t wait that long, now I have decided to. Once Eyphah is dead, I’m planting a baby in here,’ I touched her stomach with a grin. ‘This flat belly needs to swell. I want to feel my baby kicking in here, I want to experience fatherhood.’
‘But K…’
‘Please, don’t say no.’
She sighed heavily. ‘After I end Eyphah and bring back Avalon,’
‘Fair enough,’
‘One more thing, how are you the god of the moon and demigod of the sun? You have siblings but they aren’t as powerful as you are, the ones your mother bore to Endymion.’
‘Endymion’s children are none of my concern, I only know that my mother wanted one of her children to be part of the Olympian gods since she is a Titan. Her brother Helios told her to go for Apollo to represent both of them. Apollo is also the god of the sun in a way so conclusion is that I am what I am.’
‘And Artemis? What is she like?’
‘Me, she is almost like me.’
‘I’m going to kill her,’ I shrugged. She won’t be able to do it. She yelped as I pulled her closer to the edge of the bank by her legs. ‘This pretty sister of yours have been winking at me, time to wink back.
‘Don’t you ever get tired of sex?’
‘With you, never.’ I pushed my face between her thighs and kissed her poon. It had been weeks since I tasted her. Kawee shivered like she was electrocuted. I grabbed her clit with my teeth, causing her to yelp once more. She placed her hands on my shoulders, pushing herself back slightly so no part would be hidden to me.
‘You are going to be the death of me Kale,’ she moaned. Likewise.
‘You taste phenomenon,’ I breathe, lapping at her clit, flicking my tongue over it, biting down and sucking it into my mouth. Kawee moaned out loud, grabbing a fistful of my hair to steady herself. I slowly got out of the water, pushing her up to have enough space with my mouth still buried in deep.
I clutched her thighs and lifted her legs over my shoulders to support her weight and give me a better access to her. She rocked her hips against my face, riding my tongue as I continued lapping up her wet pussy. My hands reached underneath her, grasping her ass with a rough squeeze before reaching one hand between us and inserting a lonely finger into her. She clenched around my finger, panting convulsively when I added another and screamed out my name when I curled them up to her G-spot. She screamed out loudly, whimpering afterwards.
One thing that I knew was that as long as her powers is from Avalon, Kawee would never die.
|~|~|~|~|~|~|~ Narrative ~|~|~|~|~|~|~|
At the abyss in the centre of Olympics, the wind snuck in to awake a man, a beast that should never be alive. His beauty was deceiving, his scent like a flower never seen before. His charms was the downfall of humanity, his voice the death of all female. His skin was like dawn, his hair falling down like a river of black liquid. His body was muscular and tattooed with words only he could understand. Never was it believable that someone so evil could be so beautiful.
With only the whisper of the gossiping wind, his eyes snapped open, his foe was back again, he had a mission to carry. He instantly saw her face, she was breathtaking, the kind of woman he had hunger for all his life. This wasn’t an enemy, it was a blessing, a blessing he would claim by will or by fault. And with his new quest sealed in his heart, he yanked off his chains to behold freedom.
He was going to get his bride.
To be continued.
And he awakens.

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