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The devil’s mate episode 30

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The devil’s mate episode 30 by : 8:05 pm On March 27, 2021
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The Devil’s Mate
Alpha’s Wyrd Mate •••••••••••••••
♦ Story by: Kemmy B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book thirty ♦🔷🔶
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint ¶¶¶
‘Shh, quiet, she’s waking up,’ a tiny voice whispered. I arched a brow, is that Rick?
‘Should we hide?’
‘No, she’s harmless,’ definitely Rick. I smiled and chuckled. ‘See? Makawee, can you open your eyes?’
‘No, why?’
‘Why are you answering, I was talking to her, not you.’ How many are they? I forced my eyes to behold… Goddess! Did Kale let the entire pack children into the room?! I sat up with wide shocked eyes.
‘Good morning Mrs. Kane!’ They chorused cheerfully. ‘Er… Luna!’ I waved at them nervously.
‘How do you feel?’ Rick asked with a wide smile.
‘Shocked, what are you all doing here?’
‘Rick told us you were sick Luna, and mommy wouldn’t stop talking about it,’ they were students from Rick’s school. ‘So we came to show our support by dropping flowers and chocolates.’
‘What chocolates? You all ate it,’ a fat kid snapped. I rolled my eyes and smiled.
‘Awwn, thanks kids, for turning my room to a garden,’ I said drily, looking around my room. ‘Where’s the alpha?’
‘We dunno,’ they chorused. ‘And he doesn’t know we are here, Rick sneaked us in.’
‘Thanks you everyone, now who will like to go tell him that I’m awake?’
‘Me!!!’ They thundered in ecstasy.
‘Last one there is a rotten mango stuffed seawolf!’
They ran out like a stampede, shouting in joy. I shook my head and smiled at Rick and the girl still sitting there, she looked a lot like Aoi-Chan. ‘Hello, are you Shayne?’
‘Yes, how did you know? Oh, mother said you saved me, right?’ She was so adorable with her father’s eyes. She didn’t have squinty eyes but she sure looked like Aoi.
‘Yes, I did. Hope your brother is fine?’
‘Izumo-san is around, mom and dad too.’
‘Why? Where am I?’ I asked Rick.
‘Our pack, but your family are here to make sure you wake up before you leave, we were all worried about you.’ He looked down sadly.
‘Rick, is everything okay?’
‘No,’ he sobbed. ‘You are such a legend, a woman like no other. Will I ever be as strong as you are? You have gone through a lot and yet you are still alive, how? Why?’ He glanced at Shayne who was staring at him amusedly. He quickly wiped his tears, his cheeks turning red in embarrassment.
‘Oh Rick,’ I pulled him to my laps. He was uncomfortable with how smoochy I was with him in front of his crush. ‘You are so adorable,’ I chirped, pressing my cheek against his.
‘Don’t say that,’ he said sharply. ‘At least not in front of her,’ he whispered. ‘I’m a big strong boy and one day I will grow up to be a man like you or Kaley.’ He said confidently.
‘I am a woman,’ I corrected. ‘Female actually.’
‘You have done and survived what many males can’t,’ he replied. ‘You know you will be part of supernatural history, right?’
‘Heh, heh, right my brave man.’ I pinched his cheek and nuzzled him forehead.
‘I can’t pay you back for making my Kaley happy so when you have your own pups, I will be the best big brother I can be to them. I will protect both my own little sister and yours as well, can I?’
‘Of course,’
‘Can I name one, pleaseeeee?’ I jolted at the most adorable male voice ever. I looked at the cute plumpy little man in his adorable birthday suit. ‘Hello, I’m Elroy, what’s your name?’
‘Oh my…’ I dropped Rick and crawled to the edge of the bed, I had to hold him. ‘Come here you little pumpkin,’ I carried him into my arms and snuggled him. ‘Aren’t you the cutest little weasel in the world?’
‘Weasel? I prefer the term chinchilla, they are cuter.’
‘Alright my chinchilla, my name is Makawee, who are your parents?’
‘My parents are royalties like myself,’
‘My father is King Finn, vampire king and my mother is the lovely Queen Floriana, my flower girl.’
‘Oh, you are a vampire,’ I cooed.
‘Does that make you uncomfortable? Not many like vampires because they believe vampire are evil and blood s√¢king demons.’ He said sadly.
‘Why would you say so?’
‘Because I know so lovely miss, even if I’m not suppose to. Someone can easily grasp the idea of accepting a werewolf but will freak out of their minds when they see a vampire. I don’t blame them, all my kind – most of them – do is party, feed, drink and one other thing more is yet to mention. But I will find out soon enough.’ He grinned at me, showing me his white immaculate teeth. His eyes were just too breathtaking. But why is he n@k£d?
‘I’m sorry, how old are you?’
‘Three eighteen,’
‘I’m three years old by human view but eighteen already. Vampires don’t age or develop quickly you know, most of them don’t.’
‘That’s okay, why are you here?’
‘Father felt bad for what happened to you because of Bancroft – I hate that man if I may add – so he sent mom and I over to stay here until you wake up, to show our support.’
‘Awwwn, thank you cutie.’ I klzzed his soft cheek and s√¢ked it, so soft. He giggled, holding onto my shoulders. The door flew open, Kale will destroy his house one day.
‘Carina!’ I looked over at my closest friend, I hadn’t seen her for a while. She rushed over to the bed and hugged me with her protruding stomach. ‘So good to see you again, you came upon the stampede?’
‘They almost demolished me out of existence, so energetic.’ She said buoyantly. I eyed her stomach with a little pang of jealousy.
I want one.
‘Where’s Kale?’
‘Oh, I’m sure the stampede will get to him soon.’ She said humorously.
‘How’s the baby?’
‘Healthy, Jeremy finally let me get my dream job as photographer, I’m training now.’
‘And Giselle?’
‘She left two days ago after she found out she is expecting mini Carlyle,’ she gushed out. ‘You know it has been weeks since you slept off and almost all packs have been here to greet alpha, they commented on your strength and… Damn Kawee! You are allover the internet… Not human Wi-Fi but our world’s Wi-Fi… Ooh! Is it true you were attacked by an unknown creature? You were said to be glowing and exploded of energy and whoo! Your hair grew longer… Makiwi I met Alpha Lloyd’s lycan mate, she is so pretty and did you know my babies are twins like you predicted? I totally forgot to tell you that Rhoda found her mate, one alpha’s younger brother… Totally should mention your uncle is so s£×y! I envy his wife which is so beautiful and have you seen their son? Adobe! And he have been stealing the heart of all the ladies since he got… Hey! Holly is getting married soon!…’
‘Madam! Madam!’ Elroy shouted. ‘Don’t you have a off button?’
‘I did, I swallowed em.’ Rina said with a snooty raise of her nose.
‘Rina,’ I laughed. ‘Thanks for breaking down my bedroom door, I am very much glad by that.’
‘I didn’t break it, just flung it open,’ she shrugged. I got a wheeze of Kale’s scent. My body already tensed in anticipation and excitement.
‘Rina, do I look messed up?’
‘For someone who just woke up from a three weeks coma, no, you look really great. Alpha took it upon himself to take care of you every morning and evening.’
‘Wow,’ Kale ran in, a worried expression on his face. His face beamed up when he saw me.
‘Time to go children,’ Rina announced raucously. ‘Rick, your mother is making…’
‘Cake!!!’ They all shrieked. Rick and Shayne ran out shrieking.
‘I can bet my fangs that you weren’t going to mention cake,’ Elroy giggled. ‘Vegetables?’
‘Prunes,’ Carina whispered, carrying him away from me. She winked at me before walking out and carefully shutting the door behind her.
‘Don’t be proud Kale, I know you want to hug me, you are twitching in ecstasy.’
‘f√¢k it,’ he laughed and he was on the bed hugging me, laughing like a little boy. ‘I’ve missed you so much, so f√¢king much.’
‘I missed you too my rock,’
‘Just for Killian? What about me?’ He whined.
‘From now on, you are both my rocks,’ I klzzed his temple. Kale gasped and collapsed dramatically. I laughed wholeheartedly and hit his chest. ‘Cut it out.’
‘You love me,’
‘Maybe,’ I smiled. I straightened my legs to rest on his chest. ‘Do I smell different? Feel any different?’
‘Like a goddess, yes. Demigoddess of Avalon, eh?’ He asked chucklingly. ‘Didn’t see that coming. You are such a mysterious little mate, my cute woman.’
‘Aah! Kale stop,’ I laughed as he suddenly attacked me with tickles. ‘Kale,’ he tickled my stomach and sides, I couldn’t stop laughing and wiggling like a worm. ‘Kale, please.’
‘Do you love me?’
‘Yes, yes, I do,’ I laughed. ‘Even tho you don’t deserve it.’
‘Well, you don’t deserve it either but I feel the same way.’
I gasped and jolt up. ‘Does my ears deceives me? Mighty Kale admits he loves his mate? Surely I must be dreaming.’ I said dramatically. He rolled his eyes while I laughed.
‘Men,’ I laughed and fell back on the bed, dragging him along with me. ‘klzz me my lovely mate, let us dine in each other’s warmth and drink the wine of our tongues.’ I said with a Scottish accent.
‘You my nymph, are a character,’ he said with a amused shake of his head.
‘And you my dear mate,’ I said, locking my hands and legs around him. ‘Love this character. Now klzz me until I forget how to breathe and pound this helpless soul in need of good satisfaction.’
‘I love the sound of that mademoiselle.’ I giggled He dipped his face on mine, his lips playfully making the next attempt. ‘Oh Kaley,’ I said in a playful singsong. He chuckled, his tongue playing on the top of my lips, parting them from each other. I extended my fangs and caught his tongue with it, biting it softly. Kale m0@ned, squeezing the pillow where his hand was. ‘Still wanna play games big man?’
‘Maybe,’ and then he thrust his tongue into my mouth, so aggressive it made me m0@n for more. Kale explored the inside of my mouth, grazing his tongue over my fangs like I did with his, so erotica. His breath tasted like almond and chocolate mint, his hands gracefully travelled down to my thighs. I m0@ned as his expert mouth and hands began working on me, working on driving me to the peak. His professionalised tongue plunged in deeper into my mouth, exploring every corner. He left my lips, leaving them hungry and unsatisfied. He went to my neck, pressing his throbbing cock in my thigh. He tongue and teeth travelled everywhere while his hands worked wonders. He was an expert in torturing someone from all angles.
‘Mm… Ah.. Gosh Kale…’ He chuckled and moved his mouth to my ear, giving it a playful bite. He was in a playful mood. I clicked my tongue and bit him back. Kale laughed before suddenly ripping open my dress and attacking my body in the speed of lightning, biting and s√¢king like he was a speedster. It was an indescribable experience of pain, pleasure and desire. He wanted to bathe my body with his mark and he was very well succeeding. My heart pumped faster, I exceeded my body limit, the limit I never knew I had.
Kale came back to my lips as he hilt himself into me, gliding in like he knew I loved. I m0@ned into his mouth, holding on tight to his shoulders as he glided deeper until he was completely swallowed in. ‘You promised me you would be okay,’ he murmured on my lips. I broke the klzz and smiled at him. ‘You broke my heart, I almost died thinking I would lose you, please don’t make me feel that again.’
‘I won’t, and even if I do get in trouble, I know my White Knight would be there to save me, his damsel in distress.’
‘And no more shall you go through any pain, I will rather bear it all than let you bear it.’
‘I know,’ I klzzed his lips again, rocking my hips to get him to move. Kale began moving, going at a very slow passionate pace. We klzzed with the same slow rhythm, just drowning ourselves in slow passionate love making. He increased his pace but not that fast. It was just right, just right for the moment, right to connect our bond.
Spasm after spasm of orgasms rocked us but we didn’t stop until we could go no more. After our passionate exchange of flesh, I laid completely exhausted, resting half of my body on him with his hands around my waist and in my hair. My arms stayed around him, my lips refusing to stop grinningly.
‘Have I made you this happy? Your happiness is overwhelming, heartwarming.’
‘Well,’ I snuggled closer to him. ‘You are heartwarming.’
‘You know I’m going to go back to being an asshole after today, I’m not very good at sustaining…’
‘Hey, I know. I understand you so I can manage, one step at a time my rock, one-step at a time.’
‘Thank you Makawee, now do you want to tell me what else I need to know? I already know but I need to be sure. Eyphah is coming, right?’
‘So I was told,’ I said softly. ‘We are going to end him together, right?’
‘Eyphah is your war Makawee, unlike when I involved myself the last time, I can’t fully involve myself. I can definitely help, but you have to be the one to kill him yourself.’ I nodded in understanding. That was more than enough.
‘I love you Kale, both of you.’
‘Uhm, okay, I feel the same way.’
‘Kale, say it.’
‘No.’ He deadpanned. I rolled away from him, rolling to the edge of the bed to sleep.
‘Goodnight Kale.’
‘Makawee, I’m trying.’ He said sadly.
Take it easy with him Kawee, easy.
I rolled back to his arms. ‘I’m sorry for overreacting, forgive me?’ He exhaled in relief and beamed boyishly. ‘Let’s just sleep, then when we wake up, I’ll greet the people here to support me, okay?’
‘Then we run? You and me?’ He asked with a boyish excitement, like his mother was promising him new videogames. ‘Pleaseee? Killian wants to meet your wolf again and not when you are running mad. We only got to meet her the day she woke up, please?’
Say yes! Please say yes! I promise to marry you!
Luna, you can’t marry me.
Says who?
Says facts.
‘Alright, we’ll run.’ I wasn’t tired anymore, but we just needed to rest a little.
I gratefully greeted everyone, thanking them for their help and assistant. Finn was a odd one, the vampire version of Kale but Kale was hotter and more good looking. Also, Finn was nicer and could express himself better than Kale. He was a very calm one, always so compose and gentle. They suited each other. His wife Floriana was a darling, very sweet person. I still wanted to kidnap Elroy and keep him to myself. I met Holly’s fiancée, one of the pack warrior’s who lived in town. They were mates. After the greeting and chatting with the ladies in pr!v@te which includes Aoi and Rhoda, the oldest werewolves in the world appeared out of nowhere and summoned Kale.
Kale took me along so that was were we were, sitting at a roundtable as the oldest which were seventeen from different packs muttered between themselves. The highest alphas and their lunas were also present, the room was huge. Giselle wasn’t around because she was sick, I really wanted to see her.
‘Lyle,’ I whispered. ‘What is this about?’ He looked at me and smirked cryptically. ‘Oh come on, what are friends for?’
‘You will know soon enough.’
‘What is this about?!’ Kale finally snapped, tired of their behavior. The oldest werewolf who carried out wedding ceremonies stood up and cleared his throat.
‘Alpha Kale,’ he started. ‘Alpha Carlyle here and King Finn brought something to my notice, something that we should have thought about a long time ago. You deserve it, you can control it and we believe in you.’
‘What is it?’ I asked with concern.
‘We have spoken to all the alphas from the strongest to the weakest, even some rogue forces agreed that it is for the best,’ I looked at Lyle who was grinning from ear to ear. ‘Alpha Kale, will you accept to be the Alpha King of all werewolf?’
My mouth dropped open, they were asking him to be their king? Whoa!
Yes! Alpha and Luna!
I looked at Kale, waiting for his reply. He turned his head to me and raised a brow, asking me for my opinion. I shrugged and looked at Lyle. ‘My answer is no.’ I chuckled along with Lyle, we were both expecting it.
‘Give us time to think about it, we will get back to you.’
‘Thank you Makawee,’ I beamed at all of them.
‘Please enjoy your night rest and feel at home once more. Kale, shall we go for a run then?’
‘I know your plan, no, I don’t want to be king.’ He said bluntly.
‘Okay, I will run alone then because my mate wouldn’t run with me, alright.’ I winked at Lyle and ran out, waiting for him to fall for it. I ran out of the manor, letting Luna free with a laugh.
‘Killian,’ I called in a singsong. ‘Luna is waiting for you.’ I felt him move, he fell for it. We dashed through the town, heading to the forest. Killian howled loudly from afar, he was coming. I hadn’t forgotten about the challenges ahead, but for now, all I have to do is run.
‘Better keep running little nymph, run run run.’
‘Catch me if you can pretty dog.’
To be continued.
Run Kawee, run! 🏃
Me wer dey here, I no fit run o. One minute, I’m dead. 😭
Okay, Alpha King!

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