The devil’s mate episode 27

The Devil’s Mate
•••••••••••••••••••• Alpha’s Wyrd Mate •••••••••••••••
♦ Story by: Kemmy B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book twenty seven ♦🔷🔶
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint ¶¶¶
I placed my hands on my chest in shock, my eyes wide apart as I gawked at who was floating in the water with his water body. I had no idea who he was, but he definitely looked beautiful. He stared at me deeply, there was no colour in his irises since it was water made, but I could see the emotions there.
‘Who are you?’ I finally asked, my voice came out bolder than I expected it to be. ‘Ambrose?’ He nodded. ‘You are my father?’
‘Yes, I am. It feels good to finally meet you, I never got to see you, never…’ He shook his head with self pity. ‘I am sure you wish to know who you are and what I am, right?’
‘Very much,’
‘Please sit down Cheona, I don’t have much time to explain as I cannot hold back the chains for too long,’
‘What chains?’ I asked as I sat down.
‘My name is Ambrose as you know, a king as you were told. Have you ever wondered why you have the seven rings of songs on you?’
‘Because I’m the future priestess of Avalon,’ I replied sharply.
‘Because you are a daughter of Avalon,’ he corrected.
‘Say what?’
‘My name is Ambrose, first and only son of Nolava, the Lady of Avalon.’
‘Huh?!’ I exclaimed, my eyes widening with disbelief.
‘The lady never had a child, never wanted one until she was blessed with me. I wasn’t born of a man’s or god’s sperm, I was created by the light of her island that wanted her to have someone to love and hold, someone to care for. I was formed with her goodness, formed to be peace. Nolava never wanted it but the moment she saw me, she loved and cared for me, her beloved son. However, my creation had consequences she wasn’t aware of until I turned sixteen. I wasn’t as strong as she was and the energy used to create me would weaken her unless she goes into a centurial slumber; a yearhundred rest to return. That was the first, the second was that I would need a powerful goddess to be my bride so we would have a child that would awaken her at the 100th anniversary of her rest. It was a complicated theory as it was the first time she was dealing with the forces that created her, never had she had a reason to face them until I was created.
Nevertheless, Nolava loved and wanted the best for me, so when Artemis picked interest, she gladly betrothed her to me. Our union was to be completed between the period my power would reach it full peak. I didn’t mind, I never cared because Artemis was a worthy spouse. She had sworn herself to purity but gave that up just to be with me, that was an honourable sacrifice. Nolava went to sleep, leaving Avalon in my hands to rule and protect. Though her spirit still roamed, she remained quiet to complete her rest. Everything would have been good if I didn’t see your mother that day, the day she saved a indigene of Avalon who was sent out by my priest to get something for me. That was when I saw her, that was the day I fell in love with Alva. Alva was such a brave woman, a high spirited woman. At first I only watched her, it started as mere obsession and before I knew it, I met her in person and she fell in love with me the same way as I.
I never meant any bad, I truly loved your mother Cheona, with all of my heart which was against the vow I made to my mother and the oath sealing Artemis and I together. Alva loved me even when she knew not what I was. To her, I was a king, nothing more. Then after I kissed her, she took my eyes and that was when Artemis and Selene knew something was going on. A warrior wolf is an agreement creature between Selene, Artemis and Athena, that was the path. Artemis is the goddess of hunt and a warrior, relatedly to Athena as they rule the Amazonians. So for a subject of Artemis to be dragging a god with her, it was an insult. To stop any war from occurring, Selene gave her a mate with my similar personality but Alva loved me too much to accept a mate and because she was unaware of what I was, she rejected him. I should have told her, should have opened up to her and tell her that loving me was a big problem.
It was time for my powers to reach it full peak, time when you ought to be formed but instead of going to Artemis, I took your mother away and married her, planted her in you. Alva stayed with me for a while in Avalon before she got pregnant with you, there she found out who I was but the deed had already been done. In Artemis anger, she placed a curse on your mother, to be hunted down by the beast of her anger until the day he spills her blood. Eris who wanted so badly to marry Apollo but was rejected, saw a good opportunity to avenge her humiliation, so she fed Artemis’s mind with more lies and twisted truth. Artemis in turn convinced Athena to teach Selene’s son a lesson for hurting her adopted daughter by placing a curse on a stone that would be use to forge a weapon to kill Moon. Athena had no idea that stone was mine, the rock of my birth. During my time of power, I wasn’t as strong as I should be, vulnerable to my opposite who was sealed in my birth stone, Eyphah by name, my evil twin brother.
With the curse on Avalon laid, Artemis chained me down with the help of Eyphah whose darkness overtook and swallowed Avalon. In order to separate Avalon from darkness even in her sleep, Nolava banished it from existence until the day you will wake her up. I never saw Alva after she fled, I remain locked up and in agony, facing punishment for all I did.’
That explained the roar I heard in my vision, the beast killed mother. ‘So in other words, I am like a key to Avalon, one to bring it back?’ I cried.
‘You are the present Lady of Avalon, it future goddess. As long as Nolava remains asleep, you are the Lady of Avalon and in the further future, you shall either be it high priestess, co goddess or take her place as goddess of Avalon. You are her, a half baked her. You were told that you are blessed, no, you are not blessed but a demigoddess out of their hands. The curse doesn’t end Cheona, to regain your full powers and free both yourself and Avalon, you must destroy the two curses; the beast and Eyphah.’
‘He is still alive?’
‘Chained down my Hera who freed and gave him greater powers. But will break free very soon. I do not wish to survive, I cannot live outside my prison when your mother is gone, I wish to rest with her. Killing Eyphah means killing me, he will tell you that but don’t let that get to you, do what you must.’
‘And if I am not strong enough? Did you all perhaps think that the person you all placed such big mission on wants a normal life and might not be as strong as you all think she would be?! Why didn’t you just stick to your wife and leave my mother alone!’
‘No matter how many apologies I give, it can never heal the pain I caused on both your mother, Artemis and you. Rejecting Artemis was a big disgrace to her, especially after she was ready to drop her virgin goddess title for me. I am sorry, everything is my fault but Artemis’s rage won’t let her admit that I did it, she sees it as your mother’s.’
‘And where is my mother? In peace?’ He looked down at the water. ‘Where the hell is she?!’
‘Tartarus, under Eris as an agreement she made with Artemis. Artemis also have rights over her, that was why she cast her soul to Eris to be tortured for eternity. I am sorry Cheona, you can do it all if you believe you can and remember that you are not mated to a mere werewolf. For Nolava’s sake, Selene mated you to her son to protect you. Trust that he can help you, trust that you can help yourself.’
‘Trust that each and everyone of them who played a part in mother’s death would pay for all they did.’ I growled out, my fangs extending.
‘No, you must not awake your powers in anger or you shall create a dark side of yourself. Cheona, please do not let anger blind you.’
‘I do whatever I wish to do, you cannot command me because you are nothing but a genesis of calamities.’
‘Begone!’ The water crashed down, breaking off with heavy waves. I bent my knees up and hugged them, crying my eyes out. My hair wrapped around me, comforting me.
Who am I? Cheona, daughter of Ambrose of Avalon and Alva Lionel the sacred wolf.
What am I? Demigoddess of Avalon.
I stayed there for hours, doing nothing but shedding tears as I thought of all the lies I was fed with. My mother was still suffering despise what she has been through, my mother was still in pain. My life had been a big fat lie and someone up there thought it was right to place so much responsibilities on me.
Kale, we need mate.
Luna was right, all I needed was Kale to hold and comfort me, assure me that everything would be alright. I was weak, like three planets were placed on my head as a crown. I could barely move my body, I wouldn’t be able to make it out of the island without passing out. But I have to contact Kale to come get me if he is yet to figure out where I was. I stood up wobbly and forced my feet to move. One-step at a time, more planets adding at a time, I made my way out of the grotto with eyes closed. I couldn’t open my eyes, I couldn’t see.
Immediately the fading sunlight hit my skin, something else followed, something exquisitely agonizing and painful. The thing latched on my body, bringing me to the ground with a howl. Another followed, latching onto my hand, another pulled my other apart. It happened so fast that within one minute, I was pinned down by whatever it was. It felt like the time the rings ate into my bones, whatever it was was eating into my soul and feeding off my energy. I howled and screamed as it was the only thing I could do. Roll I could not, move a finger was not an option.
‘Wow, that was quite easy like she said it would be,’ a voice said.
‘Yes, it was.’ The first one was deep, like a talking toad while the other was gruff and shaky like an old man’s.
‘Bundle her up!’ The deep voice shouted.
‘And her friend?’ A lighter voice asked.
‘Kill her.’ That simple command snapped my eyes open. I couldn’t let them kill Nita for my sake, whoever they were. I didn’t look at my captors, my eyes landed on Nita’s lycan struggling with her chains at the same time keeping her back to the ground so her spine would be protected.
Forcing every single strength I had in me, I stood up abruptly, the force yanking the chainers forward within grasp and distracting everyone. I shifted, the most painful shift in my entire life. With Luna free, we easily attacked those chaining us, tugging them forward and biting their heads off.
‘More chains! Add more chains!’ My head snapped to the gruff voice shouting. It was an old man in a raven feathered coat, a familiar one my killer instinct urged at. I unexpectedly launched at him, throwing my body forward to press him down. What I didn’t expect was him having magic, strong dark telekinesis powers. He whipped me away, bashing me against a tree which broke at impact.
I groaned and tried to stand. ‘Oww!’ I howled out in pain as he blast me down with his dark powers. I whimpered in pain, his blast was like fire accompanied with the power of the chains.
‘Quickly, add more chains!’
‘Oww!’ I howled as more chains latched against my body.
If there is one thing I will do before dying, I’m going to kill him!… I roared.
With that murderous thought in my mind and the anger of the pain and determination to see his blood spill, I burst up, leaping out of the ground and landing behind me. He quickly disappeared to the other side, sending spiral blast of black magic to me, blast fluttering with ravens. I leapt out of the way, dragging the vampires trying to hold me down by the chains along.
‘Do something Bancroft! She is suppose to be weak!’ Raven guy shouted. I whipped the chains around my body, using it to flog them out of my way. The vampires turned to dust immediately the chains touched them.
Nita… I looked around, she was gone but I could hear her. I jumped out of the way before the raven guy used his telekinesis on me, sprinting into the forest to find Nita.
I ran as fast as I could, some vampires were after her, she was faster but some were waiting for her ahead and she was unaware. Huffing with heavy breath, I had them in sight. I zoomed into the sky and landed on them, using my mighty paws to crush them down. Luna barked, opening the portal for her to run through. Nita looked at me one last time, eyes filled with worry and fear. I ran towards her to escape too but I was yanked back by the chains. More chains crossed over my body, I roared at Nita to go. Nita jumped through the portal, I closed it behind her to prevent them from following her. Luna growled and turned, whipping our body to pull the chain. I grabbed two chains with my teeth, whimpering at the burning sensation. I jumped back, dragging them along with me. I jumped forward, leaping over the heads of the ogres holding the chains. I slashed my paws, cutting off their heads with my sharp claws.
The chain!
I turned my focus on the chains, yanking them off one after the other with my teeth while running to where my paws was taking me. Bancroft ran after me but I was still faster despise my weakness. My strength returned with every chain I removed. I yelped as series of chains descended from the sky, this chains were different, stronger and filled with dark energy. Like a heavy anchor, it bashed into the ground after wrapping around my legs and body. I howled and struggled, pulling and dragging to set myself free. The chain broke through my fur and pierced into my skin, burning into my skin. I whimpered and looked at the sky, standing above me was Eris with a death glare. Anger flashed in my eyes as I stared at her. I grew weaker and weaker by the minute.
‘You told me she would be weak!’ Raven guy shouted. ‘We have lost more men than we bargained for!’
‘Don’t you dare blame me for your incompetent!’ Eris roared. ‘You will not speak to me in such manner, I am Eris, not your servant!’
‘I’m…I’m…I’m…sorry,’ he stammered.
‘You have caused me enough trouble you foolish child!’ She raised her hand, something pricked into my body, intensifying my pain. ‘Put her to sleep,’ she commanded. ‘Now Kosumi.’ So that is his name, my father’s name sake.
My eyes were starting to close, Luna slowly retracting back into my body. Kosumi came in front of me, he placed his hand on my head and began muttering a spell. I made a promise to myself to kill him before I leave, and kill I will. Gathering the last of my strength, surging my electricity through me and flowing the current to my teeth. I quickly raised my head and grabbed his hand with my teeth, sending the bolts of electricity into his body, more than his pitiful body could take. He screamed out in pain, crying out for help. I looked up at Eris, she was expecting me to do that. I completely shifted back to my human form, depleted out of energy. Kosumi dropped dead, his body plopping to the ground like a wet rag. His body was black, black from being roasted by electricity. With a smile on my face, I gladly gave in to the darkness.
★★★ Kale’s standpoint ★★★
I hurled Andre across the compound, hurling him against the van. The van tumbled over because of his wealth, turning him over and crushing him under. I was angry, enraged, bitter. Hours ago I felt her pain, I saw her fighting what I couldn’t see. Whatever they used in holding her was powerful, so powerful the pain ate into me. I needed to pour my anger out and he was the cause, he made her leave!
‘Alpha please,’ Becca cried, running in front of me. ‘I beg you, spare my mate.’
‘Move!’ I roared. She fell on her knees.
‘Please, it wasn’t his fault, he couldn’t stop her because she ran too fast.’ Of course I knew, but I couldn’t stop, I had to kill someone for the anger to be away.
‘Alpha Kale, can you please calm down!’ I growled at her, the cause of everything. I zoomed to her, fighting the urge to hold another alpha’s mate on the throat. ‘I already told you, all she said was that she was going to a grotto.’
‘What grotto?!’
‘I don’t know,’ she cried. ‘I gave her a half heart and she ran off after shouting, nothing else is known to me.’
‘Grotto,’ I hit my head. I can swear she mentioned something about a grotto once. ‘Jeremy!’ He flinched, we were still at White Flake Pack. ‘Call your mate right now, I need to ask her a question!’
‘Y…y…yes alpha,’ I began pacing around. Oh, I’m the alpha. I mind linked his mate.
‘Do you know anywhere Makawee treasures that is called the grotto?’
‘Hmmm,’ she clicked her tongue. ‘Her home, at the island.’
‘Of course,’ I said out loud, hitting my forehead. ‘Thank you,’ I looked at Jeremy. ‘Nevermind.’
‘Do you know where she is now? I need to find my mate, I have to find Nita, she is in so much pain.’ Alpha Lloyd said frantically.
‘Your mate,’ Amanda gasped. ‘She just crossed into the boulders!’ She dashed out of the manor, Lloyd followed. I ran after them, maybe Kawee was with them. I ran ahead of them, the lycan was weak on the ground, blood flowing out of her body.
No Makawee.
‘Alpha Kale,’ she muttered. I ran to her and squatted as her mate held her. ‘Makawee, vampires, island… I couldn’t help her, vampires.’
‘What vampires? King Finn?’
‘I don’t know, vampires and og…’ She passed out. Finn, Finn, Finn, why have you broken our agreement? You want war, get ready for one.
To be continued.
And she has been captured but it is not the end. 😉

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