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The devil’s mate episode 29

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The devil’s mate episode 29 by : 8:04 pm On March 27, 2021
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The Devil’s Mate
Alpha’s Wyrd Mate •••••••••••••••
♦ Story by: Kemmy B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book twenty nine ♦🔷🔶
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint ¶¶¶
I slowed my run into a jog, I was feeling weak again. I needed to shift to finish the transformation and take my place as the complete demigoddess. I couldn’t walk well. I leaned on a tree, shifting back to me, retracting Luna back into me.
I feel weak, I can’t feel myself… Luna said under her breath.
But we need to complete the transformation, to finish the song.
Do it.
I sighed softly, slouching down to the ground. I started singing the first song. I could never interpret or pronounce the words on a normal day except when singing it. The ring at the crown of my head heat up, burning intensely like the day I mated with Kale. I held my breath, continuing to sing until I sang the second, third, fourth, fifth and then the sixth. Each songs connected to each other, not breaking my bones but heating my entire body up like I had fever. With every words that left my lips, my energy depleted more, my eyes became more and more heavy. Luna started turning inside of me, something was coming.
Out of the forest came a mighty roar, one that forced my eyes open. The trees crumbled to the ground as the mighty paws of whatever was coming got closer. Birds flew away in fear, crying out into the night. I could hear animals fleeing, the sound of it heavy breathing. I gulped in fear, I was good as dead.
‘Kale, if you can hear me, please help.’ I cried telepathically. He wouldn’t hear, I was too weak to communicate with him. The beast finally arrived, it was more terrifying than anything I had ever seen.
Head of a lion with spot of a leopard, body of a bear, strong muscular legs like that of a tiger’s, razor teeth and hard jaw like that of a jaguar’s and four silver blades in the form of claws. The claws were ten inches long, bursting the earth underneath him. It back was like a porcupine’s, it tail curved up like a scorpion’s. I knew without doubt that both his claws, spikes and tail had poison. His red eyes burnt with anger and hate, murderous hate meant for just me.
I forced myself back to my feet, breathing heavily with thumping heart. The beast opened it mouth, red smoke emanating from it. My legs were shaky, very shaky. Seeing it paralysed me with fear, just looking into it eyes brought my greatest fears to mind. Tears ran down my cheeks, I could see Hades smiling at me, welcoming me to it cabin.
Makawee! Shift!
I can’t.
He charged at me, I still couldn’t move due to fear. I was trembling, my heart beating too hard.
My body moved on it on, I ran out of the way, causing him to collide with the tree and knocking it down. I acted on instinct, shifting to Luna. The beast jumped around, glaring at me. He ran towards me, I couldn’t see well. Luna jumped to his right, kicking him with our hind. He staggered to his feet weakly, I watched him carefully before I smacked him around the head, pushing him to the ground. He shot back to his feet, growling at me. I stalked towards him, baring my teeth at him. As I got closer, he shot his paw out, knocking my legs off and causing me to land in an undignified heap on the ground. I quickly jumped back to my feet, jumping away from him with a huff.
There was a shield covering him, saving him from any of my powers if I had the strength to use one. He flickered to my front, slashing me on the face. I staggered back, whimpering at the pain. He flickered to my side, latching onto my right side. He sank his teeth into my stomach and ripped it open, tearing my inner organ along with it.
Pain, pain was all I felt and it was not a easy one. He had powers too, dark powers meant to destroy me. I couldn’t do anything, not even when he disappeared and appeared, biting off bits after bits of me, my stomach area mostly. I cried out in so much pain, I was going to die soon, I needed to sing the last song for it was my last hope. I howled when he plunged his left claws into my chest, narrowly missing my heart. Using that to my advantage, I forced a spark of fire inside me and burnt his hand. That fire broke his shield. He yelped, jumping away from me.
I ran straight towards him, aiming my body at the right angle, but instead of making the right-angle turn, I jumped high onto the tree at his left and bounced off it, hurling myself over his head and landing behind him. In a flash I turned around and grabbed hold of his tail, shaking my head side to side in an attempt to rip it off, my claws scraping across the dirt. From the corner of my eyes, I saw his huge paw heading towards my face, I ducked before it reached me, letting go of his tail in the process. My eyes turned, I jumped back with shaky legs, the poison was working fast.
Run Luna, we don’t have the strength to fight… I cried but Luna was stubborn, she wanted to prove that she was strong.
He jerked his tail, bringing out some kind of white sticky thing. I leapt to my right, it was acid. I continued running, narrowly missing the acid attacks by using trees and rocks as a covering. My whole body was hurting but my determination to live was stronger. I ran around until I got close enough to jump behind him and grabbed the side if it tail. Turning myself over, I landed on my back, twisting the tail as I sank my teeth deeper to crush the bones in it. He turned himself over to shove his claws into my heart. I rolled out of the way, twisting his tail more. I suddenly felt bolts of electricities passing into me. I didn’t want to let go without doing anything. I pulled with force, ripping the tail off. I staggered back in pain, the world was falling on me.
Luna, we will fight another day, run!
I forced our body to turn and run, running straight to create enough distance to open a portal. He ran after me, leapt into the air and landed on my back, forcing me down to the ground. His mighty claws sank into my body, the poison meant for me and me alone flowing into my system. He sank his teeth into my back, I howled out in pain. A loud growl emanated from his chest before he dragged out my skin, ripping my back open. Luna and I howled out in severe pain. I shifted back with immediate effect, tears soaking my face. He looked down on me, ready to end it.
Then I heard him, the bark I thought I would never hear again. The beast looked up but before he could see, Killian hurled himself at him. They rolled over on the ground, rolling far away from me. I closed my eyes and whispered the last song, drowning into the darkness at each passing seconds until the last lyrics left my lips.
★★★ Kale’s standpoint ★★★
I ran behind Hermes as he showed me the way to Makawee. Only I could see him but Finn and his warriors followed me. Some alphas followed just in case of anything, their coming didn’t matter to me because it wasn’t useful. I still couldn’t feel her, not at all.
‘Kale, if you can hear me, please help.’ Her voice came to me, very weak and helpless. I forced myself to go faster, running pass Hermes who was intentionally flying slowly.
‘Who is leading the way? You or me?’ He shouted. I glared dagger at him, baring my teeth out. ‘Fine, I have better things to do anyways. Just keep running straight, over the cliffs and through some set of fallen trees. Tell Finn to head left while you head right, that is where your mate is.’
‘Thank you.’
‘That’s a first,’ he said chucklingly. ‘Welcome then.’ He flew up.
Killian huffed at Finn, urging him to go faster. He understood and increased his speed. The cliff was just up ahead. We ran faster, jumped over the cliff to the other one. I suddenly tumbled to the ground when I felt a bite on my stomach. Killian whimpered in pain, Makawee. We forced ourselves up, eager to get to her. Pain shot through every part of my body, like small parts of my body was being bitten off. The vampires must be biting her. Killian huffed and ran faster, the pain became more and unbearable. How much more pain would she endure, Kawee has been in too much since I met her, since she left her island. Fire coursed through my back, like my skin was being ripped off. I howled out with a whimper. I jerked my neck towards the left, signalling Finn to head left. I ran right, the pain was severe. Adrenaline pumped through me, closing in on the creature about to end my mate’s life.
I didn’t care what it was, all I knew was that it had to die. Makawee was covered in blood, her own blood, parts of her body and organs missing, I could see it. Tears ran down Killian’s eyes, death was better than what she was being made to go through. I leapt into the air, tossing myself at it. My teeth went down on it shoulder immediately, rolling us over on the ground to get it far away from her. I ripped off a huge chunk of his shoulder before leaving him. The thing stood up and flashed his angry eyes at me. I growled back at it, crouching down to get my stand. I wanted it to think I was going to jump on his back to knock him to the floor, I stood up and tensed my legs to exaggerate that point. He jumped up to meet me, I dropped to my belly, skidding underneath him. I latched onto his meaty stomach, ripping it open. He crashed on the ground with a thump. I quickly charged at it front paw, shaking my head side to side and breaking his bones. He roared out in pain and quickly swiped at my face. I rolled out of the way, jumping up onto all four and spun to face him, baring my teeth at him.
He began to circle, protecting his wounded paw and stomach as he looked for a way to get close, any opening he could use to his advantage. I charged head-on, knowing fully well his front was the weakest part of him now. I wasn’t going to kill him easily, I loved toying with my prey as I once mentioned. Over and over again I charged, taking small bites out of his body, slicing it open bit by bit. He finally got a hold when he snatched my ear between his teeth, but before he could yank it off, I swung my paw forward, clawing out one of his eyes. He screamed out in agony and staggered back, before he could get himself, I jumped on his back, clamping down on his hind. I sank my teeth into his hind legs, pulling it with all of my strength and dislocating it from it socket. He howled and tried to push me off but my weight and his wounded belly and paw made it impossible. He suddenly rolled us over, crushing me under as his spike extended, piercing into my body. I whipped him out of me psychokinetically, tossing him to the ground. Makawee whimpered where she was, she needed serious medical attention. I had to end it.
I flew at him with speed, tearing chunks of him away one piece at a time, always darting out of striking distance before making my next move. Within minutes, he was saturated in his own blood, the ground around him turning the deepest red colour, black red. My face wasn’t far from the same state, his skin and fur hanging at different corner of my teeth and tongue. The thing wasn’t going to give up, I watched as it wounds began closing up faster than what I could explain, his eyes flashing with mock.
I shifted back, Killian couldn’t kill this one, I could. ‘The curse of Alva I presume?’ I asked him, tilting my head to the side. A faint light glowed from behind me, I glanced at Makawee, she was starting to glow. The beast groaned, it mission he must continue. ‘Alright, I, Moon, god of the moon and demigod of the sun dares you to pass, I’m waiting.’ It looked at Makawee and back at me, it would pass anyways. It was created to do one thing and that is to destroy Alva and her child, kill Makawee. Calling out my sword, I pointed it at him. The glow increased, her hair starting to spark. ‘Dammit!’ The beast disappeared to Makawee. With the speed of lightning, I threw the sword as fast as I could, not having a particular aim.
The beast roared out as the sword sank into it head, I ran to it, yank the sword out and leapt onto it back, sitting around it neck where no spikes rest. Raising the sword up, I twisted his neck with my other hand before sinking the sword into the center of it skull. It screeched and roared, reeling back away from her. I jumped out of it back and ran to Makawee who was starting to levitate. I had to cover her from the explosion coming, or better still, run with her. Catching a hold of her hand, I wrapped it around my shoulder and ran, shifting back to Killian to run faster. I could feel her life returning with powers stronger than her usual ones, she was healing. I jumped behind a strong rooted tree, just before the beast blew up.
Shifting back to me, I turned her to my laps, holding her tight with tears in my eyes. Never would she go through any more pains, not when I still live and breathe.
To be continued.

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