The devil’s mate episode 3

The Devil’s Mate
Alpha’s Wyrd Mate
♦ Story by: Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book three ♦🔷🔶
(Please note that Kale isn’t aware of what is going on, he left Makawee in their care)
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint (Kawee) ¶¶¶
Good news! I’m 55% blind now! Isn’t that just lovely?
I woke up to blurry visions, my eyes aching badly. I had only laughed it off and smiled at Giselle who was worried and hugged Carina who cried her eyes out. I could still see a little, make out images and faces if they were near. So eventually, it had been nine days since I went half blind; nine days of torture and hell, nine days of starvation – not that I care – and nine days of absolute horror and crying. So far they had made my life so miserable I felt like breaking my vow. Every single wolf tormented me, bullied and beat me up.
Day one: I got hit in the face again – though I protected my eyes – and I was thrown down a long staircase. Still alive.
Day two: I was sent to get rid of seven bee hatches, my body suffered for it. Then the Keisha of a person forced me to bathe with pepper dipped water.
Day three: all the maids were asked to sit back while I did all the chores. Since I couldn’t do it all before nightfall, I got tied to a cow and dragged over thorn filled grass.
Day four: I had my left shoulder dislocated when three teenage wolves suddenly grabbed me and used me to play football, live human football. At least that is what Rina called it. Don’t know what that foot thing is.
Day five: I met the future Luna and something strange happened. I had never felt jealousy before but just seeing her made me have the strong desire to end a life. She called me over and insisted I kissed her feet which I bluntly refused… A little flashback to that magnificent day.
»»»»»»»»»» Flashback ««««««««««
I could barely see, my face was starting to swell from the damage I had received. I knew I would snap soon, honestly dying was such a tempting offer but I couldn’t. I was carrying a heavy whatever it was, one I knew not even a grown up werewolfess could carry. I wouldn’t have cared if they didn’t make me carry it on my spine and crawl on my bare knees to the storeroom. My spine was threatening to snap, knees bleeding out the small blood I had left. Like usual, I never cried in front of them, only when I was alone with Giselle and Carina.
Many wolves scorned at me, threw things and even added nails on the ground to make me suffer more.
All in good times.
So, as I was saying. My hands were starting to shake, my legs giving up to the trembling. I held on, struggling but hanging. ‘Who is she and why is she being punished that way?’ I heard a voice say imperturbably. I didn’t pay attention much, even though I heard it.
‘That’s the barbarian Alpha Kale brought back, we’ve been trying to kill her but she won’t…’
‘Get that thing off her back and bring her here!’ The voice shouted. I felt relieved, the pain in my back needed to stop. The thing was carried out of my back and me dragged to the person and thrown at her feet. I looked at her shoes first, ugly. I raised my head, trailing it up her legs until it got to her face. Her beautiful blonde hair fell down in a curtain, covering her beautiful face which had a sardonic smile on. ‘What are you living for? You have been beaten up beyond redemption.’ I didn’t reply.
‘She’s dumb Luna, she can’t speak.’ The wolf at her back said with respect. Like that, the heat in my chest increased, my head swelling and chest rising and falling. I clenched my fists in anger, not being able to pinpoint why.
Kale is sleeping with her, that’s why!… The voice in my head yelled furiously. ‘How dare she share a bed with him! He belongs to us!
Us? Us? Since when was there a us? I can never be with the man that killed my father!… I yelled back.
‘Slave, kiss my feet,’ she commanded. All I wanted to do was bend her neck and break it. I didn’t want to hurt her kind but she was exceptional and I was yet to figure out why.
Because she’s sleeping with what belongs to us.
Okay, are you mad?
We are both mad.
‘I said kiss it!’ She roared. I rolled my eyes and scoffed. I wasn’t going to listen to her. ‘I’m talking to you!!!’ She roared again. She moved her foot to kick me but I held it, pinning it to the ground. She hissed and easily yanked her foot away. ‘How dare you touch me! How dare you?!’
‘She must be punished for disrespecting the Luna!’ That small witch at her back shouted.
‘Bring her,’ the Luna wannabe ordered. And so I was dragged to a room, a fire was set and she dragged me forward to burn my hand. I chuckled as she put my hand into the fire, the wolves around all grinning and waiting for my pain. I watched them, a look of defiant on my face. ‘How is she not feeling pain?!’
‘She’s like that,’ one huffed. ‘Never feels pain.’
‘That’s not possible!’ She yelled. I smirked at her, taunting her with my eyes. They all looked at me unbelievably, wandering how I could bear so much pain. She let go of my hand, pulling it out of the fire. ‘Not even a scratch! She’s a witch!’
‘If she was a witch, she would have used her powers,’ just conclude that all the wolves here were talking.
‘Maybe her kind are immune to fire,’
‘Oh, I see. I’ll have to find a better way to kill you, huh?’ I shrugged nonchalantly. ‘She isn’t even afraid to die.’ Raising my head up high, I kept my face blank, showing them all that I wasn’t afraid of a thing.
After a few punches and kicks here and there, I was carried back to my room, bleeding but alive.
Day 6; not the prettiest day. I was outside with Giselle, raking the ground. Rina was assigned window washing duty. I was wondering where Kale was. According to Rina, he left the pack immediately after he returned from killing my people. No one knew where he ran to, but the beta who was always busy was in charge. I asked after Riley and her children and I was told that she wasn’t around. Her baby was having serious issues so she, the chief warrior – who is her husband – and her children travelled to meet a great healer at Kale’s command.
You see? All my hope were away.
Somewhere deep inside of me, I was very much convinced that Kale wouldn’t hurt me, that no matter what happened, he would spare me. I wanted to see him, I wanted him to eee what his wolves had done to my face and body. I wanted him to protect me, to show them all that I was important. The desire to be in the comfort of his arms was killing me both emotionally, mentally, and physically. I didn’t understand why I was feeling so attached and drawn to him, but I was feeling it. At night I went to sleep in tears, thinking about my dead family and wishing that Kale was there to comfort me.
The image of him killing my mother was still there, taunted me every morning before I opened my eyes, but I was still fighting the hate. A strong reasonable part of me wanted to despise him, wanted him dead and ninety feet below the ground. But the other unreasonable side wanted him close, wanted his nose in my hair as those powerful muscles he called arms stayed around my waist. It wanted my head on his hard chest, my fingers trailing the wonder of his abs, exploring through every corner. I had shamed my people and myself with such immoral thoughts, especially of he who wiped their existence.
We are helpless… That voice again. You can’t do anything but to love him.
Don’t you ever mention that word! I will never love the man that slayed my mother before my very eyes!… I shouted mentally.
Good thing he is not a man but a werewolf then.
I snarled at the ridiculous thought. Loving someone after seeing him just once? That’s impossible! Makawee can never bow before a male, she is a woman for herself. ‘Makawee,’ Giselle called. I looked at her. ‘Are you alright? You look angry.’
‘I’m fine Giselle, just thinking about my mother.’
‘Oh,’ she mouthed. ‘I’m sure you hate them all for killing your people,’
‘Not all, just Alpha Kale.’
‘Why? Because he led the attack?’
‘Because he killed the only person that understood me, he killed my mother.’ My grip around the rake tighten.
‘I’m so sorry,’
‘I don’t blame anyone but my people, for starting it all. I however feel bitter about my mother’s death. She never ate a wolf, neither did I. She shouldn’t have died… No, I shouldn’t have saved Riley.’ I said regretfully.
‘Don’t be like that, you saved her and her unborn child, well, she has the baby now but same thing.’
‘If I didn’t save them, these wolves wouldn’t have found our island yet.’
‘They would have found it a year from now,’ I said sadly. ‘Mother and I would have been gone by then. Neither of us deserve what was and is still being served. I can fight but I choose not to because I know they too have suffered because of us. I can’t hate them but accept my punishment.’
‘You are too good Kawee, it would get you killed.’ She said pitifully.
‘Don’t pity me, I wish to die. Now, tell me more about Alpha Kale, the one you know.’
‘What is there? Alpha Kale became the Alpha at such a young age, his alpha command was as powerful as a normal grown up alpha then. He singlehandedly took care of the pack, provided for them, protected them. He spent his entire life training in anger, bitterness and hatred; determination to kill your people. That was one of his goals, the highest one on the list. Alpha Kale was the only alpha that formed a battle team, warriors specially trained to protect all werecreatures from your kind and others who would hurt them. The organization was a hit, different types of werecreatures in it and branches at every forest, jungle, cities. Alpha Kale is a hero to all.
He also have large animal and crop farms, to help with endless supplies of food. That was pretty smart. He has the farms scattered allover the nation, including human towns. Most were used for sales and products for other wolves and humans, to earn the money he needed to care for his massive pack. He also have a wood supply company. He supplies different kinds of woods to humans, they aren’t aware of his breed. He has three of this company; one here in USE, one in USA, one in Australia and one in Asia…wait, that’s four then. His farms also provide dairy product, one of the best products to humans and finally, he owns some kind of greenhouse where he supplies rare plants, fetch them and also write about all kinds of plants humans aren’t aware of.
So you see? He has a lot of money.’
‘Yeah,’ I didn’t understand a word she said. ‘What about that mate of his?’
‘That one,’ she snorted. ‘Not the Luna yet.’
‘Who has the highest authority here? Aside from Kale?’
‘The beta male and female, the female is somehow related to Alpha Kale and that is why he treasures her. Somehow. The next is the gamma who is very clingy to Rina and the Delta who happens to be the chief warrior’s wife, the one you saved.’
‘There’s delta?’
‘In this pack and few, yes. They are mostly females.’
‘Okay, and Keisha?’
‘One of the oldest she-wolf here and the governess; second governess.’
‘Do they eat human flesh? Some ate my people.’ I said shakily, images of mother getting devoured coming back.
‘Only hounds and rogues, all worked together that day to attack.’
‘Okay, where do you think Kale ran to?’ She shrugged. I sighed and dropped the rake, I was done. ‘What if Kale finds his mate now, what would happen to the Luna wannabe?’
‘Kimberly would be discarded, she’s useless to him anyways. According to what some of the older wolves are saying,’ she suddenly whispered. ‘The moon goddess will harden the heart of Kale’s mate and make her reject him for insulting her by performing the choice mate ritual.’
‘Isn’t it selfish to keep the alpha waiting?’
‘The ritual is only permitted to wolves above a hundred year without a mate, not just in their late twenties or was it early thirties? Whatever, I pray he gets rejected so he would suffer until the day he dies.’
‘Suffer?’ I was strangely interested in that.
‘When a wolf is rejected by his or her mate, the rejected one suffers a greater deal than the one who rejects. Most times, the wolf loses their powers and their lifespan is shorten. Most times, they die during the first stage of pain or run mad. I want him to suffer or die.’ I felt awfully weird hearing it from her, wanted to snap at her for wanting Kale dead but the feeling was almost mutual.
Giselle was stolen from her parents and sold as human slave at thirteen, she had been here since. Alpha Kale bought her, forgot about her. She really hated him for bringing her to a place where she was sexually abused but she had no choice. Same thing goes to Carina but Rina was kidnapped at ten by another alpha and offered to Kale during a peace treaty.
Our lives were perfect. Note the sarcasm.
‘You, Luna Kim needs you!’ I knew it was me. It was always me. I looked at Giselle.
‘Go, I’ll handle the rest of the raking.’
‘Thank you,’ I muttered and walked off. The person who called me was no other than Jastun. I really hate the guy. He led me into the main pack house, going straight to a very luxurious foyer.
‘Better behave yourself,’ he scolded. As usual, I ignored him. He knocked at a bedroom door, glancing at me.
‘Who’s there?’
‘It’s me, Jastun,’
‘Come in,’ he opened the door slowly, glancing at me each time. He inclined his head that I go inside which I did. He shut the door behind me. The room was more of yellow than any other colour, it was sickening. Her bedroom would have been beautiful if the colour wasn’t irritating.
Anything she do, say, touch will always be sickening to you because she’s the one who is taking our place in Kale’s….
La la la la la… I sang, to ignore what she was going to say.
‘Come, the Luna is in the bathroom,’ that witch always following Kimberly said. She led me to the bathroom, as yellow as can be. Kim stood there in a yellow towel…
Geez! Obsess much!
Her face was full with mischief and ecstasy as she stared at the bathtub which was filled with dirty smelly water. ‘The drain is clog,’ she said plainly. I tilted my head in confusion. ‘I unclogged it or had someone do that and this happened,’ still didn’t get it.
She wants us to clean for her? Never!
Shut up, you.
I have a name.
‘You haven’t taken your bath since you got here, right?’ She asked, turning her head to face me, her eyes sheening with mischief. ‘Jump in and bathe.’ My eyes widened.
Is she kidding me! We’ll get tons of infection if that gets to us! More than the ones we already have.
‘Do as the Luna says,’
Do as what! Urgh!
Well, I didn’t have the time to object because I was suddenly picked up and thrown into the tub, my head banging against it but that was little to no care. The water immediately flowed into my ears, nostrils and mouth. The smell was death’s kiss, the dirt burnt my slowly healing eyes. I tried to get up but I was pushed back down, my head pushed in. I gargled as I struggled, the water was leaking into my brain!
That’s enough!
Agreeing to the voice, my body’s reflexes activated and with one spin in the water, I pulled whoever was pushing me down into the water too. I jumped out, wincing as the pain of hitting my head and rib against the tub. I couldn’t see but I knew it wasn’t Kim I threw into the sewer water. ‘You insolent…’ She reached out for my hand. Feeling her heat getting closer, I yanked her forward and threw her in as well. She let out a very loud scream. I jumped out of the tub, falling on the ground.
Don’t cry Kawee, don’t cry… The voice sobbed. I call her Halona, Lona for short. It makes it easier to identify her. She’s like this good voice that always… Mostly lead me to the wrong direction.
Hey! I heard that!
Anyways, I was still on the wet floor, struggling to move my muscles. I was passing out, I knew that. ‘Strip her! I want her stark naked and whipped in the warrior’s ground, let all eyes see her rotten body. Then after she is given her one hundred strokes, tie her there under the burning sun. This punishment is to be repeated for three straight days!’
‘Yes Luna…’
‘Kim, I plead that you don’t strip her, if the alpha finds out we disobeyed his orders, that’s enough…’
‘Leave the alpha to me,’ Kim snapped. ‘I want her stripped… No! Let all the warriors take joy in pouncing on her…’ Lona started laughing in my head, they try it and I’ll kill them all.
To hell with the vow! If they try to defile what belongs to Kale, I’ll kill them!
Excuse me?! I shouted back.
‘Leave her out in the sun but don’t strip her, my instinct is clawing against that idea.’
‘Don’t Kim, have my instinct ever been wrong?’
‘I gave an order to have her stripped, whipped and tied under the sun! No men is to touch her, not one finger but leave her out to dry and keep the teenagers out of the ground until her three days expires.’
That was the order given and that was what was done. Whipped every morning and left out to dry, for three straight days. Yes, naked but that wasn’t my major concern. By the time it was the third day, I had gone completely blind with almost deaf ears. My body was almost useless but I could manage. Two more strikes was all there was, two more strikes and I’ll die. That was what I wanted. I missed mom, I needed to be with her.
What about Kale?
What about Kale?… I flared… What have he done for us than cause us pain!
He isn’t aware of what is going on!
‘Are you sure you can manage on your own?’ Rina asked anxiously. She led me to a river to bathe since I literally smelt like the biggest rotten flesh in the history of…of…of…I don’t know. Giselle was sent out with some other maids to go clean up Kale’s lakehouse. Rina was called by her sealed master to come see him. Eventually, I had to manage on my own.
‘Yes Carina, I can manage, I promise.’
‘Don’t stay too long or any wolf can come out here and rape you. Many of them have seen you naked and are all wanting you, be careful.’
‘Nakedness isn’t a new thing to them,’
‘Amongst their kind, not humans like us. Please be careful.’
‘I will,’ it took me three minutes to convince her but she left. She helped me fetch a bucket of water. I wasn’t going to get into the river and pollute it. I used my hands to feel, it was like bathing in the dark. I successfully sponged the filth out the way I could, three good times before rinsing the soap off.
When I was sure my body was almost clean, I walked into the river to cool off. The water was very cold but I loved it, it reminded me of the grotto water. I remembered the time my mother first showed me the grotto, the magic it formed in my heart.
I’m tired, I want to die.
Kawee, please don’t… I sank deep into the water, letting myself go in deep… You can’t die! Not without avenging mother!
I swam back up, agreeing to that. I could hear ruffling of leaves. I ducked my body in, leaving my head at nose level. ‘Is anybody here? I can smell something odd.’ That voice. I raised my head up, making sure my chest remained in the water.
‘Rick!’ I shouted. ‘It’s me, Makawee!’
‘Makawee?!’ He shouted. Remember the youngest son of the she-wolf I saved?
‘Don’t come closer, I’m naked.’
‘Oh,’ I swam out of the water, ready to change. ‘How have you been? Have you been taken good care of here?’
‘So good I look like an empress,’ I said sarcastically. I found the gown I was wearing.
‘Kawee, what have they done to you?’
‘How’s your mother?’
‘She’s fine.’
‘And baby?’
‘Healthy, they will come in three days. I ran away, I’m tired of them. Uncle Kale promised to return in five days…’ My heart flipped when he said that. Questions started flooding my head, questions pushed in by Lona.
What if he saves us?
Would he care?
Would he search for us?
Will he be angry when he sees what they have done to our body?
I know he won’t do anything to them but would he protect us? Would he stop our torture?
What if…
What if what!… I snapped. I wore my dress and looked for my underwear. Rick was talking but I wasn’t paying attention. When I was done, I called out to him.
‘Rick, can you come now?’ It didn’t take him more than ten seconds to find me.
‘Kawee! What happened to your face?! And your body?!’
‘Can you help me? I can’t see.’
‘Please Rick, ignore my sight.’ I could tell he was crying due to the soft sobs that left his mouth.
‘How could they do this to you,’ he cried. ‘You saved us,’
‘They needed to pass their hate, I was open for service.’ I smiled.
‘No!’ I heard him scream before he ran off. I sighed and shrugged, I would wait for Rina then.
»»»»»»»» End of flashback ««««««««
Two days after my wonderful nine days, I was dragged to somewhere. Remember I’m still blind and one ear gone completely deaf. I was forced to sit down, I could tell there were lot of wolves in there. ‘Welcome,’ Kim chirped. ‘I heard you haven’t eaten since you got here, not a single bite. I decided to make you food out of my generosity. Before you is the nicely fried flesh of one of your people, one of the wolves were nice enough to have collected them from the hounds. According to what I was told, this is your king’s body…’
What?! Father!
‘You will eat it, know how it feels to eat flesh…’ I clenched my fists, sinking my teeth into my lips. ‘Eat it!’ I refused. I felt a hand on my jaw, they wanted to force me to eat it. I clamped my jaw shut, refusing to open my damn mouth. ‘Urgh! She’s irritating! Eat it!!!’
‘She won’t eat it!’ Before I knew it, I was hurled across the room and landed somewhere. I let out a sob, I wasn’t going to cry. I knelt up and started feeling the floor, tears falling down from my eyes. I kept feeling, looking for a way out. The door flew open, the wind carrying a particular scent, a familiar one. I didn’t pay any attention, I only focused on trying to get away as my tears betrayed me.
The silent in the room was strange, I could feel the sudden fear of all the wolves, why? I kept feeling until I touched a shoe. I felt the shoe up to a leg. I heard a soft whimper before my two shoulders was grabbed and I was tugged to my feet. Whoever was holding me gasped, I did too because of the series of firework in my head, the dragon flying in my stomach and the electricity running to my heart from his touch.
‘What have you all done to her?!!!’ He roared. My heart stopped, my breathing hitched as my eyes widened.
Holding me was no other than Alpha Kale.
My mind shouted one name; Rick.
To be continued.
And he’s back!
He wasn’t around, get it now?
Now he’s back, what would happen to Kawee? What would Kale do?
Kale’s standpoint coming up next.

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