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The devil’s mate episode 26

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The devil’s mate episode 26 by : 9:31 pm On March 22, 2021
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The Devil’s Mate
•••••••••••••••••••• Alpha’s Wyrd Mate •••••••••••••••
♦ Story by: Kemmy B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book twenty six ♦🔷🔶
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint ¶¶¶
‘Cheona,’ that deep voice whispered. ‘Cheona, Cheona…’ I gasped as I sprung up. I placed my hand on my chest and breathe out with relief. What the hell is that? I yawned and rubbed my eyes, I felt a little bit dizzy. I threw the duvet away and stood up. I wore my slippers and tighten the strap of my night robe.
The morning sunrise made the room look like gold, some birds stood at my window chirping and singing. I walked to the ensuite to take care of myself. I washed my face and then hands. I exhaled and closed my eyes, contacting Kale. ‘Kale, are you there?’
‘Yo mate,’ he said cheerfully. ‘How ya doing?’
‘You’re happy,’ I smiled. ‘Why?’
‘I don’t even know, I just found myself happy…’ I frowned when I got a mental glimpse of why he was happy.
‘You know our minds are connected and it isn’t that easy to keep a secret from me, especially when you aren’t trying to hide it.’
‘It isn’t a secret,’ he said chucklingly. I rolled my eyes.
‘Better wash those clothes before I get back, there is no way I am going to wear them again. Better burn them.’
‘So let me get this straight, you want me to burn your dresses because I cuddled them to feel you close?’
‘Kale, you f√¢ked my clothes, how is that good? You are insane kale, a lunatic!’
‘Awwwn, my baby is getting spoilt, she said f√¢k.’ I rolled my eyes.
‘Kale, burn those dresses,’
‘I didn’t sleep with your dress, I masturbated with your image and then used your clothes to clean myself up.’ He said with a stifle laugh.
‘Kale! What is the difference?!’
‘The difference? Your dress was a wiper,’ I sighed and turned on the faucet. I picked up the toothbrush dropped for me and rinsed it. ‘Kawee, are you there?’
‘I am, just ignoring you.’
‘Do you want me to send you a mental video of what I pictured you doing?’
‘No!’ I held the sink tighter. If I could glare at him, I would.
‘Okay,’ he laughed. ‘Did you sleep well?’
‘Yes, I did. I slept in my mother’s room,’ I looked around the bathroom. ‘Her room remains the same, her brother kept it the same way.’
‘Oh?’ I put the toothbrush in my mouth. ‘How does she smell like? Like you?’
‘No, I smell different,’
‘Is she beautiful?’
‘Why? Wanna marry her?’
‘Why? Jealous?’ He teased. I chuckled and smiled.
‘I feel at home Kale, this place feels like home,’ I waited to hear what he would say. ‘I want to stay longer…’
‘Don’t even think about it,’ I giggled and spat out the foam. ‘Are you coming back tomorrow?’
‘Not yet, I still have issues to settle.’
‘Oh come on! What will a man do to get his wife to himself?!’
‘Kale, you are not even at the pack, you travelled.’ I pointed out.
‘Oh, that’s true, I totally forgot. Nevermind then, but just be careful, okay?’
I smiled and rolled my eyes. ‘Yes dad, I will. Talk to you later.’
‘Hmmm… What am I suppose to say?’ I rolled my eyes and cut him off. Clingy, he is becoming too clingy. I finished brushing my teeth. I quickly took a bath and walked out of the bathroom. After doing what was needed, I walked out of my room and went to the dinning room. I didn’t get to meet his wife and kids, I was hoping to meet them.
‘Good morning Kawee,’ my uncle greeted. I chuckled.
‘I should be greeting you,’ I smiled. ‘Good morning,’
‘How was your night?’
‘It was peaceful, it felt good.’ I looked at the dinning table. I walked to one of the chair and pull it back.
‘I already called Amanda to inform her of your arrival, she is can’t wait… Hey honey,’ he smiled as a woman carried a tray in. Cream skinned with brown hair and eyes. She had dimples and plum dry pink lips. She had squinty eyes.
‘Good morning,’ I greeted sharply, before she greeted me. ‘Nice to meet you ma’am.’
‘Hope you like rice? I prepared vinegar rice, do you eat that? Vinegar rice and seaweed soup.’
‘Vinegar?’ I coughed.
‘This is my wife, Aoi-Chan, she’s Japanese.’
‘Oh, so vinegar rice is part of it?’ I asked with a nervous chuckle. Aoi laughed.
‘You don’t have to eat it, I prepared honey sandwiches with lettuce,’ she dropped the tray. ‘I’m sorry, I don’t know how to cook anything other than Japanese food.’
‘I do the cooking,’ he smiled. I chuckled and rolled my eyes to the sandwich.
‘Don’t worry, I taking classes now.’
‘I’m taking,’ Uncle Titus corrected.
‘Sorry, my English isn’t that good, I make mistakes sometimes.’ She said apologetically.
‘No problem. You don’t need to tell me, I don’t even know how to cook most of the meals you all eat. I came from an island, our food are edible and really nice but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t learn theirs. For example, how do I make toast with French bread? There are lot of bacons, which one is good enough?’ She sat down opposite me. ‘It isn’t that easy adjusting to life here, but I’m learning, getting use to it. How long have you been married?’
‘Ten years,’ she looked down shyly. Titus wasn’t old at all, in his early thirties. ‘It’s hard living with wolves and people that underestimate you.’
‘You are human,’ I smiled. She nodded. ‘What about your children?’ I asked calmly, picking up the sandwich.
‘My son goes to school, stays school…’
‘Boarding school,’ Titus added as he dished the rice. ‘We have three children, our first son is human so he stays at a human boarding school so he won’t feel bad. The second one is a girl, we are yet to know if she is a wolf or not because she is only six. The last one is our baby boy, he is sleeping upstairs and is two years old. He is a wolf.’
‘How can you tell?’
‘When he was born, he had two different eyes and fur around his body. Sometimes when a pup is born to a werewolf who is mated to another breed of mystical, they show signs to make them know that they are either werewolf or the mate’s kind. Here you go honey.’ He explained and stretched the plate to Aoi.
‘So your daughter didn’t show any sign?’ I asked before taking a bite from my sandwich.
‘Not yet, neither did my son.’
‘Isn’t he just eight or something?’ I asked curiously.
‘No, he is fifteen,’ Aoi replied.
‘How come?’
‘Titus and I meet way before we knew we were mates. I thirteen and he sixteen, we met when he came to Japan with Amanda. Somehow – don’t judge me – I slept with him and got pregnant later. I bore my son and raised him myself until we met again ten years ago. Then he revealed this scary world to me and we married. It wasn’t easy.’
Two names hung above her head. I chewed my sandwich as I stared at it. ‘Eat your food faster, the alpha just contacted me that your pack members are here.’
‘Hmm? Who is Izumo-san?’
‘Izumo?’ Titus furrowed his brows. ‘That’s my first son…?’
‘And Shayne?’
‘My daughter,’ he looked at Aoi in confusion. Seeing their names means something is wrong.
‘Aoi, give me your hands,’ I commanded.
‘Okay…?’ She stood up and reluctantly walked over to me. I grabbed her hands and clasped them against mine. I saw a small version of Izumo laughing with his friends, a wide smile on his face. A clock from nowhere struck three times, 3pm. He suddenly started shifting. The vision switched to him being gunned down and then to a small girl singing under a big box like thingy. The box broke off from the wall and crushed her. I removed my hands with a gasp.
‘What is it?’ Titus asked worriedly.
‘Your son, get him away from the humans immediately,’
‘He has until 3pm before his first shift…’
‘Shift?!’ Aoi shrieked.
‘He is a werewolf and his wolf is going to force it way out few hours from now and that will get him killed. Titus, run as fast as you can to wherever your daughter is and bring her home, she is marked to die in ten minutes…’
‘Ten?! Aoi…’
‘Go,’ Aoi pleaded. Titus ran out with his speed. ‘I call Izumo to return home immediately…’ She left her words hanging as she ran out of the dinning room. I stood up and ran out too, running straight to Alpha Hosea’s. Nita and the others were waiting outside. Three pack warriors from Nita’s pack were there.
‘Good morning Luna,’ they greeted with a bow. I could tell Andre wanted to snap at me for leaving without telling him.
‘Where is Titus?’
‘He had an emergency with his daughter so he had to take that. Thank you so much for your hospitality, we will take our leave now.’
‘I hope one day you can come visit us on normal days,’
‘I certainly will,’ I looked at Andre with a smile. He already had my bag in his hand. ‘Are we going by foot?’
‘No, Alpha Lloyd arranged a car for us,’ he looked at Nita. ‘He still wants you back.’
‘Let’s move it people!’ Nita shrieked excitedly and skipped off. I chuckled and followed her. Nita was energetic, filled with youthful energy. ‘I call shotgun!’
‘But I wanted to ride shotgun,’ Becca whined. Nita quickly jumped into the car and made herself comfortable.
‘I’ll drive…’
‘No!!!!’ Everyone’s shouted. Causing me to jump down in shock while Nita yelped. I held my chest and looked at all of them.
‘What?’ Nita and I cried.
‘I just said let me drive…’ The guy from Nita’s pack said.
‘No, please no, I beg you no.’ Rhoda said tremulously, her eyes glistening with tears.
‘What happened? Did he drive you all here?’
‘Yes, he did,’ Becca shivered. The fear on everyone’s face was alarming. ‘Jeremy, please drive, I’m too young to die.’ She said with a teary voice.
‘Please,’ another added. Jeremy chuckled and took the key to the van.
‘Go back to driving school,’ Rhoda groaned.
‘How did he graduate in the first place?’ Becca asked as she entered the van.
‘Legend has it that the teacher was drunk,’ one of the warrior said jokingly. Since the van had a two sitter space at front, I sat with Nita. Jeremy started the van and off we went.
‘How was your first time in your mother’s house?’
‘Peaceful,’ I smiled.
‘Who’s her mother?’ Becca asked curiously.
‘Somebody called Alva Lionel,’ a strong wave of shock swept through the van. Nita and I turned to look at them.
‘Your mother was Alva Lionel? The sacred wolf?’ I tilted my head in confusion. ‘She is unaware,’ Rhoda gasped.
‘What sacred wolf?’
‘Alva was a powerful omega wolf, the strongest female of her time. Many had it that the moon goddess placed the mark of ancient warriors on her back, that she was a fighter as much as she was a walking personification of enthusiasm and goodness. Alva was deemed the sacred wolf because those with the mark never gets mates, they are destined to die single, as virgin warriors dedicated to serving the goddess. In difficult battles, they stay at front because they are ten times stronger than a thousand wolves, even more than alphas. Their kind are rare, Alva was the only female amongst four males, and the strongest.’ Andre explained.
‘In records, she fought her first battle when she was just ten. During that time, a tribe of vampires came out to cause a war, a serious one. Alva single handedly ended the tribe of vampires. No one knows how she did it but she did, that was during her first shift. How is it possible that she is your mother? Alva Lionel never got mated, she never had a mate.’ Rhoda said incredulous.
‘But she had a mate, my uncle told me.’ I said uncertainly.
‘Maybe you got the wrong name,’ I turned aroumnd to face the road again. It only meant that they hid her mating from everyone. So my mother was that strong? So many things I am yet to find out, so many things.
I remained quiet as they murmured and whispered between each other. Nita was supportive, she held my hand throughout the long drive. The snowstorm the previous night made it harder to drive and see properly, twas the slow movement. We finally arrived after four hours of miserable driving, four hours of me getting eaten up by curiosity. A woman was pacing in front of the pack manor as she muttered to herself. She had ash blonde hair and green eyes. Immediately the van stopped, she ran to my side and opened the door.
‘Who amongst you is Makawee?’
‘That will be me,’ I said boldly. She eyed me from head to toes.
‘You have her eyes,’ she said softly. ‘Come,’ I jumped down from the van with a smile. It didn’t take her two seconds to have me pinned with a hug. ‘I can’t believe you are alive, I can’t believe you survived it Cheona.’ My eyes widened, she knew me!
‘You know my name?’
‘Come with me,’ she pulled me with her speed. The wind rushed against my skin temporarily before I was gently tossed on a chair. ‘It’s a good thing you have come, it is time for you to know what I know.’
‘They say my mother was a sacred wolf?’
‘She was, she indeed was,’ she nodded. Amanda almost looked like my mother, only paler and skinnier. She sat down on a chair opposite me and pulled her chair closer. ‘Use your powers to block the door, no one must know.’
‘You know I have powers?’
‘Everyone knows,’ she chuckled.
‘Oh,’ I said embarrassedly. I snapped my f!ng£rs, a thick forcefield surrounded us, caging us in a ball. ‘Done. Now what do I need to know?’
‘As you know, your mother was never meant to have a mate, she was a warrior, not a lover. Alva didn’t mind, she might have enjoy a good love story and playing cupid, but she definitely didn’t want love. Alva was the earthly goddess of beauty and love, mother of hope and inspiration. Her character and personality made her pure, made her stronger than her kind. We were close, she used to tell me everything. So when she started speaking about the unseen eyes always watching her, I knew something was wrong. Then soon, she was speaking about the man in white and how gorgeous he was. At first I thought it was one of her usual talks about cute guys, but I had no idea she meant the same eyes watching her. Suddenly she started to smell different, she had another scent with her that wasn’t werewolf’s or like anything I have ever perceived before. If I should say, it smelt just like you…’ She trailed off when she took a deep breath. ‘Yup, exactly like you.’
‘She met my father?’
‘And fell in love with him, that was when the problem began. Alva soon became secretive, she wouldn’t tell me everything but she did tell me that his name was Ambrose and he was a king, a powerful one that wants her as his bride. I tried to talk to her, I tried to reason with her that what she was doing was wrong but she wouldn’t listen. One time I followed her, secretly went with her to see who he was but all I saw was his back, his long white hair like yours and his extremely white royal attire. His hair was so long it swept the ground behind him, it glowed just like yours. Immediately I saw his back, I fainted and woke up in the room with no memory of what happened until the day she died.’
‘Was he some kind of angel?’
‘Perhaps, perhaps not, I’m not sure. Alva’s eyes used to be like mine, bright green, even brighter than mine. It changed few days after she told me they shared their first klzz. According to her, it was his eyes and his eyes on her meant he would always be watching her.’ She shook her head as she recollected memories.
‘What about her mate?’
‘That one was a shocker!’ She exclaimed. ‘Jeremiah came to the pack to deliver a message from his alpha when he saw her, they were mates. It was too much of a shock so both packs decided to keep it a secret until they figure out why. The next thing Alva did wasn’t unexpected, she rejected him just three days after they met. It shattered the poor wolf and he died two weeks later. She told me she was travelling, she travelled for a month a day after she rejected him, by the time she returned, she was with you, two weeks old then. Alva came without anyone’s notice for she called me out to meet her in a human town. There she told me that Ambrose had a fiancée and she was after her, she had to leave to protect you. Alva made me swear not to tell anyone but you the day you will come seeking for answers.’
‘She knew I would survive,’ I sobbed. ‘She knew she would die.’
‘She knew the forces she was dealing with but didn’t tell me for my own safety. But a year later she came to me…’
‘Her spirit,’ she corrected. ‘Alva gave me something to give to you, that when you see it, you will understand. That was how I knew you might be alive and one day come, I have been waiting.’ She explained as she walked to a portrait on the wall, a portrait of her and my mother with another lady that looked like Titus. She must be the third one. The forcefield extended with her as she walked to it.
‘Is that your sister?’
‘Adriana,’ she said coolly. She placed her hand on Alva’s face. ‘By thy smile you shall know me, by my voice you shall click. Listen to what I have to say, and bring me what I buried within.’ The frame of the portrait glowed and parted. She shoved her hand in and brought out something, a small box. Amanda turned to me and walked back with the velvet red box. She stretched it over to me.
‘What is in here?’ I asked as I took the box.
‘I don’t know, only you can open it.’ I looked at her unsurely before opening the small box. In the box was nothing but a piece of something, like a half cut heart. The heart was white, very little but where have I seen it before?
‘It looks familiar…’ I trailed off.
I’ve gone through your memory, this is what I saw… Luna said in confusion. She sent me a image of two children making a heart with their hands. They both laid on a sea, they were the sea itself. The boy’s sea body was white as the girl’s was blue. His hand that formed the first half of the heart was blue and the girl’s had no colour, like that part of the painting was missing.
Where have I seen that?
I closed my eyes and tried to remember. Then it clicked, the grotto. I opened my eyes with a gasp. ‘The grotto! I saw this… I have to go!’
‘Why don’t you…’
‘No, thank you Amanda, I will return one day to pay a visit.’ I klzzed her cheek and ran out of the room. I ran out with my speed, shifting slowly. I shifted completely once I was outside, this box in my mouth as I dashed out of the manor.
‘Makawee!’ Nita shouted.
‘Luna!’ Andre and Becca shouted. I didn’t have time for them, I had to run, I had to get there and find out what it was. Our island was connected to every part of the world, I knew where to go to get to where I needed to.
Nita shifted behind me, she ran behind as fast as she could but the others couldn’t keep up. Current surged through my body, bolts after bolts of electricities coursed through my veins. The spark were visible, anybody could see it. Luna barked out, ripping a portal through dimensions. We jumped into the portal and held it long enough for Nita to follow before it closed. Luna sped on, running to the one of the gates to my island. Even if it was burnt, there had to be hope. I could feel Kale trying to reach me, but he couldn’t because the island blocks out telepathy and bonds. Plus, I didn’t want to listen to him yell. Once we were completely in the island, our connection completely snapped shut.
Holy god… Luna said in shock. I whimpered, the island was nothing but ash. All the trees, bushes, everything was destroyed.
I howled in sorrow, my home. Nita nudged my side, urging me to go on. She was right, I had better things to worry about. Ignoring the ashes and few bones, I ran straight to the grotto, I had to know. Just like mother said, the grotto was still there. I jumped around and growled at Nita, she couldn’t go in. She understood and sat down, her lycan was quite a lovely sight to see. Shaking my admiration off, I ran into the grotto, ready to know the truth about me. I shifted once I was there, the untouched grotto I loved so much was still beautiful. I didn’t have the time to cry, I quickly removed the box from my mouth and opened it again. I brought out the heart and began my search for where that painting was.
Head right… I did as Luna said, headed right. I found the painting, the missing heart. I gently inserted the heart back to it rightful place and stepped back.
Nothing but silence greeted me, I waited for something to happen but nothing. ‘Hopeless,’ I sighed. I turned to leave, I guess Nita’s library would do me more good. A yelp escaped my mouth when the pool abruptly sprouted up, whirling around to take a form. Upon the walls was boldly written: Ambrose.
|~|~|~|~|~|~|~ Eris ~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|
Who would have thought that Alva did had her daughter, that her daughter was Makawee all along. It all made sense, it was now making sense. Why didn’t I think about it? Why?
‘Bancroft, Kosumi, I don’t care about any conflict, I don’t need it anymore. Take your army right now and wait for her outside the grotto. I cannot see what is going on inside but I know she will be weak when she comes out, use that opportunity to capture her.’ I threw the chains at them.
‘What is this for?’
‘These chains are the only ones that can hold her in her weakness, use them on her. Go, quickly.’ I commanded impatiently. This was it, this was the opportunity I was looking for to become the new queen of Olympics. I cannot lose this.
~~~~~~~~~~| Selene |~~~~~~~~~~
No! I can’t do anything, I can’t do anything. What do I do? What? Artemis ran into my throne room. ‘I remember the symbol, she is Alva’s daughter!’ I looked at her with anger. She froze on her track. ‘How could you mate her to Moon when she is cursed!’
‘Save your tone for when you will die because if she survives this, she will come for you for all you did. This is all your fault!’
‘It was Alva’s, not mine,’ she snapped. ‘You think she will survive and come for me?’ She laughed and smirked. ‘Not when my curse still stands and who knows,’ she shrugged. ‘A certain bracelet meant to be a blessing, can become the tracker of the curse.’
‘I thought you changed, I thought you had forgiven and forgotten!’ I exclaimed exasperatedly.
‘Forgiven? No, forgotten, never. How can I forget what still hurts me? What still has me chained to Eris?! I forgave because I thought justice was served but you interfered…’
‘That’s enough!’ I flinched at the roar. Hera appeared behind me. ‘Enough Artemis, you have done enough.’
‘I…I…I can’t break the curse, she will have to break it herself by either fighting it, or dying by it.’ Artemis said sadly. She was remorseful but she was a girl of pride, admitting was hard for her. That was where Moon got his stubbornness from.
‘We know,’ Hera and I chorused. ‘Redraw your anger Artemis,’
‘If you don’t forgive yourself, you can never forgive her mother.’ I said softly. I looked to the mirror again, there is nothing I can do for you now Moon, you are on your own.
To be continued.
The secret of Makawee is to be revealed in the next chapter. Finally, huh? You are allowed to guess, it’s god to.

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