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The devil’s mate episode 28

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The devil’s mate episode 28 by : 6:00 am On March 24, 2021
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The Devil’s Mate
Alpha’s Wyrd Mate •••••••••••••••
♦ Story by: Kemmy B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book twenty eight ♦🔷🔶
‡‡‡‡ King Finn’s standpoint ‡‡‡
I watched my son pick up flowers with a big grin. Elroy loves picking flowers for his mother, believes it is the right thing to do for a woman you love. I wanted him to be fearless and ruthless, but his mother was doing the opposite of what I wanted, raising him to be a sweetheart and total darling. It brought a smile to my face because he was what I couldn’t be, he was different and much more lovable. He looked at me with a cheeky grin, I rolled my eyes to the statue of a unicorn his mother built there for him.
‘Daddy,’ he called. Here comes more questions. He was a curious one. ‘Daddy?’ I looked at him with raised brow. ‘Why don’t you ever pick flowers for mother?’
‘Because I hate flowers.’
‘Does that mean you hate mom? Her name is Floriana and doesn’t that name means flowers?’
‘Elroy, because I hate flowers doesn’t mean I hate your mother, okay?’
‘Hmm,’ he placed his hand on his chin, his cute little f!ng£rs grazing his baby chin. ‘So you love mother, but you hate her kind?’
‘Elroy, I don’t.’
‘But she’s a nature fairy,’
‘She isn’t a nature fairy honey, she just loves flowers.’
‘But she made the flower grow big and tall and round like daddy’s head,’ he argued puzzledly. ‘That makes her a fairy, doesn’t it?’
‘No, it doesn’t. Come over here, I’ll explain… Watch your step.’ He carefully walked around the slippery pads – need to remove that – and walked over to me. Elroy was my replica; jet black hair with little streaks of ebony, pale white skin, ruby red lips but his mother’s small nose and sea blue eyes. Like the reef of the sea. Elroy was only three by human view but already eighteen as a vampire. Lovable child.
‘I’m here daddy, tell me.’ I carried him up to my laps.
‘Now listen, your mother is a mermaid with water powers and water is the life of every living things, even plants. By manipulating the water inside the plants, she controls the growth of the plants.’
‘Why are you mated to a mermaid? Aren’t you a vampire? And what happened to mother’s tail?’
‘That is a story for another day,’
‘Does it mean I have water powers too?’
‘I don’t know, your mother said you might have. Look Elroy, I know you love being excited and free, but you have to remember that you are a king, the future of vampires everywhere.’
‘So the point is…?’ He asked frowningly.
‘You will rule some day, your physical training will begin soon. Now that you are eighteen, it’s time your training commence, okay?’
‘I’ll think about it and get back to you,’ he said with a sheepish grin. I ruffled his hair, causing him to giggle.
‘Cut boy,’
‘Cute,’ he corrected.
‘I know what I said, don’t correct me.’ My consultant ran in, panic written allover his face.
‘We have a problem Your Majesty, serious one,’ I gently dropped Elroy.
‘Elroy, go give your mother the flowers, okay?’
‘Can I know what is going on?’ He asked poutingly. ‘You never let me know things.’
‘That’s because you refuse to begin your training,’
‘But I already started my royal training, I can know.’ He argued.
‘Elroy, please go inside and klzz your mother for me…’
‘Eeek! Okay!’ He ran off with slow speed, always so excited to klzz his mother. Mommy’s pet.
‘Now, tell me what is wrong,’
‘Alpha Kale’s mate has been kidnapped; abducted.’ He said with terror in his eyes.
‘And how is that my business?’ I scoffed.
‘She was taken by some vampires,’
‘Oh shit!’ I stood up immediately. ‘Who?’
‘We are yet to know but there is a survivor from the attack. Alpha Kale is ready to do a video call with you to yell this over peacefully, we must hurry.’ He quickly walked off while I followed. Who could have taken her? Kale and I had an agreement after he helped me when I needed him, helped me save my mate. Axel, the fighting general was already there. With Floriana, Casmir and Axel’s help, I had been able to rule properly.
‘What is he saying?’
‘I placed him on hold,’ Axel removed it from hold. I came in front of the monitor to meet the vicious murderous face of Kale, his eyes as black as darkness.
‘Where is my mate!’
‘I am unaware of her whereabouts, I don’t even know her.’
‘Don’t tell me that f√¢king goddamn lie you bloods√¢king bastard! We had an agreement! A truce! How can you stab me in the back by taking the only treasure I have in this world?! Why Finn!’
I exhaled calmly, he was angry, wrong words could start the unthinkable. ‘Kale, I know you…’
‘Don’t f√¢king call me by my name!
‘Kale,’ I repeated. ‘I didn’t take your mate, maybe one of my kind did but not me, I will never do that.’
‘Your vampires ambushed my mate and Alpha Lloyd’s mate, beat the life out of her and captured my mate. Lloyd’s mate barely escaped!’ He roared. If he was to be standing close, Axel and Casmir would have fainted.
‘Calm down Kale…’
‘Don’t tell me to calm down!’ He cried. ‘Everyone should stop telling me to calm down when she is still missing! I can’t feel her, can’t hear her, it’s like she is dead Finn. She can’t be dead, can she?’ He was going to break down. Kale break down was the most impossible thing to believe, impossible I say.
What are you saying? You are just like him… My subconscious voiced out.
I am not as bad as he is.
‘You two, leave,’ I commanded Axel and Casmir. They bowed and exited immediately while Kale continue to lament.
‘Once again I failed to protect someone I l…l…that big word you tell Florry, I should have been there, I should have protected her, shouldn’t have let her go in the first place. She promised she would okay, but she isn’t.’ A single drop of tear slipped out. I knew how it felt to lose a mate.
‘Kale, you will get her back, I promise.’
‘You don’t understand Finn, I feel like a disappointment, like failure.’ He dropped on his chair and buried his face in his palms. Kale and I weren’t the best of friends, but we somehow found it easy to open up to each other, express our deepest emotions.
‘If it wasn’t for you, Floriana would have been dead, you are not a failure.’
‘To my mate I am. I could save yours but I can’t find mine with all my powers. Finn, nothing should happen to her. What do I do?’
‘How about this, Lloyd’s mate survived, right?’ He dropped his face on his desk and hummed a reply. ‘I will send you a picture of all the oldest vampires and young ones in each of the four royal covens, let her see if she remembers anyone of them.’
‘Okay, I will be waiting.’
‘Once you get the person’s face, I will do everything I can to haunt him down, okay?’ He gave me a thumbs up with his face still on his desk. ‘Calm down Kale, so you won’t do anything you will regret, okay?’ He hummed. ‘I’ll call you back.’ He hummed again. I sighed and disconnected the call.
There are only three I know that has such guts to dare us both, one I suspect greatly.
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint ¶¶¶
‘She isn’t fighting, not speaking, just kneeling there and staring at the ground,’ the maid muttered. I was kept in a prison underground, stored up to be sacrificed in two days time where it would be right. The vampires were all ignorant to what was going on, only Eris and I knew. I hadn’t spoken a word since I was seized two days ago.
I miss Alpha.
I do too, very much. I felt his every agitation and frustration, anger towards himself for not protecting me. I didn’t blame him, he was being too hard on himself and it’s wasn’t fair. I wasn’t fighting because I was gathering my strength to break free. I wasn’t going to keep still and watch myself die. Never!
‘She’s so f√¢king beautiful,’ one of the guards protecting me said. He had been lusting over me since I came and I was going to use him when I was ready. I wasn’t planning on returning to Kale when I escape, I had two goddess to deal with first.
‘Would it be bad to want what Alpha Kale is having?’ Another added and they laughed to their stupidity.
I shut my ears to their conversation. I was back at the grotto, staring at the walls again. That was all I had been doing, sending my spirit to the grotto to look for what I missed. Why did I come out weak? Why was I so weak? What do I need to do to get my full powers before fighting any beast of darkness. I drummed my f!ng£rs on my thighs, studying each and every single drawing, nothing was out of place. I felt someone coming. I snapped my eyes back open to see Bancroft standing in front of me.
‘Beautiful,’ he smiled lustfully. ‘You are like a goddess, a enchantment made to poison the heart of men.’
I know we barely agree in anything but why don’t you use what you have to get what you want?
‘Not men, only Kale’s,’ I winked at him. He chuckled.
‘What do you see in that beast? Alpha Kale is an evil man, a wicked battle machine…’
‘He isn’t as cruel as you think…’
‘He killed my mate!’ He hissed. I raised a brow at him. ‘She did not deserve death, but he laid it out to her. Alpha Kale acts like a pure werewolf when he is nothing but the doom of all creatures, death served to us in silver. He thinks of no one but himself!’
‘If he thought of no one but himself, then why did he fight so hard to protect his kind? You are only covered with jealousy, envy and greed. What do you think he is? An ordinary werewolf? No, he is more than just an alpha and Eris is using you. You stand there doing her biding, where have that ended Kosumi? Eris watched him die when she could have done something about it. Bancroft, your death awaits you. Tell me, where will you go to when he chases you to every corner of the earth just to avenge me. Kill me and he kills you…’
‘Not if the rituals kills him too,’ he smirked. ‘You will both die. It will be a shame that all of this beauty will go for waste.’ He said with a pitiful click of his tongue.
‘And King Finn? How will you run from him?’ I asked with a snigger. ‘It’s nice seeing you think death will stop Kale from coming after you. Even if he doesn’t, I will.’ I flashed him a promise look.
‘You can’t do anything…’
‘Can’t I?’ I said with a cryptic smirk, my fangs extending. ‘Then ask Eris why she needs a chain that kills your kind just by it touch. Ask her why she needs this chains to hold the common mate of Kale down?’ I laughed maniacally. ‘Don’t be so sure about what Eris tells you, she is the goddess of discord. Like I said, you are getting into something you have no idea of. The only thing I can assure you is that before I leave here, your head must follow me out. Hope you are excited?’ I whispered and laughed out like a psychopath. I averted my eyes to Eris who had appear. ‘Hi Eris.’
‘Leave,’ he commanded Bancroft. Bancroft eyed me with disdain before he walked out. ‘You know you can’t confuse him, he ate my apple of deceit and as long as he shares my bed, he would do only what I say.’ Her seductive tone was always so appealing.
‘Oh Eris, foolish Eris,’ I said dramatically, imitating her tone. ‘You still don’t know who I am, don’t you?’
‘Daughter of Ambrose, key to Avalon. In other words…’ She appeared at my face. ‘My key to power.’
‘By sacrificing me?’ I chuckled. ‘You think sacrificing me will grant you access to my powers to take over Avalon yourself?’ I laughed dryly. ‘Sweetheart, you are so dumb. You cannot take my powers and killing me will be rising the forces of Avalon against you. Nolava will rise in anger and if there is one thing I know is never anger The goddess of Avalon.’
‘You speak lies,’
‘Do I?’ I forced myself to kneel up on, despise the pain. ‘I am Cheona, demigoddess of Avalon, a being of light made to snuff out darkness like you. I still have it in mind that you have my mother’s spirit and I will make sure you go through a lot of pains before I get her back.’
‘I am not a kid, I am Eris, daughter of Zeus…’
‘Unfortunate daughter of Zeus. It is a shame how such a pure hearted god… Almost pure hearted could birth evils souls like you and your brothers. I would say you got it from Hera since she has her own dark side, you look like her if I must add.’ The sting burnt into my cheek, she hit me on the face.
‘Never compare me to her!’ She thundered.
Enough! I have had about enough of this madness!
I quickly glanced at my chains, the level my hands could reach and I knew what I had to do. Springing up abruptly, I jumped on her and hastily locked my chained hands around her neck. She screamed out in agony, the building shaking to it foundation. ‘If this can weaken the son of Nolava, then I hope you die by it!’ I rotated my left hand over her head, tying her with the chains. She thrashed and screamed for help, calling out to Bancroft. I held on tight to her head; my left forearm against her forehead and pressing the chain into it and the right firming fastened to her neck.
‘Let go!’ She screamed. Bancroft ran in, he gasped at the sight of what was happening. ‘You can’t kill me, I will only be reborn. I will rise from my ashes as long as conflict and war still exist.’ She gasped out.
‘I know, but you will be dead for a pretty long time, long enough to prepare for your return and kill you all over again.’ I spat out and glared at Bancroft. He couldn’t come closer.
‘Ares!!!’ She screeched. ‘Ares!!!’
Time temporarily froze as a soft voice whispered to me. ‘The songs of the Lady of Avalon.’ And that was when I realised what I was missing. What I needed wasn’t at the grotto but inside me, it was me.
I completely entwined Eris and I, in a way they could touch none of us. She kept screaming and thrashing, drowning in helplessness at each seconds as the chains did to her what they did to me. Then he appeared, Ares the god of war. He very much fit the description I was given back at the island, the description in class. He wore his armour so seeing his face wasn’t possible. ‘Let her go.’ He commanded, like he was my father. I barely listened to my father, who does he think he is?
‘Make me, I dare you.’ I challenged.
‘Girl, I can kill you easily.’
‘You know you can’t,’ I yanked the chain around Eris’ neck back, straggling her in the process. ‘Try me.’
‘Why you…’ Another goddess jumped in front of him before he made his way to me. She placed her hands on his chest and pushed him back. ‘Enyo, let me deal with her. She dare insult me! Ares the god of war!’
‘Ares the god of war,’ the goddess mimicked mockingly. ‘Well she is also one but from Avalon. You do not interfere in a fight between two gods even if it is as pathetic as this. Eris asked for the fight, she didn’t.’
‘Enyo get out of my way!’
‘Hey Ares!’ I shrieked excitedly, it was like I was going mad. ‘You are the son of thunder, right? Have you seen mine? One given to me by Thor? I will be more than happy to demonstrate if you dare come any closer. This is none of your business so back off!’
Wow, I have guts.
‘Let my sister go Makawee!’
‘No,’ anger pumped power into my body, generated strength that I had never felt before in my entire life. I was furious, bitter, revengeful. Ambrose’s words of not letting anger be my first use reverberated over and over again. But I was going to use that to my advantage. Anger was the only thing that could break me free from the chains, help me subdue it powers. You know why? Avalon is a place of no anger or bitterness, Nolava was peace. The chains was made to use her emotions to tie Ambrose down, to drain his powers. Anger is something he still hasn’t felt, even under chains. That was it weakness, negative feelings.
The chains works with what you give out most, I figured it out. Eris is more of jealousy, confliction, negative energies and that was what it was feeding from. The more she screamed, the stronger the chains eat into her. The only way to stop it is for her to feel positive emotions like goodness, sincerity, but Eris would rather die. Exactly what I needed.
Back to the part where anger overwhelmed me, my hair jolted up with it speed of lightning and whipped itself around Eris, twisted with the chains and blocked the path to me, returning to it electrifying glory. Eris’ screams took a new turn. The building which had been quaking since, trembled more, the earth beneath us threatening to rip apart.
‘Please, let her go,’ Ares pleaded.
‘Thor, oh Norse god, I plead you give me more access to your everlasting well of lightning and thun…’
‘No! Tell us what you want and we will do it,’ Enyo cut in sharply. ‘Please.’
‘Now you’re talking,’ I smirked, my voice echoing with thousands. ‘First of all, tell this bitch to release my mother’s spirit to Selene. Second, by the universal forces that created all gods and goddesses, created all powers on earth and beyond, that neither of you, nor your children shall dare mingle with my life or that of my mate’s and future children, my entire generations.’
‘Grrr,’ Ares growled. A growl from Luna ripped through my throat, he is not the only one who can growl.
‘Never shall you all mingle or interfere or try anything stupid. No god, no goddess would try to write their lives for them. Fate is the only one who has right over us, not you all. The others I can deal with but you all must stay off.’
‘May it be as you has said…’
‘Blood oath you idiots!’
‘You are the demigoddess of Avalon, blood covenant is not pure.’ Enyo stated.
‘Guess what, I don’t give a goddamn f√¢k. I am not pure, deal with it.’
‘First stop frying her,’ Ares pleaded. ‘I will do the covenant, just stop it.’
~~~~~~~~~~| Selene |~~~~~~~~~~
Crazy, she was starting to display the same madness Alva carried. The brave wolf who fought death for months, who fought the gods until she bore her baby after eleven months of pain. Alva fought with the beast, fought her curse until she fulfilled her last wish. Even without her full powers, Makawee pulled mighty Eris down, bent her down to her knees. There was no need guessing, she wouldn’t be the calm ruler as Nolava is. Makawee will be different in her own wonderful way.
She formed a new covenant, one that has silent one evil. I looked at the second heading her way, destroy it and it would be one more to go. She cannot do this alone, she can’t. ‘Hermes, Hermes please come to me.’
He appeared. ‘What would you have me do for you sweetheart?’ I chuckled.
‘Go to Apollo, tell him to instruct you to deliver a message to Moon on the whereabouts of his mate and he needs to get there fast because of what is to happen next. Go, quickly.’
‘Why don’t you just give it?’
‘I can’t, my hands are tied but his isn’t. For once, tell that lunatic to do something, do as I say.’
‘As you wish my beautiful,’ he winked at me. I rolled my eyes and turned my back to him. This is how I will help from now, I won’t let anything happen to you Makawee, not when I promised Nolava.
Immediately the covenant completed, Makawee ripped the chains off her, intentionally whipping it around Bancroft to fulfil her promise. Not waiting a second, she dashed out of the collapsing building, letting out her wolf to howl. Her speed was high, her energy strong but not strong enough for what she was running to. ‘Moon, please get to her fast.’
To be continued.
Stage one cleared. 😉

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